Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chapter 140 - Another Complaint

TMnet is one of the ISP in Malaysia. Of course everybody knows them. they are the dominating force of ISP. even Jaring didn't make as big as them; in term of product popularity and marketing bullshit. I subscribed Streamyx for 3-4 years..i guess. It was so heaven that time around. I was so much satisfied that I upgraded the account from RM44 to RM66. From 60 hours per month to 24/7. Downloading through torrent was pretty much FUN even though i learned it bit later. The download rate were never below 40KBps. In simpler words, I can download 1 episode of House in 2-3 Hours... or download a movie of 800MB in just 5-6 hours. Good huh... But later I also learned that Streamyx is a "Best Effort" service. No matter how you complaint if the network goes slow, they always give the best effort answer crap. Let me simplify more.... U subscribed for the 512Kbps account, but you will never EVER reach that bandwidth. The max you'll get will be around 300++Kbps. Then u also have to count in the network traffic density of your area. Kalau dulu just U and your next door neighbor using Streamyx, mmg la laju dan memuaskan hati. but now, if the whole neighborhood goes streamyx... x ke berkongsi2 bandwidth gitu... Also u need to consider how far the TM station to your home. Lagi jauh, lagi x best. SO, with the increase of users as well as government policies on torrent, It'll never exceed more than 20Kbps during the day and sometime night... my case la... But I bet u guys pon sama. Pretty much I have to change ISP someday.. when Fiber2Home is cheap and available at my area. But for now, I'll stick to the current "Best Effort" service I'm having.

Please la jangan ban torrent.. Aku x download malay movie. Xde nye orang nak seed Datin Diaries or Manjalara. though torrent is some sort of piracy, knape lak nak memperkayakan org luar dgn membeli DVD Ori mereka? Better download je. In term of technicalities, though torrent ni menyesakkan bandwidth, IT'S THEIR PROBLEM!! we demand our freedom of service. we are the customer. So they better think of something yg bleh menyelesaikan bandwidth congestion...hmm....dgn membesarkan bandwidth pipeline for starter. How bout that?.... I just want my 50Kbps back..... huhuhuhuhu

Monday, August 06, 2007

Chapter 139 - Drifting

yep...still jobless. Guess all my friends having great time working. Aren't they? Hahahaha.. as for me, it's not like i'm avoiding geting job, but stuff i have to deal at home is pretty much similar as working full time. Plus, the lecturers from my masters' classes really give us something to keep us busy during the weekdays. Assignments after assignments....*sigh*...

The idea of grouping is to well delegate tasks among members, but since i'm the jobless one, most of the back end task, i did it alone. Task like compiling, prepare ppt, writing reports... Adeh... Tamau komplen lebih.... it's suppose to be fair, but i'm quite busy being a jobless... (<-- how's that possible?). U guys just don't know. The chores around the house is pretty much daunting. Kena gi bayar bill la... drive my mom to visit my bro la... going to my aunts hse la... family dinner la... Actually, i didn't have much time with my beloved PCs. Aiyooooo... sooo busy..

Oh ya, i've uploaded new song. By Solomon Burke; Don't give up on me. Kekadang layan soul ngan blues pon ok gak....

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