Friday, November 29, 2013

Chapter 286 - The Notebook

I'm keeping close a notebook that I like and usually scribbled stuff in it. First few pages, I jotted things like itinerary and budget ledger on my Seoul getaway 2 years back. I remembered how I diligently wrote down the program and plan for me and wife. How much this and that will cost us then. I did that because we opted for backpacking style holiday. Figured that tour holiday is much expensive than backpack. Backpacking is so much fun. Getting up-close and learn lots of things. Tiring but fun. All in good memories.

Now I'm planning on our house moving. How excited I am as I jotted down all the things needed, what are the plans, budget, sketches of how things will looks like, blueprint of the apartment and stuff. If all in God's will, me and family will completely move in to the apartment by next weekend.

Next should be the highlight of 2nd quarter of 2014, a getaway to Hong Kong. How I yearn to bring Fahim to Disneyland. The ideal is Disneyland in States, but figured the closest one should be more than enough. Flight tickets already bought, what's left is to find a good hotel, plan the trip and pretty much what I did for Seoul trip.

Looking forward for more entries in the notebook.

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