Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chapter 27 - The Profound Happiness

Whazzup mate? Yeah... still malas nak blogging, tapi sbb tunggu download anime yg makan masa sejam lagi nak siap, so in the mean time aku pon merajinkan diri tulis blog. Skarang dah ramai yg meng'blog'kan diri mereka. Bagi aku, blog ni mcm tulis jurnal la jugak. Still remember masa kat asrama dulu ada satu log book yg diorang letak kat pejabat so budak2 nih dapat mengutarakan pendapat2 bernas (biasanya yang kata2 x puas hati, tikam sana dan sini serta melahirkan kata2 cinta). So, everyday mesti ada new entry. Adala nama2 yang aku masih ingat. Sume dalam tuh pakai nickname, so kiranya aku membuat tekaan kasar saje. Even aku pon join same tapi x la sekerap mamat dEandy tuh. Btw, im using "qwerty" as my nickname dan aku bukanlah nama besar dalam log tu coz yg tulis tu besanya dak2 yg powerf english ataupon dak2 english society, drama, etc. and im not one of them. Akupon bukannye glamer masa asrama dulu. Senyap2 je duduk kat dorm ngan kelas. Huhuhuhu.....Hehehehehe...

Well, im bored to death now. Tapi malas nak keje sepanjang cuti ni. Did I mention yang aku x penah ada working xp? Yeah, im proud of it. Dikala member aku sebok buat part time, aku sebok menambahkan bil elektrik kat umah. Seblom cuti berkobar2 aku nak buat itu dan ini, tapi bila dah cuti rasa malas plak. Masa plak rasa cepat je berlalu. Mana x nye, bangun dah tengahari. Muahahaha..... Lepas bangun je kena hantar adik aku gi kelas kat British Council. pastu lepak2, main komputer, surf internet.... petang gi main basketball. Malam sambung layan pc balik. Itu jela keje aku cuti nih....Kehidupan pelajar bercuti yang terlampau.


"'Blackmail' is such an ugly word. I prefer 'extortion.' The 'X' makes it sound cool." -Bender, Futurama

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Chapter 26 - Self Review

What is this ugly painting? Xde seni langsung! Well, no one to be blame since its my hand who drew it. Actually this is one of the personality test or review or something that my sedara make me do it. Korang pon meh buat sama. All u got to do is; in this drawing u MUST include a sun, flower(s), grass(es), a tree, a river and a snake.

p/s: a bicycle and a house has nothing to do with your personality, nice try dad!

I'm gonna tell u the meaning of each object later. It's no fun to spill it out now.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Chapter 25 - The Lazy Me

Sorry...just don't feel like blogging recently. Yeah, my final xm was over. Hope I'll pass it with flying colors. Just hope... Well, so much to tell but so lazy to type. So I'll sum up things happened after the previous blog.

5th Apr - xm abis... stay kat Shah Alam till thursday. Just hang out with frens and doing some upload and download stuff.

11th Apr - visit cousins at Johor Bahru. Kawan aku sebok gossip kata aku pegi jumpa awek. Pft... how did they get such idea? well, alang2 dah sampai johor, singgah jap kat skudai ambilkan transkrip n sijil yang dah 'due' 1 thn. Funny thing was, i forgot all the detail bout my study at UTMKL. Yeah, even my student ID and my course code.

13th Apr - Got home from JB. I didn't exactly mention the reason we went to JB. Not just visiting, but also settling some family affair down there. Well, I quite sympathize my cousins. They were poorly educated, lost their mom few years ago, and a hot-tempered father. The oldest one just 2 years younger than me. Rite now working to feed himself and put some food on the family dine table. 2nd one, the only girl in the family, took off and stay with her boyfriend's family coz can't stand with her dad and step-mom. The most trouble of all, the 3rd one in the family who finished school with unknown SPM result. Ripped off 12 grand from my uncle, friends with troublesome lads. Jobless and turning himself into one of the thousands 'mat rempit' in JB. Meanwhile the 4th and 5th are fortunately to stay in school though got few records of smoking n ponteng. The 5th one still got trouble with multiplication and division though he's in form 1. It's hard knowing yer blood related family turn out to be like this, and it's enough to be a reason for us to drive down there each 1-2 month to see how the're doing. Tough huh?

15th Apr - Having friendly match against Stallion (1 of the giant in non-chinese b-ball teams). The game was quite in our hand (yeah, since we got ronaldo and tam) but near the end of 2nd quarter, the light went off. Suppose the guy who booked the court didn't come that night. Not to mention, I didn't got a chance to show some of my moves (yea rite, like I got one)...

16th Apr - Having this Doa Selamat at my house with sedara-mara coming over. The event was in conjunction with my sis good SPM result and few of the family members birthday. I took off right after they cut the cake, to play basketball. hahahaah.....

That's that. By the way, the O.C rocks dude.

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