Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chapter 189 - Jinx'er

few weeks without update.. feels like i owe you one. as one might not believe, i am seriously busy this month. the month before Ramadhan... so, everyone pushing things and deadlines before fasting month arrives. 3 wedding receptions this month (Azan, sorry xdpt pegi wedding ko), two 5-days trainings and one 2-days training.. somemore, Cocoro in the final for 3rd/4th placing (yeah.. we lost the semi) that's make my Sunday occupied.. also on saturday i got class... aiyoo~~~ miss those times where i wake up at 11 in the morning... hehehe.. even though i'm fully occupied, there are times aku curi2 berhibur. playing computer games at CC with friends.. have a cup of coffee at kopitiam late at night.. playing futsal & playing basketball with buddies... i guess, it is some sort of tension releasing, to loosen up my stiff and arch shoulder.

080808 is a very tempting figure especially for chinese. manyak ong itu lapan woo... beside of religious believes, the date only come once and surely easy to remember. kalau xingat ulangtahun kawen gak ni, wajib kena bambu. so, berebut2 orang nk kawen tarikh ni supaya laki xmudah lupa tarikh kawen kelak. xde la pinggan terbang atau tidur kat sofa di masa hadapan. kuekuekue.. member aku sorang akad nikah jumaat lepas. kawan dari Pontian yg sama2 belajar kat boarding school dulu2. so, harus la pergi utk mini reunion dgn budak2 kelas. ada yang datang bawak anak.. ada yang datang bwk tayang cincin belah rotan.. ada juga cincin diamond yg meghelip2.. dan ada juga yg datang dgn hati yang lara (sian...). aku? hehehe.. datang sbb nk makan. next sunday also got wedding, but at some club in Putrajaya. hopefully x clash with final NCBL. otherwise mmg kena sacrifice la wedding tu...

DOTA or Defense of The Ancient is a variant of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. Pick a hero then battled-out with AI or friends. aku xla terer main game ni, tapi xde la noob sangat. but recently, we're addicted to Code of War 4. a First Person Shooting game mcm Counter Strike. aku ni mmg xleh main FPS lama2. konfem pening nk muntah2. so, lepas 2 round confirm aku nk give-up. but i can say that CoD is better than CS. why? because you can accumulate experience from killing and unlock weapons and accessories with the points. also, they got this mode where there's no team formed and you can kill each other. how fun is that.... tapi tu la..xleh main lama2...

My friend, Pa have a crush with this cute waiter from Oldtown Kopitiam Danau Kota. so, we just went there to check her out... and somehow became a habit to lepak there. but lately da xlepak situ. tau la food and drink sana... macam mahal.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chapter 188 - Rebound

Recently, Cocoro is doing very well. Although i've been out of action for 2 years now, i'm still part of the team...doing minor coaching and stuff. we're now participating in NCBL and MBCUP tourneys, and doing great in for now. the best achievement was 3rd place in the NCBL 3 years ago, and we're aiming to be at least in 2nd place this year. ambitious? yea.. realistically we have the arsenal to do so. same goes to MBCUP. previous run weren't that good. but so far so good. over these past few years, Cocoro produced/discovered pretty good talents in basketball. some stayed, some went to other team and promised to come home, but yet to come home. heh. anyway, we're really proud of what we're having now. from scratch, we built this team, and now, it can stand as tall as any other well-known teams in the scene. non-chinese basketball scene btw. credit to Padil, me (ececece) n Qayyum (hins..hins). jgn kembang lebih2 Qayyum. Pa xpe.. dia buta internet, definitely dia x baca blog aku.

by any chance sape yg baca blog aku dan teringin nk sponsor, drop me a message. next year punya slot ada saje. and if you guys nk tau pasal tournament, every sunday at Batu 11, Balakong/Cheras for NCBL. MBCUP lak until 22 July ni. Next game will be on Saturday, 3pm. U R welcomed to come and support us.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapter 187 - Up, Up and Away

Price hike.. inflation is about to double in near future. 6% going to 12%... this only mean, we can expect increase in overall price of goods and services. OMG! this gonna be sucks! for a middle-class earner like me, i really need to be cautious with my spending. the retraction of fuel subsidy make it even worse for me (for everyone else). RM 30 can only give me 11.111 litre. even with that, i didn't moan. i understood that eventually the government 'will' have to withdraw the subsidy, but I didn't expect in such manner (sekaligus dia cantas...). with the increase of fuel, what will happen murid2?..... Ya... harga barang akan naik. remember the time sepeket tepung naik 20 sen, harga roti canai pon sama naik 20 sen. ada sesetengah tmpt naik 30 sen. padahal sepeket tepung buleh buat berkeping2 roti canai. and we also might not realize this, we used to pay 50 cent for nasi lemak.. nowadays, kita dah terbiasa bayar RM2 untuk sebungkus nasi lemak. cinonet lak tu.

