Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chapter 178 - Pure Boring

Boring. That’s the word i can describe right now. My challenging works washed away by the simplicity of the infrastructure of this project site. It was expected earlier, but i didn’t expect the internet to be a pain in the ass here. Dunno why la gomen office mesti problem bab2 connectivity. Too many birocracy and unnecessary bullshit. Corporate company always goes for leased line or streamyx. But for gomen, it’s not that easy. Sigh....

Currently i’m spending my night at PD. None of the office concern as it is privately funded.. by me. Things need to be done, and it falls to my responsibility. So ok, if i wanna brag or bitch about my work, sampai esok lom tentu selesai. Forget about it. Sometimes i forgot my vision towards this blog. I admire Maddox whom u might know.. or not (his www is blocked by several countries by the way). His content never fails to make me laugh. Apart from that, he speaks with knowledge. Whereas, i speaks with nonsense. Q’s blog also entertaining as well as inspiring. Some gaijin –or- kwailo’s blogs are also fun to read. They just blurt out their experiences of living in some foreign land. Maybe i should change my style of writing. Read more materials, do some research, improve my grammar and tenses, improvise intellectual papers.......... nah! That is just too boring. Ah... i didn’t make any picture entry for quite some time now. Malas probably...

So... this coming month is my most favourite month. May is the best month of all. Birthday of my dad and also someone special. Hahaha. Stop speculate here. This someone actually a no-one. Anyway, talking about birthday, it seems like i cant forget few dates. Dunno why.. does 7th Mac ring any bell? Or 29th April? 6th February is a must-remember date, otherwise i’m a dead meat. Oh ya. 29th April is redzuan birthday. I always use his birthday when filling up some online forms.. sorry mate.

Last night, i took a quick quiz. Quite interesting. The questions goes like this:

You’re buying flower for your gf/bf, what color of rose would you buy?

A. White

B. Red

How many?

A. Sekuntum

B. A dozen

You’re on your way to your gf/bf house. There are 2 routes,

A. Short cut but the route is dark or pitch black

B. Bit lengthy but got lampu..kira cerah la.. siap ada kedai2 lagi (ß dunno la kalau dia menambah2)

Upon arriving, as you wait for your gf/bf getting ready..

A. put the rose inside a vase

B. put the rose on his/her bed.

After your date, u decide to go home (unless u getting lucky, if u know what i mean), at a similar junction, which route will u choose?

A. short cut but pitch black

B. Lengthy route but cerah gemerlapan bersinar2 disimbah neon kedai2 (exaggerating)


So, from the quiz, i am:

A rapist who like to take dozen of ecstasies before going to the strip joint and love to have salmon roe sushi after performing car theft at the police compound....

Just kidding, that was another quiz. The analysis of this quiz can be found at chapter 35, May 2005. go crazy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter 177 - Indie.. Me?

So ok... i was bit late on pressing the submit button. actually, my previous post was initiated last week. but, i put on hold couple of time because of the dispersion of mood during the process of rambling my thoughts into words. happened a lot of time. so, now i'm in a mood to post something. hopefully, i'll submit straight away..

first of all, gimme a round of applause as i finally managed to see through my 2nd semester. though the results aren't out just yet, i dont care! but i was bit anxious to get my result actually. if before i care less, but now i think i need to at least pass this semester. i dont want any 'lepas bersyarat' though i feared it might happen this semester. why i think it might? because i sucked at my math test. seriously dude... most horrible score i got in my entire math history. oh wait, i did get a lowest. "0" for my final exam during my study in UTMKL. yep... i thought i post it before, but heck, lemme re-iterate it. it is as easy as 'i was cleaning my fish pond during the xm'. and none of my friend call me to at least show some concern over why i didnt come. i remembered one asked me the day after, when i came to take the imaginary math xm. "ko x dtg ke xm smlm?".. yeah.. thanks for the delayed concern. it helped a lot. so...... i'm looking forward to get my father's reaction over my result this semester. last one didnt make him very2 happy though i thought the otherwise. i was disappointed at first, but later it just stop bugging me. oh, If you're praying, mind to put my name in the success list. thanks.

next week, the whole staff in my company will be going to Hong Kong for 3 days. paid trip by the company. as the 4 of us (the newbies) will not be going as we' it's ok. it is understandable la.. if u work for 2 months and suddenly paid to go for holiday; overseas somemore... surely the applicants are like crazy. sape xnak keje cenggitu. so, the holiday is more like an incentive over their hard work during the year 2007. So, any of those yg pegi, i wish u guys happy holiday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter 176 - My Bad...

For the past week, i was in a SAN storage training, preparing myself for Math exam, busting my ass doing take home exam and term paper review. So friggin tired. Plus, after my math exam, we played 2 hours of futsal. aint that crazy? even it was yesterday, i still feel exhausted. my leg sored. my mind can't process well. soo tired.

Anyway, during my 3 days of training, something happened that made me feel guilty up until now. let me briefly descibe to u about the training 1st. the instructor is an indonesian fella and the attendees were 4 person which 3 of us from my company (<-- cewah.. bila lak jadi company aku) and one from another company, whom an indian lady, or miss 'P'. the training was all about storage area network, or networked storage. How to configure this and that, installing and managing the storage. learn about the related devices, how to clustering, segmenting and a bit about cabling. ok, enough with the training content, now, to the interesting part. brunch and tea break are provided. as for lunch, the instructor will take us out for lunch on his own account. the very 1st day, he brought us to a 'nasi padang' restaurant. tau la nasi padang, style hidang berpinggan2 lauk atas meja sampai xcukup tempat. since Miss P is a bit sensitive to the food whereas she can't have any meat (for religious reason), she tend to questioned any unfamiliar dishes. so she asked us about one of the dishes. i told her that, it's a chicken. well, it looks like one. anyway, she took it and ate it. then, after we had our dessert, she again try to reconfirm... the trainer told that, it is a brain.. "what brain?", she asked. we went on silent mode. i looked at colleague 1, he looked at me... then i looked at colleague 2, she looked back. the loop process of guilt stares continued between us for a minute... the day after that, colleague 1 asked her about yesterday's incident. Guess what she told us, "tak sengaja maaa..". hahahaah... funny, but above that, i felt a bit guilty. lucky for me she didn't come back the day after that and shove me with pork.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapter 175 - To Digress

