Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chapter 40 - Still Not Getting Called Yet

What's taking them so long? Why they still didn't call? By the way, your not one of "them", so don't worry. I'm refering to those TMnet fellas. Changing streamyx line is sucks! Why bother? well, my housemate got his own account at Kuantan until their family decided to move to Sabah. By changing his streamyx line, we significantly save some money and not to mention waste a lot of time waiting. But it is totally forgiven; as patience and forgiving is one of my good virtue (hahaha). These procesess are not quite transparent. Heck! I thought just some tweak at their database can easily solve this kind of problem, but I'm definitely wrong. They might went to "kedai kopi" first, discussing bout AF or Bintang RTM for almost half a day and get back to their office, feeling sleepy, went to surau to "refresh a.k.a tido"(for mens) or to kitchen to "refresh a.ka. ngumpat"(for girls) or spent their precious time playing solitaire or even better, Championship Manager 5. And when they trully up to do their job, the clock already showing 5.00 pm which is time to punch out. Had in their mind to get out early in order to avoid traffic jam and so, there you of the productive day in their live. At least that's what I thought for now.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chapter 39 - A Month Away

Wazzup folks. I thought I forgot something. Yeah, to UPDATE my blog. Not that I intend to do so, but my life is miserably busy. So, next time I'm blogging, hope I can blog from my rent home. New semester had started and I'm staying with my frens somewhere near my college. I planned to establish (can't find the right word) a home wireless network. Sound easy huh?! Think again....

Anyway, I'm furious with some people who kept trashing my friendster mailbox account with "Please-forward-this-mail-if-you-don't-want-your-account-to-be-delete"-mail, though some of them are my frens. Note this: Like I'm gonna believe that. Some Friendster's CEO mailing one person informing that friendster is shutting-down and plead that person to forward that mail so they wouldn't delete his account. LAME!!! Why (which if it's true) don't they just send each account that lame notice and stop wasting other people time reading, forwarding and deleting it?!

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