Friday, December 29, 2006

Chapter 109 - Summary

O-hisashiburi desu ne. Its been weeks now. Last time I updated, my brother still a 'virgin' (<-- keh keh keh), now he's someone's husband. My house become a shipwreck for few days. Families (uncles and aunts) check-in and already check-out. Went to my brother's pre-honeymoon trip to Famosa Resort in Malacca and catched the worst food poisoning ever in my life just before the wedding. Phew... so many aaaa.
Well, the wedding was fine except for some miscommunications as well as some timing problem. Well, that's natural right? Biasala tu kalau pengantin terlambat sket. Nak mekap la, nak pakai baju la, mak andam nak setting la. So much hussle. The wedding consists of 3 sessions, the akad nikah which is on Friday, bersanding at bride's house on Saturday and bersanding at the groom's house on Sunday. I was the pengapit on the Friday because the real pengapit couldn't make it that day. It's an easy job since I need to calm my brother's anxiety to marry (<-- x sabar2 nak kawin), hold his IC in case the Tok Kadi want to see it and also wipe some sweat. The next day, the couple was taken on convoy by the Yamaha C50 club. That's the first time I see a C50 and see it in a big number. I thought the most obselete bike in the world is C70, and I was wrong. After that ada silat2 sket, but it's not the silat pulut. I was hoping to see some young fellow performing silat pulut because, so far I only see elderly or warga emas performing that particular silat. Then the usuals, menepung tawar dan merenjis2. The next day pon sama kecuali silat. Xde sape nak silat kat sini. So, we skipped that part. Well, the food was nice, people were coming non-stop (<-- which is good) and things went greatly. Perhaps I underutilised my V3X, since the purpose I bought it was to snap some pictures and yet there are so few (close to none) wedding pictures. Except for the couple's room and the hantaran which I involved in making it (<-- logistic do count!).

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chapter 108 - Probably It's Fake

Ouch! Another muscle pull. Yeah, that mean I went to the gym... again. It's actually bad to go to the gym half-heartedly. gym is all about consistency. You cannot come, work out bagai nak gila, go home and come again 3 weeks later (<-- which is clearly my case). My friend who is happened to work there volunteered to be my instructor. Other gym would have you paying for the instructor's fees, but not me. So, I saved few bucks there. But on the not-so-bright side, the workout is like some sort of punishment. I think he made me skip the beginner, the novice and also the expert workout sets, and jump straight into the "Mr Olympic Special Super Crazy Workout Plan". Based on my experience(s), I'll having this muscle pull for another 3 days. Gosh! The worst part is not that I'm having difficulty to eat. Since I'm not having trouble with chewing, so as long as I can chew, I can eat. But the worst part is, I cannot pick my nose. You guys don't have any idea of how this nose-picking disability can make you suffers. Kalau belakang badan gatal, boleh sental kat dinding, tapi kalau nak korek hidung, ko nak buat macam mana? Takkan nak tonyoh kat dinding? Mau koyak rabak hidung korang. Think.....

Last Saturday at my cousin's wedding, someone (to be more vague, a TNB girl) asked me, "kenapa korang sesama cousin cakap kau-aku? Saya dgn cousin saya semua cakap saya-awak". Well, my answer involved everyone in the family. Each family runs through generations, right? So, generasi aku ni ada 2 batch. Those yang dewasa dan yang remaja. Since kecik, kitorang tengok abang2 dan kakak2 kitorang sesama sendiri cakap aku-kau. So, kitorang yang kecik ni bila membesar terikut2 dengan apa yang abang2 dan kakak2 kitorang amalkan. That's a trivia of my family. Now you know...... Mention about my cousin's wedding, everything was fine. The food was nice, the mood was there, everyone's in a good mood, there was some dancing which is somehow becoming some sort of must-do for Along and Kak Ani. They're the most sporting fellows of all. There was also some karaokeing. Also, the familiar faces yang ber'karaoke, xde orang lain dah.... Where am I? Sitting at the table, watching while sipping a hot tea. Cool.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Chapter 107 - Hug Me

Just came back from my aunt's house. Tomorrow is my cousin's akad nikah ceremony, so it's been a buzy weeks for my family. Went to lend some hand, at the same time hussling for my bro's wedding. As usual la... hujung2 tahun is wedding season. Just hoping the weather is fine on both wedding ceremonies especially on my bro's because my cousin's wedding is at SUK hall, Shah Alam which is totally not affected by rain, storm or even snow. Unless there's this big-ass godzilla making chaos here in Malaysia, than maybe there are people not coming to their wedding. Maybe....

Right now, I'm in rush to finish the Final Fantasy XII. Yeah, the latest installment of FF series and the last one on PS2. Until this minute, I played almost 62 hours and that is approximately 2 1/2 days if I played non-stop. Of course I played it on-and-off. Otherwise I'm a game geek or game otaku. My bro also playing it, but not anymore. He's just too busy with his work and upcoming wedding. There's once he called me during my final Cisco lab exam and asked me how to go to Hennes Mines. So I was liked, "After getting on Chocobo, ride it until you reach this gorge and you'll notice there's a chocobo there. Get there and there's path to the mines". I hang up, and my friends just stared curiously at me. "Family business", I told them. Like they gonna believe that, but hey! I need an excuse. So, as the near its end, its getting tougher. Unlike my ex-housemate, Nikku (bkn nama sebenar), he's a bloody cheater. He never played and never will play a game with money below 999,999,999 gil, potch or whatever the game's currency is. There was one time when he played Metal Gear Solid 3, I asked him, "Why didn't you save the game? It's crazy to proceed man... what if the enemy's soldier caught you?". He bragged to me before of how he played that game 3 times with complete ending, so I didn't expect any humble excuse from him. He smirked and said, "Save? Huh?" (<-- elaboration: Save? I don't need that. I'm damn good, in fact I'm superb and damn great. Why I need to save when I memorized every single thing in this game...). Few seconds later the enemy's soldier caught him and the screen goes red, enemy's reinforcement coming like non-stop and it's GAME OVER dude! IN YOUR FACE!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chapter 106 - Wedding Planner

It's good to be home. During this semester, I found myself less coming home, more playing games and sleep. I don't expect my exam result will be great, but I do hope I survive. I hate my father's lecture. He questioned almost everything.

"Why you got C for this paper?"
"The subject is hard"
"Why didn't you put more effort into it?"
"I did!" I didn't
"You should prioritize this subject if it's hard. Study extra time for it"
"Yeah... I should, but I have to study for others as well"
"How is your relationship with your lecturer?"
"You know, lecturers do actually like those who come to visit from time to time and ask study-related questions. Ada buat x?"
"Ada, tapi jarang." never

Well, got home to find myself all alone. My parent at Penang for card distribution session. This is the time to give wedding invitation card around. I was planning to do so, but later la... So, with nobody around and no money left in my pocket, I tend to be independant. I cooked for myself. Yeah, you heard me right. I cooked. I mean I can.... what, you didn't believe me? I even snapped a pic just for those non-believers.

There... telur dadar, sambal sotong, ayam goreng and daging masak kicap. Sluuuurpp.... terliur korang tgk aku masak. Hahahahaha....

So, lots of errands need to be done. Pegi DBKL utk site approval la... Amik kosaj la... Pegi hantar kad la... Ulang alik ke tailor. Sigh.... thinking of those makes me tired and sleepy. Nanti aku kawin pon harap ada orang bleh tolong. But wheeeeennnnnnn?!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chapter 105 - Joyride

Yay!! Finally all the waiting and suffering is over. All I have left is to pray that lecturers are in good mood while marking my final paper answer booklet. Sometimes I wonder, am I too much becoming of an exam-oriented person. You just for the sake of exam. Yeah, I guess so. Most of we ARE. We may not realize it, but we did it since we can enphrase the alphabet. We are trained, or may I say brainwashed to get that scroll of degree. Because if you don't have that, you cannot work. You see what these kind of environment put us in to. You have to study, take the bloody exam and get your honororic degree... then you can work. Oh, that if you passed the interview (<-- Part yang paling dibenci). So, what this has to do with being exam-oriented? Well, have you wonder that some of the curricular that you NEED to take are bullshit. Pardon the language, but they are. I have to study things that I don't like, and I agreed that these subjects are just not that important. Who want to study economy when you're taking Computer Science? Or Kenegaraan Malaysia? What... am I that communist? I love my country just for the record. And another one.... what it was called.... errr.... forgot la. I guess it's NOT IMPORTANT! Also there are few subjects that I'm trying to forget. I ask you, what usually happen when exam is over? You forget everything kan?..... Well, at least that happened to me. Hahahahaha.

This one I can remember because it related with what happened.
Conflict Management 101 describe how you manage conflict.
1. Accommodation
2. Avoidance
3. Forcing
4. Compromise
5. Collaboration

Well, I wouldn't mention this for nothing. This friend of mine, Ja'aru (bukan nama sebenar) sudah kecik hati dengan aku. Puncanya pasal futsal. Satu malam tu dia ajak aku main futsal. Aku ok je time tu. Tapi aku x sedar yang housemate aku Ammaru (bukan nama sebenar juga) x bawak scoot dia. Sebab nak menapak ke court main futsal tu je dah berpeluh ketiak, so aku last2 minute cancel. 5 minit kemudian, aku pikir 'alang2 nak berpeluh nanti, ada baiknya aku pegi je'. So, baru nak SMS dia, hujan pun turun. Aku pon buat paham2 je la. Hujan kan... Macam universal language, kalau hujan = cancel futsal.. Yang cerempetnya, dia sudah merajuk sebab aku malas nak menapak pegi court. Asal boleh kan...... Pastu kemdian, RajaGay (Bukan nama sebenar) ajak aku tgk Man U lwn Chelsea. Dipendekkan cerita, malam tu aku semeja la ngan ja'aru ni. Bleh dia xnak sembang ngan aku. Aku pon apa lagi, kalau dah konflik macam ini, aku 'avoidance' je la. Biar dia sejuk katakan.... Kepada Ja'aru, kalau2 ko membaca blog ini, aku nak pesan, "Sudah2 la merajuk... bertambah buruk muka hang bila merajuk". Kah kah kah....

Mention about Man U vs Chelsea match, I somehow felt relieved and at the same time furious with the result. Man U deserve to win. Chelsea played OK with few chances. Ballack ngan Drogba always the superior evil. Xde player yang sejahat mereka ini. Mereka berdua ini wajar dipotong kaki supaya x dapat main bola lagi. But that was not only the case. There's this dude, sat on the next table which is right next to me. He's the most annoying Chelsea fan. Among 30-40 dudes that night, only few are Chelsea fans, but that dude is the loudest of all. With his Chelsea jersey on, he cheered and jeered all the time. And I'm always the coolest one. So this dude macam mengalu2kan orang utk beduk dia je and honestly I would like that to happen. But hey, Man U fans bukannya hooligan x tentu pasal, plus Man U still the premiership leader. Compared to that, even aku gemok tapi aku bleh kurus... dia dah la muka buruk a.k.a muka pecah rumah, kalau buat pembedahan plastik sepuluh kali pon belum tentu cantik. Hahahahaha... Chelsea SUCKS!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chapter 104 - I'm Old

It was at a wedding reception last Sunday when I started to think that I'm old. It was my friend's wedding. We're in the same class for 3 years and now she's married. Wow! Felt like yesterday we're some kids in school uniform, and today she's getting married. Oh, anyway Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada Che Nur Shazana and her husband. Moga kekal ke akhir hayat. Few other friends yang dah kawen adalah Fahmi (SMSG), Natasha Hanani (SMSG, MRSMJ), Nuruddin (MRSMJ), Zasya (SMSG), etc.... I was suprised when told that Fahmi dah kawin. He got maried in Ireland with simple ceremony. Since parent x dpt nak datang, guna wali hakim je (for the Mrs Fahmi). Pakai baju melayu seluar slack, majlis tu nampaknya (<- dari gambar) macam penuh kegirangan, asyik ketawa je diorang. Dari pengantin, ke saksi malah ke kadi pon asyik tersengih je. I thought that it was some prank, but turned out real. I'm not judging anything. Good for him la. Benda yang baik jgn tanguh2, btol x? X kesah simple wedding ceremony ke... ataupon grand nyer wedding, as long as the purpose is there.
Well.... tatkala kawan2 dah nak menimang anak, aku ni masih terkial2 mencari cinta. Kes kes kes.....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chapter 103 - As Usual

Blog with new face and new management. Macam Google dah ambil alih. Template pon bleh adjust. Easy to add any html codes and able choose the layout the way I want. Well, Syawal is nearly its end. tinggal berapa hari je lagi. Same with my exam. This morning I went to kompleks sukan for Japan Language exam, and I was pretty terrified to find nobody outside the hall. Well, I had a similar experience, a BAD one (all I can say is that I was at the right place but at the wrong time!). This time fortunately I was at the right place, but few minutes late. Lupa yang exam on Friday starts at 8.30 am. Anyway, dah lepas. So, 1 paper left and that will be on next Sunday.