honestly speaking (from my financial understanding), there's no need for service or goods providers to increase the price. it is what we call as ignorance. the race to become rich eventually affects others and it is as if guilt-free to them. i won't totally blame the idea to become rich, but do not be too ignorance and greedy, you'll end up swallowing what you spit. kalau anak bangsa kaya, kita pon bahagia. kaya mereka, jangan la sesekali lupa membayar zakat. sama2 tolong anak bangsa yang miskin. french people have an exotic dish called escargot, but i watched TV3's Bersamamu, the poor in our country also have escargot. xyah pegi jauh2, kutip depan umah. siap menitis lagi air mata si Rosyam Nor. tengok je, halangnye tidak. need to sell the poverty and make it real on TV.

i love the idea of government subsidizing installation of NGV system to government servants. that way, more than 40% can be saved due to the shifting petrol users to the NGV gas, and we, the petrol user will benefit from the petrol subsidy. cutting minister's allowance? that's bull. nothing gonna change from that. even if the arguement is to let them taste the bitterness of fuel price hike, they still get free petrol.. which is allocated for them. cut the allowance in a respond to 'kempen jimat cermat'. that's fair then. Khalifah2 zaman khulafak ar-Rasyidin x dpt gaji pon, x mintak pon allocation utk elaun. hidup masih lagi dipelihara Allah, dunia dan akhirat.

one more thing. newly grad or even not so newly grad prefers working as gov servant for security reasons. with unpredict retranchment in private sector, the idea to sit in a safe net is not a bad idea after all. no offence ya. but perception over civil servant are not that great compared to those working in private sector. we're talking about work quality and a bit of ethic here. this because, people think that gov loves to help and hire just anyone. again, no offence. it also true what... i respect the vision to lower the unemployment rate. but, that ladies and gents, affects me. gov should consider to raise the salary of civil servant. a lucrative pay will attract people to work with them, including me. this also will increase the competitiveness of overall participation of applicants. workers are then looking forward to hop in into gov sector, and with less attraction to the private sector, they'll definitely increase the salary so people will work with them. then my 'gaji' also naik. gov also get a quality servant. win-win situation. everyone happy...


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chapter 186 - Connected

some people cannot live without food. some cannot without water. oh wait, i guess it applied to all being. anyway, some cannot live without handphone... as for geek-but-no-ordinary-geek-as-if-a-cool-geek like me, i cannot live without internet. i fell in love with the internet at the first sight. thanks to whoever invent the internet. just to let you know, internet was invented by american out of war exigency (i'm not sure whether they did invent it or steal it.. just look at how many ideas/inventions they stole from muslim scholars). they need a mechanism to transport information about targets, logistic, enemy sighting, etc. among their divisions without using traditional smoke, pigeon or mailman, thus internet were born. but, just what i do with the internet? how much of its existence affect my life? my routine will be:
  1. checking my online games (lunarwars, torncity, ikariam, battleknight)
  2. open and by the way, the best footbal team in the world
  3. check my google group
  4. check my emails (gmail, company mail, yahoo)
  5. surf on interesting topics from
  6. open and
  7. read comments from blog.. mcm la banyak sgt..
  8. read others' blog
  9. idle
after fulfilling my basic needs, i'll then download songs, anime or drama. depend on the mood, sometimes i just fed-up downloading, i will then stream through youtube, megavideo, youku or whatever stream channel available.

Anyway, currently i'm spending my weekdays in PD. my work site, my new home for at least another year. the place i'm working at doesn't have internet connectivity, so i'm kinda bored to death. luckily my works kills my time. but during night time, it's a different story. living alone in an apartment, with no internet, nor satellite TV, i'm feeling slumpy. nk keluar tapi xde duit. i'd spent my paycheck on my tuition fees. so, i'm kinda tight now. harga minyak pon dah naik, nak kluar jalan2 kena pikir 2-3 kali. so, i stayed home. boring. sleeping. i'll try to ask my boss this week to approve the company to endorse celcom broadband to me. i need my internet.. at least for my study. (yea rite...). finger cross for approval... or i'll cross my boss' finger.


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