Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chapter 159 - Sob

Bye bye Targa. U've been my best friend since kak Sarah lend u to me. u helped me during simulating the network for Mr Faisal class, u also give space to install zenoss although the presentation was pretty much crappy. U provide space for me to put all my movies and dramas... also u never shut down on your own (unlike my old pal, Acer... he's still around). I still remember the time i YM with you on my 'toto' both at gombak and shah alam. How i hooked u up with 3Com wireless dongle even though u have ur own wireless mechanism.. but u guys looks like a match made in heaven. anyway, did u remember the time i dropped u on the floor..oopps, sorry, that was an accident. also... Sorry to wear down your battery life. if before u can stay awake for almost 1 1/2 hours, now u can only stay up for 1 hour. but hey, u can always plugged urself to power supply, right? it sadden me to depart with u. but hey..u're not mine.. goodbye.... WILSONNNN!!! eh silap.. TARGAAAAA!!!!!

now i got a new friend..i called her Toshi, but her real name is Toshiba Satellite. I stole it from my brother. hahahaah... right now i'm enjoying every moment with her. Centrino Duo, wide screen and most important... Harman/Kardon speaker!! So freaking awesome! hopefully the loan spell going to be a long one. otherwise, i'm back to the ol' Acer. Sigh**

new sweetheart..

take that!

and this!! the killer-blow

la la la...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chapter 158 - Grumpy Me

i dunno why..suddenly i'm feeling rebellious. and grumpy. and unacceptable. I'm synical... with jelous remarks. It may due to the fact that i'm limping like Dr the mentality is there. My left leg is stiff and hurting since the past 2-3 weeks, and area of effect is the knee. I blamed in on bad sleeping postures at first. but now, the pain is still there, and there are times when i walked like Gregory House. My work requires me to sometime move here and there. as much as i thanked for the elevator provided here at the project office, elsewhere are shittiest faculties. ever. but i bitched bout that before, so i wont this time. just like to point out the sensational of mocking House each time i rode off the elevator. Cool.

Just when i thought i can go home early today, the boss' PA suddenly came. Damn. now i hate her because of this. later i'll find ways to tricked her into letting me go home early. May it be bills to pay at the post office before the post office close today.... or need to bury my dead cat.... anything. I almost completed my job today. "almost" is where i suppose to go to this lab and reformat the drive D. The same lab where i received the title 'mangkuk'. Yeah, my job basically hated by lab techies and also some lecturer due to the lab-hogging by the program. meaning that nobody can use the lab during our program. This furiated some of the lecturer who turned out to be a mere monkey to me. One day...not so long ago, i was assigned to do the installation at this lab. I refer this lab as "Lab 203, 5th floor, Block R" or "Lab 203" in order to protect the lab's confidentiality. The lab is quite large, with estimated 50 PCs in it. but my program only gonna use around 26 PCs. So, during the installation, one lecturer coming in with his friend while holding each others' hand and they made out by the door before coming in (<-- the gay-ish part is exaggerated just to make his character looks gay). he met the lab tech and said that he need to use the lab. the lab tech then reply that, the lab will be used for some program. they argue some more, while I was occupied to a PC which is few feets from where they were standing. then the lecturer shouted this, "Biarla mangkuk tu pakai PC belah sana, kita pakai la belah sini". I turned to look. The lab tech quite startled, he knew i somehow listened. i dont think the lecturer realized i'm with the company, he thought i am a student maybe. he only knew when his friend trying to cover his shit-trail by asking me politely, "berapa PC yg program ni nk pakai?". i answered and still staring at that monkey who called me mangkuk. he looked a bit shamed and just leave without continuing arguing with the lab tech. I do remember him, and also i believed he remembered me. because i keep remind him each time we crossed path. always giving him the cold stares. one time, we were in the elevator, i was holding a box of papers. i then knocked the box in an annoying manners, and whispering, "mangkuk...mangkuk". yeah more likely a chant. i'll do that until he die.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chapter 157 - No Meaning

i was at my desk. doing my job, then my phone vibrated, check the mailbox and read 1 new message. it sound like this...

"fairuz we r done."

i was confused for a moment. who's breaking up with me? which girl? (<-- cewah..macam playboy pulak). Ya girlfriend then should be no break up right? i waited some more. then another sms coming in.

"Exam done"

i laughed. she's the one from the Test Center. usually after the trainees' exam, i'll be going to pick up their results. Damn. she gave me a chill for a moment. i went there and told her about the sms. we laughed at it. Anyway, today got 1 fail. quite bad for an easy exam. (<-- senang ke? Adeh...aku dulu pakai toyol boleh la). last monday quite historic. 3 out of 43 passed the Java Exam. Others' U ada yg semua student fail. at least we got 3 pass. Tapi surely yg ada cert dalam Java akan terjual macam goreng pisang panas. I know... i was digging around for new job in Star. Most of the IT or non-IT companies looking for programmers. JAVA is a must. Cert is a bonus and able to get them extra $$ in their salary. Ah... i wont look for programmer post. m.a.l.a.s

Friday, December 07, 2007

Chapter 156 - Is There a Doctor In Here?

Congratulation Chah for passing the doctor xm. She was worried about it, but I knew she'll pass the xm. So, there's going to be another doctor in the world. Another doctor~friend..meaning i have options for 'free treatment'. Dr Izah ada... Dr Chah ada... hahahaha.... Hopefully i'm not going to be sick all the time.

So, as a present, i dedicate this song. I'm not being cheesy, just happened to remember your fav song. Oh's in the video box below.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chapter 155 - I Am Damned?!

Punca kesesakan aku setiap hari. Jem x hingat. orang yg sibuk keluar ke ibukota dari 3 arah di asimilasikan kedalam satu lane. apa kejadah semua ini? Tambah pula dengan construction yg menyempitkan lagi lane2 yg sedia ada. nasib kereta ada radio, kalau x... jadi sewel aku. InsyaAllah, construction of the new flyover akan memudah sekian makhluk yg menumpang di jalan sentul itu. rasa2nya mid-next year dah boleh aku merasa nikmat tidak jem dipagi hari. That if my new job requires me to commute on that route. That's job. I mentioned before that, my current job is just a temporary. NO epf, kwsp, socso, perkeso, tesco, carrefour...none what-so-ever. by the end of each month, i'll only receive a naked check... with the agreed figures of course. Nk clear check pon amik masa 3 hari. Sooooo uncool.

I bought a new WiFi Modem the other day, i went to DigitalMall with Ammar n Apis. Ammar also bought the same modem. Alasannya, mudah nk troubleshoot. previously, i use the 3Com WiFi modem, which was strucked by lightning...twice. That's why emak dan ayah pesan suruh guna lightning adapter kat phone jack. Maaf..saya ingkar. Lesson never learned....skrg ni agak2 kalau hujan, cabut cable. abih cerita. X yah abihkan RM15 nk beli bende alah tu.

So, with the new modem, i can surf internet on my bed. that's something everybody know already, rite. of course dengan WiFi, anybody can surf internet even tgh berak ataupun menjemur kain diluar. Ish...apa point aku nih. oh... actually with my new sleeping habit where my sleeping time averaging at 10.30 pm, oftenly i got home at 8 pm, mandi, trus baring atas tilam while YM. daily...... MY LIFE'S BORING!!! i don't watch TV anymore (<-- except for Man Utd football matches). for now, i'm sticking with the habit. hopefully, with the new year just around the curb, i have the strength to change. Like Mr Pang and Mr Ng from my 'soft skill' seminar said, "Everyone have FOC (freedom of change)". Bless me with that opportunity, Allah...

Am I a Flirt?

I blame it on genetic. Hahahah... terbatuk bapak aku. But one thing I realized, I'm great at giving love advices to my frens. Those yg masih mencari cinta, yg dalam relationship mahupon yg dah putus cinta. Cakap aku sungguh berapi-api. Nasihat aku pon kalah Dr Fadillah Kamsah mahupon Prof Mashitah. Siap boleh jaja buku la kata orang. Tapi untuk diri sendiri? Huuuuu..kira nasihat tu x effective kat telinga sendiri... sah laku hanya utk telinga dan hati orang lain. Nk buat macam mana... I am Hitch... I am not Legend.... nor Pitt.

Am I an Idiot?



Amirul Fahrin Thambychek is becoming 2 years old this month. macam2 budak tu reti buat. Paham bahasa tapi degil. Namun menjadi kegilaan adik2 aku dan sedara mara.


Pic belah kiri tu adalah ketika kami membuat pertandingan muka hodoh. Semestinya aku menang. just hours before, he got stomachache and vomit all the time (picture on the right). So the bucket is ready next to him all the time. Terbungkang layu je...

Thanks for listening my mumbling-jumbling...ada sedikit mamai arini...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chapter 154 - Final Day at 405

Suddenly ada feeling2 nk post pagi ni. It is the last day for me at 405. Actually, last day for us here. i'm here with ammar, apis n faibo. after menyewa for almost 2 1/2 years, the tenature ends today. now we're waiting for our landlord to come, just before that, i steal some time to post. Last night, we went to play badminton at HEP. it was my first time playing there. facility is great, highly maintained and all. lantai lembut, so no worries kalau jatuh. but luckily x sape nk dive amik bola net. but, it is refreshing to sweat after quite some time. Sebok keje beb.

planned to play with my classmates, but only few came... ok la...organize last minute punya cerita

our dedicated ketua darjah (most right). he's the one making almost everything happen.

