Friday, February 26, 2016

Chapter 293 - Never Skip A Day

March is looming, and I am set for a doom. Most likely my contract is not up for extension. I as pretty lucky that my contract was extended last December. Not for my buddy, Chintan though. We were hired almost the same time. Going forward with hope that this company (A) would consider they absorbed us sooner or later. Unfortunately, came December 2015, he was cut loose and I survived another 3 months of paychecks. Now, what pisses him off was, he supposed to complete his tenure on 9th December, but somewhere at the end of November, A told the vendor company (B) that they are not extending his contract. B then told agent (C) the same. Now, C figured out they can save few hundreds by saying that his contract was based on previous employee which cutoff date on 4th of the month. Therefore, C told him that his last day is on 3rd December. He's very much disgruntled.

Then A realized that festive season is coming up. Manpower resource will be scarce. Moreover, A just been took over by an alpha company (AA) and moved over to new office 7 weeks ago. A lot of instability in term of IT that need to be look after. Project that pertinent to crucial system is heavily underway and requires people to manage it. Only then, they figured that they need this Chintan to cover bit here and there. So, A told B that they need him to stay for a bit while. B told C the same. And C told Chintan that they want him until 31 December 2015. Disgruntle turned hate.

So he didn't give a shit and said his goodbye on 3rd December 2015. I would do the same if I were him.

New boss came mid January. He is from a competing company (D) and he didn't come alone. I was told that he tried to bring his people from D to A. He also hired this Indian dude which was here for a bit while before me and Chintan. He is from a competing vendor E. Apparently, in IT scene in Malaysia, there are few vendors are competing over support contracts and projects, this includes B and E. There are also F and G, but they do not matter in this story. So, this dude looks promising and he is supposed to replace me when my tenure really end this March. He knows both network and server. Which is a valuable skillset if combined. Unfortunately for this dude, he's being duped by his landlord. And after 2 weeks in the office, he went rouge. 3 days later, he emailed the boss and told him he can no longer stay in Malaysia as he got cheated badly. For me, either his story is true or he got other delicious offer which he couldn't refuse.

That has left me without anyone to second. I am grateful though, I had this opportunity to play with things I've never touched before, only the downside is that whenever I'm on leave, people still looking for me! Now, I do not know what this new boss's plan is, and I hope he has a good one as I only have 2 weeks left. Or rather I would like to see him crumbled and make all sort of wrong decisions. This reminds me of when I left BAT last time. The boss told me a month earlier and I never forget a remark he made; He told me to be professional until the end! Meaning to say he hope I won't perform my job half-heartedly. That was much of an insult to me. I told him straightaway, that is not how I roll. You don't have to tell me to be professional even after you cut my tenure 3 months short. I will honor my tenure and that is what I'll be doing coming 2 weeks.

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