Monday, September 26, 2005

Chapter 47 - Already??

What is the odd of watching 2 hours of boring ghost story in the middle of the night with your frens? pretty slim huh.. but it happened to me last night. Actually it's not 'happened', but more likely 'doing it', but I'm totally embarassed to admit that. Anyway, the name of the story is BUPPAHRAHTRE. Yep, it's Thai's ghost story. My fren kept insist that this is a hell of scary movie. Yeah, it's scary enough to make 5 years old wet their bed. The story of a boring, unsocialized, top student of her class who fell in love with this jerk. It turned out that this jerk made a bet with his jerk frens to score her for a bottle of wine. You know the rest...bla, bla, bla...the girl got pregnant, suicide, become a ghost. A funny one to be exact. Sigh... a top student who fell in love can become someone stupid as hell. Dont watch it!

I hate hypocrite people that afraid to admit their hypocritism. Cmon, EVERYONE are hypocrite. They just don't realize that. It is bad to admit one? Nope. In fact, I like being hypocrite. That's what I am. I often read bout some of our artists/actresses/actors who hate hypocrite people. Yeah, bite my shining metal ass. They're the biggest hypocrite ever. Dont get me wrong. Hypocrite is good, but not to admit it, you are stupid! Since everbody is becoming one, why dont they put "everyone" in their dislike column?! It got the same meaning with hypocrite. They might as well save some ink to print the extra letter.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Chapter 46 - Bored To Death

Just a hi won't do any harm. Figure that's pretty much of a welcoming speech. Bless who created that. Nothing much happened, just sometime feel bored and irritated with the assignments and stuff. Bet there's ton of stuff that make you happy as well as annoyed. Yeah, figured that out lately. I would like to list the "10 things I hate bout you", but I'm not in the mood. Just to give some sneak preview to it, I hate ugly people watching me eating. How's that? Nope, I'm not in the good looking human clan, but damn sure I'm not in the ugly one. As I'm saying, why bother staring at me while I'm eating. Nothing better to do 'ke'? I might be wrong. He/she might staring at the chair behind me while getting horny bout it. Please, get a room!

I was hoping of becoming a doctor when I'm 15. Guess it's not going to happen. But lately, "if" had infected my brain. Not some kind of illness. Just a simple usage of my brain that processing imagination and stuff. What if I score my biology paper during high school. Study damn hard that I get 3.50 above for my cgpa. Offered a scholarship to study in Australia, UK or wherever that snow once in a year, I don't care. Doing double degree and open up my own practice. I'm sure gonna look cool. Maybe because I watched too many 'scrubs' or 'House', or maybe I look good on white coat, and definitely the thought that I can dig up chick easily. But it's impossible since I didn't score my biology, didn't get 3.50 above since I thought that 2 would look less curly than 3 on my certificate, and I missed the big flyer on newspaper buzzing bout JPA interview. Yeah, it's 3' x 3' big. wonder I missed it. Double degree? I'm still busting my ass to get my single degree. Reality sucks but it's ok. I thought that I can be a doctor, but in my case, I'll be treating computers though screwdriver look much less cool than scaple.

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