Friday, December 27, 2013

Chapter 287 - Jelly Bean

What I regret most is that I did not do any backup in prior to my phone update. Macam biasa, release untuk android firmware di Malaysia (dan beberapa negara lain) adalah lambat. While Galaxy S4 and its up-to-date counterparts are enjoying it off the shelves, their predecessors as such S3 is in wait for the official release from Samsung (in my case). Commonly happened as their so called developer is taking their time to port the latest firmware according to the hardware capabilities of predecessor smartphones. Plus, manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Asus, etc not using stock android OS, instead, they have their own kernel underlying the android OS. Hence, you can notice different brands has a slight different on look-and-feel. Noticeably on HTC whereas you can find navigator panel on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, when you unpack your phone, you'll notice the apps that came along with the brand, like Samsung Play, Samsung Apps Store, Allshare Apps, etc. Stock OS basically a phone running only on android. There are few out there already. Tak ingat nama apa. So, with different approach on how android is running on the brand's kernel, that explains on why the firmware release differs between brands.

Couple months back, I rooted my phone. Sole reason is that I want to minimize the battery utilization. To do so, I need to remove all the unnecessary apps. Like the one provided along by Samsung. To install few apps that can help me to remove ads from the games. To allow my phone root access on doing stuff. So, I rooted my phone to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Stable version back then. There are 2 types of Root. Normal Root and customize root. The normal root just void the seal and give root access to your phone. While the latter provide the same but comes with customize UI. Reface to every extent. However, I opted for a normal one because the latter will flash your ROM and will wipe clean your data. Just for precaution, I made a backup. This was done when I was in the office. The downside are, root version will never get to use the Kies and receive normal update from Samsung.

Yesterday, I decided to roll my S3 to Jelly Bean v4.3. As few countries has release the official firmware. I took things for granted, taking my previous experience into account, I didn't make any backup prior to it. My first attempt was failed. I know, if I'm not able to fix this, I need to factory-default the phone. Lucky me, my 2nd attempt went through. But to my disappointment, it wipe my data. I'm not worry though about the SMS, contacts and apps, but my private data as well as pictures and videos that made me gazed emptily into the sky. My previous backup on my office PC also lost due to re-image. There's no way I can recover them. Lesson learnt.

For those who want to manual update your phone, do backup and properly find the firmware files. Tips: Search for the right firmware using your baseband version, and look for international instead the one made for proprietary such as Vodafone, AT&T, etc.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Chapter 286 - The Notebook

I'm keeping close a notebook that I like and usually scribbled stuff in it. First few pages, I jotted things like itinerary and budget ledger on my Seoul getaway 2 years back. I remembered how I diligently wrote down the program and plan for me and wife. How much this and that will cost us then. I did that because we opted for backpacking style holiday. Figured that tour holiday is much expensive than backpack. Backpacking is so much fun. Getting up-close and learn lots of things. Tiring but fun. All in good memories.

Now I'm planning on our house moving. How excited I am as I jotted down all the things needed, what are the plans, budget, sketches of how things will looks like, blueprint of the apartment and stuff. If all in God's will, me and family will completely move in to the apartment by next weekend.

Next should be the highlight of 2nd quarter of 2014, a getaway to Hong Kong. How I yearn to bring Fahim to Disneyland. The ideal is Disneyland in States, but figured the closest one should be more than enough. Flight tickets already bought, what's left is to find a good hotel, plan the trip and pretty much what I did for Seoul trip.

Looking forward for more entries in the notebook.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chapter 285 - On Solid Ground

Manusia bukan sahaja memerlukan tempat untuk berteduh kasih, tetapi juga tempat untuk berteduh dari hujan dan panas.