After badminton, ammar, faibo n me went to tepi lombong sek 7. also the first for us. never been there although tiap2 hari lalu. lepak sana until 3 am just sembang2, kutuk2 and reminiscense the good times.

woke up this morning, gosok gigi then went to HAKIM for breakfast. i just hope that it is not the last for us to gather. after this surely susah nk jumpa... but we'll try to catch up and meet once in a while.

Had a cup of tea o suam

bye 405. i'm gonna remember u and all of our moment together.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Chapter 153 - The Day After Saturday & Sunday

so there i was. waiting in front of Project Office (PO) at 8.40 am. The boss told me to come at 8.30 am. Punya kelam kabut ingat dah lambat, rupanya boss lagi lambat.'s all forgiven because aku pon lambat (<-- 10 minutes je beb) and also dia yg akan amik paycheck kat HQ. So, i was waiting for another 15 minutes. She's there, so i straight went to load the boxes of books onto the trolley because i was supposed to delivered them right before the class starts.. Man, the boxes were damn heavy. then i did the routine of checking the books and all, with a pocket knife in my right hand, i cut the cellotape confidently and ZASS (<-- dramatic sound effect), i slashed my left thumb. it was the moment of silent for me. then the blood started to gush out. nobody saw since everybody were busy with their own stuff. My boss' son kept bugging me to play with him. I reached a tissue pack on a desk and applied pressure to the wound. Soo many blood and i walked slowly to the toilet. i wasn't suppose to wash the wound actually, if im not mistaken, but i did anyway. Aritu pulak tisu toilet abis, i then sebat the tisu lap punggung (<-- it was clean by the way), and again, applying pressure to the wound. buku x anta lagi. so, i just clenched a fist with tissue covering the cut..and at the same time pushing the trolley, load the boxes into my car's bonet, unload, angkat naik those boxes sampai tingkat 3 building chemistry. then delivered the boxes to other departments. The whole time i was maki hamun the U sbb tak provide lift / elevator. Susah giler nk deliver buku. Abis kuar peluh jantan. Sio-sio den pakai baju centek2 ni ha..poluh satu badan. macam baru lopeh poe main bola la pulak. OK. tetiba lak nk ckp nogori. continue.... as there are movements with my left hand, lagi kencang darah keluar. so basically i was swapping tissue all the time. *sigh* later on the afternoon, i went to BHP and bought myself the hensoplas. a lot of them. in case.... Then, i found that i delivered the wrong set of books. ADUIH!!! tired already. but dah nama keje, has to be done. Pegi la aku terkial2 menghantar buku yg betol..macam OKU aku angkat buku2 tu. :P cuma peluh dan keringat yg menemani daku. tu belom sembang pasal trainer. i'll talk about the kerenah trainer later la... So, at the end of the day, i reflected things that happened. how careless i am, how mismanaged i am. it's all a learning process by the way. my friends kat U lain surely rilex je. but at least, i have tale to tell.
i win. (<-- nk jugak menang)...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chapter 152 - The Saturday and Sunday

One of the best Saturday n Sunday. Went to Melaka with my friends. Having soo much fun. But, it's just like what people said, "time flies when you're having fun". That's right. The more fun, the quicker time flies. So, to sum up (<-- save my time also because no need to go into details, u guys bukan kenal pon these people), the journey started from Shah Alam where all my passangers are from there. breakfast there...somebody belanja, dunno who (<-- nasib dia la). arrived at RnR Seremban to meet up with one of the organizer (<-- I'm just a co-organizer). Then from there, we convoyed to exit toll Ayer Keroh so that the tuan rumah can fetch us and direct us to his house. Oh man...ayer keroh is soo different. last time i was there when i went and visit Qayum at MMU. Now, ada intersections and mini-highway.. soo buleh sesat.... OK, picture above is the one taken at Ayer Keroh toll. since my masters' classmates ada yg dah kawen, so they brought along their childrens and some brought their anak sedara..

When the tuan rumah arrived, we went to his house for free lunch. Kira open house yg terlambat...dah lepas syawal pon. Xkesah, janji free. Ada Sate, nasi briani gam, and dadih for dessert. Bila masing2 kenyang, we decided to continue the program after Dzuhur. So, around 3.30pm, we arrived at Tg Bidara Beach Resort. First of all, i've read the comments from the Internet. It was horrible, which I found true. but exactly, i can say that, the place is suitable for outgoing guest. meaning that, if you're looking for stay-in hotel, Tg Bidara is not the place. look somewhere else. It's not that comfy. Anyway, the time we're in the chalet was around the time we sleep and bath. that's all. the rest semua outdoor. OK, upon arriving, we straight went for futsal, which my team won. then continue on for some beach volleyball. The pic below is taken when i was about to serve.

My team also won this. Then some went back to get ready for dinner, and some dipped in the sea to cool off the heat (<-- that's me).

Dinner time. we decided to go to pengkalan balak instead of Umbai, which i found as a wrong one. not because the food, but the logistic and all. i'll tell u later. So, the food were ready on the table as we arrived. We were actually late by 15-30 minutes. so, ada yg dah sejuk...but that's ok. semua dah kebulur. we ate, but byk yg x abih. even i ate a bit. macam dah kenyang belasah briani siang tadi. afterwards, the girls and some guys nk explore bandar hilir. some other guys (<-- yg dah kawen ~ somehow including me) macam dah berat badan. yela...kami pon bukan muda lagi...cewah. So, after main tarik2 tali, most agreed to go. ada la 1 family yg balik chalet. this is what i mentioned about. supposely if we went to umbai, kalau nk singgah ke bandar hilir tu kira on the way back. so, rugi sket kat Umbai is said to have the best ikan bakar around. since malam tu malam minggu, traffic quite bizzarre la jugak. tapi kat dataran pahlawan tu ada parking spaces, and we parked there. sana, we took the liberty of visiting the infamous A Famosa. Some of us panjat the ruin uphill, church apa ntah.. (<-- if you remember chah, the one yg Ustat Din daki x guna tangga tu..that was and still hillarious to remembered). then ada yg naik beca but afterwards, we all went to kedai mamak and had a drink while watching Man U got beaten by Bolton (<-- DEM!). Not a great night for me.... anyway, after that we headed back to chalet.

Sunday morning starts with breakfast provided by the hotel. then straight to the beach. brenang sikit. then half-buried me under the sand (<-- why is it always me?). Then we played touch rugby which my team was beaten badly. Hahahaha... we sux at touch rubgy. Neway, we went into the swimming pool and swam around for about 1/2 hour. then we get ready to check-out. later, before lunch, we went to Taman Mini Asean, which was the first visit for me even i stayed at jasin for 2 years. OK, nothing much inside. most of the time waiting for those yg masuk each houses. Then we had our lunch there.. makan nasi ayam yg sgt sedap. still terliur kalau diingatkan.... so, after lunch ada yg balik sendri dan ada yg konvoi. Those yg konvoi adalah kami yg gerak dari shah alam. sampai SA around 5.30pm. Minum kat Hakim dulu... then baru berpisah.

Fuh...panjang jugak summary ni. anyway...that's that. we had soo much fun, and it's a shame that some of the classmates can't make it. plus we felt that it was so short holiday ~~~ next time we'll make it longer.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chapter 151 - A Day Before Saturday & Sunday

my classmates and I planned to go to holiday months ago. It was set to be on 24th November. Everyone were excited; throwing ideas to do this and that during the 2 days 1 night holiday in Tanjung Bidara, Malacca. It was very energizing. Everybody were looking forward to that date. The idea was to go with all my Masters classmate, but some can't make it. even with few key persons missing, the trip was soo much fun. But that's that. I knew that something gonna happen when I'm going for vacation. Things that ring my bell are, during the MRSM Jasin's semester break, i was soo sick that i wasn't able to leave my bed. Syukri's wedding vacation also the same. Along's wedding vacation; my uncle involved in a terrible accident which killed his 2nd wife. And for this vacation, i tried my best to hush away any flu, fever or stomachache. Thankfully, none of those inflicted me, but Friday morning, my oldest brother caught in an accident. It was horrible. My mom called when i was at my workplace, and she sobbed. and I was, "Here we go..I knew my hunch was right. something surely gonna happen". She told me the horrible news but I was mentally prepared.