I remembered what this friend told me, about guy like him who is coming nearly to the end of study-age. About how age of teen-flick love story gonna passed him by without him experiencing it. Come out to the world without no such experience what-so-ever. yeah, I feel him. It's true that this is the time orang nak merasa cinta monyet. Well, no so monkey la because U student ni more matured (except all those sex and lust and premature abortion as well as postmature abortion and bastards.... hey, nowaday young'uns do stupids thing, don't they?). Yeah.... It's kinda sad. He said that the love-mentality for working people are different. They forecast the future.... marriage... kids. While the young'uns are more carefree (<-- not for some), pampered love, exciting , etc... Well, I said to him (as well as to myself), there's no turning back my friend. You gotta do it now, or never.
This same friend came to me after raya and told this story about his crush over this girl. He never met this girl before but that day, his friend invite him to this girl's house for Raya visit. Kira love at 1st sight la. She's is so much sopan santun yet elegent in some way. So at the end of the visit, my friend ask her for her phone number. He was cut by his friend, which he told him that he's gonna give him personally that girl's phone number later. So dia pon xnak terkinja2 mintak no phone kat awek tu. Later, on their way home, my friend asked his friend for that girl's phone number. Guess what his friend said to him? ..."TAK NAK!". Kah kah kah... Rupanya kawan dia pon nak cucuk line. Dengki x nak kasi line kat orang. So I told my friend, "go to her mySpace, friendster or whatever... just try to reach her. Foremost, become her friend first. Keep in touch. The rest comes when the time is right and the time is depend on how smart you played the game".

I never realized it. I guess it was there for quite some time now. At the top right corner of my Windows Media player ada logo napster. Anyway, Napster dah jadi some label in some organization. Meaning, dah kena bayar kalau nak pakai. So, start using i-mesh or LimeWire because they're free. Hahahaha... I still remembered the first time I used Napster. It was at my friend's (Asrar) house at Johor. That time N'sync was so damn popular. So I was wondering what kind of songs they sang, and I downloaded the "This I Promise You" song. Well, just to let you know...I was just curious....nothing special in particular... that's all.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Chapter 102 - Festive Mood

Oh Ramadhan.... it's nearly its end. Next year dah x sambut Ramadhan ngan housemates + coursemates (InsyaAlah...harap x sangkut). So, ada sikit sentimental value. Malas nak sayu lebih2, karang kawan cakap aku ni muka rock, tapi hati sayu. Cuma Ramadhan ni aku terasa kurang lak pengisian bagi diri ini. Terawih makin kurang.... solat wajib tu pon struggle nak wajibkan. Alhamdulillah, pose penuh (<- sesedar aku la... x tau la kalau ada yg x diterimaNya). So, that's the only thing that I regret.
Syawal makin lama makin kurang sengat. Thn ni mungkin xtra utk abang aku yang ada anak baru. Syawal pertama budak tuh. Tapi bagi aku, it's just like another day. Kalau masa kecik2 dulu heboh nak beli baju raya. Wajib sekurang2nya ada 2 pasang baju. Skrg ni dah x heran. Mungkin bila dah kena pakai duit sendri ni, tangan makin berat nak seluk poket. Nasib baik sebelom Ramadhan aritu aku dah tempah baju melayu. Kain orang bagi masa besday aku. Tengok tu... kain pon free, bayar duit jahit je (<-- tu pon pakai duit mak aku). Keh keh keh.....

Arini, hari Jumaat. Selasa depan dah nak raya. kat umah ni pon tinggal aku ngan sorang nih. Kawan lain semua dah balik kampung. X tahan dengar lagu dendang perantau, terus nak balik kampung halaman. Aku lak yang umah dekat ni masih x heran nak balik. Sok mungkin.... ye la... sok aku balik sbb dah janji nak amik adik aku kat UPM. Aku dok risau ngan keadaan traffic. Kawan aku yang baru dtg dari KL kata orang dok jakun nak keluar Shah Alam. Pegi mana x tau la... mungkin balik kampung, mungkin juga pegi Mega Sale kat KL. Ye la, Shah Alam ni apa ada?? Selain taman dan tasik, mmg boleh kejang otak kalau nak dipikirkan.....
So, dengar penyampai berita kata tadi, expect the worst for tomorrow. So, aku pon optimis yang orang Mesia ni beku otak dan pikir yang lebih baik derang keluar malam ni atau hari Ahad, daripada keluar sok. Dan aku pon bleh memandu tanpa stress yang berlebihan. Buat menyemak jalan je derang ni. One thing, sok Deepavali. Aiyoyo!!! dah la umah aku kira close distance ngan holy place diorang. Lalu Sentul konfem x lepas. Weh, kubu kuat diorang tu. Mau kalu aku lalu sok tersangkut dalam kesesakan yang sangat2 teruk. Tak pasal2 aku amik besi kavadi tu dan menikam diri sendri kerana terlalu tension. Mintak2 dijauhkan..... Aku tadi wish selamat Deepavali kat owner rumah sewa nih. Dia ngan baik hati reply, "My family and I wish you selamat Hari Raya, You are a nice boy ~ therefore I'm giving you 2 months free of rent. Amma". kah kah kah.... 2 months free? celah mana dia nak kasi? Celah bedah? (<-- ayat Ah Seng). Xde la.... dia just ckp selamat hari raya. Nasib baik dia x jemput dtg umah, tidaknya aku datang makan marukku je. Ye la, nak makan yang lain2 takut xde pengesahan JAKIM, tapi kalau dah lapar tu bedal je la, ye tak?. So, dikesempatan ini aku juga ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA. Maaf kalau tersalah sebut dan perbuatan. Halal makan dan minum.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chapter 101 - Red Sun II

Oh... jerebu... uhuk uhuk..... like I said before, this thing gonna be something like yearly event. Just there's nothing to celebrate and extra things to worries. Health in particular. This morning I drove from Kajang to Shah Alam through Putrajaya Highway. I enjoyed the view of the whole city of Putrajaya from the flyover, but this morning I saw almost nothing. Thanks to Indonesia for their daunting effort on putting down the forest burning. Although x kronik lagi, but still merimaskan cos jerebu ni memanaskan keadaan. Bilik aku ni dah macam oven. Nasib baik hujan sket tadi. But, you know what? Hujan pon xleh nak buat apa2. Mintak doa kat Allah je la... Dia yang memberi, Dia juga yang menarik balik.... Anyway, what am I doing at kajang? Just some mini holiday with my family there. My brother staying at this awesome villa at Country height. just for few days though. Yang macam haramnya, adalah masa nak pergi kesana. Stupid as hell tempat tu nak aku cari. Dah la aku x familiar ngan kawasan Kajang. Redah abis pekan Kajang tu. Nak cari topup punya pasal (<-- weh! dah sebulan lebih aku x topup). Abang aku dah hangin menunggu aku. Trust me, I was so pissed, almost kat semua bende aku carutkan. Nullify all the pahala puasa aku. Luckily, I found him. I was almost give up. pikir nak gi Shah Alam balik. Bangang punya tempat!

Korea had succesfully tested their nuclear weapon. Melenting orang2 kat dunia ni especially geng2 keparat USA ni. How come they can have that shit, while others can't? They always think that they're the world savior. Savior my ass! As for me, my opinions are clouded by the emotion. Basically, that shit is bad. Weh, kalau missile biasa meletup, dia sekadar meletup je... right? Tapi kalau Nuclear meletup, bukan saja dia meletup, x pasal2 ko bleh jadi mutant. Ganas kan? Dengan adanya Nuclear ni kat Korea ngan Iran, at least balance la sket kan (<-- logika budak terencat). Anyway, aku predict akan adanya Perang nuclear kat mukabumi ni someday. Bukan nak mintak, but it's somehow imminent. US can't sit still over this. Sedangkan bila dia "rasa" ada WMD kat Iraq, abih ranap 1 Iraq tu dibuatnya; apatahlagi bila memang ada WMD kat Iran ngan Korea. Cepat2la develop technology supaya aku bleh hidup kat marikh. Huhuhuhu....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chapter 100 - Red Sun

Assalamualaikum.... Hello....good evening...

Lama sungguh aku tidak mencemar duli'kan blog ini. Sungguh lama aku rasakan. Nak cakap punya la banyak tapi sebab masa yang x berapa best, terpaksa ditangguh2kan. Skrg ni bila dah rajin, internet kat umah lak down. Aritu router dah kena sambar kilat... this time around, TMnet lak yang ada masalah teknikal. Haram kejadah sungguh mereka ini. Dah komplen 2 hari sudah, tapi xde improvement. Letih la nak nunggu.... Isnin depan nak kena present proposal utk FYP. FYP ni lak satu hal...... lecturer x tau aku dah tukar tajuk... mana ndak nya, aku dtg bilik dia, asyik xde. Bila dia dtg kelas, aku lak xde. Isk isk isk.....supervisor pon xde lagi. Sungguh bangang rasanya. Esok lak, lecturer CISCO aku nak on'kan semua online test yang aku tertinggal which is all of them. Muahahahaha...punyalah bengap kawan2 kelas yang x rajin nak inform kat aku bila ada online test. Tambah lak aku kurang dtg ke kelas. Satu kelas pkl 8.30 pagi (<-- selalu miss sebab terlajak tido), dan satu lagi kelas pkl 4.10 ptg (<-- dan juga miss sebab terlajak tido). Pendek kata aku rajin tido la semester nih. But one thing, last few days adalah hari2 yang paling produktif berbanding semester yang kelima ini. Semalam baru je present Project Plan which I can say that I did it alone (<-- almost alone) although aku ada rakan sepasukan. Masalahnya, sorang minah ni bila aku nak bagi keje je dia keluar cerita sedih yang mana hari2 yang mendatang ni byk assignment yang dia nak kena hantar. Assignment inilah..assignment itulah.... Aku pon mcm berat hati. Yang mamat sorang ni lak cam blur 24/7. So I decided biarla aku yang memerah keringat ini utk buat assignment tu...