Kos sara hidup yang tinggi di KL membuatkan kita rasa sesak nafas dan sesak poket. Cukuplah dengan makanan mahal, rumah pun tak mampu kita nak beli. Sekitar 4 tahun dulu, rumah PKNS di Setia Alam hanyalah sekitar RM350k. Dengan ansuran bulanan selama 35 tahun, dia perlu membayar RM1700 sebulan. Beberapa minggu lalu, aku round area situ dengan harapan SP Setia mahupun PKNS ada buat projek baru. Apakan daya, projek yang baru-baru semua dah sold out. Future development pun disasarkan untuk rumah bangalow dan linkhouse. Rumah 2nd hand di Alam Nusantara (projek PKNS) paling murah selepas aku call sana dan sini dapatlah dalam RM560k. Rumah intermediate pulak tu. 20x70 pulak tu. Phase lama pulak tu. Kalau datang dengan harapan cari rumah harga RM400k - RM500k, harap lupakanlah. Aku pun masa tu datang dengan harapan bawah RM600k. Kalau ikutkan, dah molek sangat, tapi fikir punya fikir, aku tak rasa boleh commit ansuran RM3k sebulan. Kalau nak murah, kena mula cari di luar KL. Lupakanlah Lembah Klang, tapi Lembah Beringin masih boleh lagi. Hahaha. Aku pun tak nak cari rumah yang lebih kearah selatan ni, misalnya Kajang, Bangi, Nilai, Dengkil. Walaupun dalam Google Map distant'nya sangat relevan dangan situasi aku yang kerja di Cyberjaya dan isteri aku kerja di KL. Tapi, pernahkah kau datang berkerja di KL dari arah sana? Kalau ya, semestinya tau macam mana jalan jem nak masuk ke KL. Masuk je Sungai Besi, kau dah kejang. Lagipun, aku macam tak feel nak cari rumah di sana. Tempat di sana tu macam tak masuk dengan jiwa aku.

Makanya, aku mencarilah di belah-belah sini. Kota Damansara dah mahal dan tak ada projek baru. Ara Damansara lagi lah syaitonirrajim. Denai Alam pon dah mahal. Cahaya SPK pon dah mahal. Kalau budget kurang RM800k, jangan nak sebut tinggal kat sana. So, tinggal la ceruk-ceruk sana di Puncak Alam. Itu pun aku tak berapa berkenan. Sebab jauh dan harga yang tak berbaloi dengan value. Yang tinggal hanyalah Ijok, Bernam dan Kuala Selangor yang affordable. Alhamdulillah aku dah mula mencari. Ketika ni, memang keadaan mengizinkan. Kalau disebut, 'kalau 2-3 tahun lepas aku start cari, mesti dah dapat yang murah-murah', memang la sedap, tapi hakikatnya, keadaan tak mengizinkan untuk kami cari rumah sendiri masa tu. Terfikir juga macam mana budak-budak yang fresh grad nak survive? Mungkin jawapan sementara adalah menyewa. Tapi sesudah kahwin, perancangan mesti dah lain. Ketika tu, mampu ke mereka ni nak berumah?

Salah siapa rumah mahal ni? Sebab harga tanah mahal ke? Sebab harga barang construction mahal ke? Sebab developer tamak haloba ke? Sebab investors ke?

Semua ya!

Budget 2014 yang PM bentangkan tempoh hari memberi nafas baru kepada pemilikan rumah. Biasanya yang perabihkan rumah ni adalah investors yang beli dan beli dan beli, lepas dapat kunci, gantung banner 'Untuk Dijual'. Time tu harga rumah tu dah increase >30% sebab orang sentiasa nk cari rumah. Dengan pelan untuk naikkan kadar penalti dari 5% kepada 30%, mungkin investors ni pikir 2-3 kali untuk main beli-jual sesuka hati mak bapak derang. Dengan cara ni, mungkin memberi peluang kepada mereka yang betul-betul nak beli rumah tu. Kerajaan juga nak bagi subsidi untuk developer yang buat rumah kos sederhana. Bagus begitu.

Aku pun dalam usaha mencari 'rumah' kami sendiri. InsyaAllah, kalau diperkenankan, ada lah rezeki kami.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Chapter 284 - Why Celcom, Why?

So freaking pissed with this telco. Shitload.

Almost 2 months back, my wife received a bill amounting RM1000. This bill was separated from the monthly bill for a reason. Surprised, she called the customer service and lodge a report. Days later she called again for progress and the only explanation she received was the charge is upon her contract breach. Now we got more confused. She stated that, not in her knowledge she breach the contract. She only upgraded her iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. Package upgrade included of course. We urged them to investigate further.