The accident was at 9 am..somewhere in Kluang. He hit a moving lorry from behind. Why he did that? because he slept..that's why! I did experience the same thing, luckily i just drove through an empty bus stop. But it was a different case here, he was submitted to Hospital Kluang. and since he needed to do the CT Scan, he was transferred to Hospital something-Aminah at JB. Those incompetent doctors and nurses didn't do anything at all. It furiated my mom and dad. They arrived at 4 pm and those so called doctors and nurses didn't even clean my brother up. The dried blood, mulut koyak, small pieces of shattered glasses in his hair and eye! even I who do not have a medical background can say that, those things can cause potential infections if it were to leave like that. I can't imagine what he'd gone through that 7 hours. So my dad transferred him to KPJ. A private hospital i guess... there he was treated as soon as he arrived. 10 stitches at his mouth, some cleaning, taking out all the glass in his eyes, scheduling a facial surgery on sunday. Everything.

I posted at my class forums mentioning about the accident. Everyone gave their kind words, wishing he'll be OK... and I'm so thankful to them. So I called my mom the night before saturday. She knew how bad i was planning for that holiday. She gave me the green-light. And that night i sleep soundly, but before that, praying to Allah so that my brother will be blessed..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter 150 - Cheers

alhamdulillah... after 3 years of hardship, finally it ended in a beautiful convocation ceremony yesterday. the friends i made, along with sad, fun, happy, makan hati.. all those feelings and memories, i won't trade it for anything. i remembered 3 years ago, Zaza drove me in the iswara hapak (skrg tidak lagi), thanks to the leaky aircond. That time haram jadah aku tatau jalan kat dalam university, so dad asked Zaza to give me some tour guide since she studied there. So, i went all over the places due to the university's crappy birocracy policies. Ye la...nk daftar pon abis satu U aku round, macam masuk explorace plak, padahal nk letak nama aku dalam database je. Even saman pon 2-3 tempat kena pegi utk settlekan. Sigh*. Anyway, i begged for hostel and got it. Heheheh...using the excuse of 1st time being there and also i was a graduate of other U. The guy gave me a room which he claimed 'baekkk punya bilik'. Why? because it is located strategically overlooking the route where siswi use to go to cafe, restaurant and class. Nice huh... well lemme tell u, boys always be boys. especially boys in my dormitory. Those people are much gersang and jakun towards girls just because they are in the military boys. And i dunno how much trend it is for them, but most of them own vespa which is the ultimatum of noise and shitty morning sleep for me. Hate them and their vespa.

Anyway, i met new friends, but still blur and all. I dunno which subject to be taken, and cost me a year of study. but despite that, i met more friends, a batch of guys 2 years younger than me. They are fun to be with and as people says, 'being with young makes you young'... that's what i did. there i was, for 3 years. And lemme tell you, final year project aint easy if you are a procrastinator like i am. i nearly repeat the final semester, and with 2 weeks of full force, i managed to dodge the repetition. Actually it's kinda suck that we're not graduating together... i got friend whom supervisor got mixed up and unable to finish that semester even though he passed his project. Sian ngko... also, friends yg repeat semester, they'll be graduating next year.... to those yg still need to repeat the final semester, i wish you all the best.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chapter 149 - Just Act Stupid...Like You Always Do

Good Sunday... this is my first holiday since i worked. If you guys wondering if I miscount the other saturdays and sundays before, dont bother. Those days I spent in class whether doing presentations, exam or studying. Now, I feel bored. After 2-3 hours of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, my fingers starting to ache, and my head getting numb, i dunno what else to do. Maybe i'll watch some movies I've downloaded weeks ago. Hahaha...pending!

Just yesterday I got back from Shah Alam after settling with jubah konvo. Yep.. just another 6 days to shake hand with someone i dont even know, and get to hold a fake scroll. Nice huh... the downside is, parent aren't getting into the hall. they just gonna watch from another hall with this big ass screen showing realtime video of their son/daughter to graduate. Sian kan.... Anyway, im gonna look like a fat Gandalf in that jubah. Labuh la... but heck with that... asal dapat konvo.

I was, and still amused by those who admit they are "Bersih". methaphore here, they are the one causing traffic jam in KL yesterday. Yeah, the riot thingy. Hey! Im not in any side here, but it kept me thinking. It's good to form a protest or any sort of demonstration...part of democracy, they say... meaning that there's something to fix and people are aware of it. Gandhi did once, except dia x kaco traffic. Hahahaha... Anyway, yesterday's gig was rarely to be seen in few years, i admit. The biggest purpose of protest is to be acknowledge and to get attention, but dude, you guys just menyusahkan orang ramai. Massive traffic jam around Klang Valley...... ingat travellers sronok ke terperangkap dalam traffic jam. I for sure don't! If derang nk sangat attention, why dont protest masa hari bekerja? Even the world gonna acknowledge them, ye la, protest hingga melumpuhkan ekonomi. Yeah...and why they didn't? because even the protesters pon nk cover periuk nasi derang. Yeah... the same periuk nasi yg musuh laknat mereka bekalkan. now, thats a methaphore. Knape x ikut Gandhi berlapar? nah..its too peace. where's the fun in that?

please to the readers yg tersinggung, dont hate-comment me. Let me phrase this, "This is not a political Blog!". People just amuse me, that's all.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chapter 148 - Welcome

Just to shout out that my brother just got new baby on Thursday. Its a boy. The name is Arif something bin Ahmad Syukri. Dont blame me, i just got to see the boy and called him so up till now. Whole family is excited. My brother is in estatic mood. As for me, im happy to get another bully subject.

Well, congratulation to the couple; and Arif, welcome to this world.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chapter 147 - The Moment

Yippa.... this is the moment i've been waiting for. End of the 1st sem Masters study... again, Yahoooo!!!! it's been a tough few weeks with the exams and presentation. even now i'm in the comp lab listening to others' presentation. Me? Well, our group presented first. My decision. It was a planned act becos I hate to present last. Why? because the expectations is much higher and i just want to finish this up as soon as possible. but i have this feeling that i'll be bored later on. because these few weeks, the days were busied with work, and nights were busied with study and assignments. afterwards, the night gonna be lonely. so, i guess that i'm going to miss the hectic day-in-day-out activities.

continue later.. just want to enjoy this short independent.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapter 146 - Added Value

Helooooo..... i guess this might be one of the busiest week. Although my last paper was on last Sunday, but yet, I still have to go through another 2 presentations on this weekend. I haven't got time to watch movies I copied from my friend's HD. A LOT OF MOVIE lining, waiting and begging for my attention. But with work and assignments as well as exams... they just an appeal to me.

Oh yea... i started working last monday, not yesterday, but last week's Monday. So, that makes me an employed person. I work with a company which conducted the professional certificate program I took last May, and just before Raya, they called for an interview at Cyberjaya, which remind me the time I travelled from Gombak to Cyberjaya daily for 2 months during my Industrial Training. A bad memory indeed....So, about the new work, the title may sound cool ~ Technical Executive, but in Malay, we just call it 'juruteknik' or technician. The work requires me to travel bit, as for now I'm in Shah Alam doing lab installation at several comp labs there. Just last week I was in Puncak Perdana doing the same thing there. And starting tomorrow, I'll be handling stuff at UM. Might give me the opportunity to hang out with my Cocoro boys lot more often. Seriously, my body is aching from not playing basketball this past few weeks. So, as a contract worker, my termination will be on mid-Jan, and I hope the company offers me a new one. I heard the company got their hand on a new MoH tender. Otherwise, I'll try for another place.

So, I added a new feature to this blog. look at the very bottom of this page, and you'll see the video box. Actually, i just embedded it from YouTube, nothing much special there. OK, just got home from a presentation, changed my flat tyre... now I'm damn tired and sleepy.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Chapter 145 - Looking back

========== Edisi Insaf ===========

Assalamualaikum.... Dikesempatan ini, ingin saya menyusun 10 jari memohon ampun dan maaf sempena Syawal yg mulia. Jangan nk kata 15 Syawal x dikira sebagai raya. Kita masih beraya, namun raya ke-15 la...

Same as last Syawal, my family and I celebrating Hari Raya in KL. As years goes by, Raya becomes more empty. Dulu orang beraya sakan seminggu, pastu raya sampai raya ke-3. Harini, raya cuma terasa pada 1 Syawal je. Budak2 kampung sebelah yg datang mintak duit raya pon dah berkurang. Tahun ni ada 2 orang je yg aku sambut... tu pon budak2 rambut kaler2. xde da yg dtg pakai baju melayu bersongkok kemas. Zaman dah berubah oiii.. Kita pon x boleh nak menongkah arus yg deras ini. Malaysia hari ini bukanlah Malaysia 10 tahun yg dulu.

