Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chapter 89 - To Taste The Bitter Defeat

I thought I can write something good about Cocoro's MB Cup, instead things had gone badly. By the sound of it, it's obvious that we're unable to get somewhere or something in that tournament. Lose 2 games and win 1.

Lose #1 - with UiTM Phantoms or may I say Scorekeys. They got this tall center who happened to be a national player. But it's not because of him alone. The whole team was great. Kami kalah pon dengan deficit yang sedikit.

Lose #2 - Kalah yang xleh terima. We're beaten by some snobby kids. Budak2 Intec yang akan fly lepas persediaan 2 thn. (<-- harap korang sangkut xleh fly. Keh keh keh. Duk la kat Mesia belajar kat institusi awam). We're down 21 points in 1st quarter. Ye la...sebab hero sampai lambat (<-- lepas nih ajiem feeling hero la pulak). We chased them hard but unfortunately, 1 point differentiate the winner and the loser. (<-- Qayum dah kluar statement sbb xde dia team kalah. Citt)

Win #1 - With a team named CONS. Ada la 2-3 orang muka ahli penjara, yang lain tu mcm biasa. OK, since we're motivated to beat them by 45 points (<-- giler ke hape), we played hard since the begining. Still infortunate for us, kitorang menang 3 points saje. *sigh*

Yesterday, aku gi tgk 2nd round punya game. CONS -vs- Swoosh which was won by CONS. The spot that us should play. Not them. If we win against Intec the other day, we're the one to be there...... Semua tinggal 'if' je...
Then dpt bad news la pulak.... Azhar akan consentrate kat dia punya study dan akan stop main basket. While Faiz probably will follow his parent to United State end of this year for 2 years. Both stars are gone...sape yang tinggal??? Sayur2an macam aku je..... Huhuhuhuhuhu

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