Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chapter 106 - Wedding Planner

It's good to be home. During this semester, I found myself less coming home, more playing games and sleep. I don't expect my exam result will be great, but I do hope I survive. I hate my father's lecture. He questioned almost everything.

"Why you got C for this paper?"
"The subject is hard"
"Why didn't you put more effort into it?"
"I did!" I didn't
"You should prioritize this subject if it's hard. Study extra time for it"
"Yeah... I should, but I have to study for others as well"
"How is your relationship with your lecturer?"
"You know, lecturers do actually like those who come to visit from time to time and ask study-related questions. Ada buat x?"
"Ada, tapi jarang." never

Well, got home to find myself all alone. My parent at Penang for card distribution session. This is the time to give wedding invitation card around. I was planning to do so, but later la... So, with nobody around and no money left in my pocket, I tend to be independant. I cooked for myself. Yeah, you heard me right. I cooked. I mean I can.... what, you didn't believe me? I even snapped a pic just for those non-believers.

There... telur dadar, sambal sotong, ayam goreng and daging masak kicap. Sluuuurpp.... terliur korang tgk aku masak. Hahahahaha....

So, lots of errands need to be done. Pegi DBKL utk site approval la... Amik kosaj la... Pegi hantar kad la... Ulang alik ke tailor. Sigh.... thinking of those makes me tired and sleepy. Nanti aku kawin pon harap ada orang bleh tolong. But wheeeeennnnnnn?!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chapter 105 - Joyride

Yay!! Finally all the waiting and suffering is over. All I have left is to pray that lecturers are in good mood while marking my final paper answer booklet. Sometimes I wonder, am I too much becoming of an exam-oriented person. You just for the sake of exam. Yeah, I guess so. Most of we ARE. We may not realize it, but we did it since we can enphrase the alphabet. We are trained, or may I say brainwashed to get that scroll of degree. Because if you don't have that, you cannot work. You see what these kind of environment put us in to. You have to study, take the bloody exam and get your honororic degree... then you can work. Oh, that if you passed the interview (<-- Part yang paling dibenci). So, what this has to do with being exam-oriented? Well, have you wonder that some of the curricular that you NEED to take are bullshit. Pardon the language, but they are. I have to study things that I don't like, and I agreed that these subjects are just not that important. Who want to study economy when you're taking Computer Science? Or Kenegaraan Malaysia? What... am I that communist? I love my country just for the record. And another one.... what it was called.... errr.... forgot la. I guess it's NOT IMPORTANT! Also there are few subjects that I'm trying to forget. I ask you, what usually happen when exam is over? You forget everything kan?..... Well, at least that happened to me. Hahahahaha.

This one I can remember because it related with what happened.
Conflict Management 101 describe how you manage conflict.
1. Accommodation
2. Avoidance
3. Forcing
4. Compromise
5. Collaboration

Well, I wouldn't mention this for nothing. This friend of mine, Ja'aru (bukan nama sebenar) sudah kecik hati dengan aku. Puncanya pasal futsal. Satu malam tu dia ajak aku main futsal. Aku ok je time tu. Tapi aku x sedar yang housemate aku Ammaru (bukan nama sebenar juga) x bawak scoot dia. Sebab nak menapak ke court main futsal tu je dah berpeluh ketiak, so aku last2 minute cancel. 5 minit kemudian, aku pikir 'alang2 nak berpeluh nanti, ada baiknya aku pegi je'. So, baru nak SMS dia, hujan pun turun. Aku pon buat paham2 je la. Hujan kan... Macam universal language, kalau hujan = cancel futsal.. Yang cerempetnya, dia sudah merajuk sebab aku malas nak menapak pegi court. Asal boleh kan...... Pastu kemdian, RajaGay (Bukan nama sebenar) ajak aku tgk Man U lwn Chelsea. Dipendekkan cerita, malam tu aku semeja la ngan ja'aru ni. Bleh dia xnak sembang ngan aku. Aku pon apa lagi, kalau dah konflik macam ini, aku 'avoidance' je la. Biar dia sejuk katakan.... Kepada Ja'aru, kalau2 ko membaca blog ini, aku nak pesan, "Sudah2 la merajuk... bertambah buruk muka hang bila merajuk". Kah kah kah....