Alhamdulillah, aku dan mungkin kawan2 yg membaca ni boleh bersyukur kerana terselamat daripada modenisasi yg terlampau. Kita masih ada nilai2 Melayu Islam. Kita tidak menghasilkan karya2 3GP dari celah2 lorong, dirumah tumpangan ataupon dibelakang tempat duduk kereta walaupon kamera phone kita ni 2.0 MP. Tidak pula rambut kita berwarna-warni umpama mat salleh yg sememangnya itu kaler rambut mereka. Tidak pula kita terkocoh2 membawa beg plastik berisi janin atau bayi dan tinggalkan didepan Musollah, rumah anak yatim ataupon di depan rumah imam masjid. Tidak pula kita terbiasa dengan gam, ice, syabu, ganja dan dadah. Tidak pula kita derhaka dan mengherdik ibu dan bapa kita walaupon suara kita ini lantang dan boleh tarik kaw2 punya macam Awie dalam lagu "Di halaman asmara". Ingatla... bersyukor pada Tuhan. berterima kasih la pada ibu dan bapa yg mendidik; Cikgu yang mengajar; kawan yang menegur. Sesungguhnya kita ini insan yg lemah dan bodoh. Moga2 kita ini dilindungi oleh Yg Maha Esa dalam menempuh perjalanan hidup yg berliku, berlobang dan bersimpang siur ini. Amin.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chapter 144 - Whassup


Fasting month nearly end. As usual, it feels like a day end in eye's blink. Frustrated of emptiness. No progression and tired of daily nuisance. It's hollow to stand in the middle of others' shadows; The constant moving shadows. Feels like regressed in the radiant of sunlight and moonshine. Reality sucks when you lazy..... but.......... enough with the poetic self-depression.

Days ago, I'm having this conversation with my mom during our bukak puasa.

"pai, dah ada girlfren ke?"

silent. Thinking, if I answer "no" that quick, it'll raise suspicion even if you're telling the truth. The timing must correct.

On the right timing, I answered,


"I think you need to open up, come straight and be more sensitive"


"Oookay, now you're asking me to be gay"

It just blurted out. Funny? Nah...

This is funnier...

Yesterday, I held my cat up. Hmm, since my english nouns and vocabs are quite limited, I'll put up picture to illustrates of how I held my cat up.

yeah..pretty much like that. except, Im not that black, and it's a cat..not a dog. Jenuh aku nak samak kang. So, I was giving the expression of hugging him and he suddenly clawed behind my ear. His left hook landed on behind my right ear. Figure out the illustration yourself. Yeah, still got the scratch... then, guess what I did?

A. Hurl/fling/pitch him to the floor
B. Throws slipper at him
C. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre, start up the engine, put gear in R, accelerate
D. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre of a truck, ask the driver to reverse a bit
E. Answer A and B
F. None the above and do nothing, which is impossible by the way and definitely a wrong answer.. don't choose F

Well, depend on how you look at me, if you think I'm that psycopath then, choose C or D. But I say..... E. Yeah, that'll be close to nice.

I stumbled upon this picture during looking for 'man holding up cat'. First, there's no man in the picture, and I swear that 'that' is not a cat. Second, if I find this creature or somebody putting up this costume walking on my path, I swear Im gonna go for D (<-- refer the cat abuse answer set).

Done. Chao

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chapter 143 - Mock

I've read this on someone's friendster account. U know, the part where u briefly write something about yourself.. So she wrote this,


Wow. That is deep..... deep in Crap Land. How did I add her as my friend. Honestly. I must be friggin sleepy. Well, I just want to know something bout her, and all I get is this. I can imagine how she'll do in work interview...

Mr. Interviewer : Well, by the look from your resume, it fit the requirement that we needed as a marketing director here in SureLingkup Sdn Bhd... Great communication skills, exellent grades from your university, oh.. you even went to "Microsoft Words Camp for Incompetence Beings" in 98...Yep, I was there a year before. But....the thing is, your profile seems to be missing here. Can you briefly explain about yourself?


Mr. Interviewer : Er....Okay...... I guess profile is not that important.. Who cares if you a serial murderer, arsonist or a horse rapist... as long as you can sell, sell, sell. Right? So, how much you demand for your salary?


Mr. Interviewer : Errrr.....Alright.........


Mr. Interviewer : So, I assume you OK with basic of RM2000. Well, don't you want to know about your benefits from working here?


Mt. Interviewer : Working hour?


Mr. Interviewer : Allowance?


Mr. Interviewer : You are a friggin retard!


Mr. Interviewer : OK! This session is officially over! You can go now!

Miss XXXX : So.......When can I start?

Mr. Interviewer : Go to hell!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chapter 142 - Funniest Ever

You think Simpsons is funny? THINK AGAIN. The best cartoon ever in the world is definitely the Family Guy. I used to watched Simpsons, and still watching... but nothing beats this cartoon. Some says cartoon is for kids or for fags. They are wrong! they are wrong.......

Simpsons or Futurama (which is better than simpsons) are from the same creator. The are more to typical slapstick joke. But the sarcasm in Family Guy is much entertaining. The stupidity beyond human can ever NOT think of. They have talking dog, talking baby, sex-addict neighbor and bunch of hillarious casts. Plus, it does not discriminate or biased to any religious, politic or race faction. It does not. They just punch holes on everyone of it. But, I might say that this cartoon can be insulting or not being sensitive to some viewers. Everyone got their own way to cope with that. FIY, this cartoon was aired in Msian TV, but the show was stopped after 2-3 episodes because its just "not suitable for Malaysian viewers". Who cares.... I downloaded all 6 seasons anyways. And you should too...

You know; what is not funny? HOTFM! Tell u this, my mom listens to radio when she's in kitchen, and when I'm driving, I always flipping the stations. And most of the time I hit the HotFM, the crap of Fara and Faizal stupid sideshows always on the air. The one when both DJ badmouthing each other. At first, it was bit funny as each other throws out facts that quite amusing like, sometimes Fara Fauzana didn't get her morning shower as she were late to the radio station. But, as time goes, the stupid sideshow getting lame, boring and burn-to-my-eardrum. I wish I can go to there, grab a microphone..ok, couple of microphones, and shove it in u know where.

Oh..Selamat berpuasa... ciao

Monday, September 10, 2007

Chapter 141 - Weekdays

I just got back from Bandung, Indonesia. It’s a 4 days trip with my family. Well, nothing fancy, just an ordinary family vacation. Some wise man said, jauh berjalan luas pandangan. (Walaupon aku pegi x jauh sangat..sekadar negara seberang je) Yeah….point taken. Going to other places is not the same like it was during my childhood. This might be lame…just bear with it; it do teach us something valuable. Especially, going to a place which was devastated by economic depression some years ago and still clawing their way out of poverty and scarcity. Pe lak yang aku repekkan nih.. but the truth is, it makes me appreciate more of our country... Malaysia. It’s true that our Malaysia still lack something, because people NEVER satisfy by the way, but truly Malaysia is a great nation. Bukan nak kata aku patriotic asbab aura kemerdekaan ke-50 baru2 nih…just the trip was an eye opener.

Rata2 mereka hanya lulusan high school, which is equal to our SPM. And many of those who lives in rural area, pretty much didn't finish their school. Those yg financially capable have the opportunity to continue their study in tertiery level. Unlike we in Msia, we got PTPTN, MARA, JPA, FAMA and all sorts of scholarship. Di sana tiada badan kerajaan yg provide such financial aid. We're soo lucky, abih SPM or STPM we are given opportunity to continue our study regardless of our financial status and of course need to fulfill the requirement needed. Miskin, kaya... sume bleh apply tajaan. Tp bila nak bayar balik sume jadi liat. Agagagaga..

Peribumi sana adalah majority, like Malay in Msia. Government Msia gives so much aid to bumiputra entrepreneurs for their kick start in business. Gives money and guides, incentive, this and those discounts. But, it wasn't the same for peribumi di sana. Exactly "u r on your own" approach. Those yg nak start business must get their own capital, pajak la mobil or tanah, asalkan bleh dapat duit utk berbisnes. And there is no special privilege for peribumi sana... rough huh....

Traffic in Jakarta is horrible. Imagine 5 lanes goes 9. Ntah macam mana mereka bersempit pon tatau. But despite that, i never see any accident. Just once I saw lori terbalik, but that got nothing to do with their driving attitude. Jakarta punya jam tetiap ari dari pagi hingga malam. Believe me when I say that jem di sana sampai pkl 11 malam. Kita kat KL pon paling busuk sesak sampai pkl 8-9. Dem! I can't stand the traffic. Going from point A to point B in the same district can take your 30-45 minutes away. Pening.....those yg panas baran jgn la jejak ke Jakarta. Although I am complaining about traffic kat sana, but attitude drivers sana is much better than us. I dunno how, derang bleh potong queue, mencelah2 depan mata, but never pandang slack kat driver keta lain. We in Msia nih kalau nampak org hogging jalan ke, kena potong ke...kita potong balik pastu pandang driver keta tu macam nak carik gaduh. Honestly, i'm quite sad ngan mentality drivers in Msia...

Beware of zombie.... Hahahaa... Everytime u go to a tourist spot, mesti ada penjual jalanan yg mengerumuni anda even seblom korang turun dari tour bus. U can never get rid of them even if u says no. They'll follow u and it is pretty much annoying. Once, we went to a volcano crater, those guys just never give up and annoys me...just thinking to throw them into the crater. All of them...

One advise about touring with your family. DON'T GO WITH YOUR FAMILY. I dunno if it just me, but going with family bores me. My dad pretty much dictate the tour, shopping and everything. I can't buy an imitate Levi Jeans for RM40 just because he thinks that's expensive...for imitation. Well, it was our last day, and I still got 200,000++ rp ~ RM 100. I dont care to splash the money. That's why it is call SHOPPING. He bought me pants according to his dressing specification. I won't go into details about that. 1 thing we agreed was, the hate of going shopping with women. Adeh... can't stand to accompany ibu2 and sister choosing kain batik, kain tudung dan segala jenis kain.