We called almost once a week, because we get the idea that calling everyday would not give us the answer we seek; as every time we called, the answer always 'in progress'. A month passed, we received 2 bills again. Somehow I noticed the differences in account number, even for the same phone number. I called again for confirmation, and I found out that there are 2 accounts registered under my wife's number. One has been disconnected, and the other still active. Now, you can pretty much guess which account is being billed with the penalty.

3 days ago, my wife received a letter from a lawyer firm representing Celcom urging us to settle the penalty within 7 days or further legal action will be taken. Now I started to get so pissed. I went to Celcom branch in Jalan Ampang. Note: Don't go to HQ in Jalan Tun Razak. There only got their bigshots and they don't entertain over the counter customer.

Met a customer executive, and she said that my wife is being billed because she disconnect the account within contract period. I raised my concern to the executive as below:

1) Why is there a contract breach? The iPhone 4 was purchased on 8th June 2011 and the iPhone 5 was somewhere in middle of July 2013. Does it make any sense that if the purchase is on 8th June, the contract ended on middle of July 2 years later?

2) With mine and wife's phone, no such disconnect is needed when upgrading the plan or package. My wife had upgraded her normal plan to iPhone 4 plan before; and mine from Samsung Galaxy S plan to Samsung Galaxy S3. All without the need to disconnect. Why now?

3) Who did the disconnect? Celcom BlueCube in Kota Damansara or Celcom Exclusive in Curve? I suspected the earlier due to bad experience we had with them, and this might their vengeance to us. But later I learned that this was done by the latter party.

4) We didn't authorize any disconnect. Does it make any sense to disconnect a number then registering the same number again? Why the hassle? Have any proof and signature of allowing such activity?

The executive explained to me that these kind of dealer always finding ways to get the commission by registering new user. Hence, the trick of disconnect a number and registering it again. This is kind of bullshit and shouldn't be allow to happen in future. They are raking in money with the expense of the telco's name and reputation. Telco should closely monitor and set policies on how they should operate. Her advice is to come over again with the contract and proof of purchase at the outlet as they will expedite to their head of service.

Yang melayu (BlueCube) membohong lebih, yang cina (Exclusive) gila duit nak tiaw je. Menyusahkan orang.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Chapter 283 - Kurus?

Perlu ke seksa-seksa badan sebab nak kurus? Terpaksa tahan makan, kena paksa badan bersenam. Depends pada pendapat masing-masing, tapi honestly aku berpendapat at some point kita kena maintain badan kita dalam keadaan yg sihat. BMI boleh jadi benchmark. Tak perlu lah nak kurus sampai keding, sekadar dalam radar BMI yang sihat. Calculate your BMI by using this formula: weight / (height * height)

Below 25 = Good
25 <--> 30 = Fat
Above 30 = Obese

Dalam kes aku, bila usia dah cecah 3 series, plus berat badan yang dah boleh guna metrik tan (bak kata Ammar), aku kena consider longevity jasad ni. Tak perlu nak cover-cover, aku dalam kategori Obese walaupun kacak. Tapi tujuan aku beriltizam menguruskan badan ni sebab nak cuba avoid ubat-ubatan bila usia mencecah 4 series keatas. Surprising aku sepatutnya kena commit ubat kolestrol dan blood pressure. Takkan nak tambah ubat diabetes?

Tapi sejujurnya, tak perlu nak tahan makan sangat dan xperlu la senam hari-hari bagai atlet padang. Yang penting adalah :

1- Will spirit. Sebagaimana will spirit yang bantu aku panjat gunung Kinabalu. Nak ikut tubuh dan bisik hati kecil, aku dah berhenti kat Laban Rata. Cliche, but the will pushed me up and up despite the tired legs and body. Bila datang bisikan syaiton untuk aku makan dan malas senam, kena gigih la lawan. Jangan buat bende half-hearted.

2- Letak target yang reasonable. Jangan ingat boleh nak kurus 15 kilo sebulan. Unless boleh commit jaga makan dengan senam kaw-kaw. Target aku just nk BMI normal saja. Alhamdulillah, aku target 10 kilo sebulan ni, dan dalam 3 minggu aku achieve almost 8 kilo reduction. Aku tak timbang pulak latest weight, tapi aku saspek dalam 9 kg reduction dalam 4 minggu. Nak tahu rahsia? PM saya. Hahahaha.

