Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chapter 138 - Dream, Is Just A Dream

Remember when we're young... 1st Grade or in 2nd; when teacher asked what we want to be.... well, i didn't remember clearly what was my answers. But I do remember writing 'police' and 'doctor' on that piece of paper. At that age, most popular answers are posmen, polis, ahli bomba... Hahahah, i bet none of them become one. So, it changed when i was 15. Cikgu tingkatan 1 asked the same question, but without pronouncing it slowly (<-- like talking to small children just so they can catch what you're saying). Well, i answered that i want to become a Chairman of an organization. What organization? I dunno... it might be some toilet bowl company...who knows... Then, when I was 17, my homeroom teacher asked the same question, and I told him that I want to become a lawyer or an IT expert. The answer gave my Homeroon teacher a bit of headache, since he was there to give advise on my career move. He told, lawyer and IT are both on different page...even on different books. He told to choose, i didn't, but the later one did choose me (<-- cewah... macam wand pilih wizard lak...)

It's not like i regret or something, but i envy doctors. I think i make a good doctor, but since i didn't study hard, i didn't become one. Doctors have the knowledge that are given upmost respect by people. I love watching movies or dramas about doctor, such as..
  • House
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Scrubs
  • Dr Koto
  • Kirakira Kenshui ~ the sparkling intern
  • Nurse Aoi
  • Team Medical Dragon
  • dan byk lagi...

Ah..if anyone ada drama2 cenggini do notify me. Maybe bleh swap ka..pinjam pastu buat harta ka...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chapter 137 - Deathly Hallows

Do not, and I mean don't read the rest of this post especially to the Harry Potter fan's who want the pleasure of reading the book themselves; as it will contain spoilers and the ending of this great series of fiction.

Deathly Hallows is the last installment of Harry Potter series. And yet, the last is for the best. but don't expext very-very happy ending although the ending is truly a happy one. Few death of those who are close to Harry. Some of it were unexpected.

Well, I won't go through the details. just some points.

1. This book reveal the secrets of Dumbledore who did mistakes during his young age ~ how he admit his weaknesses are the temptation of power. That's why he never took the position of Minister of Magic.
  • Ariana - Dumbledore's sister
  • Kendra - Dumbledore's mother
  • Aberforth - Dumbledore's bro
2. Deathly hallows [keramat] are instrument of legend. consists of:
  • the invisibility cloak [own by Harry ~ turn out that Harry is descendent of Peverell, which is the first owner of the cloak]
  • the resurrection stone [one of the Voldermort's horcruxes]
  • the elder wand [passed on from a wizard to another by beating the current owner of the wand] ~ Dumbledore obtain it by beating Grendelwald and later stole by voldermort from Dumbledore's grave.
3. Continuing the mission given by Dumbledore, Harry along with Ron and Hermoine seek to destroy the remaining horcruxes.
  • locket ~ Stole from Kreacher by Mudungus, and later confisticated by Umbridge
  • The lost diadem ~ Ravenclaws lost item which was hidden in the room of requirement.
  • Nagini ~ Voldermort's snake
  • Cup of Ravenclaw ~ Bellatrix kept it in his vault at Gringrott
  • Harry himself
Horcruxes are items that holds Voldermort soul. He did so he can become immortal.

4. After Dumbledore, Snape become the headmaster of Hogwarts. And to answer the queation regarding him, his loyalty is with Dumbledore. The death of Dumbledore is planned by him and Dumbledore himself. Dumbledore is already dying due to wearing the ring of resurrection (horcruxe) for so long. Snape is Lily's (Harry's mom) childhood friend and he had crush on her eversince their childhood.

5. Petunia (Harry's aunt) begged Dumbledore to be accepted into Hogwart, but then refused to go, thinking it was a school for freak. -edited, thanks to Chah..

6. The final battle occured at Hogwart. Voldermort and Death Eaters with helps of Giants and forbidden forrest's creature VS Aurors, Order of Pheonix, teachers and students of Hogwart, Grawp (Hagrid's bro), Dumbledore's Army, Harry, Ron, Hermione and help of the centaurs.

7. Mrs Molly Weasly kill Belatrix Lestrange on the final battle at the Great Hall, Hogwart.

8. The secret of wand is revealed which explains the nature of wand that choose wizard, not vice-versa. That's one of the cause of Voldermort death in his final battle with Harry which was spectated by all in Hogwart.

9. Death list:
  • Alastor Mad Eye Moody ~ during transporting Harry out from Privet Drive
  • Ted Tonks
  • Hedwig ~ Harry's owl
  • Remus Lupin and wife, Nymphadora Tonks Lupin
  • Fred Weasly
  • Snape ~ killed by Voldermort
  • Peter Pettigrew
10. 19 years after the death of Voldermort, Neville Longbottom is a professor at Hogwart,
Harry married to Ginny, with 3 childrens
  • James Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter
  • Lily Potter
  • Ted Remus Lupin ~ Harry's godson
Ron married to Hermione with 2 childrens
  • Rose Weasly
  • Hugo Weasly
Well... that's all. I did said that I won't covers the detail, simply put you have to read it anyway. It's a great book. Damn! it's over already...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chapter 136 - Still Standing

waddup? Just came back from Genting Highland for 3D 2N vacay with my family. FMI and FYI, GH still sejuk. I thought with rapid development, bangunan baru here and there, and still some future developement to be seen there.... the temp will likely be the same with the one we're having here in KL. Well, i was wrong. I dunno why, but lately i often wrong. Huh? Pelik... but anyhow, it wasn't the same as it was 5-10 years ago or time before that. of course la... with global warming happening...even artic is melting down. Wonder if i will taste the life in Mars or moon. Maybe...

