Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chapter 86 - My Empty Stomach

Har har har (<-- gelak macam Davy Jones)...Lepas ni summon Kraken lak, ajak gelak sama2. What's the occasion? Nothing much, just to commemorate "somebody" losing BIG TIME at wedding organizing. Al-kisah, semalam aku jadi bidan terjun bila kena join skali pegi wedding cousin kat Dewan Perdana Felda, blakang UTM Semarak tu. Remember my cousin who got married last week? Yeah, this time her hubby's turn. OMG!! super-the-very-grand-giler majlis tu. Makes me doubt, "ape keje bapak laki ni sampai afford buat wedding kaw2 cenggini?". Turn out that the family are in banking industry. OK, jadi bidan terjun wasn't a bad thing afterall... my other cousins came as well. So, aku x boring sangat2 which most of the time kitorang dok gelak je. One thing I'd learn yesterday was, bila invite besan nyer family, jgn kedekut kasi table. Last week kat Istana hotel kitorang (<-- aku x terlibat sama) allocate 3 tables for groom's family... dah bagi 3, dia pon balas 3 la..... sedey2. Anyhoo, the wedding was superb. Pak Long aku tewas teruk (<--although it's not a competition). The money flows from the other party proves that you're not as rich as you think. Korang mesti pikir, "Apa la dosa pak long ngko sampai ko kutuk dia cenggini?"....

1st of all, aku bukan mengutuk, but presenting the facts.
2nd of all, erm...err...yeah, I admit that I'm not THAT fond to my pak long. He started it first, OK?!
::Sebab xde gamba mereka2 ini, aku terpaksa subsitute'kan gambar mereka. Kira lebih-kurang la ::

PL = Hotel Istana. Big hall and nice-to-see chandelier.
FY = Dewan Perdana Felda. Big hall, no chandelier but stunning starlight ceiling.

PL = So-so.
FY = Better than so-so.

PL = A waste of money. Not amusing at all.
FY = Also a waste of money but match the theme (wedding in the park). Plus, the pelamin was so eye-catching. Marvellous!

Caterer services
PL = Macam x cukup orang.
FY = Ok-lah... Ada sorang tu muka macam Chah. Extra marks there.

PL = Plain. Biasa2 aje.
FY = Wedding dalam taman. Using 12 real trees. Imagine, real trees in the hall. All the flowers are real. NO bunga plastik.

PL = My dad.
FY = Somebody.

Live band
PL = OK. Good selection of songs.
FY = OK. Wearing tux. But I still like the PL one...

PL = Raisins cake, 2 hersheys and telur rebus in porcelin case.
FY = 2 Farrero Roche and telur pindang in wood case.

PL = No speech.
FY = Speech yang berjela2 dan unnecessary. Who want to hear the groom's boring history. I'm there to eat, idiot.

The verdict ~ The winner is obviously not my Pak Long. Har Har Har... long live Davy Jones.

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