3- Jaga makan. Yes, ni penting jugak. Google calorie counting. Nak makan xde hal, tapi kena aware dengan apa yang anda makan. Varies on each person, but usually the body needs ranging 1000 --> 2000 calories. Secara simple otak aku ni fikir kalau aku boleh survive below 1000 calories per day, surely ada kesan yang effective. Jangan ingat roti yang anda makan pagi-pagi tu makanan diet. Actually sekeping roti Gardenia packaging merah tu contain 156 calories. Compare dengan Gardenia yang packaging kaler purple tu cuma ada 60 calories sekeping. Cuba-cuba la kawal nafsu. Bagi aku yang gemar makanan dan makan, hati kena kental la jugak. Tapi jujurnya, aku pun ada day off dalam menjaga makanan. Reward thyself.

4- Senam. Again, an useful tool to get your waist shrink. Tak perlu dasyat-dasyat, bagi aku kalau dalam maintain seperti yang disarankan KKM, 20 minit setiap sesi untuk 3 kali seminggu, kira dah cukup bagus.

Selamat menjaga badan.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Chapter 282 - Matrimony

Tahniah Ammar Abd Halim atas penyatuan zahir dan batin anda dengan pasangan anda, Wahidah.

Ngee.. Please excuse the unusual wish above.

Memang kawan baik dunia akhirat aku. Fakta yang menarik.
  1. Ammar ni 2 tahun muda dari aku.
  2. Jumpa 1st time dalam kelas accounting semester 1. Aku ni student khas, kena join econ & accounting walaupon most subject dapat exemption.
  3. Kami lahir di klinik yang sama di Jalan Ipoh. Of all the hospitals and maternity clinics, kat situ jugak kami dilahirkan.
  4. Ammar gagal mencapai benchmark yang aku tetapkan, iaitu berkahwin pada usia 27 tahun. 
  5. 2 tahun menyewa bersama di Shah Alam.
  6. Tak berapa hebat bermain DOTA berbanding aku.
  7. Kereta pertama kami adalah dari jenama Proton. 
  8. Kami tak pernah menyaksikan dan mengesahkan kewujudan ayam Israel seperti yang digemburkan rakan serumah kami.

 Selamat belayar dalam bahtera rumahtangga. Kalau nak saksi atau alibi, boleh panggil aku. Hahaha.

Chapter 281 - Eid Mubarak

Salam Eid Mubarak.

My Aidilfitri was not as I planned. Fahim went down with fever and it kept us on our toes for 3 days. Pergi hospital dan balik dengan keputusan yang sama. Demam yg biasa untuk kanak-kanak, sangat dijangka. But as parent, of course we always blow things out of proportion. Especially when we find the temperature went over 38 Celsius. I dont think the nursery is good for Fahim. He tends to come home with some sort of illness every 2 weeks. Plus I dont think the nursery is compliance to the JKM's guideline. It suppose to have a healthy air circulation, not cooped in a closed hall. Yeah, a hall. there is no partition or room. Just a hall, with baby rugs covering the marble tiles, and air-cond blasting full-force. That is one of the reason I believe. They should change the air-cond filter more often as it might catch and trap the bacterias, hence giving an unhealthy air quality. This kind of setup might be normal for corporation's nursery. But to expect this from a health institution. Poor them.

Anyway, just a good wishes to all for a happy Eid.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chapter 280 - Ramadhan Mubarak

Wishes all Ramadan Al-Mubarak. Selamat berpuasa semua.

I'll leave my special project update for now to give way to my Ramadan special. Special la sangat.. Alhamdulillah, sekali lagi Allah izinkan aku dan keluarga untuk bertemu dengan Ramadan. Might be a small deal to everybody, but it is something more than fasting, month of bless and forgiveness, and deeds. Ramadan tahun ni Fahim berumur 1 tahun 8 bulan. Challenging age for any parent. Anak dah ada kaki ni memang tak duduk diam. Umur sebegini anak dah pandai mengekspresi isi hatinya yang biasanya opposite dengan apa yang ibu bapa hendakkan. Tapi itulah asam garam parenting. Syukur, Ramadan ni aku sambut dengan anak dan isteri tersayang. Doanya kami akan ketemu banyak lagi Ramadan.

