Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter 208 - New Year

Buying a toy for children is not as easy as it looks. i went to Alamanda to buy 2 presents for my precious nephews last friday, and i spent almost an hour browsing for it. i've got 2 nephews; one is 3 y.o and the other one just turned 1. i was thinking buying a drum set for the 3 y.o, but on second thought, i would not want to sacrifice my sleep and serene moment when i'm at home. i can imagine the boy jamming the drum set from dusk till tomorrow's dusk. the happiness of others at the expense of my own happiness? that is just outrages. in the end, i bought a d.i.y train for the 3 y.o and this boxy thingy for the 1 y.o. personally, i enjoyed the boxy thingy than the train. maybe its because of the colors and the cloth materials.

well, just as i thought things will going as i planned, my aunt gave the 3 y.o a guitar. an electric guitar for children with colorful buttons and annoying sounds. Damn.

Happy New Year 1430 and 2009!!! May we are blessed for the years coming.

still with the toy story.. how to spice-up a toy-shop?

by arranging a toy on top of another.

giler horny babi tu..

next question.. how to double the spice?

by arranging another toy on top of another which on top of another..

spread the love....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chapter 207 - Snore

Mid-life crisis hits early. unless if i only get to live until 50, then it is right on schedule.

i'd promised myself that things are going to change this coming years. taking everything with utmost responsibility. trying to commit and finish things i'd left out. well, it sounds to everyone like... adulthood. yeah.. it is. i kinda forgot to pick that up when i was 20. so, there are a lot of catching up to do.

i've uploaded new songs. well, this is interesting because, i dunno how's the license or copyright shit works, but i had this feeling that posting up other people songs is illegal. in their defence (or in their lawsuit statement), it's their sweat-quenching-hardwork-crap to get inspired, write, record and publish the song, but in the end, i just ripped it and post it in here. sounds unfair, but when i think thoroughly, the purpose of me to allow visitors to stream the songs is no much different with publicizing the song and its singer through TV or radio. therefore, even if it is illegal, then it would be like "illegal but... morally and ethically justified" (Please do the two-finger two-hand gesture while reading the bolded statement, thank you). it's like i'm doing a favor to the singers, and so... in return, it is in my best interest that the singers or their label does not sue me. so thanks in advance, and i'll gladly continue to rip your songs and publicize it in this blog.

tonight i'll be going to a farewell dinner. and suprisingly they put on a theme for that particular event; 'The 60's Night'. And ever since i got this invitation 10 minutes ago, i don't feel like dressing up in 60's eventhough i'm going. now, how i can refuse a free dinner when there is only RM50 altogether in my wallet and bank? seriously, i'm not joking. well, i still think that there are somebody as cool as me coming to the dinner without putting on the Austin Power-like velvet shirt and outwear. i still gonna look cool in my boxer anyway.

so, RM50 with 7 days to go. not so shabby, i guess i can live throught it. weekends at mom's aint gonna cost me a cent. so that left me with 5 days. i filled up RM30 of petrol yesterday, and i think it gonna last until next tuesday at least. bought myself rations that'll last until friday. so that left me 3 days to spent the RM30 (minus the petrol on Tuesday); or i just can keep it to be on the safer side, in case somebody suddenly want to buy new rims for his new Jaguar. Ooppss..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chapter 206 - Looming

for a second thought, i dunno what 'loom' is. i've bumped into the word before, but since it's not in my daily vocab, it seems like forgotten. i think it got something to do with 'creeping' or anything similar to that. Lomo i know la.. something that my sister currently craze. some photographic method using special camera and shit. yeah, that and also made my mom go crazy. she usually goes out drink at night with her 'lomo group' and end up me calling her (after intensely ordered by mom) to get her ass back home. not enough with that, this 'lomo group' went to Penang last 2 weeks and i dunno how she 'kecek' my dad to allow her; she went and send my mom into restless sleep for 4 days. now... they've got this exhibition going on somewhere in KL, and same shit happening every single day; either go-home call for couple of times, or intense 'luahan perasaan' by mom at breakfast the next morning. victim? ME.

it's good for her to get a hobby instead of ending up as Bohsia or minah rempit or prostitute (God forbid), but i told her that she need to be a bit diplomatic. now with our parent known as the Golden-Citizen, more tenderness and sacrifice are needed. she needed to play her card well. but she's can't escape the blame. she needs to realize her boundaries. what a girl can or cannot do. and i do sometimes felt that she crossed the line, and for that she need to slow down.

but she's not someone who can accept criticism. i remembered we had this huge fight when i unliterally make fun of her choice of music; the 'Independence music'. wooo~~ i remembered saying something like "indenpendence music is not a mainstream music" and also some uncalled smugs, and she totally flipped-out. she threw some musical jargon-shits and then we exchanged few combination of painful pintches and slaps.... except that we didn't exchange any, instead i was in the receiving end because i was driving at that time. she then claimed that i was jelous because in my era (or to be correctly clarified in this context is, my youth years), i dont have such music. OH MY GOD! just because her BF played in an unknown band, doesn't mean that she can insult me or those who are pre-1983. our parent having fun in their youth without such music, our forefathers had fun in their youth without such music, heck! even those people in stone age having fun in their youth without any music at all. I, for instance had fun stealing my classmate's underwear and totally embarassed him in class during my youth, and by that time i was listening to Backstreet Boy and Richard Marx. yeah..those years. i wont trade for anything, except for Amanda Seyfried or Scarlett Johansson. well, my point is.. 'indenpendence music' is not the key to happiness. i bet that she gonna realized that sooner or later.. or when she's 25. sooner's the better, so that i can throw her, "i've told you".


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chapter 205 - Man With Mission

Comes December. i had 25 Decembers so far, and somehow both emotions of hate and love mixes together. ends of something hateful, and the beginning of another. years gone by, yet i felt nothing gained; except for my weight. sucks. wait, there might be something though...

last December > alive
this December > limbs intact
= Alhamdulillah

last December > working as a temp
this December > working on a contract
= increase workload for few extra grains

last December > PlayStation 2
this December > PlayStation 3
= works and no play makes Jack a dull boy

last December > Single
this December > Single and miserable
= no comment

last December > Degree
this December > Still Degree
= Thesis sucks!

last December > Mom's Iswara
this December > Still...
= loser, but not for long

last December > going nowhere
this December > definitely going somewhere
= at least gonna keep my mind on something else

last December > 24
this December > 25
= creeping deadline

definitely, i'll do my best next year. awaiting verdict on next December.


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