Well, the trip was badly adjusted.. Arrived at Bandung around 12 am. The next day full of site visit.. managed to shop a bit at Factory outlet mall. The third day, left for Jakarta after breakfast and arrived bit late in the evening after some visits. Check out on 4th day and head back to Msia. Sucks! Lemme tell to those who intend on going on trip similar to mine. Bandung is much much better than Jakarta. The weather were very good..considering the place is on a highland. And do your shopping at Bandung. Many factory outlets there as well as a row of street selling jeans. Go crazy there. At jakarta, if u avoiding traffic..then its better to stay at Jakarta Tua. If u going for shopping and happening stuff, better stay at Jakarta Baru. Well.... that's all. I'm sucks at writing review. Ciao.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chapter 140 - Another Complaint

TMnet is one of the ISP in Malaysia. Of course everybody knows them. they are the dominating force of ISP. even Jaring didn't make as big as them; in term of product popularity and marketing bullshit. I subscribed Streamyx for 3-4 years..i guess. It was so heaven that time around. I was so much satisfied that I upgraded the account from RM44 to RM66. From 60 hours per month to 24/7. Downloading through torrent was pretty much FUN even though i learned it bit later. The download rate were never below 40KBps. In simpler words, I can download 1 episode of House in 2-3 Hours... or download a movie of 800MB in just 5-6 hours. Good huh... But later I also learned that Streamyx is a "Best Effort" service. No matter how you complaint if the network goes slow, they always give the best effort answer crap. Let me simplify more.... U subscribed for the 512Kbps account, but you will never EVER reach that bandwidth. The max you'll get will be around 300++Kbps. Then u also have to count in the network traffic density of your area. Kalau dulu just U and your next door neighbor using Streamyx, mmg la laju dan memuaskan hati. but now, if the whole neighborhood goes streamyx... x ke berkongsi2 bandwidth gitu... Also u need to consider how far the TM station to your home. Lagi jauh, lagi x best. SO, with the increase of users as well as government policies on torrent, It'll never exceed more than 20Kbps during the day and sometime night... my case la... But I bet u guys pon sama. Pretty much I have to change ISP someday.. when Fiber2Home is cheap and available at my area. But for now, I'll stick to the current "Best Effort" service I'm having.

Please la jangan ban torrent.. Aku x download malay movie. Xde nye orang nak seed Datin Diaries or Manjalara. though torrent is some sort of piracy, knape lak nak memperkayakan org luar dgn membeli DVD Ori mereka? Better download je. In term of technicalities, though torrent ni menyesakkan bandwidth, IT'S THEIR PROBLEM!! we demand our freedom of service. we are the customer. So they better think of something yg bleh menyelesaikan bandwidth congestion...hmm....dgn membesarkan bandwidth pipeline for starter. How bout that?.... I just want my 50Kbps back..... huhuhuhuhu

Monday, August 06, 2007

Chapter 139 - Drifting

yep...still jobless. Guess all my friends having great time working. Aren't they? Hahahaha.. as for me, it's not like i'm avoiding geting job, but stuff i have to deal at home is pretty much similar as working full time. Plus, the lecturers from my masters' classes really give us something to keep us busy during the weekdays. Assignments after assignments....*sigh*...

The idea of grouping is to well delegate tasks among members, but since i'm the jobless one, most of the back end task, i did it alone. Task like compiling, prepare ppt, writing reports... Adeh... Tamau komplen lebih.... it's suppose to be fair, but i'm quite busy being a jobless... (<-- how's that possible?). U guys just don't know. The chores around the house is pretty much daunting. Kena gi bayar bill la... drive my mom to visit my bro la... going to my aunts hse la... family dinner la... Actually, i didn't have much time with my beloved PCs. Aiyooooo... sooo busy..

Oh ya, i've uploaded new song. By Solomon Burke; Don't give up on me. Kekadang layan soul ngan blues pon ok gak....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chapter 138 - Dream, Is Just A Dream

Remember when we're young... 1st Grade or in 2nd; when teacher asked what we want to be.... well, i didn't remember clearly what was my answers. But I do remember writing 'police' and 'doctor' on that piece of paper. At that age, most popular answers are posmen, polis, ahli bomba... Hahahah, i bet none of them become one. So, it changed when i was 15. Cikgu tingkatan 1 asked the same question, but without pronouncing it slowly (<-- like talking to small children just so they can catch what you're saying). Well, i answered that i want to become a Chairman of an organization. What organization? I dunno... it might be some toilet bowl company...who knows... Then, when I was 17, my homeroom teacher asked the same question, and I told him that I want to become a lawyer or an IT expert. The answer gave my Homeroon teacher a bit of headache, since he was there to give advise on my career move. He told, lawyer and IT are both on different page...even on different books. He told to choose, i didn't, but the later one did choose me (<-- cewah... macam wand pilih wizard lak...)

It's not like i regret or something, but i envy doctors. I think i make a good doctor, but since i didn't study hard, i didn't become one. Doctors have the knowledge that are given upmost respect by people. I love watching movies or dramas about doctor, such as..
  • House
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Scrubs
  • Dr Koto
  • Kirakira Kenshui ~ the sparkling intern
  • Nurse Aoi
  • Team Medical Dragon
  • dan byk lagi...

Ah..if anyone ada drama2 cenggini do notify me. Maybe bleh swap ka..pinjam pastu buat harta ka...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chapter 137 - Deathly Hallows

Do not, and I mean don't read the rest of this post especially to the Harry Potter fan's who want the pleasure of reading the book themselves; as it will contain spoilers and the ending of this great series of fiction.

Deathly Hallows is the last installment of Harry Potter series. And yet, the last is for the best. but don't expext very-very happy ending although the ending is truly a happy one. Few death of those who are close to Harry. Some of it were unexpected.

Well, I won't go through the details. just some points.

1. This book reveal the secrets of Dumbledore who did mistakes during his young age ~ how he admit his weaknesses are the temptation of power. That's why he never took the position of Minister of Magic.
  • Ariana - Dumbledore's sister
  • Kendra - Dumbledore's mother
  • Aberforth - Dumbledore's bro
2. Deathly hallows [keramat] are instrument of legend. consists of:
  • the invisibility cloak [own by Harry ~ turn out that Harry is descendent of Peverell, which is the first owner of the cloak]
  • the resurrection stone [one of the Voldermort's horcruxes]
  • the elder wand [passed on from a wizard to another by beating the current owner of the wand] ~ Dumbledore obtain it by beating Grendelwald and later stole by voldermort from Dumbledore's grave.
3. Continuing the mission given by Dumbledore, Harry along with Ron and Hermoine seek to destroy the remaining horcruxes.
  • locket ~ Stole from Kreacher by Mudungus, and later confisticated by Umbridge
  • The lost diadem ~ Ravenclaws lost item which was hidden in the room of requirement.
  • Nagini ~ Voldermort's snake
  • Cup of Ravenclaw ~ Bellatrix kept it in his vault at Gringrott
  • Harry himself
Horcruxes are items that holds Voldermort soul. He did so he can become immortal.

4. After Dumbledore, Snape become the headmaster of Hogwarts. And to answer the queation regarding him, his loyalty is with Dumbledore. The death of Dumbledore is planned by him and Dumbledore himself. Dumbledore is already dying due to wearing the ring of resurrection (horcruxe) for so long. Snape is Lily's (Harry's mom) childhood friend and he had crush on her eversince their childhood.

5. Petunia (Harry's aunt) begged Dumbledore to be accepted into Hogwart, but then refused to go, thinking it was a school for freak. -edited, thanks to Chah..

6. The final battle occured at Hogwart. Voldermort and Death Eaters with helps of Giants and forbidden forrest's creature VS Aurors, Order of Pheonix, teachers and students of Hogwart, Grawp (Hagrid's bro), Dumbledore's Army, Harry, Ron, Hermione and help of the centaurs.

7. Mrs Molly Weasly kill Belatrix Lestrange on the final battle at the Great Hall, Hogwart.

8. The secret of wand is revealed which explains the nature of wand that choose wizard, not vice-versa. That's one of the cause of Voldermort death in his final battle with Harry which was spectated by all in Hogwart.

9. Death list:
  • Alastor Mad Eye Moody ~ during transporting Harry out from Privet Drive
  • Ted Tonks
  • Hedwig ~ Harry's owl
  • Remus Lupin and wife, Nymphadora Tonks Lupin
  • Fred Weasly
  • Snape ~ killed by Voldermort
  • Peter Pettigrew
10. 19 years after the death of Voldermort, Neville Longbottom is a professor at Hogwart,
Harry married to Ginny, with 3 childrens
  • James Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter
  • Lily Potter
  • Ted Remus Lupin ~ Harry's godson
Ron married to Hermione with 2 childrens
  • Rose Weasly
  • Hugo Weasly
Well... that's all. I did said that I won't covers the detail, simply put you have to read it anyway. It's a great book. Damn! it's over already...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chapter 136 - Still Standing

waddup? Just came back from Genting Highland for 3D 2N vacay with my family. FMI and FYI, GH still sejuk. I thought with rapid development, bangunan baru here and there, and still some future developement to be seen there.... the temp will likely be the same with the one we're having here in KL. Well, i was wrong. I dunno why, but lately i often wrong. Huh? Pelik... but anyhow, it wasn't the same as it was 5-10 years ago or time before that. of course la... with global warming happening...even artic is melting down. Wonder if i will taste the life in Mars or moon. Maybe...