Weh ok... brader lab ni seolah2 menghalau aku je.... Ye la..dah nak berbuka... chow

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chapter 99 - Midday Breakfast

It's been a week since Petronas Cup. Nothing much to brag as we got last place in that tournament. Sad huh?! Yeah, we sucks, but it was one hell of experience; priceless I might say. The fun thing was, kitorang duduk kat hotel for the whole week and forget everything except basketball. The hotel is not bad at all though bilik aku xde tingkap, yang mana menyukarkan aku untuk bangun tido (<-- xde beza pkl 6 pagi ngan 12 tghari). Hotel lak betul2 atas Petaling Street, so every time nak ke stadium mesti lalu PS dan everytime lalu situ mesti ada orang hulur booklet DVD blue. Anyway, jangan beli DVD blue kat PS because sewajibnya korang kena tipu. Based on my friend punya experience, cina PS tu kelentong giler babi sampai korang kena beli DVD blue yang x memuaskan hati dengan harga ratusan ringgit. Pendek cerita jangan beli trus, right? X elok layan blue ni (<-- Ramadhan mode). Lagi satu, bila nak shopping kat sana, usha bleh tapi jgn menyusahkan cina kedai tu. Meaning, kalau nak usha sekalipun, xyah sruh cina kedai tu amikkan atau check stock. Sewajibnya dia akan masukkan dalam plastik dan sruh korang beli. Macam haram kan??!!
Results for petronas cup :

Balik saje dari petronas cup, aku kena selsema dan batuk2. Mana x nye, lepak dalam hotel yang sejuk, kuar2 je panas tropika. Mau luluhawa aku dibuatnya. So, since aku susah nak baiki dari selsema dan malas lak nak makan ubat, sampai skrg aku dok selsema (<-- tapi aku pose tau...).

Last week (to be exact, thursday), router aku disambar kilat. Miraculously, mende alah tu dah ok. Before this, router tu dah kena sambar kilat. Luckily warranty tu valid lagi dan kitorang pon hantar baiki. But this time, kitorang dah mati akal bila kena kilat sbb warranty dah abis. So we decided to buy a new one. Malam tu plak tetiba dia hidup balik. I was like, Wow... Magic betul. So, belilah barangan network jenama 3Com nih.... Huhuhuhhu

OK. Aku nak ucapkan selamat berpuasa to all. Dah besar2 ni xperlu la nak ponteng. Kepada kawan2 yang muka cam bapak orang tu, xpayah la gi drive-in McD pastu order kid's meal dengan alasan beli untuk anak kat umah tapi hakikatnya korang yang lahap. Kui kui kui...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chapter 98 - In A Middle Of Something

Sooo bored. But I don't want to go home yet, cause it will be extra boring. Unless I bring home my PS2 controller. Still, I don't want to go home due to some assignments that I HAVE to do. Next week, I won't be here for the whole week. It's because of the Petronas Cup (<-- I'm not bragging ok....). So, to cover up the assignments, I have to do it in advance as well as submitting the old assignments.

I would like to congratulate the secretariats of i-Hack, though I bet that none of the read my blog, at least I like to show my gratitude toward their job. They did a nice job in organizing this international event (<-- international ke??? x nampak pon). Though x mendapat sambutan dari locales sebab student U tgh cuti, at least most of budak2 course aku stay dan tolong organize event ni. Compared to last year yang mana ramai student sendri yang meramaikan majlis, so terasa last year nyer event lebih grand. Tapi aku extra sket kat this year sbb aku secara x langsung participate dalam event ni. Also tahniah kepada budak2 yang menang forensic challenge. Shut those UTP's mouth. huhuhuhu....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chapter 97 - To Celebrate Thy Freedom

As usual. Malam merdeka akan berlalu seperti biasa bagi aku. Akan tinggal lah aku sengsorang dirumah sewa yang sepi ini, sambil melayan cerita2 yang didownload di internet dan melayan selection of my fav songs. Midi dan Faibo dah keluar dgn awek masing2, Ammar pegi mana ntah ngan Daus; pegi tgk bunga api kat dataran kot... Ah Seng dah lesap ntah kemana dan Hafiz akan keluar ngan kakak dia. So, I got the whole house on me tonight. Mmg dah tabiat anti-majlis aku membuatkan aku lebih suka lepak dirumah daripada hu-ha kat luar. I pretty much don't like crowded place kerana boleh membuatkan aku pening kepala. "Apakah maksud kemerdekaan bagi anda?", tu adalah soalan dlm kuiz Pn Edora (<-- kelas CSA yang aku x amik). Mungkin Pn Edora mempatriotikkan soalan2 kuiz beliau ataupun sekadar memberi markah free kepada mereka yang datang ke kuiz pagi tadi (<-- kes ramai x dtg la ni....). It's understandable.... ramai dari kelasnya yang sibuk dengan I-Hack hujung minggu ni. Internation Hacking is an event organized by the faculty which is quite grand, cos this year they're going international. Unlike last year which was national level, this year far more grand. Hopefully, majlis tu se'gah nama. Jgn la nama international, tapi xde content. Orang datang pon kutuk2. Kan dah x best (<-- mcm UIA punya Foscar. huhuhuhu)...... Aku? X terlibat secara lansung. Tapi aku handle booth utk kelab OS which I'm not sure how to handle it with only 2 persons. Plus, I've got training on Friday's night and Saturday's eve. Hmm.... Look like I have to sacrifice the I-Hack coz kalau x dtg training nanti kena sembur dgn Mr Manager yang bulky dan comey. X sanggup aku...

Weh...dah tersasar jauh. Kembali kepada persoalan tadi. What is the meaning of independant to you? It's obvious utk mat rempit bahwa maksud kemerdekaan utk mereka adalah racing dan meraba punggung dan buah dada minah2 yang berada dicelahan ribuan orang yang celebrate merdeka kat StarHill, KLCC, Bangsar. So... mereka2 yg nak celebrate tu harap jangan ghairah sgt, silap2 orang lain yg terlebih ghairah. Elakkan tubuh badan anda dari dijajah rempit2 itu. Bagi aku, xde maknanya kerana nampak gayanya kalau senario di Malaysia x berubah, kita akan dijajah lagi. Penat mcm mana pon govt menanamkan rasa cinta negara dan bangsa, xkan berhasil kerana bukan mudah merubah sikap.

Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan ke-49.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chapter 96 - Friends

I'm currently listening to Micheal Buble's songs. Songs from his concert in US last year. Damn! He got an amazing voice. Voice that I wish I have because I love jazz and most classic songs. I love to sing. Well, I'm not that good, but I did tricked my friend believing that I got a spot for prelude concert at Akademi Fantasia which I didn't go because of my study. Yeah... he still believe it until now.

"I never knew,
The art of making love,
Though my heart aches,
With love for you,
Afraid and shy,
I've let my chance to go by,
The chance that you might,
Love me, too." - Ray Charles (sang by Buble)

That just hit at the right spot. T_T

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chapter 95 - I Rocks

Whoa... 3 days to kaiwa, and I just finished my dialogue. It's gonna be a mess. No proper practice, plus I didn't hand it out to my teammates, surely it gonna be a catasthrophy. Well, kaiwa is dialogue in Japanese. I'm used to be good at it. Now I'm bit dull. Dah x rajin macam dulu. Anyway, I just hope we did well. We'll see.

24th August 2006 : 8.15 am
Ammar : Ko donlot cerita pirates of caribbean tu dah siap ke blom?
ha.midi : Dah kot. Cuba check PC aku.
~Amar pon bergegas ke PC ha.midi.
Ammar : Ha, dah siap. Weh, aku first tgk dulu. Hahahaha
~Ammar pon double-click file "Pirates Of Caribbean:Dead Man Chest"
Ammar : Fuh..gambar DVD weh....
~Ammar pon fast forward
PC Speaker : Uh~~~~Ahhh.......Yeah, baby! Ungh......Ah....Yea......Uhhh....
Ammar : What the hell!!!! Ni cerita blue..... Argh!!! My eyes!!!!!!!

What a waste. Sehari suntuk ko donlot nak tgk Pirates of Caribbean II, last2 dpt cerita lucah. Haram betol la sape yg upload tu. (Dalam hati aku suka. Huhuhuhu). No la... If I want to download porn, I will type in something porny. But I want to watch Jack Sparrow kick ass, not Jenna Jameson lick ass.

19th August 2006 10.30 am
Bojan : Jom la terjun.
Apis : Aku x bawak baju la.
Bojan : Aku pon. A'eleh..... selamba je.
~Bojan tanpa ragu, terus terjun kedalam sungai Kemansah yg sejuk tu
Bojan : Meh arr...
~Jaar dan cengkoi yg berada dalam sungai tu pon hasut sama... Apis pon terus terjun. Mereka pon main dgn girang sekali seperti kanak2 dapat asikrim.
~2 minit kemudian...
Apis : Eh...jap. Aku nak naik jap.
~Ammar yang menyedari Apis di suatu sudut sepi, pergi tengok. Apis sedang terkocoh2 membuka handphonenya dan jemur atas tilam.
Ammar : Weh.. ko terjun ngan handphone ko ke. Wahahahahah
Apis : Telefon ni mmg dah nak rosak. Aku mmg bercadang nak beli handphone baru.
~Asal boleh nak cover line.... 3 hari kemudian....
Aku : Weh, tepon ko dah ok tu. Tapi ko cakap nk beli handphone baru kan??
Apis : A'ah, dah ok balik. tapi aku cadang nak beli handphone baru sem depan.

Semalam 1st training Melaka
Al-kisah aku dtg lambat. Keluar Shah Alam pkl 8.15. Gara2 cerita kung-fu best kat tv8 yang habis pkl 8. Dah bawak laju pon masih sampai lambat. Nearly 9.30 aku sampai. Aku masih maintain muka tebal (<-- mmg tebal pon. Malah lemak berkrim). Sampai trus bersemangat waja buat drill utk mereka yang lewat. After few drills, kitorang pon gather around. Kata2 pembakar semangat oleh coach Wan dan sound2 perit dari Mr Managear yang bulky dan comel.
Quote from the bulky also comel,
"Apa cerita ni. Kata nak main untuk melaka. Tapi bila buat training, x boleh nak commit. Buat training yang dtg 5-6 orang. Bla...bla...bla.... Pastu time training datang lambat. Apa cerita. Korang once dah letak nama, kenala sacrifice sket. Ni bila training, x datang... Bla..bla..bla.."

HELLO.... I admit that I was wrong to come late. It's unreasonable for me. I was wrong, BUT don't throw it out on us when you're mad at others yang x dtg. 7 x dtg, 4 makhluk atas court tu kena sembur. P.L.Z, Pleaze (<-- read it out with attitude). That was just our 1st training dude.... Mati aku kena bench ngan Mr Manager throughout the tourney. Wahahahaha....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chapter 94 - Care to Blog

Rasanya skrg nih aku masih lagi dalam honeymoon mood. So relaxed... x bother nak study giler babeng cam semester lepas. Feel like things are unreal. Month or so had past, still xde kuiz ngan test. Online Cisco dah ada, tapi sebab aku miss class, x amik lagi. Horror giler aku yg x amik online test. Classmate lain dah 2 online tests, aku dok rilek lagi. Maybe terpikirkan lecturer Cisco yang baik hati kot... So, tomorrow ada test. Aku dok rilek lagi. Maybe after class this evening. Itu pon kalau x pekena DotA sepam-dua. Huhuhuhu

I'm gonna storytelling bout Melaka. Next month ada tournament yg quite big utk M'sian NC Ballers. Petronas Cup diberi nama. Mmg tetiap tahun ada tourney ni. This year, aku diberi peluang oleh Mr Manager yang bulky dan comel, Saudara Qayum utk bermain utk Melaka. Honestly speaking, I'm not the sharpest tool in the tool box (<-- where else?), cos I'm just an extra. So, aku diberi kata dua.... lose some weight or I don't get play-time. Punya la berkobar2 nak kurus, last2 makin bertambah. Nampak gayanya, aku ni bench-warmer je la..... Tukang bancuh Milo pon jadila.... So, kengkawan yg terasa nak dtg bawak pom2 dan support tukang bancuh Milo ini, meh ke Stadium Basketball kat Petaling Street. Blakang Stadium Merdeka sana... Datang jgn x dtg...dtg jgn x dtg.... Nanti aku post'kan details....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chapter 93 - Let's Begin

Man United started off their campaign very well. I'm impressed with their last week game. 5-1 is just awesome. I'm happy with both Arsenal and Liverpool tied with each opponent, unfortunately Man City is not good enough to beat Chelsea. Hey, it's just their 1st game. This weekend, Man United will visit the Charlton'ers or whatever they call it there, and I hope Man Utd will keep up the good work and show what it takes to be the champion.

