Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter 208 - New Year

Buying a toy for children is not as easy as it looks. i went to Alamanda to buy 2 presents for my precious nephews last friday, and i spent almost an hour browsing for it. i've got 2 nephews; one is 3 y.o and the other one just turned 1. i was thinking buying a drum set for the 3 y.o, but on second thought, i would not want to sacrifice my sleep and serene moment when i'm at home. i can imagine the boy jamming the drum set from dusk till tomorrow's dusk. the happiness of others at the expense of my own happiness? that is just outrages. in the end, i bought a d.i.y train for the 3 y.o and this boxy thingy for the 1 y.o. personally, i enjoyed the boxy thingy than the train. maybe its because of the colors and the cloth materials.

well, just as i thought things will going as i planned, my aunt gave the 3 y.o a guitar. an electric guitar for children with colorful buttons and annoying sounds. Damn.

Happy New Year 1430 and 2009!!! May we are blessed for the years coming.

still with the toy story.. how to spice-up a toy-shop?

by arranging a toy on top of another.

giler horny babi tu..

next question.. how to double the spice?

by arranging another toy on top of another which on top of another..

spread the love....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chapter 207 - Snore

Mid-life crisis hits early. unless if i only get to live until 50, then it is right on schedule.

i'd promised myself that things are going to change this coming years. taking everything with utmost responsibility. trying to commit and finish things i'd left out. well, it sounds to everyone like... adulthood. yeah.. it is. i kinda forgot to pick that up when i was 20. so, there are a lot of catching up to do.

i've uploaded new songs. well, this is interesting because, i dunno how's the license or copyright shit works, but i had this feeling that posting up other people songs is illegal. in their defence (or in their lawsuit statement), it's their sweat-quenching-hardwork-crap to get inspired, write, record and publish the song, but in the end, i just ripped it and post it in here. sounds unfair, but when i think thoroughly, the purpose of me to allow visitors to stream the songs is no much different with publicizing the song and its singer through TV or radio. therefore, even if it is illegal, then it would be like "illegal but... morally and ethically justified" (Please do the two-finger two-hand gesture while reading the bolded statement, thank you). it's like i'm doing a favor to the singers, and so... in return, it is in my best interest that the singers or their label does not sue me. so thanks in advance, and i'll gladly continue to rip your songs and publicize it in this blog.

tonight i'll be going to a farewell dinner. and suprisingly they put on a theme for that particular event; 'The 60's Night'. And ever since i got this invitation 10 minutes ago, i don't feel like dressing up in 60's eventhough i'm going. now, how i can refuse a free dinner when there is only RM50 altogether in my wallet and bank? seriously, i'm not joking. well, i still think that there are somebody as cool as me coming to the dinner without putting on the Austin Power-like velvet shirt and outwear. i still gonna look cool in my boxer anyway.

so, RM50 with 7 days to go. not so shabby, i guess i can live throught it. weekends at mom's aint gonna cost me a cent. so that left me with 5 days. i filled up RM30 of petrol yesterday, and i think it gonna last until next tuesday at least. bought myself rations that'll last until friday. so that left me 3 days to spent the RM30 (minus the petrol on Tuesday); or i just can keep it to be on the safer side, in case somebody suddenly want to buy new rims for his new Jaguar. Ooppss..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chapter 206 - Looming

for a second thought, i dunno what 'loom' is. i've bumped into the word before, but since it's not in my daily vocab, it seems like forgotten. i think it got something to do with 'creeping' or anything similar to that. Lomo i know la.. something that my sister currently craze. some photographic method using special camera and shit. yeah, that and also made my mom go crazy. she usually goes out drink at night with her 'lomo group' and end up me calling her (after intensely ordered by mom) to get her ass back home. not enough with that, this 'lomo group' went to Penang last 2 weeks and i dunno how she 'kecek' my dad to allow her; she went and send my mom into restless sleep for 4 days. now... they've got this exhibition going on somewhere in KL, and same shit happening every single day; either go-home call for couple of times, or intense 'luahan perasaan' by mom at breakfast the next morning. victim? ME.

it's good for her to get a hobby instead of ending up as Bohsia or minah rempit or prostitute (God forbid), but i told her that she need to be a bit diplomatic. now with our parent known as the Golden-Citizen, more tenderness and sacrifice are needed. she needed to play her card well. but she's can't escape the blame. she needs to realize her boundaries. what a girl can or cannot do. and i do sometimes felt that she crossed the line, and for that she need to slow down.

but she's not someone who can accept criticism. i remembered we had this huge fight when i unliterally make fun of her choice of music; the 'Independence music'. wooo~~ i remembered saying something like "indenpendence music is not a mainstream music" and also some uncalled smugs, and she totally flipped-out. she threw some musical jargon-shits and then we exchanged few combination of painful pintches and slaps.... except that we didn't exchange any, instead i was in the receiving end because i was driving at that time. she then claimed that i was jelous because in my era (or to be correctly clarified in this context is, my youth years), i dont have such music. OH MY GOD! just because her BF played in an unknown band, doesn't mean that she can insult me or those who are pre-1983. our parent having fun in their youth without such music, our forefathers had fun in their youth without such music, heck! even those people in stone age having fun in their youth without any music at all. I, for instance had fun stealing my classmate's underwear and totally embarassed him in class during my youth, and by that time i was listening to Backstreet Boy and Richard Marx. yeah..those years. i wont trade for anything, except for Amanda Seyfried or Scarlett Johansson. well, my point is.. 'indenpendence music' is not the key to happiness. i bet that she gonna realized that sooner or later.. or when she's 25. sooner's the better, so that i can throw her, "i've told you".


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chapter 205 - Man With Mission

Comes December. i had 25 Decembers so far, and somehow both emotions of hate and love mixes together. ends of something hateful, and the beginning of another. years gone by, yet i felt nothing gained; except for my weight. sucks. wait, there might be something though...

last December > alive
this December > limbs intact
= Alhamdulillah

last December > working as a temp
this December > working on a contract
= increase workload for few extra grains

last December > PlayStation 2
this December > PlayStation 3
= works and no play makes Jack a dull boy

last December > Single
this December > Single and miserable
= no comment

last December > Degree
this December > Still Degree
= Thesis sucks!

last December > Mom's Iswara
this December > Still...
= loser, but not for long

last December > going nowhere
this December > definitely going somewhere
= at least gonna keep my mind on something else

last December > 24
this December > 25
= creeping deadline

definitely, i'll do my best next year. awaiting verdict on next December.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Chapter 204 - Normal

Nothing much happened these couple of weeks. as usual, kerja, kerja, kerja.. probably same thing goes with everyone. dah dekat hujung tahun ni al-maklum la. sape yang agak2 nk kawen, sebok dgn persiapan kawen. sape yang nak kawen tahun depan, dah sebok nk membeli barang kawen. sape yang dah kawen, sebok nk bawak anak-bini pegi holiday. semua pakai duit. DUIT! DUIT! DUIT! tapi adakah bermakna kita ni hamba kepada duit? entahlah.. depend on how we interpret it. tipulah bila aku kata duit bukan segala-galanya padahal aku tertunggu2 hujung bulan gaji masuk. Game Eternal Sonata masih menunggu aku kat kedai uncle Wong. itupon nk pakai duit. percutian ke beijing, perhentian ngan kinabalu tahun depan pon nk pakai duit. belom lagi kira hutang piutang dgn kawan2.. semua nk pakai duit. pendek kata hidup ni perabihkan duit saje. itu aku la....

you all know lah.. world economy is very very shaky right now. dominasi US dlm ekonomi dunia dah jadi macam sampah-sarap menanti saat nk dilupuskan. mmg patut kita mencari dominasi baru. China maybe? hahaha.. cakap mmg senang. mmg dasar perbualan orang yang bukan bidang kepakaran yang menonong cakap xpegang fakta; sama la macam ahli2 politikus kat tanah air kita ni... baik biru, merah, hijau, kuning, biru muda; gay atau lurus... xpegang jawatan lagi dah janji itu ini. nak reform la, xnak kroni la, nk jual putrajaya la, nk bagi air free la, nk lepas jawatan la... kesudahnya, bila dah pegang kuasa.. janji tinggal janji.

tahukah anda thanksgiving di negara yang menyambutnya jatuh pada tarikh yang berbeza2. US pada fourth Thursday in November, Canada pada second Monday in October dan Granada pada 25th October. kenapa nk tahu padahal kita xsambut? sebab xsalah utk tahu... kenapa berbeza2? sbb pada lahirnya, thanksgiving adalah pesta menuai. tamatnya musim autumn menandakan tamatnya musim bercucuk tanam. lain negara, lain interpretasi akan akhirnya musim luruh. jadi sebagai penghargaan kepada tanah dan manusia yang mengerjakan tanah, derang sambut thanksgiving dgn buat makan besar. Malaysia pon ada pesta menuai, tapi disambut oleh golongan minoriti saje. Pada fitrahnya, konsep thanksgiving ni x lari dari konsep bersedekah dan berterima kasih dalam Islam; kecuali pemujaan tuhan tanah dan sebagainya. cuma, xperlula tunggu perayaan atau event baru nk bersedekah dan berterima kasih.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chapter 203 - Resistance

