Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chapter 120 - Here We Go

Finally, the most anticipated blog is here. Err.. I'm not talking bout my blog though (<-- it'll be 'syok sendri'). It's Ahmad Hafiz Ilmuddin's. The man is finally spoken. Har har har... No words can measure up to his wisdom. A man with 1000 years of experience. He's the one among us who's seen the legendary 'ayam israel', whereas it's cage is as tall as errr.. your tv in the tv cabinet (<-- ukur sendiri!!!). By the way, I've read it. Your english is not that bad la Apis... Keep up the good work, dude!

Oh~ I'm looking forward for tomorrow's Pre-Graduate Dinner. I hope it's worth the money I paid!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chapter 119 - Feeling Void

Helo. I dont feel well. It's like something missing in me. My life is not in the middle yet to experience mid-life crisis, so it must be something else, I guess. But I'm the type of guy that slides things off. So, let it flow and buat bodo saje. I'm not a philosophical type of guy, I don't have one. Most people live with philosophy, but I'm not. Therefore, it's hard to cope when something happens as I dont have any still standpoint. Earl believes that "do good, and good things will come; it's karma". Oh, Earl is a character in tv series 'My Name is Earl'. The show is so-so. For me the funniest is Family Guy. OMG, they totally kicks my laughing buds. It's a type of show that I can watched over and over, and to my surprise, the voice-over for the characters are about 3 to 4 fellas. I think I'm interested in doing voice-over, and I can do voice for a character of old Venezualean farmer. Yeah... the telenovela. It's funny though, to think about things happened to M'sian viewers these past few years. We used to hit-strucked by japanese dramas (Beautiful Life), then comes the telenovelas (Yo Soy Betty la Fea, El Amor no es Como lo Pintan, Mistres Hermanas), then comes the korean dramas (Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart), after that Indonesian dramas (Bawang Besar Bawang Kecil, Ratapan Anak Angkat).... so, when will M'sian acknowledging their own dramas? It's not their fault afterall, our dramas kind of sucks. Hahahahaha..... But there are signs of changes in M'sian movies, although kinda late. We produced some good movies. I haven't watch yet the 'Chermin', 'Mukhsin' and few other new movies. But I heard that they're great. I do fantasize on making my own movie. Well, me and my friend, Ammar actually. We're going for a horror movie or ghost movie. But, he's too influenced by movies such as 'The Saw', 'The Saw 2' and 'the Saw 3'. He's a freak! I mean, nobody watch that kind of movies with happy face, but he does. Oh... don't get me wrong, making movies is not my dream.... My biggest dream of all is, jeng jeng jeng.... to play with Manchester United Football Club. It's my dream to play alongside Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes and other football superstars in Theatre of Dreams. I just wish that it'll come true. Oh, maybe I can e-mail Alex Ferguson and ask him if he needs a winger. A chubby one. Hahahaahah. Back to reality ~ I'm currently waiting for the debut of Ahmad Hafiz Ilmudding's blog. I can't anticipate what's he's going to write, but if it's not funny, we'll make it! We means me and my buddies.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chapter 118 - Miss'ed

Helo... boku ga inakute ka. shimpai ja nai, boku wa koko de imasu. Hehehehe... what the hell I'm mumbling about? Actually I said, "is it lonely without me? Don't worry, I'm here". Kenapa lak aku nak showoff bahasa jepun nih? Cakap melayu pon masih terabur.... No particular reason, memang nak showoff. At least I learned something as well as you guys who read this, right? Aku pon bukan buleh cakap fluently, kena bukak kamus jugak. Tgk macam Mahadzir Lokman tu, buleh cakap multiple language. Multiple language dia bukannya bahasa jawa, bahasa melayu baku, bahasa melayu pasar, english, ataupun bahasa yang biasanya dicipta oleh budak2 skolah yang mana korang kena ganti huruf "w" atau "m" pada setiap sukukata. Macam bengap pon ada derang nih kan? Ah, anyway, if i'm not mistaken, he's fluent in japanese, mandarin, arabic and few other languages. He's even offered to work with CNN and fortunately he didn't take the offer, because CNN is sooo biased; and they're not news supplier, they're propaganda tools.

