Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 254 - Work and No Play

Have your life changed after married? A bit of no and more a yes.. It's exciting and challenging. Taking care of yourself now become taking care of you and spouse. I could not imagine the life if i'm still working with the old company and my wife is not working. Heck.. it's hard to imagine if I still work there and my wife do working as she is now. Calculative as I am, even now I am not eligible to apply for the damn Maybank 2 Cards. Minimum annual salary is 60k maa.. that is 5k per month for you! When can I achieve that? I strongly believed that I have all it takes to be successful and rich.. yet i did not opt for that route. Any husband want to be the alpha dog in the family. I'm not saying that I'm not, but I would like to be a super alpha dog.. haha.. Me and my wife equally receive the same size of paycheck every month. I am blessed that I can provide her the needs she supposed to get. I just wish that I can have more so that she do not need to work. I kesian her as her work sucks! Poor colleagues and poor clients. Miskin duit xde hal beb.. miskin adab mmg xdapek jack nak tolong.. So, xde la aku nk mintak gaji macam bos SYABAS, at least macam gaji engineer minyak offshore pon jadi la..

What must i do to slowly achieve that? Job hopping? This is not the age to frequently hopping. Silap2 xde keje nnt.. Wait la, I send resume to you guys.. haha..


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