Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chapter 260 - Fly to Seoul Part III

Sigh.. I'm such a bad blogger. I know.. Been busy though.. Anyway, I tried my best to finish what I started.

Day 3
I planned for a tour on couple of famous palaces, but weather and time forbid we only went to one. Cheongbok Palace was the main ruling and administration palace in the dynasty era. It was burnt down twice during the Japan invasion and Korean war. However, there are couple of areas which were saved from the burning, plus the rebuilt based on the original structures has been done everytime they got burnt. It is such a huge place with museums in place. For those who planned for visiting this palace, I believe 2 hours is not sufficient. At least half a day there should cover everything. My wife and I enjoyed the stroll from the past so much. They built this area replicating the lots in the 50's. So nice!

Past noon, we went back to the hostel for lunch and resting. Then towards late afternoon, I managed to contact my friend, Ojai and set up a meeting in the evening. We then strolled down past Myeongdong just to kill time before the dinner date with Ojai. We met her and friends at Myeongdong station and she brought us to this restaurant. They just got back from visiting Yeuido. Finally, we got to eat a fulfilling meal even it is only a seafood fried rice. It is normal for Korean to stop by after dinner and before heading home. She then brought us for hot choco before we departed. We packed a bit before sleep as tomorrow, we'll head for Nami Island.

Day 4
After breakfast, we went to shop a bit in Namdaemun and Myeongdong underground bazaar. Just before noon, we checked out and head straight to meet Ojai. After lunch at the mall, we departs way and off to Nami Island for us. Nami island is famous for KBS drama Winter Sonata. The island is not big though, more like a small land on the Han River. But since the island received so much attention due to the drama, they develop it well while preserving the nature. Believe or not, the island have its own currency and flag. Just like a country. To reach the island, one need to take a ferry and the ride takes about 5 minutes. Upon arrival, we called for the hotel to pick us up. The Nami Hotel is located at the tip of the island which is about 15 minutes walking. We chose to stay in a traditional room instead. They provided us with futons on a heated floor. We fell in love with the hotel immediately for its built and serenity. Tired from walking, we slept till dawn. The island is not lighted during the night, so, no night activity can be done. Continue sleeping then.


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