Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chapter 80 - I'm Mr Lonely

All my friends have finished their practical. YM! aku begitu lengang sekali. Before, I were "lonely no more (Rob Thomas)", but now I'm "Lonely (Akon)". ( <-- shiwang suka lagu nih, ye la..jiwa kesepian. hahahaha) This year ada 3 family wedding. Of course the grand one is my Mak Long and Datuk Seman's daughter. Orang kaya lebih kuah dari sudu. Buat wedding kat Umah (akad nikah) dan dekat Hotel Istana, Bukit bintang. Waduh2... anak kamu kawen mmg x sah kalu x buat kat hotel2 atau dewan2 yg grand. The first 2 daughters of them were celebrated at Dewan Merak Kayangan. The first twin was at Hotel Hilton, PJ. This 2nd twin is at Hotel Istana. I bet the last one (only son) gonna be super big. Aku kawen nanti pasang khemah tepi umah je. Yep, even if I'm married to a Hollywood actress (<--- like that gonna happen). As usual, there are wedding meeting and I went to one of it last night. The best part was food testing. Try caterer yg akan cater utk wedding nanti. Hahahaha....

Adeh... keta xleh start lagi. Apa la problem kamu lagi???

I was attracted to the an incident happened yesterday. Seorang Ibu dan 2 orang anaknya mati digilis kereta api di Seremban setelah memasuki kawasan landasan keretapi yang tidak berpagar. Anaknya, 8 years old mangakui yang ibunya mengatakan yang "kita semua akan pergi mati". Yes, it was a tragic accident. Teringat pulak kat anuar. Not that he's having the same incident, but I like to ask him a legal question. If I'm a lawyer, I'll approach the deceased family and offer my service to represent them to sue KTM. Being a plaintiff, my case was about to get compensation over KTM's negligence for not having the landasan keretapi properly fenced which had caused the tragic accident. The question is, what my chances of winning?
But KTM can argue that the woman in not in the right state of mind. According to her 8 years old daughter, she did intent to commit suicide. How strong is the 8 years old statement when she testify to the court? If she intent to commit suicide, there's still other way of doing it. Therefore, the defendent surely gonna argue the insanity of the deceased.

As for me, if this going to happen, KTM surely gonna lose due to negligence.
Anuar......mana kamu???? Balik cepat, boleh kita mooting. hahahhaa

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