Currently, there are some issues with blogging in Malaysia. Apparently, those who found sultrying or demeaning M'sian Goverment will be severely punished. Nasib baik blog aku cuma kutuk kawan2 saje dan bukannya kutuk kerajaan. Fuhhh... Ada diantara bloggers yang aktif menentang campurtangan kerajaan terhadap freedom of speech ni. Since aku tgh buat research pasal topik ni, aku ada in-sight sket pasal kes ni. Malas nak explain panjang2, macam la aku ni pensyarah atau lawyer yang bertauliah, tapi apa yang aku buleh cakap, even human rights macam Freedom of speech ni void if it is found breaching the Federal Constitution. Our Federal Constitution exist to protect public security, public morality and public policy. So, there's no case at all. Apa la salahnya blogger2 tu bercerita pasal kucing diorang ke... perkelahan keluarga di Ulu Yam ke... statistik jualan basikal BMX dipasaran Malaysia ke... ni tidak, nak jugak "bubuh" kerajaan. Ces ces ces...

Just recently aku terbaca dalam newspaper pasal our forgotten billionaire, Dr Ellie. He believed that he'd been ripped off by Forbes. Dia x percaya kenapa nama dia x ada dalam Billionaires' list yang mana adanya nama2 seperti TS Ananda Krishnan, Robert Kuok, Bill Gates, etc,. OK, for the FIRST and the LAST time, "YOU ARE A BROKE, LYING NOBODY!". Why must he keep charading his "wealth"? Also, from the newspaper quote:

"I can prove it. I’ll show you if you come to my house."

“If I show you US$7 billion (RM24.52 billion), would you put my name on the list? I can show the money to you."

“However, you have to give me two hours notice before you come to my house,” he said.

If i'm his father-in-law, after hearing that, it would take me:-

0.5 seconds to realize that he's lying.
15 seconds to go to kitchen and grab a knife.
3 seconds to stab him in the chest.

approximately, 18.5 seconds to solve the problem.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chapter 117 - Fears

Helo.... it's been quite a while huh?! Mesti korang dah rindu kat aku. Tetiap hari anticipate blog post dari aku. Hahahaha... jangan risau, I'm back. To tell you the truth, I'm not that busy. Just lazy and sometimes I'm strucked with no-mood thing. Reasonable enough? Yeah, thought so. Ok... finally I met with my supervisor. I can say that the meeting was bit "late" (<-- Hell yeah, It's late!!!). With 1 month or so to complete the project, at least I can be less worry bout my project since I met my supervisor. I admit that I'm having hard time to sleep before. Yeah, with thought of my supervisor being harshed to me, but turned out that she's very very cool. It's aspiring to meet her. Well..... enough of that, I have to concentrate on my project. Pray me well.

I got home last Friday, just to found nobody's home. I know parent went to Johor. But what I didn't know is, how long the stupid blender been on. Yep, as I neared my kitchen's door, I heard this noisy thing. I thought the neighbour is using some lousy vacuum, turned out that the blender was turned on. I don't know how much the electric bill gonna be for this month. The culprit will probably..... my CAT. Yeah, my mom won't leave house with the blender running. Anybody would notice the sound, right? So, since the blender was at the shelves where my cat love to hang out, I believe she's the culprit. The punishment, I'm not letting the cat in until now. Carik makan sendiri. hahahahaha.. (<-- bad cat owner). So, the weekend filled with nothingness. I just stayed home, mengadap komputer and TV. Today's Tuesday, I'm still at home. It's hard to live alone actually.... the first few days is great, with lot of freedom, but after that is pure loneliness.

Message to all.... think about it!

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