Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chapter 65 - One Down, How Many To Go I Don't Know

Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada my mate Lokman Hamid. X ku sangka jodoh kau begitu cepat dari aku. Ingat aku jalan dulu. Hahahaha.... anyway, going to his place at Telok Gong, Klang wasn't easy. Hampas punya pelukis peta. There is no recognizable landmark on the map. We're past through Tesco, Hospital Ampuan Rahimah and numbers of landmarks they can put on the map, but NO they wont. Maybe this is part of the activities suggested by En Hamid and co. Ala-ala treasure hunt kiranya...sape sampai dapat makan nasi kenduri. After all, they got cabutan bertuah during the majlis. Yes, and it is the first time in my life to attend kenduri that have cabutan bertuah. Maybe I would consider to have BINGO session during mine. No offense.
During the way home, I've been to the part of Klang that I've never seen or been (Tersalah masuk junction). Besau gak Klang nih. Ada jugak pekan koboi kat ceruk-ceruk sana. Teringat balik masa kat Jasin.....

Next one would be Ustat Din. Thanx to Izah kerna bagitau. Ntah bila nak sampai kad. Busuk2 pun jemput pakai mulut pon jadilah ustat wei.... Maybe busy preparing for the wedding. Hope the wedding is not outside of Klang Valley. Otherwise aku takkan pergi, unless ada orang nak drive'kan aku.

Rite now, Man U is in the driving seat for securing 2nd place in EPL. They are doing well this season (at least better than the previous one). 2nd place mean automatic CL spot and that's pretty much good, coz players are not strained with busy schedule in the early season. Bit shaky here and there, otherwise they're keeping the Barclays throphy right now. Quite unfortunate, but I believe it will come to us next season.

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