Erm.. nak bagitau ke, tak..?

kalau bagitau kang, ramai ngaku kawan...

kalau x bagitau, kata aku kedeq...

bagitau je la...




aku da beli PS3 minggu lepas. expected nk beli hujung bulan ni. nak tunggu gaji katakan... then, bila aku ngan partner in crime aku pegi survey, ada rumors kata harga PS3 Malaysia nak naik harga. most probably outsanding demand ataupon harga utk krismas. then we were left with Singapore's PS3. one thing bugging us about Singapore's PS3 is the warranty. "kalau lu mau pakai itu walanti, lu pegi singapore la kasi hanta". kata apek tu. so, to be on the safe side, we chose the Malaysia's PS3. console kosong including 1 Dualshock 3 controller, kalau kat kedai biasa ranging dlm RM1550 - 1650. dekat sony dealer (style/center) dia offer 1 console, 1 controller ngan 2 game free (chosen games) for RM1800. since area Sg Wang ada 2 sony sytle, kitorang pilih kedai yg bagi best offer. i picked Assassin's Creed and Soul Calibur, while my friend picked Siren and Resistance. then i bought PES 2009 and he bought Metal Gear Solid 4. Dem. 1 game mmg mahal. Ori la katakan.... sejak berkerjaya ni jadi bengap nk pakai original walaupon tak berapa berkemampuan. better la.. nk tunggu hackers sedunia pirate'kan Blu-Ray, ntah bila la... Blu-Ray Writer pon berbelas2 ribu ringgit skrg ni.pastu ada support online gaming. the game price depend on release date and games' popularity. mcm PES2009 tu mahal sket sbb baru lagi. so aku beli ngan harga RM220. MGS4 game yg popular walaupon dah lama kuar, member aku dpt RM190.

Better la beli ada kawan2. leh tukar2 game. lebur jugak poket kalau nk rely kat diri sendri. skrg ni pon tgh proses racun kawan2 suh beli console. hehehe. Weh...beli la..

skrg ni pertimbangan aku nk beli tv crt atau lcd. cewah2 macam kaya sangat aku nih... bukan skrg la nk beli, semua dlm rancangan. kita merancang, Tuhan menentukan. Sorry to say, HD TV xde potential dlm Malaysia ni, sbb RTM mmg xde rancangan nk tukar definisi siaran. Al-kisah derang nk tukar jugak, berjuta2 ringgit la kena spend nk tukar sistem pemancar. Org awam pon nk kena tukar TV kepada HD TV. apa kes? kalau serius nk tukar definisi pon aku budget penyiar swasta yg akan mengorak langkah. ASTRO tatau la, mungkin integrate sikit2. atau pon ada broadcaster yg baru offer siaran cable dlm HD. perghhh... So, as i said, antara 2 tu la. LCD yg so-so saje atau CRT.

nasib la aku xde tanggungan...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Chapter 202 - 9021016

I've been consistently doing 4 posts monthly. bagus x?

My mom just had her Laporoscopic Sigmoid bla bla bla operation last Friday. Lucky for her to have monthly checkup at IJN. the doctor detected an anomaly with her result and after scanning, they found that my mom got a colon cancer. Lap operation as what i was told should be easier and quick to recover. it's because they dont have to open up and instead, they make this small incision to insert a camera, and another one is used to cut the tumor and staple the remaining colon back to where it should connected. i dunno. i'm not a doctor. but somehow, there was a complication and the doctor have to open up my mom's stomach. despite that, the operation went well and she's recovering. thanks for the warm thoughts from fellow friends.

when i was in penang for Raya, i brought my laptop together. since i was bored, i tried reading One Piece from an online manga website. of course from friends' recommendation. and 2 days ago, i finished reading 520 chapters of One Piece. actually, a good manga makes you addicted to it and you're dying to know what gonna happen next. for that, i shall grant One Piece as a good manga. Bleach started to become boring since current story line doesn't involve the main character much. Naruto still have the vibe. He's learning to become stronger and that's cool. Kekkaishi kinda hard to find the scanlations although it's one of the best for me.

One thing kept bugging me these few days. PS3. huhuhuhu... counting the days...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter 201 - Seriously Persuaded

the same super genius friend who sold his dad's Omnia to me successfully persuaded me on buying PS3 with him. not a joint thingy. i've seen it already. it never work. in fact, my friend was ripped off by his partner whom sold the console without his consent and kept all the share for himself. yep, his friend is an ass.

we both gonna buy ps3 and that my friend is not 'gay stuff', but a totally kicked-ass online gaming cooperation in the making. and not to mention, ps3 game can cost you around RM200+. so, the idea of having a friend to exchange games is welcomed. though, i was disturbed by some reviews in the net saying ps3 online gaming is a nightmare.. if it's true, then it going to be frustrating, but the sole reason i chose Sony over Microsoft is a developer named Square. they just happened to produced fine RPG games. who in the world doesn't heard of Final Fantasy? only faggots and homeless i assume.

plus, when i am too deep during playing FF13 or remake of FF7, and suddenly feel hungry and lazy enough to go to the kicthen, i can always pop up the console hood and grab the ayamas black pepper sausages i put in ealier.

for me, X-BOX achilles' heels are....
  • weird controller. i'm not diggin the un-even analog button dude...
  • no Square game? cmon...
  • again with controller. white? i'll buy i-mac or WD passport if i want white
for some reason, i felt that there'll be an x-box lovers out there reading this. doesnt meant to offend you guys, but if you're offended, then so be it. the damage is done.

Must buy game (for now):
  1. Metal gear solid 4
  2. PES2009

PES 2009

ok guys. wipe those drool. from time to time, i'll update my wish-game-list.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter 200 - Milestone

celebrating 200th post. yeay.. my blog also old, sama mcm tuan dia.. uhuk2... jap, lemme fire up the mercun..

that sucks..

this week might be the most un-productive week ever. things are undone. shit happened. but looking on the bright side, i got to step back from everything for a while. really, what happened was i got this nasty eye infection. it god reddish with this uncomfortable feeling.. make we wanna rub it, but i know if i rub it, it'll make it worse. it's like having a devil eye.. with the blood arteries or vena or whatever they called it visible on my eyeball (i was just thinking of using the word popping instead of visible, but that just sound awful and riddiculous.. because otherwise, i'm dead already). i'm feeling a bit better now since i've put on the eye-drop and the ointment. dont worry, i dont think it is infectious. how do i know it?.. ive been around my family these past few days, and nobody infected.. but who knows.. 28 days later. or 28 weeks later... why 28? i just using the movies' name, idiot. anyway, i've got to wear black shade even in my house and it's cool. at least i'm looking good even when i'm sick.

recently, i've been fighting with my 3 years old nephew over who can use my laptop. can you believe it? MY laptop... that little piece of critter just kept bugging me. it's true that at this age, kids absorb things like a sponge in a bucket of water. so i'm very particular with my words and actions. but it's fun to see him not getting things he wanted. call me a bully or whatever, he's still need to do better than kissing my cheek and pleading "apai, nak main game please...". hey, I'm just doing my job as an uncle... He learnt how to open the computer game by watching me did it once, he also already know how to open Company of Heroes. i guess by 5, he can join me and buddies to play CoH. hahaha.. this computer game he loves to play is called Purble Place. Lucky they didnt name it as Pubic Place. funny, i noticed something.

we are taught to follow rules since we can remember. like purble place. my nephew is good at it. what i can say... it's a children game; it's not a rocket-science game. you need to put up a cake as what the customer wanted, starting from deciding the shape of the cake, then the type of chiffon, the color of the icing and lastly putting some decorations on top of it. the whole interface is nice, colorful and bright.. enough to attract kids..and me... the catch is, to win the game is by preparing a cake which is exactly as what your customer wanted. if you fail to do so, then this weird animated cartoon as the bakery's owner will give you a good scolding. Isn't this restraining one mind's creativity. kids should not be teach to be bound by the rules. who cares what type of decorations, what shape of the cake, or even the flavor of the icing.. let them run wild in their imagination. i may sound ridiculous, but bear with me for a while.

"get a good grade, and you'll get a good job with good paycheck". that sucks. because people with bad grade cannot achieve something in this world. is it proven? not entirely. instead of putting this kind of crap in your kids' brain, you should teach them the value of money. teach them how to play with money and throw away skeptical and negativity. but.. yes, there's a but. but, education also important. it'll pretty much stimulate the chances and open door to the new possibilities. I might sound like Robert T Kiyosaki. because i just finished reading his book. poyo kan aku?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chapter 199 - Kingdom Come

My condolences to a friend who lost his mother recently. I dunno how he treat his mother, but i think, i'm not a very good son. sigh.. we only appreciate things when we lost it. a human being is not a thing, but the wisdom serves all. I'm lucky to have my mom around. she's in her 60's now. i prayed hard for her health and promised to be a better son. we all should...

