Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter 279 - Human Engineering

Damn it. I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S3 on a pavement and the screen got cracked. The crack is visible and most of the hairlines are at the edge of the screen. Lucky me no crack in the middle part of the screen. Warranty ended about a week before the incident. But I was told that screen is not covered in the warranty. That is a blow. So, I'll keep using it until the crack is at its worst. Those who are asking, the dropped was from my waist height. Gorilla Glass not so gorilla-tough after all. By the way, I'm not looking for a phone change now as I'm on a different project.*wink*

Dated as of now, Malaysia is so much in haze. Just a friendly reminder. Take care of your health. Avoid outdoor and drink a lot of water. Remembered last time we were in the state of emergency, I was enjoying the days off from school closure. Now, ada darurat ke takde darurat ke.. sama saja. Kena pergi kerja, asap sedut saja.

Coming back to the special project, if God's will, I'll have this updated by the weekend.

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