Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chapter 98 - In A Middle Of Something

Sooo bored. But I don't want to go home yet, cause it will be extra boring. Unless I bring home my PS2 controller. Still, I don't want to go home due to some assignments that I HAVE to do. Next week, I won't be here for the whole week. It's because of the Petronas Cup (<-- I'm not bragging ok....). So, to cover up the assignments, I have to do it in advance as well as submitting the old assignments.

I would like to congratulate the secretariats of i-Hack, though I bet that none of the read my blog, at least I like to show my gratitude toward their job. They did a nice job in organizing this international event (<-- international ke??? x nampak pon). Though x mendapat sambutan dari locales sebab student U tgh cuti, at least most of budak2 course aku stay dan tolong organize event ni. Compared to last year yang mana ramai student sendri yang meramaikan majlis, so terasa last year nyer event lebih grand. Tapi aku extra sket kat this year sbb aku secara x langsung participate dalam event ni. Also tahniah kepada budak2 yang menang forensic challenge. Shut those UTP's mouth. huhuhuhu....

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