Mention about Man U vs Chelsea match, I somehow felt relieved and at the same time furious with the result. Man U deserve to win. Chelsea played OK with few chances. Ballack ngan Drogba always the superior evil. Xde player yang sejahat mereka ini. Mereka berdua ini wajar dipotong kaki supaya x dapat main bola lagi. But that was not only the case. There's this dude, sat on the next table which is right next to me. He's the most annoying Chelsea fan. Among 30-40 dudes that night, only few are Chelsea fans, but that dude is the loudest of all. With his Chelsea jersey on, he cheered and jeered all the time. And I'm always the coolest one. So this dude macam mengalu2kan orang utk beduk dia je and honestly I would like that to happen. But hey, Man U fans bukannya hooligan x tentu pasal, plus Man U still the premiership leader. Compared to that, even aku gemok tapi aku bleh kurus... dia dah la muka buruk a.k.a muka pecah rumah, kalau buat pembedahan plastik sepuluh kali pon belum tentu cantik. Hahahahaha... Chelsea SUCKS!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chapter 104 - I'm Old

It was at a wedding reception last Sunday when I started to think that I'm old. It was my friend's wedding. We're in the same class for 3 years and now she's married. Wow! Felt like yesterday we're some kids in school uniform, and today she's getting married. Oh, anyway Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada Che Nur Shazana and her husband. Moga kekal ke akhir hayat. Few other friends yang dah kawen adalah Fahmi (SMSG), Natasha Hanani (SMSG, MRSMJ), Nuruddin (MRSMJ), Zasya (SMSG), etc.... I was suprised when told that Fahmi dah kawin. He got maried in Ireland with simple ceremony. Since parent x dpt nak datang, guna wali hakim je (for the Mrs Fahmi). Pakai baju melayu seluar slack, majlis tu nampaknya (<- dari gambar) macam penuh kegirangan, asyik ketawa je diorang. Dari pengantin, ke saksi malah ke kadi pon asyik tersengih je. I thought that it was some prank, but turned out real. I'm not judging anything. Good for him la. Benda yang baik jgn tanguh2, btol x? X kesah simple wedding ceremony ke... ataupon grand nyer wedding, as long as the purpose is there.
Well.... tatkala kawan2 dah nak menimang anak, aku ni masih terkial2 mencari cinta. Kes kes kes.....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chapter 103 - As Usual

Blog with new face and new management. Macam Google dah ambil alih. Template pon bleh adjust. Easy to add any html codes and able choose the layout the way I want. Well, Syawal is nearly its end. tinggal berapa hari je lagi. Same with my exam. This morning I went to kompleks sukan for Japan Language exam, and I was pretty terrified to find nobody outside the hall. Well, I had a similar experience, a BAD one (all I can say is that I was at the right place but at the wrong time!). This time fortunately I was at the right place, but few minutes late. Lupa yang exam on Friday starts at 8.30 am. Anyway, dah lepas. So, 1 paper left and that will be on next Sunday.

I remembered what this friend told me, about guy like him who is coming nearly to the end of study-age. About how age of teen-flick love story gonna passed him by without him experiencing it. Come out to the world without no such experience what-so-ever. yeah, I feel him. It's true that this is the time orang nak merasa cinta monyet. Well, no so monkey la because U student ni more matured (except all those sex and lust and premature abortion as well as postmature abortion and bastards.... hey, nowaday young'uns do stupids thing, don't they?). Yeah.... It's kinda sad. He said that the love-mentality for working people are different. They forecast the future.... marriage... kids. While the young'uns are more carefree (<-- not for some), pampered love, exciting , etc... Well, I said to him (as well as to myself), there's no turning back my friend. You gotta do it now, or never.
This same friend came to me after raya and told this story about his crush over this girl. He never met this girl before but that day, his friend invite him to this girl's house for Raya visit. Kira love at 1st sight la. She's is so much sopan santun yet elegent in some way. So at the end of the visit, my friend ask her for her phone number. He was cut by his friend, which he told him that he's gonna give him personally that girl's phone number later. So dia pon xnak terkinja2 mintak no phone kat awek tu. Later, on their way home, my friend asked his friend for that girl's phone number. Guess what his friend said to him? ..."TAK NAK!". Kah kah kah... Rupanya kawan dia pon nak cucuk line. Dengki x nak kasi line kat orang. So I told my friend, "go to her mySpace, friendster or whatever... just try to reach her. Foremost, become her friend first. Keep in touch. The rest comes when the time is right and the time is depend on how smart you played the game".

I never realized it. I guess it was there for quite some time now. At the top right corner of my Windows Media player ada logo napster. Anyway, Napster dah jadi some label in some organization. Meaning, dah kena bayar kalau nak pakai. So, start using i-mesh or LimeWire because they're free. Hahahaha... I still remembered the first time I used Napster. It was at my friend's (Asrar) house at Johor. That time N'sync was so damn popular. So I was wondering what kind of songs they sang, and I downloaded the "This I Promise You" song. Well, just to let you know...I was just curious....nothing special in particular... that's all.

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