Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chapter 128 - Sub-plots

To say goodbye....

I always have problem with saying goodbye. In fact, i hate goodbye. Since boarding school, i have really2 great friends. And since we stayed together for almost 2 years, being in the same dormitory and classes, laugh and cry; to depart is something that I find hard to do. Same goes when I was in UTM for diploma. For 3 years we developed such great friendship, overcome problems and having fun... and when the time comes, we sayed our goodbye. I've only met few of my ex-schoolmates since we're graduated and some still in touch... thanks to YM.

Well, to be honest, the 1st time I stepped into my degree class, I thought I'm going to have hard time to get friends like I had during my school and UTM years. But, I was wrong. Since I'm kind off special case, my classes are mixed. So, I got friends with the same age, 1 year younger and 2 years younger. Kinda like 3 batches at the same time. They're magnificent friends. I would never regret that I made the decision to study here. It's always fun with them, especially with the 3rd group. They never treat me like a brother though... just like pure friend. And I never emphasize on things like that.

Well, my 3 years of degree here is almost near its end. Just few days more. I just hope, we do better than I did with my ex-schoolmates. Once in few weeks, we hang out to catch movies or playing futsal.. or whatever...

You guys are the greatest!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chapter 127 - The Answers

tak sangka plak begitu kontroversi... no lah... Yang "sayang" tu you all la..... I sayang you all, my beloved blog readers (<-- vomit!!!). Hahahahahaha...
Hell NO!!! diulangi NOOOO!!!!!

Summary of unreported events (with pics attach)

The Finals

Final Exam.... I only sit for 2 papers, but still, a lot of memorizing, hustling and bustling involves. Ingat 2 paper senang ka?? Depressed with FYP presentation also tight draft deadline lagi...

Since aku xleh nak suruh pegawai peperiksaan snap gambar aku jawap paper final, so I just pick some final exam picture randomly from Internet. Assume I'm that dork sitting way front; wearing that blue shirt matching with his blue handwatch. Mak aih...beso nye handfon aku..

The Great Champ

Manchester United crowned as the Premier league champion. Thanks Arsenal for holding the fort for us. Chelsea fans.... KISS MY CHAMP A**... Brader Chelsea tu saje je balik lambat lepas game ngan Arsenal... Tunggu kitorang chaloo dulu. Kes malu la tu....

No doubt, the best team ever!

The True Final

One-on-one with examiner and SIGs is not a happy moment and definitely not an easy stroll for me. 1 SIG gives a good nod, the other just stay quiet, but of all, the examiner is/was the cranky ***** one. Hey! somebody has to be the bad guy right? The examiner makes as if my system is nothing. Eleh... meh sini aku bagi 2 minggu buat programming, tgk bleh ke tak?!! (<-- kantoi, 2 minggu baru nak buat system).

Eleh bojan, sebok lak ngko nak susun kerusi. Lihat dibelakang... Seth, Ammar dan Gaylord ketawa girang selepas present FYP. Confirm lepas la tu!!! Aku pula sebaliknya keligatan sugul kerana kurang success selepas kena "bubuh" ngan examiner...

The Graduation

Yoshizawa Hitomi graduation has embark Morning Musume without a colorful-cute-boyish character as well as a good leader. As one of my fav celeb, I'm soooo sad.

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu..... comey nye

The Denied Champion

Stupid referee had ripped the chance of United to become the 1st FA winner at the new Wembley. Obviously the ball had gone behind the line. If not pon, Essien totally knock down Giggs which is surely a penalty kick. Stupid referee! Suka la brader Chelsea tu...

We're gonna bounce back. Quadrable next season. InsyaAllah...


2 weeks of 9-to-5 classes. Macam keje la pulak. Following the weeks is the CISCO exam. Obtaining this professional certificate is an added-value to my resume as well as my market price. The course actually gonna cost you RM*,000, but my beloved University subsidized it. I have to pay none for it. Sebab tu katanya ramai seniors x pass sbb take-for-granted. Mentang2 xyah bayar....

Cisco...gonna love it!

Chapter 126 - Interference

Wait la sayang..... I update kemudian. Keh keh keh.... So busy la right now!

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