30 days of syawal, 8 days of saturdays and sundays, numbers of open hse invitations on weekends, berkilo2 of calories from rendang, sate, etc etc. consumed... i'm getting fatter and fatter every second. sighing wouldn't bore any result. but i guess, it's not my problem alone, a lot of guys out there having hard time keeping down their crave. i'm thinking of repeating the glorious era 10 years ago.. of course with huge efforts and patience. i've read that it's not about willpower, but more to a spur of a moment. like saying no to the rubbish waiter at a restaurant. more over, I need to say NO to the small satanic voice in my head, and take care of my body. we all should...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chapter 198 - After

Hope it's not too late. it is not. Selamat Hari Raya. Saya menyusun 10 jari (11 kalau ada), memohon maaf atas salah kata, terkasar anggota dan bicara. I celebrated my raya in Penang by the way. there were 3 families crashing in my aunt's place. bit crammed, but a wholesome of fun. i brought my laptop.. to show how geek i am. but the true reason is, i dont want to leave it alone at home, because nobody's there during the raya. remember guys, do not leave any of your electronic device.. anywhere at all. even if you feel it is safe inside your car trunk, it is TRULY NOT! my friend's trunk was busted inside Low Yat's underground parking area. the cctv (which doesn't help much) showed the thievery process took about 1 minute. now we're talking about the real 'gone in 60 seconds'. i wondered, low yat is full of high-tech, cutting edge, of the shelves gadgets. they got the HD TV here and there, video camera that can zoom right into your nostril, yet they put a lousy black-and-white cctv camera in the parking lot. how focked up is that?

I watched KAMI the movie on the first day of raya and Eagle Eye on the second day. Both are good movies. especially on the EE. the technologies are awesome. i love talking computer, i love a machine that able to process human interactions and emotions, also love one that can do things remotely.... like killing.. wait a minute, these fine criteria can be found on a single machine in Eagle Eye. Cool!

I bid my farewell to V3X and welcomed my new sweetheart, Samsung i900 Omnia. before, i was targeting the HTC Touch Pro. my workmate promised to get me a good price by purchasing it from UK. he told me to wait for his paypal approved. Surely he's special...his approval needs 1000 years. i cannot wait no more. plus, i tried on my manager's HTC TP, but to my dissappointment, it lacks the edge i'm looking for. yeah... then, my saviour-ultimate genius friend called me..(cewah, kipas abis). asking me if i'm interested in buying his father's Omnia. He got me at hello.... he got me at hello...

  • Touch Screen
  • Video Call 3G
  • Phone Modem
  • internet browser
  • 5MP Camera
  • GPS ready
  • Office Mobile
  • .38 Caliber w/ silencer
  • coffee maker
  • built-in time travel machine


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chapter 197 - Before

while i flipped the astro channels on my crappy 14" TV, i stumbled upon classic 1986 transformer cartoon. they translate the language to bahasa malaysia and if i'm not mistaken, i watched the same series in other languages. English of course and also Tamil. Among these three, the worst is the one in bahasa Malaysia. Somehow, it's funny to hear the voices of Giant, Nobita, Kiteretsu and Rantarou in a Transformer series. berkerut muka aku dengar suara2 robot yang sengaja di'distort'kan. Tak pernah aku tengok kartun sambil berkerut muka. bacaan skrip yg teruk, nada suara yang dibuat2, mmg lawak giler.

Comic #1
Megatron: Terangkan pada saya, apakah tempat ini?
Budak: Tempat makan ais krim kot.

Comic #2
Budak dan Bumblebee versi sampah dikurung dlm bilik oleh Megatron
Budak: Habislah, apa kita nak buat ni?
Bumblebee versi sampah: Jangan risau, saya ada lampu.

Comic #3
Bapak budak: Bagitau ayah, apa kamu buat disana?
Budak: Saya dapat tahu hari ni hari jadi UltraMagnus, sebab tu saya nak tolong menjayakan persidangan damai sebagai hadiah hari jadi UltraMagnus.
Bapak budak: Hari ni hari jadi UltraMagnus?
UltraMagnus: Saya pon tidak tahu bila hari jadi saya.

Transformers Rocks! Transformers in Malay language NOT!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chapter 196 - Which? Dou Ka Na..

Will you sacrifice your love for your future?
My love is my future...cewah. but future brings new love. ahaha..

i've read a lot of blog consists of questions pick up from somewhere and entertain themselves and their readers with the answers. I really want to do it, but i don't like to be look as a copycat. so, i'll do it later, when not so many people doing it.

I almost hit the 200 posts mark. It's been a wonderful 3 years. I've changed my writing style a lot. i varied most of them so that i will not reveal my personality. hehehe... ada my friend yang buat blog meleleh dari mula sampai sekarang... so, mmg dah dikecam yang dia ni mat leleh. ada yang jenis hentam sana, hentam sini.. diri sendiri saje betul; jenis yang lawak dibaca tapi malas utk didekati. ada yang buat blog teknikal (dari ilmu IT sampai la kepada resipi masakan)... ada yang buat blog lucu, tapi kadang2 xlucu.. ada yang buat blog serius, tapi lawak gile. so, there are various style of blogging. one thing i didn't try is posting something technical. maybe in few post from now i will..

I just finished watching few Japanese and Korean movies. they really good at blending love and death in a movie. more saddist, more better. eventhough it is sad, but i cant find myself to cry. buat2 kelip mata pon xnak kuar air mata (nk try feeling movie, kang dikata hati kering pulak) but, that's not all the beauty of it. i love the cinematography......and the cute actresses. also, i seldom find new wisdom from the lines.

"You know that you love her when you think of her first thing in the morning, you know that you love her if you think of her when you're down"

but i like this most,

"with misfortune comes opportunity"

simple yet meaningful.

6 days to Raya... I'm eligible enough to give out duit raya this year. sigh~ bertuah anak2 sedara aku ada uncle yg best mcm aku. kepada kawan2 terdekat apatah lagi yang jauh, toksah ngado2 nk mintak.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chapter 195 - Amazingly Lazy

i've been amazingly lazy these past few weeks. though the thesis deadline is coming right up, i'm not prepared at all. no kidding. i've always tell myself to take it easy. there's always tomorrow, and by that, we call procrastinate. i dont think the magical escape i did during my final year project last year would happen again..or would it? who knows.. to tell you the truth, i only took 2 weeks to complete my FYP. it was 2 weeks of full-force mode. i hate it, but somehow i love the intensity. though i was blasted during my viva, i managed to 'houdini' myself. my friend told me to throw jargons at the examiner, which i could not try as the examiner is a jargon wall. or maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. luckily, my supervisor kindly enough to passed me the FYP. she's an angel. what's her name again..?

things i noticed during the viva, students are more tend to kiss-ass lecturer through candies and sweets on their table. if i'm a lecturer, i fancied hersheys, kit kat and ferrero rocher.. and not some cheap-20-cents-for-4 sweets. i'll fail immedietly those who put cheap candies on their table.

Time again proving that i'm a foe, not a friend. i'm 25 this year and most of my friends at this age are stable monetarily or building a mosque. by the way, there is a saying in Islam, "membina Masjid" which means kawen or married. because marriage is as holy as building a mosque. i remembered the joke i made with my friends when i first heard of it; which is "membina badan didalam masjid". though it does not sound funny when you read it (and also it's not a very good thing to make joke out of it), but at that time we'd laugh so hard. The cab driver must be thinking, "Gilo apo budak2 ni..". Memang kami gilo.

As for now, I'm making a so-so paycheck which is good only for myself. dapat la hulur sikit kat mak ayah. but, it's not that satisfying to tell you the truth. i have hunger for being boros eventhough i developed a self-straining habit. maybe the sanity comes with age (it's not true for some though). Then how the hell i'm going to get the CEO's paycheck? there are 2 ways.
1 - Be the CEO
2 - Kill the CEO so when you're not getting it, he's/she's not getting it (not answering the question)
I can always try to job-hop. it's a good practice by the way. some suggest to job-hop every two years. it's a common contract duration for a servant. surely your future company will offer something better or your current company will counter-offer with a better offer. play tug-of-war once a while with your HR. make worth of what your company paid them for.
I really like to try my luck working overseas. in Dubai they said you can rake a lot of cash working there. in UK with their high value Pound Sterling. but, to think again, it's hard for me to leave KL for an amount of time. It's hard to miss basketball with buddies, CoH/Dota with my fellow noobies, mom's cooking, mom's armpit, low yat's tech heaven... so lot more..

ah~~ i love ending my post with hanging statement or non-conclusive topic.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chapter 194 - Hitori

Again... another session of one-sided lecture.. while he is talking in front, we're chatting at back. supposely i'm going to break-fast with my friends today. also to celebrate aai's besday. but i realized today is the Man U matchday. how could I miss that? no way man.... plus, my mom called requested me to break-fast at home, since nobody at home. It's debut match for Berbatov. but what i'm interested is not Berbatov, instead Rene Maulensteen, the new assistant for Alex ferguson. he got a big shoe to fill in, it was Carlos Queroz's by the way.