Last Saturday, my coursemates having this barbeque at Kemansah Camp. It is somewhere in Hulu Kelang. Never been there. Never thought that there are sungai yang x tercemar kat KL area. I've seen Sungai Gombak and Sungai Klang. Both unimpressed. But at Kemansah, sungainya masih x tercemar. Sebab aku accompany mak aku pegi Jusco pagi tu, so aku sampai lewat. Yang aku kesal, aku xde time Apis terjun kedalam sungai ngan handphone dan wallet dia. Bet I'm gonna laugh hard then. So funny la... Sampai2 je trus Amar storytelling kat aku. Anyway, since aku xtau yang barbeque tu kat tepi sungai, aku x la bawak towel. Baju ngan seluar spare dah ada. So, masa member tgh berenang2, aku dok sumbat ayam panggang dalam perut. The event lasted until 5 pm. Sepanjang barbeque tu, aku dok makan dan ketawa je. Adeh, berpeluh2 ketawa. So, nak tgk gambar2 masa barbeque tu, click :


Friday, August 18, 2006

Chapter 92 - My Latest Sweethearts

Say hello to ATI Radeon X1300 IceD and Motorola RAZR V3X. Both are my sweethearts... Akan ku belai dan curahkan kasih sayang ku yang xberbelah bagi utk mereka berdua.... Keh Keh keh

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chapter 91 - Missing Out

Fuh.... PTPTN dah masuk. Lots of things in my mind right now. Even after I bought new ATI Radeon X1300. Nama dah gempak kn? Unfortunately, my PCI does not support PCI-E. Kalau idak, dah combo graphic card aku pasang. Yep, graphic card aku tu AGP je. But hey, at least I can play games which I can't before. Yeah, definitely materials that I do not need during class days. Mana tidaknya, hari2 belasah DOTA ngan housemate. I repeat, DOTA!! Before aku punya penyegan nak main. Bukan x power (<-- mmg pon), tapi xde selera. But since I want to revolutionize things at home, I introduced them with this game. ==Conversion Success== Sekarang derang dah ketagih DOTA. Sehari x main 2-3 frame, x sah. Muahahahaha....Muahahahaha

OK enough with DOTA, next stop is V3x. Baru dok usha (<-- konfem dah pon), RAZR V3xx ngan RAZR Maxx dah pon nak klua. 3G gila babeng which is 3 Mbps while V3x setakat 384 Kbps. Mati la aku 3G tersekat2. Pastu 3G sorang2. Ye la, kawan memasing lagi suka sms hitam putih ngan ckp tepon letak kat telinga. Baru feeling handfon (<-- kata mereka yang xde 3G). hahahah...statement riak. 2MP kamera. X cukup 1 lens, dia letak 2. Depan dan belakang. Bluetooth + mp3 ringtone + USB + memory card + bla bla bla.... So, mana nak letak N-Gage? Simpan la, letak dalam case kaca, tayang kat ruang tamu umah... Cousin ngan kawan ada nak beli, tapi aku mcm berat hati nak jual. Ada sentimental value.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Chapter 90 - Fragile

It's a serene Friday afternoon. After a round of futsal game last night, played Winning Eleven with Shiwang (<-- best record ever for duo. Letting go just 4 goals. Ngan Midi, byk x terkira. Midi is a striker oriented person. He goes for the goal, whereby I'm midfield oriented. I love to pass. Pass pass pass....) and slept for almost 8 hours; I feel a little bit Satisfaction . The best of all...There's no class on Friday.

Today's Shiwang's semi-final game. Aku slalu pegi tengok game kat kompleks sukan. Bkn sebab apa....ada sorang cek mek molek yang jaga score buat aku nak dtg tiap2 hari tgk dia. Tengok dari jauh pon dah ok. Unfortunately, dia dah berpunya. Dengan seekor resaksa gorgon yg dtg utk terrorize muka bumi ini. Cek mek molek tu kiut je. Resaksa tu pulak tinggi gila babas. Dah la team resaksa tu kalah bila lawan ngan Cencorot (<-- team aku). Huhuhuhuhu...bukan ke winners take all?? How to mend this broken heart?

" usha2 awek aku?!! Nak kena makan??!! Grrr..burp..."

My friend, Mdie just finished watching this japanese drama, "Attack no. 1". It's about a girl in a volleybal team...bla bla bla...friendship....national team...friendship...bla bla bla... He is so pissed off. Not the drama is bad or whatsoever. But because the ending is sucks for him. I'd addressed this problem so many time before. Korean and Japanese drama's ending always sucks. Why? I found out that, these stories are SO DAMN GOOD that you don't want any ending. Good ending or bad ending, either way is unacceptable. Because you're so stuck with it that you don't want it to end. Agree?? Talking bout bad ending, I watched this K-Movie, "Sad Movie". As the name indicate, you won't get any happy ending. It's 4 stories of lost love. Sedey........ T_T . Lagu crite nih pon sedey. Nak dengar? go to pastu search for "sad movie". You'll recognize the actor yang berlakon 'My Sassy Girl' tu cos dia yang nyanyi. T_T

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chapter 89 - To Taste The Bitter Defeat

I thought I can write something good about Cocoro's MB Cup, instead things had gone badly. By the sound of it, it's obvious that we're unable to get somewhere or something in that tournament. Lose 2 games and win 1.

Lose #1 - with UiTM Phantoms or may I say Scorekeys. They got this tall center who happened to be a national player. But it's not because of him alone. The whole team was great. Kami kalah pon dengan deficit yang sedikit.

Lose #2 - Kalah yang xleh terima. We're beaten by some snobby kids. Budak2 Intec yang akan fly lepas persediaan 2 thn. (<-- harap korang sangkut xleh fly. Keh keh keh. Duk la kat Mesia belajar kat institusi awam). We're down 21 points in 1st quarter. Ye la...sebab hero sampai lambat (<-- lepas nih ajiem feeling hero la pulak). We chased them hard but unfortunately, 1 point differentiate the winner and the loser. (<-- Qayum dah kluar statement sbb xde dia team kalah. Citt)

Win #1 - With a team named CONS. Ada la 2-3 orang muka ahli penjara, yang lain tu mcm biasa. OK, since we're motivated to beat them by 45 points (<-- giler ke hape), we played hard since the begining. Still infortunate for us, kitorang menang 3 points saje. *sigh*

Yesterday, aku gi tgk 2nd round punya game. CONS -vs- Swoosh which was won by CONS. The spot that us should play. Not them. If we win against Intec the other day, we're the one to be there...... Semua tinggal 'if' je...
Then dpt bad news la pulak.... Azhar akan consentrate kat dia punya study dan akan stop main basket. While Faiz probably will follow his parent to United State end of this year for 2 years. Both stars are gone...sape yang tinggal??? Sayur2an macam aku je..... Huhuhuhuhuhu

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chapter 88 - My Empty Stomach II

Today and tomorrow... la la la la la...

Last night I went to watch Pegasus -vs- Phantoms. Yep..that's right folks, MB Cup dah start. Kejadah lah korang nak paham MB Cup tu apa. Size lingerie ke hape. hahaha...Meh aku explain sket. NCBC yg aritu main kira mcm off-record tournament yg dianjurkan oleh Selangor (<-- kot). KL pon ada, tapi dipanggil KL Open dan MB Cup adalah tournament Selangor yang unggul. Special'nya tournament KL ngan Selangor ni adalah, player2 utk state masa Petronas Cup nanti akan dipilih kat situ. So, sape yang teringin nak main state, kena la cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang masa tournament nih. I didn't put much hope for that. Janji Cencorot power, aku sekadar pelakon extra je....
OK, review for that match. As expected, the young guns thrived (<-- btol ke perkataan nih). Pegasus menang tapi perbezaan score x byk. First 3 quarters, Pegasus didn't show any explosion; though they have Masri (<-- kira cam legend. Hahahaah..iya ke?). Whether team lain dah study gameplay diorang, atau diorang masih diawan-awangan lepas menang few tourneys before. Quite physical game, the one yang aku try utk elakkan. Susah la... kat luar kawan siap bertepuk-tampar, dalam court masing2 bagi siku, lutut ngan bontot. Elok2 dtg nak main basketball, ko gi blasah main UFC. But that's the beauty of the game. Abis game, ko "teman tapi mesra" balik..
Sepanjang aku duduk kat sideline, dengarla komentar2 amatur mahupon separa professional. Sekali lagi, aku selaku extra, duduk diam je la.... What else to say? Aku pon bkn reti main basketball sangat. Xleh komen lebey. I just need to be ready for tonight's game.

  • Qayyum - G
  • Ah Seng - G
  • Emy - G
  • Aziem - F,G
  • Aku - G
  • Azhar - F
  • Nabil - C
  • Shah - C
  • Hafiz - G
  • Faiz - F
  • Kuda - G,F
  • Tajol - F,C
==Korang bukan kenal mamat2 nih, so buat2 kenal je la...==

From ncbasketball forum, I can say that Cencorot is being overly-rated. How to cope with the expectations...? My young padawans out there, pray for us....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chapter 87 - 4 Days To Go.

My 2 months of practical is nearing the end. Hepi3... after this leh la aku consentrate kat kelas. Byk kelas yg aku dah tuang; secara sengaja mahupon x sengaja. Especially kelas bahasa jepun ngan kelas cisco. It's hard to miss the japanese classes. Sekali miss mmg susah nak catch-up. Bukan aku ada private tutor atau paling busuk pon housemate yang amik jepun skali. Kelas cisco pon sama.... Tu je kelas yg aku bleh ampu lecturer. Kalau x dtg, kena ampu lebih la... Hahahahahh

4 days to go, there are more things I need to learn. I realized it just now. I was suprised to see my neighbor here at the office this morning. He's a good friend to my brother. He's doing some hardware installation dan aku pon menyibok sama since I've got nothing to do. BZ BZ BZ.... Dah dapat tajuk tesis. Just some exploration of idea. Thanx to Ily. Try mintak permission nak co-op ngan dia...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chapter 86 - My Empty Stomach

Har har har (<-- gelak macam Davy Jones)...Lepas ni summon Kraken lak, ajak gelak sama2. What's the occasion? Nothing much, just to commemorate "somebody" losing BIG TIME at wedding organizing. Al-kisah, semalam aku jadi bidan terjun bila kena join skali pegi wedding cousin kat Dewan Perdana Felda, blakang UTM Semarak tu. Remember my cousin who got married last week? Yeah, this time her hubby's turn. OMG!! super-the-very-grand-giler majlis tu. Makes me doubt, "ape keje bapak laki ni sampai afford buat wedding kaw2 cenggini?". Turn out that the family are in banking industry. OK, jadi bidan terjun wasn't a bad thing afterall... my other cousins came as well. So, aku x boring sangat2 which most of the time kitorang dok gelak je. One thing I'd learn yesterday was, bila invite besan nyer family, jgn kedekut kasi table. Last week kat Istana hotel kitorang (<-- aku x terlibat sama) allocate 3 tables for groom's family... dah bagi 3, dia pon balas 3 la..... sedey2. Anyhoo, the wedding was superb. Pak Long aku tewas teruk (<--although it's not a competition). The money flows from the other party proves that you're not as rich as you think. Korang mesti pikir, "Apa la dosa pak long ngko sampai ko kutuk dia cenggini?"....