Comes Ramadan, I will always remembered my old friend, Asif Zaman. Arwah dah dia ni. Kami bukannya kawan dari kecil, sekadar kenal hampir 3 tahun belajar di sekolah menengah sebelum aku sambung belajar ke asrama penuh. Arwah meninggal di Jalan Pahang akibat kemalangan jalanraya. Walau pada mula aku kenal dia sebagai budak nakal sekolah, tapi agaknya dia seronok berkawan dengan geng-geng aku, dia sedikit sebanyak berubah dalam 3 tahun tu. Dalam nakal tu, antara sifatnya yang aku boleh describe adalah setiakawan. Banyak ceritanya, tapi biarlah aku simpan. Entah kenapa, mesti teringatkan arwah bila Ramadan. Bila teringat, aku rasa bersyukur sebab Allah masih izinkan aku berjumpa dengan bulan yang mulia ni. Tapi arwah tak ada rezeki sedemikian. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui. Setiap kali lalu di Jalan Pahang tu, teringatkan arwah. Al-Fatihah saja yang ku sedekahkan.

Bila dah berkeluarga ni, hati ni dah tak berapa hard rock. Things that I didn't give a shit, do matters now. Mungkin aku melihat sesuatu dari perspektif yang berbeza. Harapan aku semua saudara dan sahabat dapat menyambut Syawal nanti dengan gembira. Bukannya apa, menjelang Raya ni banyak sangat kejadian yang kita tak ingin. Berhati-hati dalam memandu. Kita tak mahu tengok permandangan seorang ibu, ayah, adik, abang, kawan mencangkum tepi jenazah di tengah jalan raya. Menangis, meratap atau membaca surah Yassin. Nauzubillah, mintak-mintak ianya dijauhkan.

Terbaru ni kejadian anak 2 tahun meninggal setelah ditinggalkan di dalam kereta. Enough said, aku tak boleh nak ulas. Tak ada hari yang aku tak teringatkan perkara tu. Dari perspektif ibu-bapanya, mahupun kanak-kanak malang tu. Sebab aku ada anak yang sebayanya, setiap kali terbayang, aku doa agar kejadian sedemikian tak menimpa keluarga aku mahupun sesiapa saja. We can judge the mother, but we need to put ourselves in her shoes too. Share your pity and forgiveness, as for the mother, she'll feel not enough forgiveness and regret in this world to atone her carelessness. Kita kalau geram-geram sampai cubit anak pon cukup menyesal lepas 2-3 minit kemudian teringatkan cubit tu, apatah lagi bila kita ni yang menyebabkan sesuatu yang lebih buruk berlaku pada anak kita. Nauzubillah.

Be safe, give loves. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter 279 - Human Engineering

Damn it. I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S3 on a pavement and the screen got cracked. The crack is visible and most of the hairlines are at the edge of the screen. Lucky me no crack in the middle part of the screen. Warranty ended about a week before the incident. But I was told that screen is not covered in the warranty. That is a blow. So, I'll keep using it until the crack is at its worst. Those who are asking, the dropped was from my waist height. Gorilla Glass not so gorilla-tough after all. By the way, I'm not looking for a phone change now as I'm on a different project.*wink*

Dated as of now, Malaysia is so much in haze. Just a friendly reminder. Take care of your health. Avoid outdoor and drink a lot of water. Remembered last time we were in the state of emergency, I was enjoying the days off from school closure. Now, ada darurat ke takde darurat ke.. sama saja. Kena pergi kerja, asap sedut saja.

Coming back to the special project, if God's will, I'll have this updated by the weekend.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chapter 278 - Earth Hour

What is this?