So, this is the first time i went to GH without stepping in into Outdoor park. Fortunately, i did a correct decision since most of the cool rides are under maintenance. So, the 2nd day i spent in arcade, bowling alley, karaoke jamban and during the night, i watched a performance. THE PERFORMANCE WAS SOOO LAME AND BORING. every second i wish something bad happen to the cast. but unfortunately...nothing happened. The performance includes some magic and acrobatic shows. With that, a lot i can imagine and wish to happen per say someone slipped during the daredevil acrobatic and fell down..hard. maybe one of the cast get hit in the nut. maybe the magic trick fails and someone really got cut into half. i am so mean, but it's true. Though the ticket was free, it was a waste of 1 1/2 hour. Anyway, Lim Goh Tong is an opportunist. He's a dude from China (not originated from Malaysia), working up the stairs of construction line. He used to collect and sells besi buruk. sells 2nd hand machinaries. and now... a billionaire.

a tale to be followed maybe..?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chapter 135 - Sub-Finale

Damn! i'm experiencing hard disk problem. Funny thing is, when it happen to us, then you are pretty much bother by it. Kalau sebelum tu orang lain experiencing same problem, haram tamau amik tau. Actually, xdela sampai x amik tau, just doesn't bother to figure out the solution. Well, my beloved extended partitions is corrupt and unreadable. Again... DAMN! 120GB of space, not to mention the isi kandungan of the 2 partitions which is sooo much valuable to me. Some of it contain 2-3 years of download materials. Pictures of this and that. Installer... and so much more....

Well... i found this trial software. The demo will only allow you to view the sectors of that particular partition, but unallow you to recover them. I found that the sectors are still intact. Thank God! but, as i said... cannot recover. the software gonna cost me $49. yeah.. in $. Actual figure... times 3.5. You do the math... in the mean time, i'm gonna look for a freeware. Yep, found one, but x brani nak guna.... Mau kena carik bahan experiment nih... Apis..mana pc ko?? Keh3..

So orait..enuff with my problem. I figure i can do some summarizing of series i'm watching.

Ep 23 - x tgk lagi. Ada dlm DVD...malas nak bukak.

Prison Break
Ep 22 - pon x tgk lagi... ada dlm partition yg corrupt tuh

Ep 22 - Sam's dead rite? No worries... Dean made a deal with a demon which trade his life for Sam's. Dean got 1 year left to live. The yellow-eye demon succesfully open up the hell's gate with the help of another fella (the one yg bunuh Sam) using the sacred gun.. Yep, it's not just a gun that can kill the yellow-eye demon, but also a key to open up the gate. Somehow, the old-man Winchester (bapak heroes cerita nih) climbed up the hell and help his sons to kill the yellow-eye demon. season, derang nak hunt balik demon2 yg terlepas..kot.

Ugly Betty
Ep 23 - Ignacio Suarez sangkut kat Mexico and without his knowledge, ada orang nk balas dendam kat mr Suarez for what he did some many2 years ago.. Betty was on her way to airport to catch Henry (and told him that he is not the father to his GF's baby) when she received news that Hilda's fiancee dead in a shop robbery.. talking about being at the wrong place at the wrong time... Alex and her/his bro, Daniel caught in accident which was accidentally planned by Alex herself/himself. Mr Meade is getting married to Wilhamenna. Amanda found out that she's daughter of Fey Summer. Oh ya... Mrs Meade escape from prison...

Ep 22 - JD and Elliot doubt their decisions. JD think that he made a wrong decision accepting Kim and their expecting baby considering Kim lied to him about the miscarriage she didn't have. Also Elliot think that she made a mistake accepting Keith's marriage proposal. And both JD and Elliot make out to close up season 6...

Greys Anatomy
Ep 24 - Greys breaking up with Shephard. Preston Burke bail out from his wedding with Yang. Izzy confess her love to George. George's wife, Cally told Izzy that they are trying to get pregnant to shut the deal between Izzy and George. Cally's offered as chief of Residence, leaving Bailey confuse with chief's decisions. Shephard refuse the position of Chief of Surgeon. George fails the Intern exam and Alex fails to confess his love to Eva. She's already discharge.

Ep 24 - House fires Chase. Foreman still quitting and Cameron resign. As usual, House managed to 'cure' his patient. bla..bla..bla... in the end, House replace his displayed guitar with a new one, as an analogy of changes he's having. I think...

So......cannot wait maa for upcoming season..

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