1st of all, aku bukan mengutuk, but presenting the facts.
2nd of all, erm...err...yeah, I admit that I'm not THAT fond to my pak long. He started it first, OK?!
::Sebab xde gamba mereka2 ini, aku terpaksa subsitute'kan gambar mereka. Kira lebih-kurang la ::

PL = Hotel Istana. Big hall and nice-to-see chandelier.
FY = Dewan Perdana Felda. Big hall, no chandelier but stunning starlight ceiling.

PL = So-so.
FY = Better than so-so.

PL = A waste of money. Not amusing at all.
FY = Also a waste of money but match the theme (wedding in the park). Plus, the pelamin was so eye-catching. Marvellous!

Caterer services
PL = Macam x cukup orang.
FY = Ok-lah... Ada sorang tu muka macam Chah. Extra marks there.

PL = Plain. Biasa2 aje.
FY = Wedding dalam taman. Using 12 real trees. Imagine, real trees in the hall. All the flowers are real. NO bunga plastik.

PL = My dad.
FY = Somebody.

Live band
PL = OK. Good selection of songs.
FY = OK. Wearing tux. But I still like the PL one...

PL = Raisins cake, 2 hersheys and telur rebus in porcelin case.
FY = 2 Farrero Roche and telur pindang in wood case.

PL = No speech.
FY = Speech yang berjela2 dan unnecessary. Who want to hear the groom's boring history. I'm there to eat, idiot.

The verdict ~ The winner is obviously not my Pak Long. Har Har Har... long live Davy Jones.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chapter 85 - We Are Fiances

Somos novios
Pues los dos sentimos mutuo amor profundo
Y con eso ya ganamos lo más grande
De este mundo

Nos amamos, nos besamos
Como novios
Nos deseamos y hasta a veces sin motivo y
Sin razón, nos enojamos

Somos novios
Mantenemos un cariño limpio y puro
Como todos
Procuramos el momento más obscuro

Para hablarnos
Para darnos el más dulce de los besos
Recordar de qué color son los cerezos
Sin hacer mas comentarios, somos novios

~Andrea Bocelli + Christina Aguilera

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chapter 84 - Hopelessly Confuse

You can do much more with RM50 k than spent it all just for dewan and sucky food for RM90 sekepala. Give me that much money, I'll have the wedding everybody wish they have; Great food, comfortable venue, superb live band and strippers. The only time that I enjoyed was when we boys (<-- yang dah ada anak-bini pon ikut gak. Infact, derang la ringleader) went for karaoke at Imbi Plaza's News KTV. 5 hours to the wedding, kitorang amik cab gi Imbi pastu karaoke x ingat dunia. Bini call semua haram x nak angkat. Takut kantoi. 2 jam lepas tu balik ke hotel naik monorel. 1st time naik monorel even though aku orang KL....

Akhirnya orang semua dah konfem yang CT mmg bercinta dan akan kawen ngan DK. Walaupon x berahsia lagi, tapi bila media pulun tanya soalan masa PC semalam, jawapan "Biarlah Rahsia" masih lagi faveret CT. Mungkin masih dalam mood mempromosikan lagu baru dia tu. So aku pon bukak la radio ERA yang katanya #1 kat M'sia ni dan dengar la lagu "Suka Hati Engkaulah" diikuti dengan lagu "Hensemkah Orang Tua Itu". Aku pon SMS la hantar request lagu kat ERA. X banyak, 1 lagu je... "Mungkinkah Kerana Dia Kaya". Tunggu punya tunggu x jugak diudarakan lagu pilihan aku. Kembali ke tajuk asal.... Aku dengar yang DK tu mula tertarik ngan CT personally bila dia dtg umah CT time nak handle event grand CT kat London satu masa dahulu. CT pakai kain batik mcm orang kampung yang lain eventhough dia celeb top nasional. Cakap sopan santun, cedukkan nasi kat DK time nak makan....alahai, manisnya CT ketika itu. HHmpf.. Cuba kalau Nirmala Bonat yang pakai kain batik dan cedukkan DK nasi.... haram la DK nak pandang dia seblah mata. Nasi yang dia cedukkan pon belum tentu dia nak jamah. CT pon skrg dah cantik, dulu masa dia nyanyi lagu "Jerat Percintaan" sape pon x kesah sangat pasal muka dia pon macam jerat pelanduk time tu.
Wedding theme: 'Perkahwinan didalam taman'. Alang2 nak dalam taman toksah buat kat KLCC. Buat je trus kat Taman Negara, Pahang. Kan cukup flora dan fauna kat sana tu... mingle along with ulat gonggok sebesar french bread dan kumbang sebesar beg murid2 sekolah rendah kat Mesia ni.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chapter 83 - Wedding Sleeper

Just came back from family wedding at Bangsar. The wedding that I'll never forget for I didn't eat anything at all. Well, except for air bandung. Not that I'm on diet mission yg x pernah menjadi, but because I didn't feel well. Lepas aku menyibuk sama handle hantaran girls, aku naik bilik cousin aku trus tido. Well, for 2 hours of tidur2 ayam, plus 2 bijik panadol, aku masih lagi demam. Bila masanya nak makan? bangun2 trus mak ajak balik. Balik je la..... lagipon sok ada ceremony kat Hotel Istana. Harap makan sana sok sedap2 blaka.

Ah....2 weeks more for my practical. SV aku dah cukup masak ngan aku. Xleh tinggalkan aku kejap, lepas tu trus ghaib. Tobat la xnak buat lagi, mau dia fail'kan praktikal aku, mau berpeluh nak menjawab ngan penyelia practical aku..... Adeh, rasa cam nak ponteng lak Isnin ni.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chapter 82 - To Satisfy The Lust

Huaarghh *sigh.... Still feel sore. Lama dah x main futsal ngan classmate. Last night sblm tido, bantai main bluff sampai pukul 2 pagi. 5 hours of sleep then going to work. 3 days of absent, much happening here. Staff marketing, PR, etc. dok busy pasal business trip ke Sabah. Tepon meja aku dah jadi tepon operator, so every 3 to 5 minutes, there is someone at my cubicle making calls. Aigoo.. Oh! forgot to mention, there is another practical student here. SHE's here doing database and stuff. Didn't have time to talk yet as I am busy doing nothing (<-- as usual). But everytime I looked around, she's in her world of YM! Same here.

Thank god we found the ADSL router's receipt. Otherwise, we would consider on buying a new one. And that mean more money wasting. Dah la kereta mencekik duit minyak, tambah lak ngan hal2 remeh. Semalam lak aku kluarkan duit beli bola futsal. Mintak ngan dak2 ni memang liat. Boleh lak time nak bayar bojan leh buat2 tgk knee pad, bukan nak hulur duit. Rasa cam nak lutut kan je mamat tuh. Hmm..tunggu duit ptptn je nih. Manyak mende mau beli maaa... V3X is in my wishlist.

Lupa lak nak kutuk UiTM. Camne leh lupa ni.... New semester, but same ol' problem. PENDAFTARAN yang semacam sial. Until now, 4th day in the new semester, I didn't register yet.

Before ~
  • Pro : Register online (accessible anywhere)
  • Cons : Problems with class. Some of them are suddenly full without any student in it. Apo UiTM ni bela jin ke hape? Daftar secara ghaib. Hahahha... ingat jin xnak belajar networking ke?
  • Cons : Still with the class. Some of the class size are not precise. 1 batch Networking students ada dalam 70 orang (<-- roughly). Kelas 2 bijik offer utk 15 students each. 15 x 2 = 30. Mampusla lagi baki 20 students kena belajar sendiri dan lagi 20 students tenung siling umah sewa/hostel tatkala kawan2 mereka tgh kusyuk belajar.
Now ( with installation of SRMMFLS 1.0 System abbv of "Stupid Registration Make Me Feel Like Stupid 1.0 System") ~
  • Cons : Admin dah registerkan on behalf of students (<-- Apo derang nih dah xde keje lain ke. Mesti dah mati akal, tak tau nak buat apa ngan masa terluang)
  • Cons : Register on location (<-- Imagine 6 PCs for over hundreds of students. ==Latest update== 4 PCs available for registration) (<-- bangang kan?)

Friday, July 07, 2006

第81 章 - 来年週


ポイントは何のそれを理解するだれでもなしのblog を持たれているか。地獄I の心配! それは私のblog である。Hahahahaha.... とにかく、
それを翻訳したいと思えば翻訳のためのインターネットの公正な調査。google に自身の翻訳サービスがある。翻訳する行きなさい!



Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chapter 80 - I'm Mr Lonely

All my friends have finished their practical. YM! aku begitu lengang sekali. Before, I were "lonely no more (Rob Thomas)", but now I'm "Lonely (Akon)". ( <-- shiwang suka lagu nih, ye la..jiwa kesepian. hahahaha) This year ada 3 family wedding. Of course the grand one is my Mak Long and Datuk Seman's daughter. Orang kaya lebih kuah dari sudu. Buat wedding kat Umah (akad nikah) dan dekat Hotel Istana, Bukit bintang. Waduh2... anak kamu kawen mmg x sah kalu x buat kat hotel2 atau dewan2 yg grand. The first 2 daughters of them were celebrated at Dewan Merak Kayangan. The first twin was at Hotel Hilton, PJ. This 2nd twin is at Hotel Istana. I bet the last one (only son) gonna be super big. Aku kawen nanti pasang khemah tepi umah je. Yep, even if I'm married to a Hollywood actress (<--- like that gonna happen). As usual, there are wedding meeting and I went to one of it last night. The best part was food testing. Try caterer yg akan cater utk wedding nanti. Hahahaha....

Adeh... keta xleh start lagi. Apa la problem kamu lagi???

I was attracted to the an incident happened yesterday. Seorang Ibu dan 2 orang anaknya mati digilis kereta api di Seremban setelah memasuki kawasan landasan keretapi yang tidak berpagar. Anaknya, 8 years old mangakui yang ibunya mengatakan yang "kita semua akan pergi mati". Yes, it was a tragic accident. Teringat pulak kat anuar. Not that he's having the same incident, but I like to ask him a legal question. If I'm a lawyer, I'll approach the deceased family and offer my service to represent them to sue KTM. Being a plaintiff, my case was about to get compensation over KTM's negligence for not having the landasan keretapi properly fenced which had caused the tragic accident. The question is, what my chances of winning?
But KTM can argue that the woman in not in the right state of mind. According to her 8 years old daughter, she did intent to commit suicide. How strong is the 8 years old statement when she testify to the court? If she intent to commit suicide, there's still other way of doing it. Therefore, the defendent surely gonna argue the insanity of the deceased.

As for me, if this going to happen, KTM surely gonna lose due to negligence.
Anuar......mana kamu???? Balik cepat, boleh kita mooting. hahahhaa

Things that have been said are strictly for inside discussion. It is for study and knowledge purposes. Writer have nothing to do if any of this writing are publicised.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chapter 79 - What's The Odd

What is the odd of having car trouble for 3 days in-a-row? Slim, yet happened to me last week.