I frown upon the catchphrase of save the earth with Earth Hour. We recently celebrated or how should I put it into words.. appreciate the earth by turning off electricity for an hour (8PM to 9PM) on last 23rd March. I was at a mall when I heard an announcement that they'll shut some of the lights for an hour. Takut jugak aku sebab aku park kereta kat rooftop yang dah sah-sah kurang lighting'nya. Aku tak pasti mana lampu yang dia nak tutup, mau dia padam lampu kat rooftop tu, risau jugak akan keselamatan aku. Risau aku di'harass oleh gadis-gadis yang sexual predator. Yelah, muka kacak, badak ketak.. siapa yang tak gigit bibir. Dengar announcement tu cepat-cepat aku beli barang dan cabut. 

I don't see how we can save the earth with this campaign. It is just an hour of 8760 hours in a year. Earth is dying. Imminently. With the way we scavenge the earth's resources, tarah bukit, balak tak hingat, increasing number of carbon footprints, minyak tumpah dan banyak lagi faktor-faktor mempercepatkan kemerosotan bumi kita. Same as human, as soon as he/she is born, he/she is dying. Death is imminent, may it be in 70 years, 50 years, 20 years or even days. Faktor-faktor seperti merokok, pelahap dan bangang mempercepatkan lagi kematian. Ya, hidup mati itu di tangan Allah. Contoh yang aku berikan ni hanyalah persepsi secara umum. 

If we are really serious in saving the earth, we should think of ways to convert our conventional living to more eco-friendly and dependent-free of earth's resources. Membeli mesin basuh dan peti ais yang eco-friendly tidak termasuk dalam kategori menyelamatkan bumi, kerana anda masih lagi gunakan letrik. Marilah kita mulakan dengan membeli kuda seorang seekor. Bayangkan anda pergi kerja menunggang kuda, cukup sebulan, bukan sahaja anda bebas carbon monoxide, tapi anda lebih sihat dan fit. Mungking kangkang anda akan kebas sikit, tapi lama-lama anda akan biasalah. Di mana kuda anda berak, campak saja benih pokok, tunggu sedikit masa, tumbuhlah pokok. Bukankah cara ini lebih baik dari membeli kereta hybrid. Maaf cakaplah, ada yang sibuk nak beli kereta hybrid, padahal nak eja hybrid pun tak betul.

Tapi, fikirkan dari persepsi yang lain, ibaratkan "melihat sebuah kemungkaran, selemah-lemah iman, hendaklah kita membencinya andai kita tidak mampu untuk menegahnya". Usaha Earth Hour ini ibarat selemah-lemah effort kita dalam menyelamatkan bumi. We can do better than this. Instead of one hour, we should lengthen the period. Or have it done every week. Force the electricity to be shut off. No compromise.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 277 - Short on Legs


It is raining outside. 30 minutes more to head out for work. And I'm listening to Jamie Cullum's remake of What a Difference a Day Made. Don't blame me if I'm feeling a bit mushy and mellow. I'm away from my wife and son, and I miss them dearly. For some reason, I have this mixed feeling about moving out. Wife is working in KL and it is easier for her to get to work from Kota Damansara, but it is 50 km from my work place. Commute back and forth for me is getting tiring. I just wonder and baffled on how insufficient a public transport to and from Cyberjaya.. or even Putrajaya. I just feel that while the state administration and government offices are located in Putrajaya, we should have some sort of MRT or LRT going there. Not an option for me and maybe for some to go by the RM 9 per trip from KL Central to Putrajaya over the ERL. It is just too expensive. Plus, Cyberjaya will be overflow with offices in future, due to the spaces and infrastructure offered. Meaning to say, a lot of people will work in these 2 neighboring cities in future. This should be made into the city planning, I hope. Well, a short one this time. Gotta work!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter 276 - Internet

Moving requires lots of money, time and energy. I'm just drained out from what I consider as a 'soft' moving. As mentioned before, my family and I are moving out from Kota Damansara. Our temporary loft is in Puchong. Yes, we're renting the place. I was skeptical on the location earlier. This was due to the fact that my eldest brother used to live there, and it was not the place nor the environment I am looking for (no disrespect). Contributing reasons are the apartment was poorly maintained, surrounding area and the density. But, after series of surveys and visits, this part of Puchong is totally different that my brother's. What is more, the place is very secured, superbly maintained, cozy and secluded.

