Friday, August 04, 2006

Chapter 90 - Fragile

It's a serene Friday afternoon. After a round of futsal game last night, played Winning Eleven with Shiwang (<-- best record ever for duo. Letting go just 4 goals. Ngan Midi, byk x terkira. Midi is a striker oriented person. He goes for the goal, whereby I'm midfield oriented. I love to pass. Pass pass pass....) and slept for almost 8 hours; I feel a little bit Satisfaction . The best of all...There's no class on Friday.

Today's Shiwang's semi-final game. Aku slalu pegi tengok game kat kompleks sukan. Bkn sebab apa....ada sorang cek mek molek yang jaga score buat aku nak dtg tiap2 hari tgk dia. Tengok dari jauh pon dah ok. Unfortunately, dia dah berpunya. Dengan seekor resaksa gorgon yg dtg utk terrorize muka bumi ini. Cek mek molek tu kiut je. Resaksa tu pulak tinggi gila babas. Dah la team resaksa tu kalah bila lawan ngan Cencorot (<-- team aku). Huhuhuhuhu...bukan ke winners take all?? How to mend this broken heart?

" usha2 awek aku?!! Nak kena makan??!! Grrr..burp..."

My friend, Mdie just finished watching this japanese drama, "Attack no. 1". It's about a girl in a volleybal team...bla bla bla...friendship....national team...friendship...bla bla bla... He is so pissed off. Not the drama is bad or whatsoever. But because the ending is sucks for him. I'd addressed this problem so many time before. Korean and Japanese drama's ending always sucks. Why? I found out that, these stories are SO DAMN GOOD that you don't want any ending. Good ending or bad ending, either way is unacceptable. Because you're so stuck with it that you don't want it to end. Agree?? Talking bout bad ending, I watched this K-Movie, "Sad Movie". As the name indicate, you won't get any happy ending. It's 4 stories of lost love. Sedey........ T_T . Lagu crite nih pon sedey. Nak dengar? go to pastu search for "sad movie". You'll recognize the actor yang berlakon 'My Sassy Girl' tu cos dia yang nyanyi. T_T

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