Sucks... Man U lost 2-1 to Liverpool. Sloppy play from United to be blamed on. Just after that, i went to play Company of heroes with my buddies. Dah ketagih lak.. since the day after is Sunday, i took the liberty to stay up late and play to my heart content. at least until my mom called...erk...
I had planned today, which is berbuka pose with my Masters' classmates. venue is at Nelayan, Titiwangsa. last time i was there was around 2-3 years ago. Now the place is like, humongus. i think there were about thousands of people berbuka there. i hate crowded places. and by the way, not the best place to brbuka. air pon kena beli asing... yep, u heard me right.. air bukan percuma... so far, i went to 3 places to berbuka this Ramadhan.
1 - Vistana Hotel
2 - J.W Marriot Putrajaya

3 - Nelayan, titiwangsa

I rate them as above. why i chose Vistana over Marriot? easy. Value wise goes to Vistana, while Marriot is so big, soo many cuisines, soo many foods. u can't test them all. and it's sucks. although the lamb is irresistable.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chapter 193 - Teaching

===Entry terlajak===

last night
i went back to KL to join the rest of the Cocorians for our annual dinner. started off as our winning celebration 2 years ago (won the 3rd place), it has become our annual event even though we're not winning (including this year). it's good for the team atmosphere and also to tie up players (hehehe, jgn ngado2 nak blah, dah bagi makan nih..). This year, we went to something-something-Al-Khaleeg. Kedai makanan Arab somewhere around in Ampang. I was there early as I took off from PD bit early. I sms Pa asking him the place. he replied, "Kedai Arab". Bengong. Not helping at all, though its funny. I went around the block, and found that there are 5-6 kedai makanan Arab. I waited a bit until they arrived. Anyway, makan x ingat. kitorang dalam 13 orang, makan 4 dulang nasi. i'm talking about 4 dulang penuh ngan nasi dan lauk (kambing/ayam). awal2 tu dia hantar ayam ngan roti nan, masing2 rakus makan... padahal main course xsampai lagi. bila nasi smpai, tahap kerakusan tu masih xhilang. mcm tgk animal planet pon ada, dokumentari kelompok singa meratah rusa. makan punya makan, last2 tinggal 1 dulang xabih, tapau bawak balik. in the end, it proved that we're still human afterall. hehehe.

I remembered my Symantec trainer told me once about this story. it's a story of his friend. a friend's friend's story. which mean if you read this, it'll become a friend's friend's friend's story. and if your friend read this, it'll become a friend's friend's friend's friend's story.. and if your frie... owh. cut the crap already.
well, his friend is an IT support for a well-known PC manufacturer. one day, he got call from a client complaining about how her text cursor suddenly move on its own. the browser suddenly gone mad; as she surf the net, letters were typed in into the text box. same thing happens when she viewing a document or a spreadsheet. she said that the PC may gone haywire. his first impression would be an I/O malfunction, assuming it's the keyboard. he also didn't rule out that it may be a foul-play by a ghost. So, he went to the site to see what's happening. he tried opening the web browser and also Words, but no such things happened. the lady still believe that there's something wrong with the PC. so she took over and tried to show him her usual routine. just as she lean a bit toward the LCD monitor, it happened. really true. the lady was telling him the truth. "See, i've told you", she said while looking at him. he looked back at her and saw something. something that she didn't aware of. "M'am, your boobs on the keyboard".

Guess what, same thing happened here in my site. unfortunately, i don't have the guts to tell her that her breast on the keyboard.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 192 - Fun With Dick and Jane

i'm having hard time lately. my health failing, my wealth down into the drain. at least i've got something to look forward to; paycheck. heheh.. it's about time already. surat mintak hutang dari TM sudah sampai. bil tepon akan sampai dlm 2-3 hari lagi. apa lagi? oh ye, PTPTN pon nnt akan hntar surat lawyer. Sial sgt...x check database ke? yang aku ni masih kategori pelajar. even the time after i graduated from diploma, some lawyer sent me warning letter asking for installment payment. that time, i was in 4th semester of my degree study. mau x mau, bayar gak, time tu dapat PTPTN utk bayar PTPTN. nk kaya, tapi takat angan mat jenin, mmg sampai ke tua pon xkaya. honestly, there are things that can easily solve with money. love, work, politic. once, i was asked, "Money or Power?". the answer is up to us really. people see things in their own perspective. as for me, money will surely deplete (unless you invest) but it is a favorite choice for most cause it is simply easy and a shortcut.. power in the other hand can give you the opportunity to have all.. including money. but you must know how to play the game. power without knowledge is futile afterall. therefore, i go for power. heheheh. power root.

Influenza virus still terrorizing my body. but i felt better when i woke up this morning. taking into account the number of paracetamols, solubles, cirris which i took already. byk betul dadah dlm sistem badan nih. Cuaca skrg ni xmenentu. ada hari panas, ada hujan dari pagi ke ptg. so, we're definitely prone to catch a cold if we're not take any precautious steps to prevent it from happen. minum banyak air, tidur kena cukup, rasa2 lain je badan tu cepat2 amik ubat. our body will first tell us what's happening or what's wrong way before a doctor can tell u. it's just a matter of deciphering the meaning of sengal2 otot, pening kepala, urat tegang, etc... somehow, i can tell that i'm going to demam if i feel ackwardly tired. only then i'll take the drugs. kalau nk demam jugak, mmg demam la.. REST + FLUID + DRUG = SOLUTION

Manchester United (the best football team in the whole world) registered their first win of the season yesterday after a win against Portsmouth. i didn't get to watch the game as my landlord failed to clear his Astro outstanding bills. **** him. bila lambat bayar sewa, sakan kejar kita. bila dia x bayar astro, buat2 bodoh. tu la... rasa nk sepak pon ada, kang xpasal2 dia panggil balaci estet dia dtg pukul aku. Oh my GoD... (tebalkan huruf d tu macam pelakon filem hindustan)

Same as last year, this year's Hari Merdeka also ada fireworks kat putrajaya. i was looking forward to it, but somehow mcm kureeengg je tahun ni. lack of publicity. org ramai xtahu, dan xdihebahkan. i heard last year was a blast. this year, schedule dia da lain. website event pon macam murahan punya je (apa salahnya amik template last year). kesudahannya, xmeletop. i guess i'll miss this year fireworks. seminggu ni aku kena stay kat PD. buat training utk lecturer2 sini. bersempena kena stayback sini seminggu (or maybe more than that), i've made a decision utk convert simcard aku jadi data simcard. leh jadi modem utk 3G, therefore leh surf tenet guna HP. punya la perah kepala samada nk guna celcom modem yang kena bayar RM500 tu atau just tukar simcard dan guna HP sbg modem. last2 selepas mengambil kira perancangan tukar HP sediakala kepada HTC (hehehe), aku decide utk tukar simcard je.
even so, VEOH da block download kat M'sia ni. buat masa ni aku nk research sape itu VEOH dan kenape dia block almost 200 countries daripada access web ngan sistem dia. vaguely, VEOH similar to youtube, but the content of VEOH can reach to >700 MB or more than 10 minutes show time (e.g youtube). so, aku mmg download anime, j-drama, k-drama dari sini. download rate laju dari normal p2p (eventhough dia guna p2p juga). but at least laju dari guna torrent. so, skrg da block dan aku bergantung sepenuhnya kat torrent. last time masa aku guna celcom broadband member aku, leh guna torrent, then 2-3 minggu pas tu, x dpt lak download. maybe setting lain kot since aku guna laptop baru. anyway, tunggu je la lepas tukar simcard dia.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chapter 191 - Watch Out

All the best to Cocoro in their 3rd spot decider tomorrow morning at Batu 11 Balakong Cheras. I'll be there to root for your. Opponent: Phantoms. We beat them before, and we'll try to beat them again. Earlier this season, organizer menabur janji nk buat final di Stadium Bola Keranjang MABA KL, and somehow janji tak ditepati. Sampah. kalau x mesti da syok tgk game.
Tomorrow's game is not about what the opponent can do; but it's all about what WE can do. Step into the game with winner's mentality, and you'll be a winner at the end of the game. simple as that. even with the big game tomorrow, bebudak ni masih ajak main Code of War mlm ni. Apa korang xreti nk rest ke? Further more, aku da macam nak demam. Fatigue. yesterday, balik dari PD petang, on the way boss call kata kena ada kat PD pagi sabtu. I was like, "WTF!". of course not out loud. but i guess it's just my karma. hohoho, sendiri salah kena tanggung la wei. keje pon macam kena perah, but that's normal when we're chased by deadline. neway, balik gak Gombak, sempat main basketball, then rushing to my friend at Cheras to fetch something. Arrived in PD at 3 am. Damn.