1st day ~
The first one is with Kancil. Susah nak start lepas jalan jauh. Kebetulan, time tu aku singgah di Greenwood lepas balik dari keje ( <-- Cyberjaya-to-umah ). Bila nak start balik x bleh. Adeh! nasib baik ada pakcik yang baik. Dia offer nak tolak keta, I cannot say no to him. Maybe dia lebih arif.... Tolak pon xleh jalan, aku cakap, "Xpe la pakcik, nanti saya panggil mekanik je la...". Akur dgn situasi, aku pon mintak tumpang pakcik tu balik umah. Later that night, I went to fetch it with my brother.

2nd day ~
Memandangkan Kancil bermasalah, aku hanta utk servis kat Perodua Sri Gombak. Maka, pergilah kerja dgn Iswara omak aku. No problem at all....until the time I'm going to UIA to play basket. Tgh kesibukan org balik kerja, kereta mati kat Greenwood ( <-- apo ado puako kek greenwood tu ke hapo?! Asik2 keto den mati kek situ sajo....). Dok tunggu lampu traffic untuk menghijau, bleh lak mati. Lane kanan plak tu. Adeh! Aku pon keluar keta dan melambai2 kat satu brader yg tgh tunggu aweknya ( mungkin ) di seberang jalan. Nasib yang baik dia dtg tolong. Tapi 1 horsepower mana cukup, aku pon cuba la thn mat2 motor mintak tolong.... malangnya, masing2 buat bodoh saje ( <-- mungkin mereka memang bodoh kot). Nasib lagi dtg 2-3 uncle tolong tolak ke seberang jalan. Park je kat situ, aku trus call pomen. Ah! rupa2nya masalah bateri..."Keto auto nih meme make bateri. Xpe.... abe amikke bateri deh". There goes RM 150 ~~~~

3rd day ~
Al-kisah keta Kancil masih dibengkel. Mmg kena amik arini, kalau x menapak la aku pegi Cyberjaya. HAhahahaha ....mungkin tidak. Iswara yang dah ok baterinya, masih xleh start. Petrol abih daaaa.... 1 hal la plak nak gi beli petrol. Keta lak xde. Pikir2, decide guna keta abang aku. Kereta volvo dia sewel sket. Lambat panas. Dari umah ke petrol stesen tu asik gear 1 je. Kalau stesen depan umah xpe gak... Sbb lambat panas, dia xleh nak tukar gear. So, rev kaw2 la keta tu..... Setel minyak, amik Kancil, trus aku pegi Cyber.....Huhuhuhuhu.....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chapter 78 - Dizzy And Bored

Headache....penin la. Semalam dah la ponteng keje. Ponteng tanpa MC sangatlah tidak digalakkan. Nasib baik aku bukan pekerja tetap kat company nih. Idak nya, sampai la notis kat meja aku pagi esoknya. Keje ni bukan tempat main2; bila dah sain contract, tenaga ko mmg wajib dikerah habis-habisan utk buat itu dan ini. My SV did call me yesterday. Aigooo!! baru nak e-mail dia, kata aku x dtg keje sbb demam. Nasib baik dia x maki hamun aku dalam tepon. Walaupon suara maintain perlahan tapi masih ada nada2 kejam. Seolah2 mcm cakap mata tutup setengah... Imagine sendri la....

Tapi member aku dah cukup masak... kalau malam tu ada game england, esoknya aku mesti absent from action. Siap bleh sms perli2 kat aku. X makan punya aku ngan perli ko. Ko tu pon sama buat praktikal ngan aku. Haahahaha.

(*&98dasjjkhas8798......pening lagi. Just now, I did some cabling job. Dis-entangling dozens of cable. Adeh, kepala pon dah berpusing2 melilit kabel2 nih. 1.36 pm and still x lunch lagi, perut dah berkeroncong. Tapi x sesedap keroncong Farhan AF4 yang aku salute abis. She's the champion. Yang lain2 adalah chempiang. Hahahahha... Kembali kepada keje, ingat nak mintak balik cepat sbb pening. Bleh ke? Asal sampai umah je, layan k-drama, j-drama, anime ngan ps2. Hampeh! PC Ijam x siap2 lagi baiki. sape sruh hantar kat aku. Selagi xde mood nak baiki, aku takat lalu seblah PCU mamat tu je. Tak kuasa nak check. AKU UNRELIABLE! Nah, aku sendri dah mengaku.

News from Newspaper~

"Nazri isytihar perang terhadap Dr Mahathir"
Komentar peribadi: Tun bukak cerita bila mengkritik cara pemerintahan Pak Lah. Biar lah dia mengkritik. Hal yang boleh selesai senyap2 bukanlah kawan media. Media suka benda yang bingit2. Exaggerate is their partner in crime. Anyway, dalam kerajaan musti ada pembangkang. Orang yg menegur salah-silap dan memberi cadangan untuk memperbaiki sesuatu melalui mushwarah ( <-- tidak lagi, pembangkang lebih gemar hentam). Kritikan Tun cumalah kritikan. Amik mana yang jernih dan suling mana yang keruh.

"Cadbury chocs in Malaysia safe"
Komentar peribadi: Dah berkotak2 ceklat cadbury aku lahap, x penah pon sakit. So, korang jangan risau. Hahahaha...really, M'sian cadbury xde salmonella. Most ingredients are local's.

"New colour-changing snake found in Borneo"
Komentar peribadi: Last officially seen was 1921. Pandai la dia nyorok; sekarang baru jumpa balik. Sorang lagi yang nak celen ular ni adalah x lain x bukan.....Osama bin Laden. US pakai mole, satelit, GPS, WAP dan 3G pon masih xdapat kesan Osama. Mana eh? Aku rasa macam nampak dia masa sembahyang Jumaat kat Putrajaya aritu. Hahahha ( <-- mampus aku kalu CIA baca ni... mau M'sia kena attack).

"A hazy future for Malaysian hockey team"
Komentar peribadi: Kalau dulu berebut tempat 1 dan 2, kini Hoki M'sia merebut tmpt ke 7 dan ke 8. Hebat la tu... Banding dgn semua negara di dunia yang luas ini, M'sia dpt tempat ke 7 ( <-- cuma 8 buah negara yang participate. Sekian). Apa lah nasib... Sebab aku xreti main hoki, xleh nak kritik lebih. Tapi aku guna common sense untuk mengulas..... KAYU LA KORANG. HARAP GAH JE LEBIH. BAIK BAGI KAYU HOKI TU KAT AKU BUAT KAIT BUAH MANGGA BELAKANG UMAH AKU!!! Nasib senario sukan diMalaysia yang harap panas kepetang, tapi hujan tahap banjir kilat ditengahari.

"Bush: North Korea must detail missile payload"
Komentar peribadi: Bodoh sungguh makhluk yang bernama G.W Bush, orang2 yg patuh dgn telunjuk zionis dan orang2 yang tidak pernah sangsi dengan keputusannya. Henry Ford antara orang yg lantang menentang penjajahan minda zionis menyatakan, "Jgn meletakkan semua kesalahan diatas bahu orang2 America, tapi kepada zionis2 yang licik dan keji". Ini juga disokong Tun M. Wahai Bush... kamu sorang saje ke yang boleh ada nuclear? Mulia sangatkah idea kamu utk menjadi sole-protector of the world? Kamu bodoh. Rakyat kamu cuma tunggu masa utk sedar yang kamu menipu dan menindas Islam. (<-- amik kau... komentar syok sendri dari aku.)

+++Bertambah pening...Nak balik la....++++

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chapter 77 - I'm Just Sleepy

2 hours of driving (home -> office -> home), plus roughly 8 hours at office, make my ass flat. Orang komplen, keje ofis senang. Duduk saje, bawah air-cond yang dingin, mengadap komputer, kalau ada internet lagi senang, bleh surf sana sini......... tapi korang x tau, betapa seksa aku duduk sepanjang masa. This daily routine makin meleperkan punggung aku yang gebu. Nasib je x tumbuh bisul (orang kata, duduk atas bantal nanti tumbuh bisul) sebab aku duduk atas kerusi. hahahha.....

7.00 pg - Bangun
7.45 pg - Drive gi ofis
9.00 pg - Sampai ofis

Activities are computer-based. Such as:
  • Check connectivity. Work is top priority. Ye la...kang supervisor tgk aku sampai keje terus chatting, mau fail praktikal aku.
  • Bukak fantasy World Cup. Tgk berapa point dapat dari game smlm.
  • Bukak website Man United. Nak tengok kalo ada transfer rumours.
  • Bukak portal fakulti aku. Baru2 ni ada sorang nih post pasal praktikal training dia (Nak kongsi ke atau nak show-off?). Punya la cerita pasal apa yang dia dah belajar during practical. Berjela2 la post dia. Aku hanya mampu baca je la. Takat nak aku post sama, segan la plak. Aku punya x sampai 2 baris je kalau nak cerita. Hahahaha
  • Update table World Cup. Download it at ....Senang je, masukkan score dari game2 semua pastu dia sendri akan adjust table sampai ke final.
  • Bukak circles99, baca new entry dari ballers. Haram la diorang nak slalu post.
  • Bukak forum jasinian. Yang slalu post pon muka yang sama je. Alien, aku, izah dan sekerat dua makhluk.
  • Baca blog Q, Dr Izah ( <-- kalau update) dan yang penting mentallydisturbed. Cerita lembut mostly pasal AF.
  • Tengok binatang peliharaan aku kat .... Ingat: Don't kill the animal, coz the animal can kill you too... <-- cam sial je apek.
  • Bukak e-paper. Utusan, metro, berita harian, the sun, NST, nanyang sian pow, tamil naidu, The times, wall street journal...semua aku baca.
  • Dengar mp3 sambil download. ( <-- good way to fully utilize the bandwidth
12.00 th - lunch (optional) <-- knape optional, sat lagi cerita 2.00 ptg - balik lunch. Kekadang awal sket.
4.00 ptg - Kalau aku optional'kan lunch, ni lah time aku balik. Kira lunch terus balik. 2 dalam 1. Xyah nak pening2 pikirkan traffic jam. Padahal makan kat umah. Alasan balik awal.
5.30 ptg - Time balik secara official.

Huarghhh!!! Ngantuknya. Baru balik lunch. My seating was good today. I had a good view. Bukan macam 1st day aritu. Arini, aku dapat melihat lurah2 dan longkang2 anak bangsa kita. Adakah ini suatu yang dapat dibanggakan? Usually jenis2 ni agak berhati2. Mereka dikategorikan sebagai sederhana bilamana mereka berpakaian seperti, "I nak tunjuk I punya barang, tapi I xnak straight to the point, dan I tak nak pulak tutup abis; biar kat tengah2. I wasatiah tau. Kan kesederhanaan tu namanya... ". Pakai seluar londeh pon masih ada spender cover line. Tapi kali ni spendernya masih x kering atau lupa nak amik kat dobi. Teringat plak aku kepada coin slot kat mesin arcade yang menggunakan token sebesar syiling 50 sen. Gasak kamu la....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Chapter 76 - Muscle Pull

Terima kasih kepada saudara Qayyum dengan rejim trainingnya minggu lepas yang telah melumpuhkan aku dihujung minggu. Tanpamu, tidaklah aku ponteng kerja Jumaat lepas sekaligus dapat menonton Live Game 4 NBA. Al-Kisah, aku baru nak berjinak2 dengan gym. Nak la jugak badan aku tegap dan sasa namun, sebab overwork kerna terlalu anxious utk menjadi sasa menyebabkan otot2 tangan aku terkejut dan mogok. Nasib baik la time tu weekend. Masa aku dengar cerita Nabil (yg juga mengalami kejadian ini lebih awal dari aku), aku bantai gelakkan dia. Namun, kini....aku lebih memahami. ( <-- kenapa ayat aku macam haram?). Went to my aunt's, she told me, "Tu la....lain kali stretching dulu sebelom workout.". Sapa kata aku x strecthing....siap joging satu taman lagi ngan saudara Padil dan saudara Qayyum. Credit to my brothers for invigorate such propaganda to the rest of the family.

