Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chapter 227 - Fix Mood

So far..
  • Roger Federer clinched 14th Grand Slam title.
  • Lakers won the 2009 Playoff
  • Confederation Cup is currently on-going.
  • C.Ronaldo goes to Real Madrid
I'm really looking forward to summer's transfer window. a lot of speculations and shocking decisions. It got all the hype to kick-off the major leagues; BPL, La Liga, Serie A...

money talks... the prospect of Kaka and C.Ron working together is a bit mouth-watering. Is real Madrid the new powerhouse? not sure yet.. will both have successful stint at Madrid? still, not sure... I'm still waiting for Man U's first signing of the season. Villa? Valencia? or Ribery? Sluuurrrpppp.... meh tadah ayaq lioq aku...

Just finished reading The Kite Runner from Khaled Hosseini.. A marvellous fiction. as if it is real. portraying Afghanistan in troubled times.. I didn't knew that Afghan was onced prospered, until the Russian invaded and then came along the Taliban. I am blessed to live peacefully. That is why Prophet Muhammad endorse ummah to live moderately; not too loose and not too radical. There are people in this world uses the name of God for their own radical philosophy; be it Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Islam. Anyway, I marvled myself by finishing it in just 5 days.. I did almost the same for Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. I'm looking forward to get the latest publish from Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns.


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chapter 226 - Tough Luck

Best way to get a girl... by being gay!

Check the clip from SNL (Live Sabtu Malam). Somehow, I was hooked on watching SNL, so i watched almost all episodes for this season. Great casts such as Jason Sudeikis, Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, which are my favorites. not to mention that this show produced great entertainer over the years aired like Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Falon, the late Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider and lot more...

Actually, I was thinking years ago to write something similar to this skit. i even imagined to produce the writing as an intellectual publish or findings, soon it'll be published as one of those motivational books and later, I decided to make a story out of it. So I write a novel and some bigshot producer want to adapt my novel into a motion picture.. I made millions over this blockbuster which rise my fame as great writer in Hollywood (tak men la dalam Malaysia).. but what to do... I couldn't find time to do so.

You know what..having tough luck on courting women, might make one think, "what should I do?". Simple, by being the girl's best friend.. and what is better than a bestfriend if it is not a gay dude? try to sneak around with your fake-gayness and work around your magic by giving a fashion advice (of course your appearance need to be decent) and be a good listener! Women always drop their guard down around gay dude (remember the scene from 'Now I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'? where Jessica Biel try out lingeries in front of Adam Sandler? Nice). So, when the woman shows a moment of weakness (over a break-up especially), that is when the snake feast on the rat. create such moment to make an "accidental" closure.. the "Oopps" moment. then simply give this lame cliche, "Being with you, makes me a man" or "I just love you too much to be gay" or anything that signals her that you are not gay anymore. She might think that there's nothing to lose.. you are a great guy, alway there for her and understood her more than any other guy. then BOOM! (confetti flew everywhere) congratulation, you nailed it.

I might warn though.. this method might takes longer than you anticipated. so, endurance is really-really important.

that's all for now on how to pick a girl the wrong way... err I mean the long way...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Chapter 225 - Broken

Kontinjen Sukan Remaja Asia di S'pore minggu depan diberi lonjakan yang hebat apabila diberi tajaan kasut POWER. Kalah la jawabnya...

Sungguh bosan Playoff Final NBA tahun ni bila pasukan yang anda minati tidak bermain. I remembered back in 2003, we played NBA Live at a friend's home, and they jeered my choice team, Boston Celtics due to the fact that Celtics was nothing back then. plus they got the Antoine Walker whom not just ugly at look, but also ugly at shooting. but in 2008, i had the last laugh. Celtics got Garnet, Allen and Pierce. Enough force to win the Playoff, and win they did. But this year, serious injury on Garnet, plus the inconsistent Allen threw them out in 2nd round of eastern conference. so, i moved to Cavaliers. reason? LBJ (LeBron James). that is enough reason to love Cavs. But Cavs also crashed out in the conference final to the Orlando Magic. I couldn't bring myself to love Magic or Lakers. So, I just don't care who win the final.... as long as it's not Lakers. HAHAHA..

Chapter 224 - Wonder Why?

At this precise moment, i am sad. Man U lost the final and thus having a worst birthday present ever. Chelsea claimed the FA Cup, despite the fastest goal by ex-United, Saha. Damn it! I can foresee how this new year gonna shape up for me. A lot of transfer rumors for United. Some are welcomed, some are not. Ronaldo? I dont mind him going. when your heart not there, then you can never give your best. but the fact Real is going nowhere also bothers him. but who cares.. join the losers. Teves? i'll be damned if he's going. with high work rate and wolverine-look-a-like sure to give you the assurance of taming the defense. Berbatov is a flop. I was hoping not, but seems like it. just like Veron. Sell him! Ribery is the man we should pursuit. but it is daunting to know the price tag put on by Bayern. Valencia also a good prospect. great footwork and more humble than the portugeses (Nani & Ron). hope with years of experience, the Gaffer knows to make the right decision!


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