as i drive along the KL-Seremban highway, i remembered read something from a forum to check the Seremban-PD highway. mcm horror kata orang tu, and as a frequent user I admit that the highway is a bit creepy, especially at night. mmg xpasang lampu. so, aku pon feeling2 nk buat entry seram. 2.15 am, full-moon, clear weather. mula dgn bayar tol pon da seram... seram tgk muka attendan tol tu. sbb tu la org suruh dia jaga malam kot. Astaga.. busuk hati betul aku... KM 9, nampak plastik Parkson Grand terbang melintasi jalan... ditiup angin agaknya, atau mungkin...........
KM 18, kawasan RnR yg sunyi (mmg la sunyi, sape nk singgah RnR kat highway yg panjangnya 28 km?) aku nmpak kelibat orang berbaju coklat sedang berjalan. pegang helmet tapi xnaik motor. agaknya dia nk berjalan ke motor dia kot, atau mungkin.........
noticed agak byk keta yang lalu walaupon da pkl 2.30 am. agaknya derang balik dari apa2 function kat PD kot, atau mungkin........
sampai kat traffic light nk masuk PD tu, elok2 lampu hijau tetiba je masuk kuning pastu merah. agaknya sbb da lama sgt hijau kot, atau mungkin.......
dipendekkan entry yg sedia pendek, xde aktiviti paranormal. susah bila naik sorang, mata nk kena pandang depan tgk jalan.. so xleh nk tgk kiri kanan. xpasal2 aku lak yang jadi hantu.

anyway, dari snapshot bwh ni, korang perasan x something kat area tgh kanan gambar ni?

kalau korang perasan something, mata korang mmg bermasalah. sbb mmg xde pape pon. aku create canvas hitam guna paint.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chapter 190 - Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

Goodbye HP Compaq f700, Hello Dell Inspiron 1420; my latest best buddy. 220 GB disk space, 2GB RAM, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, on-board multimedia buttons, built-in webcam, bluetooth features... what else yg xde? my stint with HP didn't last long as I was asked by the boss to return it. New company policy to lease new laptop for some determined period of time. Reason? No excessive cost to buy new laptop, hassle to dispose the old one and also the privilege of not being left out by new technologies. It's crazy to catch up with the technology. it's a never-ending battle. one might ask, is there a time when technology can never evolve anymore? the time when inventors can never invent no more? honestly, i don't know. but as far as i believe, the knowledge accumulated from the prehistoric ages, or way beyond that until now.. is just a tip of a humongous iceberg. Milik Tuhan dan kita hanya minta dirahmati kebijaksanaan dgn ketentuanNya.

===SubEntrance (mengarut)===
boku wa dame. shit happens as it made me felt useless, powerless and whatever 'less' you can think of. terpengaruh dgn Honey n Clover, nk saje aku kayuh basikal pusing satu malaya. just keep pedalling until I find the meaning of the embarked journey. bukan sebab Hagu-chan suka kat Morita-san. but to think of it, that might trigger the self-finding journey. cuma sekarang ni sebok commit dgn kerja. sometimes I sacrifice things for my own private space; and of course to be misunderstood by some because of that. best thing to do is to do nothing..

bulan depan bulan puasa. at least before that nk kena gi jalan2-kalau-terjumpa-hantu-kira-nasib-la... ikut kata crew leader la, the honorary Mr Q. baek cepat, kang bulan puasa bukan saje jin dan setan kena tambat... silap2 aku pon kena. T_T

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chapter 189 - Jinx'er

few weeks without update.. feels like i owe you one. as one might not believe, i am seriously busy this month. the month before Ramadhan... so, everyone pushing things and deadlines before fasting month arrives. 3 wedding receptions this month (Azan, sorry xdpt pegi wedding ko), two 5-days trainings and one 2-days training.. somemore, Cocoro in the final for 3rd/4th placing (yeah.. we lost the semi) that's make my Sunday occupied.. also on saturday i got class... aiyoo~~~ miss those times where i wake up at 11 in the morning... hehehe.. even though i'm fully occupied, there are times aku curi2 berhibur. playing computer games at CC with friends.. have a cup of coffee at kopitiam late at night.. playing futsal & playing basketball with buddies... i guess, it is some sort of tension releasing, to loosen up my stiff and arch shoulder.

080808 is a very tempting figure especially for chinese. manyak ong itu lapan woo... beside of religious believes, the date only come once and surely easy to remember. kalau xingat ulangtahun kawen gak ni, wajib kena bambu. so, berebut2 orang nk kawen tarikh ni supaya laki xmudah lupa tarikh kawen kelak. xde la pinggan terbang atau tidur kat sofa di masa hadapan. kuekuekue.. member aku sorang akad nikah jumaat lepas. kawan dari Pontian yg sama2 belajar kat boarding school dulu2. so, harus la pergi utk mini reunion dgn budak2 kelas. ada yang datang bawak anak.. ada yang datang bwk tayang cincin belah rotan.. ada juga cincin diamond yg meghelip2.. dan ada juga yg datang dgn hati yang lara (sian...). aku? hehehe.. datang sbb nk makan. next sunday also got wedding, but at some club in Putrajaya. hopefully x clash with final NCBL. otherwise mmg kena sacrifice la wedding tu...

DOTA or Defense of The Ancient is a variant of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. Pick a hero then battled-out with AI or friends. aku xla terer main game ni, tapi xde la noob sangat. but recently, we're addicted to Code of War 4. a First Person Shooting game mcm Counter Strike. aku ni mmg xleh main FPS lama2. konfem pening nk muntah2. so, lepas 2 round confirm aku nk give-up. but i can say that CoD is better than CS. why? because you can accumulate experience from killing and unlock weapons and accessories with the points. also, they got this mode where there's no team formed and you can kill each other. how fun is that.... tapi tu la..xleh main lama2...

My friend, Pa have a crush with this cute waiter from Oldtown Kopitiam Danau Kota. so, we just went there to check her out... and somehow became a habit to lepak there. but lately da xlepak situ. tau la food and drink sana... macam mahal.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chapter 188 - Rebound

Recently, Cocoro is doing very well. Although i've been out of action for 2 years now, i'm still part of the team...doing minor coaching and stuff. we're now participating in NCBL and MBCUP tourneys, and doing great in for now. the best achievement was 3rd place in the NCBL 3 years ago, and we're aiming to be at least in 2nd place this year. ambitious? yea.. realistically we have the arsenal to do so. same goes to MBCUP. previous run weren't that good. but so far so good. over these past few years, Cocoro produced/discovered pretty good talents in basketball. some stayed, some went to other team and promised to come home, but yet to come home. heh. anyway, we're really proud of what we're having now. from scratch, we built this team, and now, it can stand as tall as any other well-known teams in the scene. non-chinese basketball scene btw. credit to Padil, me (ececece) n Qayyum (hins..hins). jgn kembang lebih2 Qayyum. Pa xpe.. dia buta internet, definitely dia x baca blog aku.

by any chance sape yg baca blog aku dan teringin nk sponsor, drop me a message. next year punya slot ada saje. and if you guys nk tau pasal tournament, every sunday at Batu 11, Balakong/Cheras for NCBL. MBCUP lak until 22 July ni. Next game will be on Saturday, 3pm. U R welcomed to come and support us.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapter 187 - Up, Up and Away

Price hike.. inflation is about to double in near future. 6% going to 12%... this only mean, we can expect increase in overall price of goods and services. OMG! this gonna be sucks! for a middle-class earner like me, i really need to be cautious with my spending. the retraction of fuel subsidy make it even worse for me (for everyone else). RM 30 can only give me 11.111 litre. even with that, i didn't moan. i understood that eventually the government 'will' have to withdraw the subsidy, but I didn't expect in such manner (sekaligus dia cantas...). with the increase of fuel, what will happen murid2?..... Ya... harga barang akan naik. remember the time sepeket tepung naik 20 sen, harga roti canai pon sama naik 20 sen. ada sesetengah tmpt naik 30 sen. padahal sepeket tepung buleh buat berkeping2 roti canai. and we also might not realize this, we used to pay 50 cent for nasi lemak.. nowadays, kita dah terbiasa bayar RM2 untuk sebungkus nasi lemak. cinonet lak tu.

honestly speaking (from my financial understanding), there's no need for service or goods providers to increase the price. it is what we call as ignorance. the race to become rich eventually affects others and it is as if guilt-free to them. i won't totally blame the idea to become rich, but do not be too ignorance and greedy, you'll end up swallowing what you spit. kalau anak bangsa kaya, kita pon bahagia. kaya mereka, jangan la sesekali lupa membayar zakat. sama2 tolong anak bangsa yang miskin. french people have an exotic dish called escargot, but i watched TV3's Bersamamu, the poor in our country also have escargot. xyah pegi jauh2, kutip depan umah. siap menitis lagi air mata si Rosyam Nor. tengok je, halangnye tidak. need to sell the poverty and make it real on TV.

i love the idea of government subsidizing installation of NGV system to government servants. that way, more than 40% can be saved due to the shifting petrol users to the NGV gas, and we, the petrol user will benefit from the petrol subsidy. cutting minister's allowance? that's bull. nothing gonna change from that. even if the arguement is to let them taste the bitterness of fuel price hike, they still get free petrol.. which is allocated for them. cut the allowance in a respond to 'kempen jimat cermat'. that's fair then. Khalifah2 zaman khulafak ar-Rasyidin x dpt gaji pon, x mintak pon allocation utk elaun. hidup masih lagi dipelihara Allah, dunia dan akhirat.

one more thing. newly grad or even not so newly grad prefers working as gov servant for security reasons. with unpredict retranchment in private sector, the idea to sit in a safe net is not a bad idea after all. no offence ya. but perception over civil servant are not that great compared to those working in private sector. we're talking about work quality and a bit of ethic here. this because, people think that gov loves to help and hire just anyone. again, no offence. it also true what... i respect the vision to lower the unemployment rate. but, that ladies and gents, affects me. gov should consider to raise the salary of civil servant. a lucrative pay will attract people to work with them, including me. this also will increase the competitiveness of overall participation of applicants. workers are then looking forward to hop in into gov sector, and with less attraction to the private sector, they'll definitely increase the salary so people will work with them. then my 'gaji' also naik. gov also get a quality servant. win-win situation. everyone happy...