Sekarang, dah bleh bawak kereta dan bleh gi kerja. Damn! Bangun pagi tadi dengan harapan tangan masih lagi sakit dan bleh sambung ponteng. Tapi sbb dah okeh, kenalah mengalah pada takdir dan dtg keje. Bukannya nak doa mintak sakit, tapi sbb malas nak pegi keje. Ye la....before this I'm having trouble to pick my nose, scratch my back, eat, sikat rambut, etc. ( <-- tapi boleh lagi pegi main basket malam Jumaat aritu. Balik main senyap2 takut mak nampak. Mampos aku kena marah kalau mak aku tau aku pegi main basket time sakit2). Now all those abilities are returning slowly. Thank God.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chapter 75 - Nutjob

Pergh!! penat sial kalau nak aku update tetiap hari. Kering idea dah satu hal, letih tangan nak menaip lagi. TAPI apa buleh buat, dah xde keje. Ni la aku....mana yang berpaedah tu tolak awal2 lagi ketepi. Kemungkinan yang kurang jika hendak berlaku sesuatu yang menarik setiap hari. It's always the same. Talking bout days, I remembered that Garfield hate Monday. Why aa??? Dia kucing, malas dan x bekerja, so why he/she hate monday so much? Notice the "he/she" back there? Yea...aku x penah nampak any genital parts kat dia yang buleh menyatakan dia kucing jantan. That's not important rite?? Justifikasi tentang lelaki adalah malas, penyegan, nakal, etc. kan? That's where you get it wrong dude... X sume laki malas, aku salah sorang je. OK, hari yang paling aku suka adalah hari Sabtu, mcm teori lubang hitam, aku xdpt nak xplain kenapa. Bagi aku Sabtu tu sinonim dgn cuti, happening, rancangan TV yang best dan kegembiraan. Manakala ( <-- ayat skema la plak) hari yang paling x best adalah hari Ahad. Ahad bagi aku penutup kepada cuti dan juga kalau korang perasan, pagi Ahad mmg panas terik. Seswai pada mereka yang menjemur kain dan kasut sekolah anak dan kengkadang aku dikejut utk menjemur kain baju dan comforter.......

Oh ya... Cocoro ( <-- team basketball yang aku main) is going big. Actually, every team is. Sejak NCBC yang kitorang dapat #3 ( <-- wah wah wah...hebatnya diorang..), every team are told to have their team properly organize, which mean "registered". Pasni, Cocoro basketball Team akan menjadi Cocoro Sports Club. Besar cita2 tu, tapi achievable. Basketball team akan bernaung dibawah Club as well as Futsal team dan apa2 jenis sukan yang nak main ( <-- dah tua karang kita buleh buat Cocoro Golf team lak). Registering the players + fans + groupies + management team. Dengan cara begini, buleh ikat player2 supaya diorang x senang2 nak lari dan transfer player akan di'compensate. Kalau mende ni buat dulu, dengan perpindahan Bo, Cocoro dah buleh dapat 2-3 Juta, tapi sbb time tu semua free agent, padan la muka diorang. Kayla.....dengan perlantikan diri sendiri saudara qayyum sebagai Bendahari, aku pon teruja utk berbakti kepada Club. Lepas ni aku nak deface balik website official Cocoro dan mintak peruntukan utk register website sebagai !!! pergh... dasat la.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Chapter 74 - It's Cold In Here`'s cold in here. Well, a lot to talk about but so malas to type. Maksud aku ngan sejuk tuh air-cond kat tmpt praktikal ni. Ntah sejak bila....minggu lepas x sesejuk begini. Maybe sejak World Cup kot ( <-- ntah kat mana la bende tu berkait..). Orang2 disini pon bagaikan putera dan puteri ais. Maksud tersirat tu. At least aku kisah tapi aku paham yang derang tu busy. They do not have time to joke all the time. Contradict with my trait who love to joke around. Making fun of people, sakat sana sini, etc. Well, we do go out for lunch, but that's it. That's the time my vocal cord functioning. Jgn kata anti-social...marah lak derang, just busy. One thing I know for sure, derang ni ais yang sukar dipecahkan. Mereka dah satu klik, geng, korum, etc. Lain kali aku kena bawak tukul yang lebeh besar....

WC sudah pon 4 hari berlalu. Few dissappointments and also few suprises. Yea, England sucks. Org asyik mempertikaikan kemenangan 1-0 mereka dengan alasan mereka patut bermain lebih baik. The heat is the scapegoat. Understandable. Panas la summer. Although aku ni x pernah pegi mana2 negara yang ada 4 musim apatah lagi orang putih, aku faham yang summer mmg panas. Tapi udah la dgn alasan... Macam main basket, member aku complaint kalah sbb court licin. Dey brader, the opposing team played on the same court, yet they won. So, what's the problem? Stop complaing and come up with solution. Kalau court licin, cari kasut yg grip atau guna petua Azam si Orang tua (<-- dah kawen), basahkan tapak ngan air gas. Pergh, pesan nenek moyang dia la tu....... Adeh, dah tersimpang jauh dari cerita asal. OK, Holland pon menang 1-0, but Arjen was brilliant. I think Iran did a good job considering their first WC (is it? ye kot...) as well as Trinidad dan Tobago (pelik la nama negara ni ada 'dan'). Germany with their flair offence but weak defence.
Still, semua team x main lagi. Tunggu je la.

Oh, tenggelam sungguh AF kali ni. The fourth edition of AF is not big as the previous one. Dunno why, maybe byk bintang2 malap kot. Aku dok layan baca 1 blog 'si lembut' yg slalu update berita AF disamping kutuk2 dan keji-mengkeji. Tergelak sengsorang aku dlm cubicle aku. Nak harap maddox, dia haram la nak post slalu. Sebok ngan buku katanya. Kembali kepada AF, I never a big fan of them. Sekadar amik tau la. Cam last year, the biggest star for me is Amylea. Damn!!! She's good. But this year masih malap lagi. Blom ada BANG lagi dalam rancangan realiti tu yang bleh menarik aku utk menontonnya. Sebut pasal reality TV, aduhai..bersepah kat TV. Setengahnya dah x real lagi dah. Bohsan la....

Friday, June 09, 2006

Chapter 73 - Mood For Friday

Today is the day. Opening match will be at 2350 hour with Germany versus Costa Rica. Everybody in the football mood (or shall I say soccer mood <-- in US). Pernah x sesape terfikir kenapa european panggil football dan orang State panggil soccer? Aku pon x tau. Sape la yang bangang memisahkan benda yang sama dengan noun yang berbeza. What a trivia. It's ok as long as everybody enjoying it. Good news to England fans, Rooney is 'injury-free'. Despite the firm statement from the club regarding his injury (aku saman korang kalau Rooney injured <-- long story di'short'kan), I think Sven will get him to play as early as possible; and that mean the group stage. Adoi.... Semua sebok memperkatakan tentang England, Jerman, dan negara2 bigshot, tapi jgn dilupa pada negara2 yang halus cam Arab, Iran (kalau kalah, mengamuk guna bom nuclear korang...hahahaha), Tunisia, Togo dan sape lagi ntah.... Ingat Euro 04 bila Greece muncul juara, sape sangka? x sesape pon. Aku even though ada berat sket kat team England, tapi aku tetap nak tgk negara cam Iran, Arab, Korea menggegarkan WC kali ni.

Things that is possible and I would like to see during this WC:
> Brazil dah terkeluar drpd group stage. Bye bye Brazil...
> France sekali lagi mengulangi prestasi derang masa kat WC'02
> Iran menang WC
> Tendangan penentuan penalti daripada Beckham lagi sekali melangit
> Penonton gegar padang sbb x puas hati kalah/team main buruk
> 10 own goal

aku dah xde keje kat ofis

Adeh...kepala aku masih lagi benjol lepas berlaga ngan Amin 'shiwang' masa men basket Rabu lepas. Tu la yang terjadi bila style defence agung aku bertemu ngan style offence agung dia. Hebat sungguh kami..... kepala dia byk rambut (penebat), so kurang la sakitnya. Aku nih..?!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chapter 72 - Better 3rd Than Never

Last Sunday was a memorable day. We, Cocoro Basketball team had finally won something. 3rd place isn't bad at all. Out of 10 teams, we are numero 3. We manage to eliminate Phantoms, one of the big team in the scene and beat Nazgul, the team that was said to be the serious competitor for 1st place. Yeah, we beat em. Tapi yang x bestnya bila 1st place dpt RM3000, 2nd place dpt RM1500, kitorang dapat RM500 JE! X balik modal la. Nak makan besar pon kena budget. Serupa x makan besar. Aku nak cadang simpan duit tu dalam bank aku. Hahahaha. Xde la (dengar dek Qayyum kang abis aku), kasi simpan buat fee untuk MB Cup la. Kalau menang tu dapat duit lagi, buat plak fee untuk KL Open. Pastu menang lagi (<-- kalau), baru bleh gi makan besar. Whatever la, it's the coach to decide, aku cuma pemain picisan yang tidak kurang hebatnya....
Nanti bila dah ada gambar, aku post la.

Winning Eleven 10 position:
apai -kalahkan- padil -kalahkan- qayyum -kalahkan- amin -kalahkan- apai

camne ni?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Chapter 71 - I'm Far Away From Home

Adoi...apa lah nasib badan ini. Tunggu sebulan utk practical hanya untuk dipost'kan dekat cyberjaya. Aduh!! Sudah jatuh dihempap enot. Hmm... pagi tadi dah sampai office PJ pkl 9 tepat. Ye la, dalam offer letter kata masuk keje pukul 9. Tunggu punya tunggu, nak dekat pkl 10.15 baru dapat jumpa akak yg arrange offer letter aku. Katanya aku kena report duty kat ICT senior manager.

"Encik kena report duty kat ICT Senior Manager"
"Kat mana tu?"
"&(*%&*^(*$%$$#%!!!!" <-- dalam hati

So mulalah perjalanan ini. Drive for almost 40 minutes, sesat kat dalam cyber ni sampai terlajak ke Precint 1, Putrajaya. Camne bleh terjadi ni... Right now I'm very thankful and appreciating all the U-Turns in Shah Alam. Pasal kat sini kalau terlajak jalan, mmg jauh nak patah balik. That's explain why aku terlajak sampai Precint 1.

11.30 am - masuk keje for the first time. Jumpalah akak2 dan abang2 dan makcik2 dan pakcik2 dalam office ni. I've been introduced by my supervisor and thankfully the office X besar mana dan x penat la berjalan nak round office. I'm stationed in a cubicle in front of the glass server room and it's quite a view.

11.45 am - dah sangap.

12.30 pm - lunch ngan officemate ntah kat mana. Tapi situ mmg ramai manusia lunch especially students dari MMU dan LimKokWing. Unfortunately, meja sebelah aku di'occupied oleh sekumpulan lelaki yang mencuba sedaya upaya untuk menyerupai seorang wanita.

1.30 pm - sangap kembali. Nasib baik ada kengkawan yang online YM!.

