Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chapter 159 - Sob

Bye bye Targa. U've been my best friend since kak Sarah lend u to me. u helped me during simulating the network for Mr Faisal class, u also give space to install zenoss although the presentation was pretty much crappy. U provide space for me to put all my movies and dramas... also u never shut down on your own (unlike my old pal, Acer... he's still around). I still remember the time i YM with you on my 'toto' both at gombak and shah alam. How i hooked u up with 3Com wireless dongle even though u have ur own wireless mechanism.. but u guys looks like a match made in heaven. anyway, did u remember the time i dropped u on the floor..oopps, sorry, that was an accident. also... Sorry to wear down your battery life. if before u can stay awake for almost 1 1/2 hours, now u can only stay up for 1 hour. but hey, u can always plugged urself to power supply, right? it sadden me to depart with u. but hey..u're not mine.. goodbye.... WILSONNNN!!! eh silap.. TARGAAAAA!!!!!

now i got a new friend..i called her Toshi, but her real name is Toshiba Satellite. I stole it from my brother. hahahaah... right now i'm enjoying every moment with her. Centrino Duo, wide screen and most important... Harman/Kardon speaker!! So freaking awesome! hopefully the loan spell going to be a long one. otherwise, i'm back to the ol' Acer. Sigh**

new sweetheart..

take that!

and this!! the killer-blow

la la la...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chapter 158 - Grumpy Me

i dunno why..suddenly i'm feeling rebellious. and grumpy. and unacceptable. I'm synical... with jelous remarks. It may due to the fact that i'm limping like Dr the mentality is there. My left leg is stiff and hurting since the past 2-3 weeks, and area of effect is the knee. I blamed in on bad sleeping postures at first. but now, the pain is still there, and there are times when i walked like Gregory House. My work requires me to sometime move here and there. as much as i thanked for the elevator provided here at the project office, elsewhere are shittiest faculties. ever. but i bitched bout that before, so i wont this time. just like to point out the sensational of mocking House each time i rode off the elevator. Cool.

Just when i thought i can go home early today, the boss' PA suddenly came. Damn. now i hate her because of this. later i'll find ways to tricked her into letting me go home early. May it be bills to pay at the post office before the post office close today.... or need to bury my dead cat.... anything. I almost completed my job today. "almost" is where i suppose to go to this lab and reformat the drive D. The same lab where i received the title 'mangkuk'. Yeah, my job basically hated by lab techies and also some lecturer due to the lab-hogging by the program. meaning that nobody can use the lab during our program. This furiated some of the lecturer who turned out to be a mere monkey to me. One day...not so long ago, i was assigned to do the installation at this lab. I refer this lab as "Lab 203, 5th floor, Block R" or "Lab 203" in order to protect the lab's confidentiality. The lab is quite large, with estimated 50 PCs in it. but my program only gonna use around 26 PCs. So, during the installation, one lecturer coming in with his friend while holding each others' hand and they made out by the door before coming in (<-- the gay-ish part is exaggerated just to make his character looks gay). he met the lab tech and said that he need to use the lab. the lab tech then reply that, the lab will be used for some program. they argue some more, while I was occupied to a PC which is few feets from where they were standing. then the lecturer shouted this, "Biarla mangkuk tu pakai PC belah sana, kita pakai la belah sini". I turned to look. The lab tech quite startled, he knew i somehow listened. i dont think the lecturer realized i'm with the company, he thought i am a student maybe. he only knew when his friend trying to cover his shit-trail by asking me politely, "berapa PC yg program ni nk pakai?". i answered and still staring at that monkey who called me mangkuk. he looked a bit shamed and just leave without continuing arguing with the lab tech. I do remember him, and also i believed he remembered me. because i keep remind him each time we crossed path. always giving him the cold stares. one time, we were in the elevator, i was holding a box of papers. i then knocked the box in an annoying manners, and whispering, "mangkuk...mangkuk". yeah more likely a chant. i'll do that until he die.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chapter 157 - No Meaning

i was at my desk. doing my job, then my phone vibrated, check the mailbox and read 1 new message. it sound like this...

"fairuz we r done."

i was confused for a moment. who's breaking up with me? which girl? (<-- cewah..macam playboy pulak). Ya girlfriend then should be no break up right? i waited some more. then another sms coming in.

"Exam done"

i laughed. she's the one from the Test Center. usually after the trainees' exam, i'll be going to pick up their results. Damn. she gave me a chill for a moment. i went there and told her about the sms. we laughed at it. Anyway, today got 1 fail. quite bad for an easy exam. (<-- senang ke? Adeh...aku dulu pakai toyol boleh la). last monday quite historic. 3 out of 43 passed the Java Exam. Others' U ada yg semua student fail. at least we got 3 pass. Tapi surely yg ada cert dalam Java akan terjual macam goreng pisang panas. I know... i was digging around for new job in Star. Most of the IT or non-IT companies looking for programmers. JAVA is a must. Cert is a bonus and able to get them extra $$ in their salary. Ah... i wont look for programmer post. m.a.l.a.s

Friday, December 07, 2007

Chapter 156 - Is There a Doctor In Here?