Funny thing was, when I was busying myself looking for a place especially via or, most of the pictures provided are the pictures of swimming pool. I wonder on whether they assume that we decide on the place based on swimming pool? Or do they assume we are going to sleep in the pool? What I want the most is to have clear picture on what's inside, whether there is a kitchen cabinet, how the layout looks like, the spacing and etc.

Now that's done, we got ourselves our own furniture. Very basic indeed, as we are not intend to splash on everything. We are after all running on a tight budget. Internet access is compulsory! There are 3 major players in fiber to home service. We have Unifi, Maxis FTH and TIME FTH. We do have another package coming in from Astro which is Astro IPTV, but they are using TIME's infra. I would like to subscribe to the Astro IPTV, but the place don't have the infra ready yet. I might save RM50 if that the case (IPTV subscription is RM240 which includes 10Mbps and Astro Beyond). On separate bill, Astro bill is RM140 and Internet bill is RM150. In fact, everyone there are still on Astro SD. Then I shifted my interest to Maxis. 10Mbps at RM148, again I was disappointed by the fact that the place is yet to be covered. My only choice is Unifi. 5Mbps at RM147 (after auto-billing).

Internet installed yesterday. The day before, I got a call claiming they are doing a survey. She asked me on my Internet access I had before while I was in Gombak. I told her, that has been terminated. She then asked on current connectivity status. Told her that Unifi is coming the next day to install. She asked where, and I told her in Puchong. Survey done. 5 minutes later, I received an email from TM saying that installer will come in 6 days to install Unifi for address in Puchong. The username registered is the same as the one I used while I was in Gombak (I'm using different username for the one in Puchong). Meaning to say that the asshole who called me for the 'survey' purposely registered me for another Unifi subscription. I had to go over the trouble to call the TM and straight things up. Reseller punya tahi, Customer Support kena bersihkan. To TM, jangan bagi kuasa lebih pada reseller ni. Xpasal kelak CS kena maki. Nasib dapat aku yang sopan santun.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter 275 - Working on Weekend

Not so great huh! While friends are having good time on Saturday Sunday, I have to work. Darn it. That is the nature of those who works in support line. We work in shift and odd hours. The only benefit is that we only work half the month. We also getting a relief week, i might say. Per example, this week I work 5 days, Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday and Sunday. But coming week I'll work only on Wednesday and Thursday. Sweet right?

I have been working in support for 3 years now. And as I see this, support won't stay in Malaysia for long, and so I am. I'm not intended to be in this line for long. Now they shift the attention to other country. Most favorable is India because they produced a lot of IT savvy graduates, mediocre to good English and cheap labor. Who knows in future with political stabilization over countries like Indonesia or Philippines, Malaysia will no longer be the place to setup a support center. Cheaper labor and good English speaking should make the equation simpler. The favors are still in ours because we still relatively cheap (although increasing steadily) and geographically safe.

I'll make my mark to get as much technical knowledge as I can before that happen. My next stop is to get certification in management, in Network Design and become a Network Consultant. That'll surely rake in lots of money. Hehehe.

Should take up server's line instead. Sigh.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Chapter 274 - New Year 2013

Wow.. just wow. Looking back, my last update was somewhere around April 2012. Almost a cycle of lunar calendar there. So many things can be shared, yet I failed to put them to words. I'm afraid that this might become a yearly post. Poor my 4 followers. Hahaha..

New year, new beginning. As to date, my awesome adorable son, Fahim is turning to a year and 3 months young. A lot of work out for me there, while chasing him around the house and malls. So many things can't be done casually with my wife such as movies, dating, spontaneous holiday, karaoke and etc. All need to put Fahim into consideration. Above all, it is a blessing. Not all parent being blessed with this gift. For that, we are so thankful.

Stepped into 2 years of marriage, and we are not getting younger. I envy my friends actually. Same age, yet they have their own properties, while I'm gaining liabilities. Well, I do have an apartment, but I am too proud to say that I have enough. I always wanted to have our own landed property. A place where my wife and I to settle down. I wish 2013 will be good to us. Same goes to the years coming!

End of this month, my wife and I will move to our own place. A baby step requires for a giant leap. I am in a hassle to set things up, and hopefully will benefits us tremendously.

Well, will update soon. Hopefully not on another year! =D

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