3.30 pm - Aku nak balik!!!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chapter 70 - The Hate

World Cup; the most biggest sport event in the world. Tak payah nak heboh, semua dah tau. X perlu aku kasi tau yang WC kali ni diadakan kat Germany. Aku suka gila ngan bola sepak, tapi event kali ni aku kurang hype sket. Bukan sebab Rooney x main ke hape, tapi mmg aku kurang amik kesah. Aku lebih excited ttg off-season transfer window. Lebih gemar nak tau sape pegi dan datang. Tapi WC karang aku tetap menontonnya kat TV. Aku jeleskan kengkawan yang ada disekitar Europe pasal diorang dapat tgk Live waktu prime, kita yang berada di timezone yang berbeza ni payah sket pasal kena bersekang mata sbb nak tgk live. Tgk delayed punya x best la...
Skrg ni all participated team are busy with their warm-up matches.
Pagi tadi sempat la tengok Astro tunjuk highlight matches and one of it is Japan. X ingat lawan apa, tapi Jepun mmg bagus la. Jauh meninggalkan team2 asia yang lain. Apatah lagi nak compare ngan team bolasepak kita yang suatu ketika dahulu pernah gah. Nak salahkan sape? X baik...jangan asyik salahkan orang je kita. Baca paper, orang tu hentam sana, orang ni hentam sini. Adoi...Bila la nak maju. Kerajaan pon kasi geran 3.5 Juta ringgit je. JE! Mana cukup. Invest la lebih sket. Ikut cara MyTeam tu ada baiknya...mencari player2 kampung yg ada talent tapi malas nak pegi tryout state. Dasar malas! Semua nak kena suap. Bab yang aku setuju tu, bila ada hakikat yang there are talented players hidden somewhere kat Mesia ni. Pegi la cari. jangan asyik harapkan sekolah sukan je yang cuma beberapa bijik je. Amik dari usia muda pastu train. Buat lagi sekolah atau akademi bolasepak.
Antara masalahnya adalah ibu bapa yang nak tengok anak2 diorang jadi arkitek, lawyer, doktor dan apa2 profession yang kasi gaji 4-5 angka. Kalau di England, Argentina, dll, PEMAIN BOLASEPAK adalah 1 profession yg diambilkira. Nak anak diorang jadi pemain bola, dan hantar bebudak tu gi akademi. Bukannye diorang x belajar, tapi belajar sambil bermain. Best gile cenggitu.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chapter 69 - 69? Huhuhu...Pervert!

What with sports where you need to put a ball into something. Basketball for example; who the hell create this game? 5 men running in a place bound by lines called court while chasing a ball and the purpose of the game is to put the ball into the basket and collect as many point you can. You can't hold-and-run the ball for over 3 steps. It is a dribbling error. Says who?! Sape yang buat rules pelik2 nih. Kalau aku makhluk asing yg datang ke bumi and stumble across a game of basketball, I'll definitely says, "Bodoh la itu manusia. Apa susah2 kejar itu bola. Kasi sorang satu bola kan senang. Since I witnessed this stupid thing, let us destroy this planet".

Anyway, kitorang kalah kat semi tadi.

Have you guys dengar lagu dari Doul. The title is Mananti. Rap melayu yang sedap aku dengar. Walaupun suara cam terencat tapi layan la jugak. Kisah mamat ni sembang ngan awek dia seblom awek dia sambung study jauh2 (fly arr).

Dekat 19, ni cara kita weh
Lu orang periksa la kalau lu orang nak periksa
Jaga-jaga semua ku baru dalam permainan ini
Menterjemahkan lagu dengan caraku sendiri
Gua ada awek tapi dia nak pergi
Jadi tinggallah gua sorang diri
Gua sayang dia gila weh tapi dia nak chow
Jadi sebelum dia chow, gua cakap
Biar gua cerita lu orang lah
Dengar woi

(Oh) aku rela.menantimu
Walaupun aku tak sanggup
Menanggung rindu, tapi yang pasti
Aku (aku).setia kepadamu
Tak gusar pada badai yang akan hadir (lagi)

Verse 1:
Mari intan payung, gua nak kata serba sedikit
Jangan ah renggang, datang dekat sikit, gua tak gigit
Ruang yang luas antara kita dijadikan sempit
Supaya matamu, bertentang mataku yang selebet
Owh..walaupun perpisahan kan kita alami
Toksah sedih, gua tunggu lu kat sini!!
Jangan risau kalau-kalau gua nakal menggatal
Gua tak main gila selagi cinta kita kekal
Owh..cara mu menyayangiku buat gua lambung-lambung
Cara mu memuji manja dah lah memang cun
Buat lutut gua lemah tapi teruskan
Gua langsung tak tersinggung
Mana weh lubelajar sayang?
Gua fikir lu buat gua bingung
Matamu menyinarkan masa depan yang cerah
Berat hati gua, namun terpaksa gua menyerah
Kan mu..tuk kejar impian
Cepat pergi, cepat balik, cepat sikit gua cuba tahan

Verse 2:
Nak pergi dah ni? Tunggu ah sikit lagi
Gila s**l gua belum puas renung muka lu lagi
Haih macam mane? Nak gua nangis ke apa?
Papehal sekejap lagi gua terpaksa terseksa lah
Walaubagaimanapun, gua nak tinggalkan pesan
Nak dengar, tak nak dengar, sekati lu ah perempuan
Jangan lupa diri, jangan langsung lupa gua
Impian mesti kejar, jangan biar terbiar eh?
Jangan bazir makan weh, perut kene kenyang
Jangan bazir masa dan mak bapak lu punya wang
Maaflah beb, gua takde duit nak kasi
Gua harap cinta dan hati gua memadai
Owh..sampai sini sajalah wahai gadis jelita
Gua tak nangis Cuma habuk terbang masok mata!
Sebelum pergi, ambik gua punya hati
Ingat sayang! Gua cinta lu bagai nak mati!!

Lat tali lat tali tan plong
Kepadamu pemikiran ku terpesong
Susah gila ku nak menahan (cinta.)
Kerinduan yang telah disebabkan

Oi sayang! Sayang! Jangan lupa telefon nanti eh?
Gua tak boleh, telefon rumah dah kene potong!!
Ingat pesan eh? Jangan main gila ngan gua weh..
Lu balik nanti, tau ah kang!!!


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chapter 68 - My Day Never End

*sigh...damn tired. Feel so much sleepy. Dah bantai pulut kuning 2 pinggan, nasi lauk kari kambing ngan sambal belacan, sambal sotong ngan ayam rempah... mata sape x berat weh... Semua juadah yg disebut tadi aku tibai kat majlis cukur jambul anak sedara aku (fruit son)... Dah 5 bulan, tapi saiz cam dah 2 tahun. Amik genetik abang aku kot. Hahahaha.... Cewah, cakap x tgk cermin.

Alas... I'm gonna do my stupid practical at PJ. This Monday I'm going to get my offer letter and hopefully I'll start immedietely. X larat nak tunggu. Somehow, things screwed up. My friend already called my practical supervisor and informed him that I'm doing my practical with him at this company at Shah Alam. Aigoo.... Sape suruh wei. Kan aku dah kena tepon lecturer Isnin nih....

Dikala ada semifinal game esok, paha aku tergeliat. Well, bukanlah nak brag yg kitorang dapat masuk semi coz aku dapat main pon seminit dua je.. x contribute mana pon. But the win was sweet. After 4 years being with these guys, finally we reached 2nd round and the games keep on better. The win was SO dramatic, well, we need to beat those poor fellow by 7 points and those poor fellow are on a well known team. Guess what, we did win the game by 7 points and it was by our Mr Shiwang with his 3 points buzzer-beater. Those yang x men basketball tu bila baca buat2 paham je la. Thanx to him, but sadly I dont think he's gonna play with us again next year. The team is not big enough to fit his huge talent... that's what I think.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chapter 67 - It's Hard Waking Up In The Morning

It's thursday. Still unemployed, still x baiki PC kat umah ni, still x bawak balik PC kat Shah Alam. Aku dengan sengaja membiarkannya online 24/7 sebab tgh download cerita. Member dari praktikal sume kasi bakar je bila hantar sms atau email.

"Wei, simpan la email company korang tu....x hingin aku nak hantar email kat engkorang..."

Actually, I envy them. Jahanam punya company yang hilangkan application aku. Adoi...banyak la kelas yg terpaksa ponteng awal semester depan sbb nak cukupkan 2 bulan praktikal. Hmmm dapat praktikal pun mcm mana... bangun pagi pun pkl 11. Hahahaha.....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chapter 65 - One Down, How Many To Go I Don't Know

Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada my mate Lokman Hamid. X ku sangka jodoh kau begitu cepat dari aku. Ingat aku jalan dulu. Hahahaha.... anyway, going to his place at Telok Gong, Klang wasn't easy. Hampas punya pelukis peta. There is no recognizable landmark on the map. We're past through Tesco, Hospital Ampuan Rahimah and numbers of landmarks they can put on the map, but NO they wont. Maybe this is part of the activities suggested by En Hamid and co. Ala-ala treasure hunt kiranya...sape sampai dapat makan nasi kenduri. After all, they got cabutan bertuah during the majlis. Yes, and it is the first time in my life to attend kenduri that have cabutan bertuah. Maybe I would consider to have BINGO session during mine. No offense.
During the way home, I've been to the part of Klang that I've never seen or been (Tersalah masuk junction). Besau gak Klang nih. Ada jugak pekan koboi kat ceruk-ceruk sana. Teringat balik masa kat Jasin.....

Next one would be Ustat Din. Thanx to Izah kerna bagitau. Ntah bila nak sampai kad. Busuk2 pun jemput pakai mulut pon jadilah ustat wei.... Maybe busy preparing for the wedding. Hope the wedding is not outside of Klang Valley. Otherwise aku takkan pergi, unless ada orang nak drive'kan aku.

Rite now, Man U is in the driving seat for securing 2nd place in EPL. They are doing well this season (at least better than the previous one). 2nd place mean automatic CL spot and that's pretty much good, coz players are not strained with busy schedule in the early season. Bit shaky here and there, otherwise they're keeping the Barclays throphy right now. Quite unfortunate, but I believe it will come to us next season.

Chapter 65 - One Down, How Many To Go I Don't Know

Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada my mate Lokman Hamid. X ku sangka jodoh kau begitu cepat dari aku. Ingat aku jalan dulu. Hahahaha.... anyway, going to his place at Telok Gong, Klang wasn't easy. Hampas punya pelukis peta. There is no recognizable landmark on the map. We're past through Tesco, Hospital Ampuan Rahimah and numbers of landmarks they can put on the map, but NO they wont. Maybe this is part of the activities suggested by En Hamid and co. Ala-ala treasure hunt kiranya...sape sampai dapat makan nasi kenduri. After all, they got cabutan bertuah during the majlis. Yes, and it is the first time in my life to attend kenduri that have cabutan bertuah. Maybe I would consider to have BINGO session during mine. No offense.
During the way home, I've been to the part of Klang that I've never seen or been (Tersalah masuk junction). Besau gak Klang nih. Ada jugak pekan koboi kat ceruk-ceruk sana. Teringat balik masa kat Jasin.....

Next one would be Ustat Din. Thanx to Izah kerna bagitau. Ntah bila nak sampai kad. Busuk2 pun jemput pakai mulut pon jadilah ustat wei.... Maybe busy preparing for the wedding. Hope the wedding is not outside of Klang Valley. Otherwise aku takkan pergi, unless ada orang nak drive'kan aku.

Rite now, Man U is in the driving seat for securing 2nd place in EPL. They are doing well this season (at least better than the previous one). 2nd place mean automatic CL spot and that's pretty much good, coz players are not strained with busy schedule in the early season. Bit shaky here and there, otherwise they're keeping the Barclays throphy right now. Quite unfortunate, but I believe it will come to us next season.

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