Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chapter 164 - Back to Unemployed

Hahhaa...the title tells all. I finished my contract officially this friday. or it is? my technical boss told me my contract finish earlier than i thought, which was on the 11th Jan. heck! i dont want to look neglect by saying that i dunno when my contract gonna end, so i insist that my contract ends on 25th. Keji kan? Lantak, asal dia percaya and also my paycheck gonna be exactly as what i expected. I went back last saturday to the civilization ~ KL. Hahahaha...mengamuk orang Sabak bernam mengetahui aku kata sana xde tamadun. Kidding folks. i went back to KL for my masters classes.

Saturday is English class and also Mathematic. My English lecturer is a 52 y.o, but i thought she was early 40s until she told. Going to her class is like watching Oprah. She has this big obsession of reading, and getting goosebump herself just by telling how fun reading is. She encapsulate everything with positive things. that's why she's like Oprah. No comment on mathematic class. the lecturer was my SIG during attending my degree final year project's presentation. He's OK.

Sunday is back-to-back class. the same lecturer teaching 2 classes. His class is a cross of Al-Kulliyah, Bicara Siswa, TV Pendidikan and iklan PNB. For those yang tatau apa iklan PNB tu, cuba2 la bukak TV3, ada je tunjuk pasal sorang ustaz ni yg berbahasa baku mendidik anak2 muridnya yg juga berbahasa baku walaupun bersembang sesama sendiri tentang ilmuwan2 Islam terdahulu. Yup, at times, he will give some tazkirah agama for 4-5 minutes. pity Twinie... she's a Christian. Sunday mass pon belum tentu dia pegi, tau2 kena dengar ceramah agama di pagi Ahad. Hopefully hati dia terbuka utk memeluk Islam. marilah sama2 kita berdoa.......

So, now i'm unemployed. maybe considering to rest for a week before shooting my resume.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapter 163 - 11.40 PM

here i listed few movies which are so gonna make you shed your tears. not me though. i'm tough. sob. sob.

My Girl and I (Korean movie)

A Millionaire's First Love (Korean movie)

Summer Snow (Japanese drama)

1 Litre of Tears (Japanese drama)

this one succesfully made my friend into a slump for a week. xselera nk study, makan. he blamed me for introducing him this drama. i warned him already, but he think he's da man. he's wrong. hahahah...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Chapter 162 - Lemme Think

the program draws its end. seems like the holiday is nearly end. just another week to go. the trainers going back to KL. if God-will, i'll be working for them again. that's if they offer me a good contract. increase in pay and also start working as soon as possible. i don't want to be idle for long. 25th is the last day and also pay-day. after that, my schedule involves going to class on every weekend. still i'm looking for job to fill the remaining days. i know it's tiring. i must be stupid to do both. but, that is something i'll looking forward to experience. i also have friends in class who are doing both, yet they still can score. I mean really-really score. we're talking about 4 flat here. trying to achieve something like that la.. above all, i need to be smart in jugling both works and study at the same time. try dulu la... who knows... this might be my calling. cewah. actually, i had doubt whether i'm going to continue working for this project in future or not. but since i spent time here, with the trainers and students, i realized that, this job is soo much fun. maybe its because the project is here in sabak bernam. as i mentioned, this is more like a holiday than working. i maybe wavered by that. the expectation of having this kind of environment on every project site. takut kalau2 ada next project kena duduk bawah jambatan, mau menangis aku. just let me wait-and-see la..

not this recent, but sometimes i do think. something religiously. i dunno if the word 'religiously' exist. hahaha... nothing much to share. even if i share, it will confuse me more. i just go with my logic. as long as i have my faith.

the smartest human only uses his 10% of his brain. even if human can use his brain 100%, he is still human... not a God.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chapter 161 - A Letter to Starry Night

oh starry night
i saw a star so bright
and another one that shines
made me wish
to touch
to hold
and to fly

oh starry night
my extended arm wouldn't reach
no matter how tall i stand
the stars can never be in my grasp

oh starry night
in pitch black
i shut my eyes
standing still while dreaming
the wishes that will not come true
i shut my eyes
hoping to hear the stars calling my name
but the silent grew

oh starry night
tell the stars
how i wish i'm blind
so i will not see their radiance
that made me hopeful
it hurts
knowing the impossible

oh starry night
i'm tired
i'll be going now
hurt yet i'm smiling
to the starry night

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chapter 160 - Away

today is the officially 2nd day of my 2 weeks stay at Sabak Bernam. Yeah, still with the temporary job. Instead of doing the installation, me and one colleague are doing the maintaining stuff. melayan kerenah trainer and also menyelesaikan petty problems includings masalah makanan student x cukup and also air-cond x sejuk. Installations were done 2 weeks ago, just when I'm still in-charge in KL. so, i'm back to admin tasks....but compared to the one i've did in KL, this time around much much more time to waste. both of us doing the data entry, delivering books and problem solving... which i did that all alone in KL.