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chapter 186 - Connected

some people cannot live without food. some cannot without water. oh wait, i guess it applied to all being. anyway, some cannot live without handphone... as for geek-but-no-ordinary-geek-as-if-a-cool-geek like me, i cannot live without internet. i fell in love with the internet at the first sight. thanks to whoever invent the internet. just to let you know, internet was invented by american out of war exigency (i'm not sure whether they did invent it or steal it.. just look at how many ideas/inventions they stole from muslim scholars). they need a mechanism to transport information about targets, logistic, enemy sighting, etc. among their divisions without using traditional smoke, pigeon or mailman, thus internet were born. but, just what i do with the internet? how much of its existence affect my life? my routine will be:
  1. checking my online games (lunarwars, torncity, ikariam, battleknight)
  2. open and by the way, the best footbal team in the world
  3. check my google group
  4. check my emails (gmail, company mail, yahoo)
  5. surf on interesting topics from
  6. open and
  7. read comments from blog.. mcm la banyak sgt..
  8. read others' blog
  9. idle
after fulfilling my basic needs, i'll then download songs, anime or drama. depend on the mood, sometimes i just fed-up downloading, i will then stream through youtube, megavideo, youku or whatever stream channel available.

Anyway, currently i'm spending my weekdays in PD. my work site, my new home for at least another year. the place i'm working at doesn't have internet connectivity, so i'm kinda bored to death. luckily my works kills my time. but during night time, it's a different story. living alone in an apartment, with no internet, nor satellite TV, i'm feeling slumpy. nk keluar tapi xde duit. i'd spent my paycheck on my tuition fees. so, i'm kinda tight now. harga minyak pon dah naik, nak kluar jalan2 kena pikir 2-3 kali. so, i stayed home. boring. sleeping. i'll try to ask my boss this week to approve the company to endorse celcom broadband to me. i need my internet.. at least for my study. (yea rite...). finger cross for approval... or i'll cross my boss' finger.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 185 - Sweet Pain

The moment you got hit by a paintball pellet, it's hurt. but it'll only hurts like hell after your adrenalin rush not so rushing anymore. I've got 1 bruise on my left arm, and even after 3 days of my miniature war between my classmates, the lebam is still there. it is as big as my knuckle with a blue-ish and green-ish color. can you believe it....? neither do i, but it is real... Overall, it was fun, and i like to do it some other time. Killing people is everyone's fantasy... well at least mine. and you definitely cannot shoot somebody with a real gun in the real world. also applied to knife and throwing star. it's a big NO and it's a common sense, just like the common sense where Argentina is not going to participate in any EURO tournament...EVER!! please correct your senses, guys (yeah..there are more than 1 person). anyway, first time playing, i already went guerilla style. but lack of support leads to my death. teaming with girl gives you pros and cons. but it's going to be all cons when the girl has her husband in the opposite team. Go figure...

One of the memorable moment, besides losing 3 games in a row and only snatched 1 win, were shooting directly at someone's jock. Oh.. and also shooting at my friend's leg 3 times even after he admit being shot to the marshall. that's like illegal, but i did it anyway because the pellet didn't pop, and i kept shooting until it popped. good for him the pellet popped the third time. else, he might need to amputate his leg. hahahaha...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter 184 - Marvellous

Just came back from watching P Ramlee the Musical at Istana Budaya. My expectation was bit tarnished earlier as i read somewhere that the musical is lack of P Ramlee's songs. But, as i arrived there, i realized that the musical is not about his songs. The tagline of this musical is "The life, the loves and the inspiration". Unless they put "the songs" in between the tagline, then i would be pretty disappointed. Nonetheless, the musical was totally marvellous, outstanding and superb. not just the array of great casts, but also the setting, story arrangement, songs arrangement, story flow and everything.

I really adore P Ramlee since i was small. grew up in Penang in my early age gave some miscellaneous memories and it includes P Ramlee. i used to sing Getaran Jiwa on my neighbor's swing, and the old guy really loves listening to me. unfortunately, as i grow up, i'm not that fond in doing things that would embarrass myself eventhough that old guy requested me. anyway, the musical is (hoping it would re-stage again) a 4 hours show. i thought it would only be around 2 1/2 hours, but it worth it. seriously. those who missed, really gonna regret it. i didnt managed to get the rm53 ticket, instead, my friend and i bought the rm 153 ticket. deduct the student discount, i only paid rm 108. another friend told me that he can buy 10 movie tickets with that. yeah, true but in a sense that this musical is a rare opportunity (in term of casts and show time), i considered the 108 is nothing to compared with the experience i'll get; and again, i reiterate that, it's worth every damn cent i paid.

The musical is about the life of P Ramlee; from the rise, to his downfall. he starts off as a clapper in Ampas Road Studio, then as a sing-voice for actors who cant sing; and soon became an actor and a director. His loves includes Azizah from his hometown and that was before he came to S'pore, then Junaidah, Norizan and lastly, Saloma. I've watched how his marriages went down into the drain as his fame rosed. jealousy and lonely creeps in. but it was sweet to know that Saloma stayed with him till the end, even by that time he is no longer popular. the reasons for his downfall are the invention of TV, break up of Malaysia and Singapore (he was forced to move bak to KL and do film in Studio Merdeka. Budget for film are not as lavished as he got from Shaw Brothers in S'pore) and also younger demographic are more towards pop yeyeh stuff. Too much smoking leads to heart failure. he died at 44. In the musical, the last sentence was, "Will i be remembered Sally (Saloma)?". She replied, "Yes, people will remember you for a very long time". quite comforting words for the weary P Ramlee. And it is true. even after 35 years, we still strongly remember who is P Ramlee, what he had contributed to the industry, and what type of person he is. The lines from his movies still etched on our mind, and we still laugh to his jokes eventhough we watched it dozens of time. As he is, will always be remembered.. as a seniman, a legend and a person.

"My art is not for money, it is for people (Seni aku bukan untuk wang ringgit, tapi untuk masyarakat)" - quoted by P Ramlee to Aziz Sattar.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chapter 183 - Where It Belong

Tioman is gorgeous! beautiful place. i really encourage people to go there. especially when you're looking for bustling-city escapade. go there with the intention to get away from work, and you'll find your peace there. leave your messy things at home. laptop, paperwork, annoying children or your nagging wife. For me, the 3 days staying in Tioman is not enough. i need at least 4 days. Lot of things i didn't get to explore during my staying there. I missed the forest walk to Juara, the sandy beach on the right-side of Tioman. I read, along the way there, you'll encounter a waterfall and a place you wouldn't want to miss if you're going Tioman... and I missed it. it's OK, at least I tried 'mencandat sotong'. May is the best season to candat sotong. It's when the squids are getting hornier, I guess. Supposely, we cannot mencandat sotong in Tioman since they announced Tioman as Taman Maritim. Who Cares?! people are still doing it, and no sea-patrol doing their rounds. meaning that, they also don't care. We managed to caught 20 kgs of squids (plus the ice I think), and asked the chef at the hotel to make some dishes out of the squids. Nasi Goreng Sotong, Sotong goreng tepung and Sotong Onion. Sotong sotong sotong...

Also, if you're going, then don't forget to do at least this, snorkeling. The inn or resort where you staying might not give you with the best beaches, so, go snorkeling. I did, and it was a magnificent experience. I can say to that, beside me being a tow-boat during the snorkeling activity. forget about that... as i said, some beaches only can give you a tip of wonderful underwater scenery because most of them only have dead coral and not so many beautiful fishes. i went snorkeling for almost a day, while some of my friends were staying back because of their family, and they missed it... (see, i've told u about leaving kids and wife at home, or at least leave the kids with maid at the hotel room). So, i've only heard heap of praises towards petty corals and fishes from those who missed it during our small snorkeling trip to a spot a bit farther than our beach the day after. i laughed. i laughed until i peed in the ocean and gave the fishes some of my fresh juice. one thing that bugged me during my snorkeling activity was baby-jellyfishes. there are soo many of them, though they dont bite, u'll feel bit itchy when u swim through them. Oh yeah, if you're rabun jauh, u definitely need the goggle with power. I bought one for RM55. it worth it! So when u swim around the minah2 salleh, u'll see bouncy corals and round and juicy fishes..... just kidding, u still can see the bouncy corals and round and juicy fishes without the minah2 salleh around. they are everywhere... on the ocean's floor... of course..