So, this is the first time i went to GH without stepping in into Outdoor park. Fortunately, i did a correct decision since most of the cool rides are under maintenance. So, the 2nd day i spent in arcade, bowling alley, karaoke jamban and during the night, i watched a performance. THE PERFORMANCE WAS SOOO LAME AND BORING. every second i wish something bad happen to the cast. but unfortunately...nothing happened. The performance includes some magic and acrobatic shows. With that, a lot i can imagine and wish to happen per say someone slipped during the daredevil acrobatic and fell down..hard. maybe one of the cast get hit in the nut. maybe the magic trick fails and someone really got cut into half. i am so mean, but it's true. Though the ticket was free, it was a waste of 1 1/2 hour. Anyway, Lim Goh Tong is an opportunist. He's a dude from China (not originated from Malaysia), working up the stairs of construction line. He used to collect and sells besi buruk. sells 2nd hand machinaries. and now... a billionaire.

a tale to be followed maybe..?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chapter 135 - Sub-Finale

Damn! i'm experiencing hard disk problem. Funny thing is, when it happen to us, then you are pretty much bother by it. Kalau sebelum tu orang lain experiencing same problem, haram tamau amik tau. Actually, xdela sampai x amik tau, just doesn't bother to figure out the solution. Well, my beloved extended partitions is corrupt and unreadable. Again... DAMN! 120GB of space, not to mention the isi kandungan of the 2 partitions which is sooo much valuable to me. Some of it contain 2-3 years of download materials. Pictures of this and that. Installer... and so much more....

Well... i found this trial software. The demo will only allow you to view the sectors of that particular partition, but unallow you to recover them. I found that the sectors are still intact. Thank God! but, as i said... cannot recover. the software gonna cost me $49. yeah.. in $. Actual figure... times 3.5. You do the math... in the mean time, i'm gonna look for a freeware. Yep, found one, but x brani nak guna.... Mau kena carik bahan experiment nih... Apis..mana pc ko?? Keh3..

So orait..enuff with my problem. I figure i can do some summarizing of series i'm watching.

Ep 23 - x tgk lagi. Ada dlm DVD...malas nak bukak.

Prison Break
Ep 22 - pon x tgk lagi... ada dlm partition yg corrupt tuh

Ep 22 - Sam's dead rite? No worries... Dean made a deal with a demon which trade his life for Sam's. Dean got 1 year left to live. The yellow-eye demon succesfully open up the hell's gate with the help of another fella (the one yg bunuh Sam) using the sacred gun.. Yep, it's not just a gun that can kill the yellow-eye demon, but also a key to open up the gate. Somehow, the old-man Winchester (bapak heroes cerita nih) climbed up the hell and help his sons to kill the yellow-eye demon. season, derang nak hunt balik demon2 yg terlepas..kot.

Ugly Betty
Ep 23 - Ignacio Suarez sangkut kat Mexico and without his knowledge, ada orang nk balas dendam kat mr Suarez for what he did some many2 years ago.. Betty was on her way to airport to catch Henry (and told him that he is not the father to his GF's baby) when she received news that Hilda's fiancee dead in a shop robbery.. talking about being at the wrong place at the wrong time... Alex and her/his bro, Daniel caught in accident which was accidentally planned by Alex herself/himself. Mr Meade is getting married to Wilhamenna. Amanda found out that she's daughter of Fey Summer. Oh ya... Mrs Meade escape from prison...

Ep 22 - JD and Elliot doubt their decisions. JD think that he made a wrong decision accepting Kim and their expecting baby considering Kim lied to him about the miscarriage she didn't have. Also Elliot think that she made a mistake accepting Keith's marriage proposal. And both JD and Elliot make out to close up season 6...

Greys Anatomy
Ep 24 - Greys breaking up with Shephard. Preston Burke bail out from his wedding with Yang. Izzy confess her love to George. George's wife, Cally told Izzy that they are trying to get pregnant to shut the deal between Izzy and George. Cally's offered as chief of Residence, leaving Bailey confuse with chief's decisions. Shephard refuse the position of Chief of Surgeon. George fails the Intern exam and Alex fails to confess his love to Eva. She's already discharge.

Ep 24 - House fires Chase. Foreman still quitting and Cameron resign. As usual, House managed to 'cure' his patient. bla..bla..bla... in the end, House replace his displayed guitar with a new one, as an analogy of changes he's having. I think...

So......cannot wait maa for upcoming season..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chapter 134 - I Don't Believe

What the hell... i never heard of a car's grace period. It's like a 'pantang' after giving birth.

The story began when my sister crashed the Iswara into some longkang and because of my mom don't have any car to move around, my dad bought new MyV and put my sister's name on it. So, basically the car is my sister's. Damn! I crashed the same Iswara many years before, all i got was a smack, now she wreck the car, then suddenly she got a new one. So....back to the story. Yesterday the day i got my hand on the new car. Drove to my aunt's place at PJ, and just minutes of driving, my sister told me that i shouldn't go beyond 80 kmph until it reach 1000 km mileage. Grace Period she said. Bull-crap I said. What the hell with that? Why the car need to be warm-up until 1000 km? why 1000 km? you know how long will that take, with average mileage is 2 km per day. you do the math... As far as i remembered, the time we got the kancil, my brother tekan sampai 140 kmph, the car still fine until now what...... So, my point is, there's no such thing as car's grace period. not in earth and not in neverland.

Syabas to SYABAS (sykt bekalan air selangor) for not only provide us with clean water, but also menjahanamkan jalanraya. The holes, jalan x rata and pecah sana-pecah sini....all worth it. Especially at Sentul, infront of Kg Badak hape ntah.. Everytime i passed through that impaired road, i'll never miss to said, "**** SYABAS!! ****** macam ******!". But when i think about SYABAS yang menyalurkan air ke setiap isi rumah di Selangor eventhough ada gangguan once in a while... it's just worth it... I think to commemorate this, SYABAS should change their name to SYABASDPJR.... Syarikat bekalan air selangor dan penjahanam jalan raya....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chapter 133 - No Regret

I'm doing my last post from the beloved "umah sewa". Currently, i'm packing up my stuff and i realized that i don't have that much stuff here. Beside my clothes, books, PC... i don't think i have anything left to pack. *sigh*... hate to depart. While packing up, i put on my 'Honey & Clover' songs which includes various of positive songs also some sad one. dem! (<-- ayat cenkoi)

Actually, this house has a new member... Bro Sopi.. Honestly speaking, he's a clean freak. I thought the 'lembut' kind of guy is the clean freak... but i was wrong. he made the house cleaner in few days than what we, the existing members did in 2 years, accumulately. Kenapa la bro x masuk awal2... Cet!! Neway, wanna wish the future household all the best in future. Apis, gudluck with yer project. Midi, hopefully not to tangled-up with yer GF... otherwise cepat2 kawen. Faibo, no comment! Hahahah... marah lak faibo. No lah... faibo, "take care" of apis... hahahahahahaah..

Well, just got my last semester result. quite fair la... considering the last minute deal i pulled near the end of that semester. And the most important... i managed to tell my dad bout it, and he seems fine with it. Phew! I was afraid that i will get another lecture from him.

So.. ok. I bid my farewell, i'm gonna miss this place.. although i'm going to be here next semester for my post graduate study. I'll be here, not as a tenant, but as a freeloader to be exact. Hehehehe..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chapter 132 - CCNA

Alhamdulillah... last friday me along with my friends took the CCNA exam. It was a nerve-wrecking experience. Although it was only 53 questions, but the consequences made me worries. If I fail, surely it would be a gigantic waste. I can't afford to fail. The course was free, ditanggung dek Universitas tercinta along with the exam fee. Failing may prohibit one to retake the exam within 180 days, and the retake would cost you as you're not an academic student anymore. The good thing with Cisco is, when you pass the retake exam, you can claim the fees back. So, why bother with passing that exam when you afford to fail, retake and claim? Duh... mentally, i don't want to be left back among my peers; physically, i don't want to use my own money, and waste my time and youth for the retake exam.

So, i managed to score 949 which most of us got the same score.. dunno why. But it's OK as long as we passed. Although it was a joyous day, few of my friends didn't make it. It's definitely made the victory incomplete. When that happened, the best thing is to slide things away. No words can make up for their failure, so try not to console them or whatever. It's harsh but, they're no kids. They know the truth and the consequences. What i did was pray to Allah for their success in future. I thought Azee (<-- bkn nama sebenar) was among the "few friends" sebab dia buat muka ketat bila nak tangkap gambar, pastu blah saje... but i discovered that she passed but didn't manage to see her score. Sengal. She's always the moody one.