Sabak bernam is 155 Km from KL. that if u drive through jalan lama. honestly, better to take jalan lama than highway. toll 40 sen je... aisey, da lupa, effectively 1st Jan, naik jadi 60 sen. plus, lagi dekat compared to highway. i tried going back to KL ikut highway, dah la lalu celah2 hutan dan ladang kelapa sawit... there were time i wondered if i'm using the right route, nasib baik jumpa jugak signboard kaler hijau. although guna jalan lama dapat kurangkan dalam 20 km, but as people said, "it's not the destination, but it's the journey that counts". lebih kurang macam tu la... throughout my journey to SB, byk panorama2 dan tempat2 menarik utk disinggah. ada bukit melawati yg terkenal dgn tmpt mencerap anak bulan dan juga tinggalan kota penjajah belanda. also kampung kuantan yg terkenal dgn kelip-kelip/api-api. tapi rasanya nowadays, kelip2 da kurang... macam cicadas, kelip2 juga serangga yg sensitif dgn cuaca. no wonder kalau binatang tu nk pupus memikirkan kesan pemanasan global. last time aku tgk api2 pon masa sekolah menengah dulu2. Kalau ada kesempatan, nk juga singgah di Kuala Selangor Nature park, hutan simpan paya bakau. tapi kalau rajin nk merayau la dlm tu. Bab makan lak nak try ke Pasir Penampang yg ada fresh seafood. As for SB, which is around 40 km from Kuala Selangor, on your way there, u can see paddy fields seluas2 pandangan.

as u can see from the picture above, the place where i work is just a walking distance to the beach. not actually a sandy beach, instead its a grinded-shell-&-clamp beach. that's what the philipino trainers said. just the other day we went to the beach. those trainers are fun to be with, since they're trying hard to learn to speak malay. malay language is somehow unique and easy yet confusing at times. they always having trouble with some words as the words has double meaning. even so, they're not having problem to order for food. "teh ais satu"... "nasi goreng ayam satu". that's the only dish they know apparently. hahahaha... they also cannot stand spicy foods. so, it's whether nasi goreng ayam or nasi goreng cina. the one sticking his butt out is my roomate and also the operation leader here, while the 2 fellas is the philipino trainers ~ dennis n sagid. turn out that dennis can play basketball, but it sucks to have only 2 guys know how to play basketball here. turn out, after few hoops, we played futsal. the sport facility here is great actually, but since the co-ordinator of this college (the one with authority) is a big ass-hole, we cant fully enjoy the facilities here. the hotel got this beautiful swimming pool, but we werent allowed to swim. also cannot go kayak at the lake in front of the hotel. we even need to request for balls (volley, basket and football). supposely they should try their best to entertain us, not letting us to beg them. The picture on the right is the pool that i mentioned. my room facing the pool... it feels like the pool calling out my name each time i see it. damn.

Anyway, this project here in sabak bernam, i think it is more to a holiday than work. i didnt recall any heavy-duty task like what i did in KL. i brought my PS2, so everyday i 'kitai' my boss here in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. hahaha. he's getting better though. but still no match for me. he won twice (just to make him look good ~ hahahahah). everynight we went out with the trainers for dinner. looking for new places. just the other day we went to Hutan Melintang in perak just for ikan bakar. its worth it. because the food is great and also i'm not driving. hahahah. why? because the journey itself took nealy 1 hour to get there. after asking around, i thought we were bluffed by this old uncle. because he told us that the ikan bakar place is about 15 minutes away from pekan sabak bernam, turn out to be 30 minutes. so the extra 15 minutes is mostly filled with doubt and hope. but we did reach there.

it's a holiday... and a getaway. au revoir.

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