Life's too short to procrastinate. when i looked back, i realized that i had wasted so many chances.. so many opportunities... some are bound to reasons, some are purposely done. anyway, i was reluctant to talk about my relationship story as it is a private issue, but as a celebrity, one has to know that celebrity are publicly owned... my stories are to shared with the rest.. ahahah... perasan celebrity.. no la.. just to shove things off my shoulder.. actually i need to set thing straight with my peers... they found that it is hard to believe that i'm single... (and available). sume ingat aku playboy, awek keliling pinggang, siap ada yg terkepit celah2 ketiak lagi. itulah mitos kwn2 aku yg menyangka aku ni jantan terhangat dan banyak awek.. well my friend, you're wrong. i'm just plain, boring, single bloke. my guess is because of all my love-luck had been depleted, and it was since my darjah 6. sedih mengenangkan fenomena ini. or maybe mmg aku xde luck bercinta. bangsa kawin yg makbapak aturkan la agaknya. lagi satu, aku rasa sbb awek skolah rendah x educated lagi.. tu yg aku pon diterima pakai dalam standard teman lelaki.. kata cinta monyet. bila dah menerjah ke alam dewasa, awek2 da pandai... tau mana kaca, gelas, besi karbon, aluminium, bijih timah dan zink. kalau diberi rating daripada 5 bintang, aku ni mungkin sekadar tahi bintang saje. hahahaha... one of my most famous self-depression lines...

People can fall in love every minutes and every seconds, but true love is about caring and respect to each other
... quoted from my aunt. true maybe.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chapter 174 - Estacy

el mucho gracias.. hahaha ..tetiba nk feeling2 cakap bahasa asing. actually, most of my post are done in english. and i think thats good to improve my english...well, some here and there.. but as i read from a newspaper article, they said that, most use language for bloggers are japanese, followed by english, then the rest.... BM? well, less than 1%. I cant agree more... even now i'm using english... maybe hoping for a foreign readers to bump in with my blog, so that they can understand what the hell i'm talking about. but, i do love my native language... so i decided to balance my language usage.. lagipon, aku ni pon bukan berapi sgt speaking english... takat bodoh2 je.. Anyway, this morning i've done my wireless presentation... sooo damn lega... hingat lecturer tu giler serius pasal presentation ni, alih2 ala kadar je... tapi bagus gak lecturer aku ni... walaupon dia buat ala2 kadar, tapi dia beri perhatian kat apa yg presenter ckp. siap bagi teguran ngan cadangan lg. bagus la... respect. before presentation, ada test lak... same lecturer.. tapi yg best giler, test dia open book + open laptop.... hapa lagi... macam syaitan la masing2. ada member bawak wireless router, pastu cabut internet cable kat PC lecturer, connect ke router... dapat la kami masing2 internet... yang xtahan tu, bila lecturer nk connect ke internet xleh (sebab cable da cabut), siap call data center tanya apsal xleh connect... hahahahah... tuan punya router da cuak... trus cover line buat2 tanya soklan... hape sengal...


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chapter 173 - Another Sideplace

Qayyum is currently indulging himself with Aizat's new single, Hanya kau yang mampu.. Dia tengah sedih lepas dpt tahu Melissa Maureen Rizal nk kawen dgn Malique Too Phat. Chill bro... bunga bukan sekuntum... byk lagi bunga2 diluar sana... rafflesia ada, tahi ayam ada, kerisintemum (<-- mcm mana nak eja entah)... lagipon bunga yg dah ada kat tangan tu nk letak kat mana? huahuahua...

Songs orchestrate your soul and emotions. Really really love to dip into songs. Masa kat Alor Star aritu gamat melayan Buble -Home. "Another sunny place, another aeroplane, i'm lucky i know, but i wanna go home".. kena sangat.. once, i remembered playing that song repeatedly during my weekly meeting with my colleagues and bosses. Ye la...meeting dari pkl 3 sampai pkl 7... dari cerah ke gelap. walaupon xde bini menunggu di rumah, tapi nk jugak balik. the "i wanna go home" bait played over-and-over.... dunno la kalau boss perasan. Then lagu-lagu macam Terima kasih cinta dari Afgan and also Nyala dari Aliff really puts me in the jiwang mode. Dropping few gears down, the songs really hit me as the melodies haunted me. Also, the song from Youme, Byul (translation : Star) is from 200 pounds beauty OST which is really suitable for some of my 'moments'. Again with the melody la... Currently, my media player is playing Shiro Sagisu - Here to stay. It's an instrumental play taken from Bleach animation OST. Let me list down few songs yg repeatedly played over in my player:
  • Shiro Sagisu - Here to stay
  • Youme - Byul
  • Aliff Aziz - Nyala
  • Afgan - Terima kasih cinta
  • Andrea Bocelli feat Christina Aguilera - Somos Novios
  • Buble - Home, You and I
  • Nicholas Teo - Tears from polaris
  • Andra and the Backbone - Sempurna
  • Sweet Charity - Kamelia
Try watch Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction.. really funny. to me la.. sbb snoop dogg buat style old-school gile. pakai instrument hape ntah siap ada tiub masuk mulut. Nk gelak guling2 pon ada.

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