Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter 182 - Serious Doubt

"It's harder to forgive the right, then to forgive the wrong" - Dumbledore. Quoted by the white beard dude in the Harry Potter series. He's suppose to be more ass-kicking in both books and in the movie, but he's a bit wimpy thanks to J.K Rowling. Talking about too kind; the type of kind that farts lollipop and pony. So, OK, he's not real and dead by the way (in Book 5, if i'm not mistaken). Boo-Hoo for the spoiler (<-- for those who didn't read the series). Anyway, i watched Iron Man last week. It's awesome! The technology, the AI, the cars... mostly the technology stuff. This is one of the superhero without the superpower besides Batman and Daredevil. EVEN without superpower, he is gifted with the geniusity of producing destructive weapons and also robots with intriguing AI. Compared to the names above, for example Daredevil... he is blind, yet have this superhearing ability that helps him projecting what he's hearing.. wow.. that is boring. and I dont know if that's count as a superhero. Who cares if you can hear and visualize a cat shitting hundred of metres away and yet you cannot see one in front of you, and you step on it. Nice going there Daredevil!

Batman is the biggest superhero-loser of all. he doesnt have supersight, superhearing nor superstrength. he's just a rich guy who happened to live in a mansion that have an underground cave with a butler whom never aged (except recently). oh yeah, he got this bat-suit, bat-mobile and bad childhood memory. nothing more than that. he relies on his gadget to beat the bad guy... if a bad guy jump over me and i beat the crap out of him with my belt or my Motorola V3X, then i'm definitely on par with Batman or I can say that Batman's the one on par with us. Gadget used.... checked.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter 181 - Enlightment

What's more hateful than work? MORE WORKS. there will be time when you enjoy doing work, and time when you bitched about your work. This is surely the later part. don't worry, i wont bore u with more work complaint. otherwise, this blog will become a 'work-complaint' blog. it'll be depressing for my readers and might cause some of my readers to jump off their apartment roof, or swallow dozens of sleeping pills due to depress-ness. i don't want that to happen. i love my readers as much as i love my cat. my cat died by the way.... from starvation.

What's more hateful than a backstabber? MORE BACKSTABBERS. what should we do to the backstabber? yeah... we stab them... in their back. how irony is that?

next week i'll be going to Tioman with my classmates. i hope it's worth the money which i didn't pay yet. Bye Bye traffic jam... aloha shorts, sunblock and topless beach. just kidding, there's no topless beach in M'sia.....right?

Anyway, what do you see in the picture below?
Nope, u got the wrong answer.
It looks like it, but it isn't. try again.
Give up already? Cmon try again..
I've told u. it's not what u think it is.
OK, enough.. It's a Lampria, an insect resembling a fly. what else?
Exactly! It do has a part which looks like a dangling dongle. but it is not it. and what do u call the thing above that dangling dongle then? a mutated ball? definitely a NO. it's a Lampria's abdomen.
Give it up already... it's a Lampria.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Chapter 180 - Aint He Stupid?

I regret i ever add this guy in my YM list. 1st, because he's less intellectual. 2nd, he's a McLaren fan and kept bitching over McLaren's victory. And why he's a McLaren's bitch? 1st, because he studies in German (I believed if he studies in India, he'll be rooting for Force India). and 2nd, he's lack in intelligence. (Notice how I replace the word 'stupid' with 'less intellectual' and 'lack intelligence' just to prove my thesaurus software is working just fine). Recently he's quite placid and quiet, which is fine with me.. i guess it is because McLaren is not doing terrificly this new season. Padan Muka! Anyway, just now i noticed his status and decided to nominate him in my 'Most Annoying Being'. Just so you know, other nominees are cockroach, ants and pig. So, its gonna be a tough one.


There are few ways to sign out from YM:
  • press Ctrl+D
  • Click Messenger > Sign Out
  • Right-click at YM Icon and choose Sign Out
probably he's the type of guy who doesn't silent his phone in a movie theater. What a walking crap....

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Chapter 179 - Revenge Is A Sweet Motivation

3 days to go for Manchester United to embrace the League Champion. It's up to them and also luck. Wigan will not be easily steamrolled or easily giving the way to United. They will be a pain in the United's ass and also United supporters' ass. who knows the drama folds into a nightmare as United lost and Chelsea grab the 1st place. or who knows if United win and Chelsea lose with Drogba got sniped in the head, Ballack died from heart attack and Cech get another blow to the head and die instantly... who knows la.... Then the week after that come the final of Champions League. In Moscow it is... kalau ada Pintu suka hati dari doremon, boleh juga pegi tgk match. tapi sah2 doremon x wujud, apatah lagi pintu suka hati. Pintu ke alam barzakh ada la.. bukak pintu rooftop kat office anda bekerja, dan lompat dari bumbung ofis anda. sape2 keje ngan Petronas tu lagi bagus. Back to the main topic, i still believe in United. They can do the double. Member aku ckp yg dia x berapa suka ngan MU sbb derang ni suka boasting. Not boasting la sayang... that's confident's boast. they have to and should be. they're among the best in the business by the way. Also, Ferguson is the humblest manager of all. he always give compliment to the opponent, may it be their arch rival or some felda team. Say anything you want, i'll wait until they get their double. Glory2 Man United.

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