Congratulation Chah for passing the doctor xm. She was worried about it, but I knew she'll pass the xm. So, there's going to be another doctor in the world. Another doctor~friend..meaning i have options for 'free treatment'. Dr Izah ada... Dr Chah ada... hahahaha.... Hopefully i'm not going to be sick all the time.

So, as a present, i dedicate this song. I'm not being cheesy, just happened to remember your fav song. Oh's in the video box below.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chapter 155 - I Am Damned?!

Punca kesesakan aku setiap hari. Jem x hingat. orang yg sibuk keluar ke ibukota dari 3 arah di asimilasikan kedalam satu lane. apa kejadah semua ini? Tambah pula dengan construction yg menyempitkan lagi lane2 yg sedia ada. nasib kereta ada radio, kalau x... jadi sewel aku. InsyaAllah, construction of the new flyover akan memudah sekian makhluk yg menumpang di jalan sentul itu. rasa2nya mid-next year dah boleh aku merasa nikmat tidak jem dipagi hari. That if my new job requires me to commute on that route. That's job. I mentioned before that, my current job is just a temporary. NO epf, kwsp, socso, perkeso, tesco, carrefour...none what-so-ever. by the end of each month, i'll only receive a naked check... with the agreed figures of course. Nk clear check pon amik masa 3 hari. Sooooo uncool.

I bought a new WiFi Modem the other day, i went to DigitalMall with Ammar n Apis. Ammar also bought the same modem. Alasannya, mudah nk troubleshoot. previously, i use the 3Com WiFi modem, which was strucked by lightning...twice. That's why emak dan ayah pesan suruh guna lightning adapter kat phone jack. Maaf..saya ingkar. Lesson never learned....skrg ni agak2 kalau hujan, cabut cable. abih cerita. X yah abihkan RM15 nk beli bende alah tu.

So, with the new modem, i can surf internet on my bed. that's something everybody know already, rite. of course dengan WiFi, anybody can surf internet even tgh berak ataupun menjemur kain diluar. Ish...apa point aku nih. oh... actually with my new sleeping habit where my sleeping time averaging at 10.30 pm, oftenly i got home at 8 pm, mandi, trus baring atas tilam while YM. daily...... MY LIFE'S BORING!!! i don't watch TV anymore (<-- except for Man Utd football matches). for now, i'm sticking with the habit. hopefully, with the new year just around the curb, i have the strength to change. Like Mr Pang and Mr Ng from my 'soft skill' seminar said, "Everyone have FOC (freedom of change)". Bless me with that opportunity, Allah...

Am I a Flirt?

I blame it on genetic. Hahahah... terbatuk bapak aku. But one thing I realized, I'm great at giving love advices to my frens. Those yg masih mencari cinta, yg dalam relationship mahupon yg dah putus cinta. Cakap aku sungguh berapi-api. Nasihat aku pon kalah Dr Fadillah Kamsah mahupon Prof Mashitah. Siap boleh jaja buku la kata orang. Tapi untuk diri sendiri? Huuuuu..kira nasihat tu x effective kat telinga sendiri... sah laku hanya utk telinga dan hati orang lain. Nk buat macam mana... I am Hitch... I am not Legend.... nor Pitt.

Am I an Idiot?



Amirul Fahrin Thambychek is becoming 2 years old this month. macam2 budak tu reti buat. Paham bahasa tapi degil. Namun menjadi kegilaan adik2 aku dan sedara mara.


Pic belah kiri tu adalah ketika kami membuat pertandingan muka hodoh. Semestinya aku menang. just hours before, he got stomachache and vomit all the time (picture on the right). So the bucket is ready next to him all the time. Terbungkang layu je...

Thanks for listening my mumbling-jumbling...ada sedikit mamai arini...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chapter 154 - Final Day at 405

Suddenly ada feeling2 nk post pagi ni. It is the last day for me at 405. Actually, last day for us here. i'm here with ammar, apis n faibo. after menyewa for almost 2 1/2 years, the tenature ends today. now we're waiting for our landlord to come, just before that, i steal some time to post. Last night, we went to play badminton at HEP. it was my first time playing there. facility is great, highly maintained and all. lantai lembut, so no worries kalau jatuh. but luckily x sape nk dive amik bola net. but, it is refreshing to sweat after quite some time. Sebok keje beb.

planned to play with my classmates, but only few came... ok la...organize last minute punya cerita

our dedicated ketua darjah (most right). he's the one making almost everything happen.

After badminton, ammar, faibo n me went to tepi lombong sek 7. also the first for us. never been there although tiap2 hari lalu. lepak sana until 3 am just sembang2, kutuk2 and reminiscense the good times.

woke up this morning, gosok gigi then went to HAKIM for breakfast. i just hope that it is not the last for us to gather. after this surely susah nk jumpa... but we'll try to catch up and meet once in a while.

Had a cup of tea o suam

bye 405. i'm gonna remember u and all of our moment together.

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