Also, pack some food from home. things are bit expensive there. we're talking about cheezels, twisties and any other unhealthy snacks u can think off. I suddenly developed a sudden crave for Snickers there and bought almost everytime i went to a shop. bit expensive la...

below are some pictures taken so i can share with you guys, the beautifulness of Tioman.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter 182 - Serious Doubt

"It's harder to forgive the right, then to forgive the wrong" - Dumbledore. Quoted by the white beard dude in the Harry Potter series. He's suppose to be more ass-kicking in both books and in the movie, but he's a bit wimpy thanks to J.K Rowling. Talking about too kind; the type of kind that farts lollipop and pony. So, OK, he's not real and dead by the way (in Book 5, if i'm not mistaken). Boo-Hoo for the spoiler (<-- for those who didn't read the series). Anyway, i watched Iron Man last week. It's awesome! The technology, the AI, the cars... mostly the technology stuff. This is one of the superhero without the superpower besides Batman and Daredevil. EVEN without superpower, he is gifted with the geniusity of producing destructive weapons and also robots with intriguing AI. Compared to the names above, for example Daredevil... he is blind, yet have this superhearing ability that helps him projecting what he's hearing.. wow.. that is boring. and I dont know if that's count as a superhero. Who cares if you can hear and visualize a cat shitting hundred of metres away and yet you cannot see one in front of you, and you step on it. Nice going there Daredevil!

Batman is the biggest superhero-loser of all. he doesnt have supersight, superhearing nor superstrength. he's just a rich guy who happened to live in a mansion that have an underground cave with a butler whom never aged (except recently). oh yeah, he got this bat-suit, bat-mobile and bad childhood memory. nothing more than that. he relies on his gadget to beat the bad guy... if a bad guy jump over me and i beat the crap out of him with my belt or my Motorola V3X, then i'm definitely on par with Batman or I can say that Batman's the one on par with us. Gadget used.... checked.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter 181 - Enlightment

What's more hateful than work? MORE WORKS. there will be time when you enjoy doing work, and time when you bitched about your work. This is surely the later part. don't worry, i wont bore u with more work complaint. otherwise, this blog will become a 'work-complaint' blog. it'll be depressing for my readers and might cause some of my readers to jump off their apartment roof, or swallow dozens of sleeping pills due to depress-ness. i don't want that to happen. i love my readers as much as i love my cat. my cat died by the way.... from starvation.

What's more hateful than a backstabber? MORE BACKSTABBERS. what should we do to the backstabber? yeah... we stab them... in their back. how irony is that?

next week i'll be going to Tioman with my classmates. i hope it's worth the money which i didn't pay yet. Bye Bye traffic jam... aloha shorts, sunblock and topless beach. just kidding, there's no topless beach in M'sia.....right?

Anyway, what do you see in the picture below?
Nope, u got the wrong answer.
It looks like it, but it isn't. try again.
Give up already? Cmon try again..
I've told u. it's not what u think it is.
OK, enough.. It's a Lampria, an insect resembling a fly. what else?
Exactly! It do has a part which looks like a dangling dongle. but it is not it. and what do u call the thing above that dangling dongle then? a mutated ball? definitely a NO. it's a Lampria's abdomen.
Give it up already... it's a Lampria.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Chapter 180 - Aint He Stupid?

I regret i ever add this guy in my YM list. 1st, because he's less intellectual. 2nd, he's a McLaren fan and kept bitching over McLaren's victory. And why he's a McLaren's bitch? 1st, because he studies in German (I believed if he studies in India, he'll be rooting for Force India). and 2nd, he's lack in intelligence. (Notice how I replace the word 'stupid' with 'less intellectual' and 'lack intelligence' just to prove my thesaurus software is working just fine). Recently he's quite placid and quiet, which is fine with me.. i guess it is because McLaren is not doing terrificly this new season. Padan Muka! Anyway, just now i noticed his status and decided to nominate him in my 'Most Annoying Being'. Just so you know, other nominees are cockroach, ants and pig. So, its gonna be a tough one.


There are few ways to sign out from YM:
  • press Ctrl+D
  • Click Messenger > Sign Out
  • Right-click at YM Icon and choose Sign Out
probably he's the type of guy who doesn't silent his phone in a movie theater. What a walking crap....

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Chapter 179 - Revenge Is A Sweet Motivation

3 days to go for Manchester United to embrace the League Champion. It's up to them and also luck. Wigan will not be easily steamrolled or easily giving the way to United. They will be a pain in the United's ass and also United supporters' ass. who knows the drama folds into a nightmare as United lost and Chelsea grab the 1st place. or who knows if United win and Chelsea lose with Drogba got sniped in the head, Ballack died from heart attack and Cech get another blow to the head and die instantly... who knows la.... Then the week after that come the final of Champions League. In Moscow it is... kalau ada Pintu suka hati dari doremon, boleh juga pegi tgk match. tapi sah2 doremon x wujud, apatah lagi pintu suka hati. Pintu ke alam barzakh ada la.. bukak pintu rooftop kat office anda bekerja, dan lompat dari bumbung ofis anda. sape2 keje ngan Petronas tu lagi bagus. Back to the main topic, i still believe in United. They can do the double. Member aku ckp yg dia x berapa suka ngan MU sbb derang ni suka boasting. Not boasting la sayang... that's confident's boast. they have to and should be. they're among the best in the business by the way. Also, Ferguson is the humblest manager of all. he always give compliment to the opponent, may it be their arch rival or some felda team. Say anything you want, i'll wait until they get their double. Glory2 Man United.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chapter 178 - Pure Boring

Boring. That’s the word i can describe right now. My challenging works washed away by the simplicity of the infrastructure of this project site. It was expected earlier, but i didn’t expect the internet to be a pain in the ass here. Dunno why la gomen office mesti problem bab2 connectivity. Too many birocracy and unnecessary bullshit. Corporate company always goes for leased line or streamyx. But for gomen, it’s not that easy. Sigh....

Currently i’m spending my night at PD. None of the office concern as it is privately funded.. by me. Things need to be done, and it falls to my responsibility. So ok, if i wanna brag or bitch about my work, sampai esok lom tentu selesai. Forget about it. Sometimes i forgot my vision towards this blog. I admire Maddox whom u might know.. or not (his www is blocked by several countries by the way). His content never fails to make me laugh. Apart from that, he speaks with knowledge. Whereas, i speaks with nonsense. Q’s blog also entertaining as well as inspiring. Some gaijin –or- kwailo’s blogs are also fun to read. They just blurt out their experiences of living in some foreign land. Maybe i should change my style of writing. Read more materials, do some research, improve my grammar and tenses, improvise intellectual papers.......... nah! That is just too boring. Ah... i didn’t make any picture entry for quite some time now. Malas probably...

So... this coming month is my most favourite month. May is the best month of all. Birthday of my dad and also someone special. Hahaha. Stop speculate here. This someone actually a no-one. Anyway, talking about birthday, it seems like i cant forget few dates. Dunno why.. does 7th Mac ring any bell? Or 29th April? 6th February is a must-remember date, otherwise i’m a dead meat. Oh ya. 29th April is redzuan birthday. I always use his birthday when filling up some online forms.. sorry mate.

Last night, i took a quick quiz. Quite interesting. The questions goes like this:

You’re buying flower for your gf/bf, what color of rose would you buy?

A. White

B. Red

How many?

A. Sekuntum

B. A dozen

You’re on your way to your gf/bf house. There are 2 routes,

A. Short cut but the route is dark or pitch black

B. Bit lengthy but got lampu..kira cerah la.. siap ada kedai2 lagi (ß dunno la kalau dia menambah2)

Upon arriving, as you wait for your gf/bf getting ready..

A. put the rose inside a vase

B. put the rose on his/her bed.

After your date, u decide to go home (unless u getting lucky, if u know what i mean), at a similar junction, which route will u choose?

A. short cut but pitch black

B. Lengthy route but cerah gemerlapan bersinar2 disimbah neon kedai2 (exaggerating)


So, from the quiz, i am:

A rapist who like to take dozen of ecstasies before going to the strip joint and love to have salmon roe sushi after performing car theft at the police compound....

Just kidding, that was another quiz. The analysis of this quiz can be found at chapter 35, May 2005. go crazy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter 177 - Indie.. Me?

So ok... i was bit late on pressing the submit button. actually, my previous post was initiated last week. but, i put on hold couple of time because of the dispersion of mood during the process of rambling my thoughts into words. happened a lot of time. so, now i'm in a mood to post something. hopefully, i'll submit straight away..

first of all, gimme a round of applause as i finally managed to see through my 2nd semester. though the results aren't out just yet, i dont care! but i was bit anxious to get my result actually. if before i care less, but now i think i need to at least pass this semester. i dont want any 'lepas bersyarat' though i feared it might happen this semester. why i think it might? because i sucked at my math test. seriously dude... most horrible score i got in my entire math history. oh wait, i did get a lowest. "0" for my final exam during my study in UTMKL. yep... i thought i post it before, but heck, lemme re-iterate it. it is as easy as 'i was cleaning my fish pond during the xm'. and none of my friend call me to at least show some concern over why i didnt come. i remembered one asked me the day after, when i came to take the imaginary math xm. "ko x dtg ke xm smlm?".. yeah.. thanks for the delayed concern. it helped a lot. so...... i'm looking forward to get my father's reaction over my result this semester. last one didnt make him very2 happy though i thought the otherwise. i was disappointed at first, but later it just stop bugging me. oh, If you're praying, mind to put my name in the success list. thanks.

next week, the whole staff in my company will be going to Hong Kong for 3 days. paid trip by the company. as the 4 of us (the newbies) will not be going as we' it's ok. it is understandable la.. if u work for 2 months and suddenly paid to go for holiday; overseas somemore... surely the applicants are like crazy. sape xnak keje cenggitu. so, the holiday is more like an incentive over their hard work during the year 2007. So, any of those yg pegi, i wish u guys happy holiday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter 176 - My Bad...