So now, i can put something in my resume beside my favorite food and drink. Hahahaah.. At least i have something i can halfly proud off... ye la... lulus pon ngan bantuan toyol berteknologi tinggi... don't misintepret me... xde nye aku bela toyol, cuma download je. hahahahah....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chapter 131 - Music, the Spice of Life

"Especially for you" ~ remake by M.Y.M.P

Special thanks to Dr Izah for introducing me to imeem. Also thanks to Jnie for introducing me to this song. Currently I'm doing something... i'll post later.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Chapter 130 - Mr Clean

Quiz of the day..

Guess what in the blue dot to complete the sentence:

a. sengal..
b. kalau idak, tau la aku "kerja"kan ko..
c. Hehehehe
d. =P
e. !!!
f. else { $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table"); }

Sian apis.. pe saje yang dia buat mesti jadi bahan lucu. Anyway, one thing yang aku observe, lepas je dia tampal note kat rak kasut and the other one kat sinki (<-- sruh basuh pinggan lepas makan), terus menerus tempat tu jadi bersih. Dah xde kasut bersepah2... dan yang lebih penting, xde dah menara sauron dalam sinki tu. Aku gelar pinggan mangkuk yang bertingkat2 dalam sinki tu sebagai menara sauron (<-- sebab dah rupa macam menara sauron mini dalam cerita lord of the ring tuh). Ngeri dan horror.

Dengan itu, aku mengucapkan terima kasih.. kerana bukannya apa, yang selalu basuh pinggan tu aku ngan apis je. Yang lain tau menyemak je. Letih aku tau....
Hahahahaha.... marah pulak housemate aku. Takde la... derang pon ada basuh pinggan walaupun x selalu... Although effective, tindakannya itu seakan2 lambat kerna, kami lagi beberapa hari lagi nak berambus dari rumah itu. Dan x merasalah kebersihan itu....

Chapter 129 - Go Cavaliers!!

Dengan ini, aku officially support Cleveland Cavaliers. Bukan kerana ada LeBron James, the highly rated superstar; but because they're the underdog of this tourney. With bigger teams in the playoff like Mavs, Pistons, Suns... they managed to get themselves in the Playoff Final by beating the Pistons in the conference final. Another reason is, I hate Spurs. Duncan and co. are the bad guys in this tournament. End of hating.

Ingat nak post berjela2... tapi ada plan lain. Update later ya. Ciao

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chapter 128 - Sub-plots

To say goodbye....

I always have problem with saying goodbye. In fact, i hate goodbye. Since boarding school, i have really2 great friends. And since we stayed together for almost 2 years, being in the same dormitory and classes, laugh and cry; to depart is something that I find hard to do. Same goes when I was in UTM for diploma. For 3 years we developed such great friendship, overcome problems and having fun... and when the time comes, we sayed our goodbye. I've only met few of my ex-schoolmates since we're graduated and some still in touch... thanks to YM.

Well, to be honest, the 1st time I stepped into my degree class, I thought I'm going to have hard time to get friends like I had during my school and UTM years. But, I was wrong. Since I'm kind off special case, my classes are mixed. So, I got friends with the same age, 1 year younger and 2 years younger. Kinda like 3 batches at the same time. They're magnificent friends. I would never regret that I made the decision to study here. It's always fun with them, especially with the 3rd group. They never treat me like a brother though... just like pure friend. And I never emphasize on things like that.

Well, my 3 years of degree here is almost near its end. Just few days more. I just hope, we do better than I did with my ex-schoolmates. Once in few weeks, we hang out to catch movies or playing futsal.. or whatever...

You guys are the greatest!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chapter 127 - The Answers

tak sangka plak begitu kontroversi... no lah... Yang "sayang" tu you all la..... I sayang you all, my beloved blog readers (<-- vomit!!!). Hahahahahaha...
Hell NO!!! diulangi NOOOO!!!!!

Summary of unreported events (with pics attach)

The Finals

Final Exam.... I only sit for 2 papers, but still, a lot of memorizing, hustling and bustling involves. Ingat 2 paper senang ka?? Depressed with FYP presentation also tight draft deadline lagi...

Since aku xleh nak suruh pegawai peperiksaan snap gambar aku jawap paper final, so I just pick some final exam picture randomly from Internet. Assume I'm that dork sitting way front; wearing that blue shirt matching with his blue handwatch. Mak aih...beso nye handfon aku..

The Great Champ

Manchester United crowned as the Premier league champion. Thanks Arsenal for holding the fort for us. Chelsea fans.... KISS MY CHAMP A**... Brader Chelsea tu saje je balik lambat lepas game ngan Arsenal... Tunggu kitorang chaloo dulu. Kes malu la tu....

No doubt, the best team ever!

The True Final

One-on-one with examiner and SIGs is not a happy moment and definitely not an easy stroll for me. 1 SIG gives a good nod, the other just stay quiet, but of all, the examiner is/was the cranky ***** one. Hey! somebody has to be the bad guy right? The examiner makes as if my system is nothing. Eleh... meh sini aku bagi 2 minggu buat programming, tgk bleh ke tak?!! (<-- kantoi, 2 minggu baru nak buat system).

Eleh bojan, sebok lak ngko nak susun kerusi. Lihat dibelakang... Seth, Ammar dan Gaylord ketawa girang selepas present FYP. Confirm lepas la tu!!! Aku pula sebaliknya keligatan sugul kerana kurang success selepas kena "bubuh" ngan examiner...

The Graduation

Yoshizawa Hitomi graduation has embark Morning Musume without a colorful-cute-boyish character as well as a good leader. As one of my fav celeb, I'm soooo sad.

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu..... comey nye

The Denied Champion

Stupid referee had ripped the chance of United to become the 1st FA winner at the new Wembley. Obviously the ball had gone behind the line. If not pon, Essien totally knock down Giggs which is surely a penalty kick. Stupid referee! Suka la brader Chelsea tu...

We're gonna bounce back. Quadrable next season. InsyaAllah...


2 weeks of 9-to-5 classes. Macam keje la pulak. Following the weeks is the CISCO exam. Obtaining this professional certificate is an added-value to my resume as well as my market price. The course actually gonna cost you RM*,000, but my beloved University subsidized it. I have to pay none for it. Sebab tu katanya ramai seniors x pass sbb take-for-granted. Mentang2 xyah bayar....

Cisco...gonna love it!

Chapter 126 - Interference

Wait la sayang..... I update kemudian. Keh keh keh.... So busy la right now!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chapter 125 - Easy Surfer

elo.. right now I'm entering the final phase of my project. A little bit touch-up to the interface as well consultation from my brother regarding the output of my system. Well, he's a QA. Since I'm dealing with ISO and standard stuff, I might as well ask him. Though I'm bit busy, at least I'm not as pressured as I was last week. I was at a point where I can't sleep. Surely Apis Wicked'Pedia won't understand that, he's a sleep master and sleep monster. Hahahaha... So, I'm slowly cruising to finish up my degree. I'm 24 and yet not working. All my friends are having the pleasure of working 9-to-5 (<-- hahahaha :) ) and get their own money (<-- huhuhuhu :( ). To tell u a secret, I hate work. I guess I can't run from it....
Oh ya, forgot to mention bout the report that i need to submit this monday. Sigh~~~

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chapter 124 - Bald and Ugly II

~~sigh~~ tomorrow's the first day of the xm. I'm still half confident whether I can get A for it or not. Still didn't finish the study. I'm the 'last minute' type of guy. It's been like that ever since I'm in school. But, say... for what...17 years of schooling (plus the University), I've always get away with the 'last minute' thing. Recently, I started my Final Year Project which I'm supposed to start it by the start of this semester. Guess what... here come Mr Last Minute. I also don't have much confident in my project becos the system is quite simple, but Mr Dregern tought me the superb-answer to the questions or any doubt by the examiners regarding my project.. which is, "The suggested system is a is not in my project's scope". hahahaha... Thanx dude. I'm gonna use it wisely.
So, ok... with the exam tomorrow, I having hard time to cope. Yesterday, I went to watch Manchester game against Boro. yeah, the game end with 1-1 draw. it's quite dissappointing. The first half, I just can't concentrate watching the game. My body was there at the mapley, but my head thinking hard about the chapters that I haven't covered yet. So I decided to leave at the half time. But, it's not solely because of that....

I hate anything that goes with Chelsea. The club, manager, players, car stickers, fans, etc. To the Chelsea fan reading this blog....Shut the hell up!

