Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chapter 134 - I Don't Believe

What the hell... i never heard of a car's grace period. It's like a 'pantang' after giving birth.

The story began when my sister crashed the Iswara into some longkang and because of my mom don't have any car to move around, my dad bought new MyV and put my sister's name on it. So, basically the car is my sister's. Damn! I crashed the same Iswara many years before, all i got was a smack, now she wreck the car, then suddenly she got a new one. So....back to the story. Yesterday the day i got my hand on the new car. Drove to my aunt's place at PJ, and just minutes of driving, my sister told me that i shouldn't go beyond 80 kmph until it reach 1000 km mileage. Grace Period she said. Bull-crap I said. What the hell with that? Why the car need to be warm-up until 1000 km? why 1000 km? you know how long will that take, with average mileage is 2 km per day. you do the math... As far as i remembered, the time we got the kancil, my brother tekan sampai 140 kmph, the car still fine until now what...... So, my point is, there's no such thing as car's grace period. not in earth and not in neverland.

Syabas to SYABAS (sykt bekalan air selangor) for not only provide us with clean water, but also menjahanamkan jalanraya. The holes, jalan x rata and pecah sana-pecah sini....all worth it. Especially at Sentul, infront of Kg Badak hape ntah.. Everytime i passed through that impaired road, i'll never miss to said, "**** SYABAS!! ****** macam ******!". But when i think about SYABAS yang menyalurkan air ke setiap isi rumah di Selangor eventhough ada gangguan once in a while... it's just worth it... I think to commemorate this, SYABAS should change their name to SYABASDPJR.... Syarikat bekalan air selangor dan penjahanam jalan raya....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chapter 133 - No Regret

I'm doing my last post from the beloved "umah sewa". Currently, i'm packing up my stuff and i realized that i don't have that much stuff here. Beside my clothes, books, PC... i don't think i have anything left to pack. *sigh*... hate to depart. While packing up, i put on my 'Honey & Clover' songs which includes various of positive songs also some sad one. dem! (<-- ayat cenkoi)

Actually, this house has a new member... Bro Sopi.. Honestly speaking, he's a clean freak. I thought the 'lembut' kind of guy is the clean freak... but i was wrong. he made the house cleaner in few days than what we, the existing members did in 2 years, accumulately. Kenapa la bro x masuk awal2... Cet!! Neway, wanna wish the future household all the best in future. Apis, gudluck with yer project. Midi, hopefully not to tangled-up with yer GF... otherwise cepat2 kawen. Faibo, no comment! Hahahah... marah lak faibo. No lah... faibo, "take care" of apis... hahahahahahaah..

Well, just got my last semester result. quite fair la... considering the last minute deal i pulled near the end of that semester. And the most important... i managed to tell my dad bout it, and he seems fine with it. Phew! I was afraid that i will get another lecture from him.

So.. ok. I bid my farewell, i'm gonna miss this place.. although i'm going to be here next semester for my post graduate study. I'll be here, not as a tenant, but as a freeloader to be exact. Hehehehe..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chapter 132 - CCNA

Alhamdulillah... last friday me along with my friends took the CCNA exam. It was a nerve-wrecking experience. Although it was only 53 questions, but the consequences made me worries. If I fail, surely it would be a gigantic waste. I can't afford to fail. The course was free, ditanggung dek Universitas tercinta along with the exam fee. Failing may prohibit one to retake the exam within 180 days, and the retake would cost you as you're not an academic student anymore. The good thing with Cisco is, when you pass the retake exam, you can claim the fees back. So, why bother with passing that exam when you afford to fail, retake and claim? Duh... mentally, i don't want to be left back among my peers; physically, i don't want to use my own money, and waste my time and youth for the retake exam.

So, i managed to score 949 which most of us got the same score.. dunno why. But it's OK as long as we passed. Although it was a joyous day, few of my friends didn't make it. It's definitely made the victory incomplete. When that happened, the best thing is to slide things away. No words can make up for their failure, so try not to console them or whatever. It's harsh but, they're no kids. They know the truth and the consequences. What i did was pray to Allah for their success in future. I thought Azee (<-- bkn nama sebenar) was among the "few friends" sebab dia buat muka ketat bila nak tangkap gambar, pastu blah saje... but i discovered that she passed but didn't manage to see her score. Sengal. She's always the moody one.

So now, i can put something in my resume beside my favorite food and drink. Hahahaah.. At least i have something i can halfly proud off... ye la... lulus pon ngan bantuan toyol berteknologi tinggi... don't misintepret me... xde nye aku bela toyol, cuma download je. hahahahah....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chapter 131 - Music, the Spice of Life

"Especially for you" ~ remake by M.Y.M.P

Special thanks to Dr Izah for introducing me to imeem. Also thanks to Jnie for introducing me to this song. Currently I'm doing something... i'll post later.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Chapter 130 - Mr Clean

Quiz of the day..

Guess what in the blue dot to complete the sentence:

a. sengal..
b. kalau idak, tau la aku "kerja"kan ko..
c. Hehehehe
d. =P
e. !!!
f. else { $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table"); }

Sian apis.. pe saje yang dia buat mesti jadi bahan lucu. Anyway, one thing yang aku observe, lepas je dia tampal note kat rak kasut and the other one kat sinki (<-- sruh basuh pinggan lepas makan), terus menerus tempat tu jadi bersih. Dah xde kasut bersepah2... dan yang lebih penting, xde dah menara sauron dalam sinki tu. Aku gelar pinggan mangkuk yang bertingkat2 dalam sinki tu sebagai menara sauron (<-- sebab dah rupa macam menara sauron mini dalam cerita lord of the ring tuh). Ngeri dan horror.

Dengan itu, aku mengucapkan terima kasih.. kerana bukannya apa, yang selalu basuh pinggan tu aku ngan apis je. Yang lain tau menyemak je. Letih aku tau....
Hahahahaha.... marah pulak housemate aku. Takde la... derang pon ada basuh pinggan walaupun x selalu... Although effective, tindakannya itu seakan2 lambat kerna, kami lagi beberapa hari lagi nak berambus dari rumah itu. Dan x merasalah kebersihan itu....

Chapter 129 - Go Cavaliers!!

Dengan ini, aku officially support Cleveland Cavaliers. Bukan kerana ada LeBron James, the highly rated superstar; but because they're the underdog of this tourney. With bigger teams in the playoff like Mavs, Pistons, Suns... they managed to get themselves in the Playoff Final by beating the Pistons in the conference final. Another reason is, I hate Spurs. Duncan and co. are the bad guys in this tournament. End of hating.

Ingat nak post berjela2... tapi ada plan lain. Update later ya. Ciao

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