For the past week, i was in a SAN storage training, preparing myself for Math exam, busting my ass doing take home exam and term paper review. So friggin tired. Plus, after my math exam, we played 2 hours of futsal. aint that crazy? even it was yesterday, i still feel exhausted. my leg sored. my mind can't process well. soo tired.

Anyway, during my 3 days of training, something happened that made me feel guilty up until now. let me briefly descibe to u about the training 1st. the instructor is an indonesian fella and the attendees were 4 person which 3 of us from my company (<-- cewah.. bila lak jadi company aku) and one from another company, whom an indian lady, or miss 'P'. the training was all about storage area network, or networked storage. How to configure this and that, installing and managing the storage. learn about the related devices, how to clustering, segmenting and a bit about cabling. ok, enough with the training content, now, to the interesting part. brunch and tea break are provided. as for lunch, the instructor will take us out for lunch on his own account. the very 1st day, he brought us to a 'nasi padang' restaurant. tau la nasi padang, style hidang berpinggan2 lauk atas meja sampai xcukup tempat. since Miss P is a bit sensitive to the food whereas she can't have any meat (for religious reason), she tend to questioned any unfamiliar dishes. so she asked us about one of the dishes. i told her that, it's a chicken. well, it looks like one. anyway, she took it and ate it. then, after we had our dessert, she again try to reconfirm... the trainer told that, it is a brain.. "what brain?", she asked. we went on silent mode. i looked at colleague 1, he looked at me... then i looked at colleague 2, she looked back. the loop process of guilt stares continued between us for a minute... the day after that, colleague 1 asked her about yesterday's incident. Guess what she told us, "tak sengaja maaa..". hahahaah... funny, but above that, i felt a bit guilty. lucky for me she didn't come back the day after that and shove me with pork.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapter 175 - To Digress

Life's too short to procrastinate. when i looked back, i realized that i had wasted so many chances.. so many opportunities... some are bound to reasons, some are purposely done. anyway, i was reluctant to talk about my relationship story as it is a private issue, but as a celebrity, one has to know that celebrity are publicly owned... my stories are to shared with the rest.. ahahah... perasan celebrity.. no la.. just to shove things off my shoulder.. actually i need to set thing straight with my peers... they found that it is hard to believe that i'm single... (and available). sume ingat aku playboy, awek keliling pinggang, siap ada yg terkepit celah2 ketiak lagi. itulah mitos kwn2 aku yg menyangka aku ni jantan terhangat dan banyak awek.. well my friend, you're wrong. i'm just plain, boring, single bloke. my guess is because of all my love-luck had been depleted, and it was since my darjah 6. sedih mengenangkan fenomena ini. or maybe mmg aku xde luck bercinta. bangsa kawin yg makbapak aturkan la agaknya. lagi satu, aku rasa sbb awek skolah rendah x educated lagi.. tu yg aku pon diterima pakai dalam standard teman lelaki.. kata cinta monyet. bila dah menerjah ke alam dewasa, awek2 da pandai... tau mana kaca, gelas, besi karbon, aluminium, bijih timah dan zink. kalau diberi rating daripada 5 bintang, aku ni mungkin sekadar tahi bintang saje. hahahaha... one of my most famous self-depression lines...

People can fall in love every minutes and every seconds, but true love is about caring and respect to each other
... quoted from my aunt. true maybe.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chapter 174 - Estacy

el mucho gracias.. hahaha ..tetiba nk feeling2 cakap bahasa asing. actually, most of my post are done in english. and i think thats good to improve my english...well, some here and there.. but as i read from a newspaper article, they said that, most use language for bloggers are japanese, followed by english, then the rest.... BM? well, less than 1%. I cant agree more... even now i'm using english... maybe hoping for a foreign readers to bump in with my blog, so that they can understand what the hell i'm talking about. but, i do love my native language... so i decided to balance my language usage.. lagipon, aku ni pon bukan berapi sgt speaking english... takat bodoh2 je.. Anyway, this morning i've done my wireless presentation... sooo damn lega... hingat lecturer tu giler serius pasal presentation ni, alih2 ala kadar je... tapi bagus gak lecturer aku ni... walaupon dia buat ala2 kadar, tapi dia beri perhatian kat apa yg presenter ckp. siap bagi teguran ngan cadangan lg. bagus la... respect. before presentation, ada test lak... same lecturer.. tapi yg best giler, test dia open book + open laptop.... hapa lagi... macam syaitan la masing2. ada member bawak wireless router, pastu cabut internet cable kat PC lecturer, connect ke router... dapat la kami masing2 internet... yang xtahan tu, bila lecturer nk connect ke internet xleh (sebab cable da cabut), siap call data center tanya apsal xleh connect... hahahahah... tuan punya router da cuak... trus cover line buat2 tanya soklan... hape sengal...


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chapter 173 - Another Sideplace

Qayyum is currently indulging himself with Aizat's new single, Hanya kau yang mampu.. Dia tengah sedih lepas dpt tahu Melissa Maureen Rizal nk kawen dgn Malique Too Phat. Chill bro... bunga bukan sekuntum... byk lagi bunga2 diluar sana... rafflesia ada, tahi ayam ada, kerisintemum (<-- mcm mana nak eja entah)... lagipon bunga yg dah ada kat tangan tu nk letak kat mana? huahuahua...

Songs orchestrate your soul and emotions. Really really love to dip into songs. Masa kat Alor Star aritu gamat melayan Buble -Home. "Another sunny place, another aeroplane, i'm lucky i know, but i wanna go home".. kena sangat.. once, i remembered playing that song repeatedly during my weekly meeting with my colleagues and bosses. Ye la...meeting dari pkl 3 sampai pkl 7... dari cerah ke gelap. walaupon xde bini menunggu di rumah, tapi nk jugak balik. the "i wanna go home" bait played over-and-over.... dunno la kalau boss perasan. Then lagu-lagu macam Terima kasih cinta dari Afgan and also Nyala dari Aliff really puts me in the jiwang mode. Dropping few gears down, the songs really hit me as the melodies haunted me. Also, the song from Youme, Byul (translation : Star) is from 200 pounds beauty OST which is really suitable for some of my 'moments'. Again with the melody la... Currently, my media player is playing Shiro Sagisu - Here to stay. It's an instrumental play taken from Bleach animation OST. Let me list down few songs yg repeatedly played over in my player:
  • Shiro Sagisu - Here to stay
  • Youme - Byul
  • Aliff Aziz - Nyala
  • Afgan - Terima kasih cinta
  • Andrea Bocelli feat Christina Aguilera - Somos Novios
  • Buble - Home, You and I
  • Nicholas Teo - Tears from polaris
  • Andra and the Backbone - Sempurna
  • Sweet Charity - Kamelia
Try watch Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction.. really funny. to me la.. sbb snoop dogg buat style old-school gile. pakai instrument hape ntah siap ada tiub masuk mulut. Nk gelak guling2 pon ada.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chapter 172 - To Blog or Not?

none can deny the power of blog. recent GE showed us how the distribution of information or gossips or trash talks through digital media is sooooo important. the opposition took the opportunity to use such means, and see what happened? research showed that people are more trusting when it comes to blog. one of the reason is because people want to believe what they want to believe. beautiful words are more tantalizing..and by the 'beautiful words', i mean cerita2 panas ala2 tabloid. speaking of tabloid, i recalled my boss comment over Sufiah's story in the BHarian. If u guys wondered who Sufiah is, she's the smart whore whom grabbing national attention at this time. continue... He said that Bharian has become some sort of a tabloid by putting such story in the front page. i said, "of course la... they just print out what people want to know. even i want to know what happened to her. what kind of stress that made her doing such thing? what happened after her divorce? these such questions are what people want to read or listen". anyway, misi menyelamatkan Sufiah sedang giat dijalankan oleh sesetengah orang yg mampu ke UK. Aku nk juga menyelamatkan dia, tapi x mampu nk beli tiket kapal terbang... takat nk hitch-hike kapal terbang atau kapal kargo, silap2 timbul pulak misi menyelamatkan aku. the question is, is she wanted to be rescued? dia macam enjoy je doing things she's currently doing. dunno la... but one thing for sure, definitely harga dia lagi 'up' lepas kecoh2 ni.... fuhhh..rosak..rosak....

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