Friday, December 27, 2013

Chapter 287 - Jelly Bean

What I regret most is that I did not do any backup in prior to my phone update. Macam biasa, release untuk android firmware di Malaysia (dan beberapa negara lain) adalah lambat. While Galaxy S4 and its up-to-date counterparts are enjoying it off the shelves, their predecessors as such S3 is in wait for the official release from Samsung (in my case). Commonly happened as their so called developer is taking their time to port the latest firmware according to the hardware capabilities of predecessor smartphones. Plus, manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Asus, etc not using stock android OS, instead, they have their own kernel underlying the android OS. Hence, you can notice different brands has a slight different on look-and-feel. Noticeably on HTC whereas you can find navigator panel on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, when you unpack your phone, you'll notice the apps that came along with the brand, like Samsung Play, Samsung Apps Store, Allshare Apps, etc. Stock OS basically a phone running only on android. There are few out there already. Tak ingat nama apa. So, with different approach on how android is running on the brand's kernel, that explains on why the firmware release differs between brands.

Couple months back, I rooted my phone. Sole reason is that I want to minimize the battery utilization. To do so, I need to remove all the unnecessary apps. Like the one provided along by Samsung. To install few apps that can help me to remove ads from the games. To allow my phone root access on doing stuff. So, I rooted my phone to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Stable version back then. There are 2 types of Root. Normal Root and customize root. The normal root just void the seal and give root access to your phone. While the latter provide the same but comes with customize UI. Reface to every extent. However, I opted for a normal one because the latter will flash your ROM and will wipe clean your data. Just for precaution, I made a backup. This was done when I was in the office. The downside are, root version will never get to use the Kies and receive normal update from Samsung.

Yesterday, I decided to roll my S3 to Jelly Bean v4.3. As few countries has release the official firmware. I took things for granted, taking my previous experience into account, I didn't make any backup prior to it. My first attempt was failed. I know, if I'm not able to fix this, I need to factory-default the phone. Lucky me, my 2nd attempt went through. But to my disappointment, it wipe my data. I'm not worry though about the SMS, contacts and apps, but my private data as well as pictures and videos that made me gazed emptily into the sky. My previous backup on my office PC also lost due to re-image. There's no way I can recover them. Lesson learnt.

For those who want to manual update your phone, do backup and properly find the firmware files. Tips: Search for the right firmware using your baseband version, and look for international instead the one made for proprietary such as Vodafone, AT&T, etc.

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