There got this fellow, who is a Chelsea fan. Aku mmg cukup meluat dgn mamat nih. This fellow macam ada note tampal kat badan dia tulis, "Mari pukul saya". Sangat bising macam gampang. I dont care if you're a Chelsea fan, Arsenal fan, or even ManU fan... be professional la bro. At least respect others. The time when Richardson scored, the score sign still showed 0-0. He laughed so hard thinking that the goal was denied. Maybe it was an offside. But seconds later, the score sign changed to 1-0, mamat tu diam je... Muka dah la buruk, ada hati nak bising2... sempat jugak aku snap gambar dia guna V3X aku... tapi gambar x clear sangat la...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chapter 123 - Bald and Ugly

====Breaking News====

Last week, to be exact, on Friday, 12.30 am; Section 7 Shah Alam was shocked by the scream of a creature known as 'PakCik Botak'. Unfortunately, the writer wasn't there at the location to witness the event. From the reliable witnesses, 'PakCik Botak' suddenly attack a group of boy which at that particular time, having a good game of badminton. During the event, a passerby was lucky enough to snap a picture of this 'PakCik Botak' and send it over to the writer. Know that, this picture is rare as it always hide in it's cave, but sometimes do come out in the evening to play football with it's youngling. Pray to God that it's younglings won't turn out to be like 'PakCik Botak' when they grow up. Pray to God.....

Image of 'PakCik Botak'

It is said that 'PakCik Botak' lived nearby and frequently harrassed those young boys. But this time around, the young boys stood up and fight back. The scene started when 'PakCik Botak' came back from it boar hunting and found that the young boys were playing badminton past midnight. Fail to get any boar, and havent get laid for quite some time with it's wife makes 'PakCik Botak' agitated and easily angry. 'PakCik Botak' was seen observing those young boys for few minutes... then suddenly 'PakCik Botak' came close and ...

'PakCik Botak' : Lagi 5 minit!!
.midi : Apahal pulak lagi 5 minit....
'PakCik Botak' : Aku cakap 5 minit, 5 minit la!!!
.midi : Ah...Pedulik la. Haritu kawan ko main sampai pukul 1-2 pagi, x pulak ko halau!
'PakCik Botak' : Mana ada!! Aku dah suruh diorang berhenti.. (<-- 'PakCik Botak' tipu)
'PakCik Botak' : Ko x tau sape aku!!! Aku ketua kat sini !!
.midi : Pedulik hape aku ko sape!
'PakCik Botak' : Ko jangan nak kurang ajar, aku repot polis nanti!
.midi : Repot arr... Kitorang bukan hisap dadah! Kitorang pon ada hak... tiap2 bulan bayar maintenance fee...
'PakCik Botak' : Mana ada... tu korang bayar sewa umah je...
.midi : Kejadah! tiap2 bulan bayar 40 hinggit macam ko...
'PakCik Botak' : Mana aku tau, tu bukan tanggungjawab aku!! (<-- bukan ko ngaku ketua ke tadi? Xkan x tau...)
'PakCik Botak' : Nanti aku tutup lampu!! (<-- sambil berjalan menuju ke kotak suis)
dregern : Tutup arr kalau berani....kitorang bukak balik!
'PakCik Botak' : Aku tutup ni... (<-- x tutup2 jugak)
dregern : Tutup arr...
'PakCik Botak' masih x tutup lampu dan bergegas pergi...sambil mencarut...Bergegas ke kawan2 nya, tapi sorang pon kawan dia x datang tolong. Bangang!

Other report can be read at Apis Wicked'Pedia's blog. Remember... Wanting others to respect you, you have to respect others first. Plus... be fair and don't 'berat seblah'. and to 'PakCik Botak'.... Cari duit banyak2 pastu pegi Yun Nam Hair Care. Tanam akar rambut.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chapter 122 - Ruthless

Wow... United trashed Roma 7-1. What a result. Down by 2-1 at Roma, the 2nd leg was suprisingly easy for United. Roma was unable to fight back. I just thought that they can reach 10 goals.... hahahaha, kejam sangat la pulak. Anyway, semifinal with Milan/Bayern surely going to be interesting. Last meeting, United was eliminated by Milan at QuarterFinal and United did a superb comeback over Bayern by beating them to win the Champions League Final. Phew.... I just can't wait, man...... But, even with the trashing, it was sultried by Chelsea win over Valencia. Hampeh, playing in own territory, still x dpt nak kekang Chelsea. Anyway, confirm Chelsea akan jumpa Liverpool... unless PSV bleh buat magical comeback dengan menang 4-0. Impossible, but hey! bola itu bulat....

Aku ada 1 isu disini.... What the hell is this?!!
Kalau sesape yang x tau.. itu bag untuk simpan handphone. Dan soalannya, KENAPA PERLU ADA BAG/SARUNG NAK SIMPAN HANDPHONE? Adakah kerana ianya comel? Adakah anda akan nampak lebih cute jika mempunyai bag handphone? Adakah dengan memilikinya, lebih ramai jantan @ betina akan tertarik kepada anda? Atau adakah anda hendak melindungi handphone anda dari calar? kalau begitu, jangan pakai handphone.

Curious of how to use it? Kata ada orang call anda...
  1. Telefon berdering (itu pon belom tentu bleh dengar, sebab telefon anda dalam sarung kan??), cuma rasa getar ala2 vibrator.
  2. Bawak keluar bag handphone dari poket @ handbag (bagi perempuan).
  3. Terhegeh2 mengeluarkan handphone dari sarung. Kalau sarung tu diikat mati, abaikan point ke-4. Dah xde maknanya....
  4. Anda mungkin dapat jawab ataupun x dapat jawab sebab dah abih buang masa kat point-1 hingga point-3.
Kalau orang yang call anda itu boss anda, tentu anda dah kena pecat. Ataupun yang call tu dari Stesen radio yang menawarkan hadiah dengan cuma menjawab telepon saje, dah tentu anda kerugian. Adakah anda mahu rugi atau dipecat? jika tidak, sila buang bag handphone itu jauh2.

====Word of wisdom. Courtesy of Apis Wicked'Pedia====

"Orang negro tu gelap sebab banyak minum coke"


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chapter 121 - ZZzzzZZZzzzZ

Alo... this post must be late at least a week. So, suck it up!

I just want to say that I was wrong. I thought that all computer and math students are geeks and nerds. They are; but these geeks and nerds really do know how to dress-up. I did mention about the Pre-Grad Night, it was on last Friday. The theme was 'fusion glamour’ (<-- x nak kalah btol organizer nih) and all of us dressed up pretty well that night. Almost all the guys pakai blazer (<-- mcm dah rancang plak). Ada sorang mamat ni exaggerate gila... siap pakai topi godfather pastu balik kampung pinjam tongkat atuk dia. Ke hulu ke hilir dia menghayun tongkat atuk dia. Member2 semeja aku dah meluat, tapi bagi aku, as long tongkat dia tu x hayun kat aku, aku x kesah. Malam tu juga diserikan dengan kehadiran celebrities, mcm Waheeda yang menyanyikan beberapa lagu yang x hit itu tapi audience buat2 hit. Ada juga Adam AF yang datang untuk tidak menyanyikan lagu, tapi untuk melantak. Tapi, yang lebih memeranjatkan kami adalah kehadiran bintang lakonlayar dari negara seberang~~ Irwanshah, yang popular dengan cerita "Heart" itu. Walaupun sibuk dengan projek filem barunya yang bertajuk "Network Monitoring: Codename Nagios" itu, tapi dia dapat meluangkan masa utk menceriakan majlis. Kami seisi meja 18 ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kerana sudi datang ke majlis yang memang x seberapa itu.

Irwanshah bergambar dengan salah seorang peminatnya.

Anyway, the food was nice, except organizer buat style buffet. Ramai komplen bila dpt tau makan style buffet, ye la, even I'm not comfortable lining up to get the food. Cam kat kem pelarian la pulak. Tapi since kitorang pakai smart2, rasa cam kat kem pelarian utk org2 kacak pula. Hahahahaha....

So, from my observation, somehow I can relate to characters in Starcraft..

Beratur jenis bangsa x civilize, agak licik dan dalam masa yang sama keji. Nampak ada member dah dekat2 meja buffet tu, gi la buat2 sembang. Nak sembang saje x kesah, ni jenis yang sambil sembang sambil amik pinggan pastu kaut semua jenis lauk-pauk yang ada. Mereka ini kategori Zerg.

Ada yang jenis pandai tahap Protoss. Nasi dia x sentuh sbb nasi ni komoditi murah yang mudah didapati dimana2. Amik lauk yang mahal2 cam udang ngan fillet ikan. Amik bukan sepinggan-dua. Tapi berpinggan-pinggan. Kesudahannya, x abis.

Yang Terran pulak lebih bersifat kepada manusia. Haloba. Mereka ini berlumba2 memenuhkan pinggan dengan semua lauk pauk. Semua nak sumbat dalam satu pinggan, bak laki mahupun perempuan. Nak rasa semuanya kata mereka. Bak kata, kalau dah bayar RM50 tu, makanan yang diambil tu, mesti melebihi harga bayarannya; hatta ianya Rm50.01 sekalipon.

Ada juga yang jatuh dalam kategori Hybrid. Mereka ini hasil pensenyawaan 2 hingga 3 suku kaum yang telah disebut tadi. Ada Zerg yang mempunyai sifat2 Terran.... ada juga Protoss yang bersifat Zerg...dan juga beberapa kombinasi yang x mustahil difikirkan. Sekian....

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