Friday, November 30, 2007

Chapter 153 - The Day After Saturday & Sunday

so there i was. waiting in front of Project Office (PO) at 8.40 am. The boss told me to come at 8.30 am. Punya kelam kabut ingat dah lambat, rupanya boss lagi lambat.'s all forgiven because aku pon lambat (<-- 10 minutes je beb) and also dia yg akan amik paycheck kat HQ. So, i was waiting for another 15 minutes. She's there, so i straight went to load the boxes of books onto the trolley because i was supposed to delivered them right before the class starts.. Man, the boxes were damn heavy. then i did the routine of checking the books and all, with a pocket knife in my right hand, i cut the cellotape confidently and ZASS (<-- dramatic sound effect), i slashed my left thumb. it was the moment of silent for me. then the blood started to gush out. nobody saw since everybody were busy with their own stuff. My boss' son kept bugging me to play with him. I reached a tissue pack on a desk and applied pressure to the wound. Soo many blood and i walked slowly to the toilet. i wasn't suppose to wash the wound actually, if im not mistaken, but i did anyway. Aritu pulak tisu toilet abis, i then sebat the tisu lap punggung (<-- it was clean by the way), and again, applying pressure to the wound. buku x anta lagi. so, i just clenched a fist with tissue covering the cut..and at the same time pushing the trolley, load the boxes into my car's bonet, unload, angkat naik those boxes sampai tingkat 3 building chemistry. then delivered the boxes to other departments. The whole time i was maki hamun the U sbb tak provide lift / elevator. Susah giler nk deliver buku. Abis kuar peluh jantan. Sio-sio den pakai baju centek2 ni ha..poluh satu badan. macam baru lopeh poe main bola la pulak. OK. tetiba lak nk ckp nogori. continue.... as there are movements with my left hand, lagi kencang darah keluar. so basically i was swapping tissue all the time. *sigh* later on the afternoon, i went to BHP and bought myself the hensoplas. a lot of them. in case.... Then, i found that i delivered the wrong set of books. ADUIH!!! tired already. but dah nama keje, has to be done. Pegi la aku terkial2 menghantar buku yg betol..macam OKU aku angkat buku2 tu. :P cuma peluh dan keringat yg menemani daku. tu belom sembang pasal trainer. i'll talk about the kerenah trainer later la... So, at the end of the day, i reflected things that happened. how careless i am, how mismanaged i am. it's all a learning process by the way. my friends kat U lain surely rilex je. but at least, i have tale to tell.
i win. (<-- nk jugak menang)...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chapter 152 - The Saturday and Sunday

One of the best Saturday n Sunday. Went to Melaka with my friends. Having soo much fun. But, it's just like what people said, "time flies when you're having fun". That's right. The more fun, the quicker time flies. So, to sum up (<-- save my time also because no need to go into details, u guys bukan kenal pon these people), the journey started from Shah Alam where all my passangers are from there. breakfast there...somebody belanja, dunno who (<-- nasib dia la). arrived at RnR Seremban to meet up with one of the organizer (<-- I'm just a co-organizer). Then from there, we convoyed to exit toll Ayer Keroh so that the tuan rumah can fetch us and direct us to his house. Oh man...ayer keroh is soo different. last time i was there when i went and visit Qayum at MMU. Now, ada intersections and mini-highway.. soo buleh sesat.... OK, picture above is the one taken at Ayer Keroh toll. since my masters' classmates ada yg dah kawen, so they brought along their childrens and some brought their anak sedara..

When the tuan rumah arrived, we went to his house for free lunch. Kira open house yg terlambat...dah lepas syawal pon. Xkesah, janji free. Ada Sate, nasi briani gam, and dadih for dessert. Bila masing2 kenyang, we decided to continue the program after Dzuhur. So, around 3.30pm, we arrived at Tg Bidara Beach Resort. First of all, i've read the comments from the Internet. It was horrible, which I found true. but exactly, i can say that, the place is suitable for outgoing guest. meaning that, if you're looking for stay-in hotel, Tg Bidara is not the place. look somewhere else. It's not that comfy. Anyway, the time we're in the chalet was around the time we sleep and bath. that's all. the rest semua outdoor. OK, upon arriving, we straight went for futsal, which my team won. then continue on for some beach volleyball. The pic below is taken when i was about to serve.

My team also won this. Then some went back to get ready for dinner, and some dipped in the sea to cool off the heat (<-- that's me).

Dinner time. we decided to go to pengkalan balak instead of Umbai, which i found as a wrong one. not because the food, but the logistic and all. i'll tell u later. So, the food were ready on the table as we arrived. We were actually late by 15-30 minutes. so, ada yg dah sejuk...but that's ok. semua dah kebulur. we ate, but byk yg x abih. even i ate a bit. macam dah kenyang belasah briani siang tadi. afterwards, the girls and some guys nk explore bandar hilir. some other guys (<-- yg dah kawen ~ somehow including me) macam dah berat badan. yela...kami pon bukan muda lagi...cewah. So, after main tarik2 tali, most agreed to go. ada la 1 family yg balik chalet. this is what i mentioned about. supposely if we went to umbai, kalau nk singgah ke bandar hilir tu kira on the way back. so, rugi sket kat Umbai is said to have the best ikan bakar around. since malam tu malam minggu, traffic quite bizzarre la jugak. tapi kat dataran pahlawan tu ada parking spaces, and we parked there. sana, we took the liberty of visiting the infamous A Famosa. Some of us panjat the ruin uphill, church apa ntah.. (<-- if you remember chah, the one yg Ustat Din daki x guna tangga tu..that was and still hillarious to remembered). then ada yg naik beca but afterwards, we all went to kedai mamak and had a drink while watching Man U got beaten by Bolton (<-- DEM!). Not a great night for me.... anyway, after that we headed back to chalet.

Sunday morning starts with breakfast provided by the hotel. then straight to the beach. brenang sikit. then half-buried me under the sand (<-- why is it always me?). Then we played touch rugby which my team was beaten badly. Hahahaha... we sux at touch rubgy. Neway, we went into the swimming pool and swam around for about 1/2 hour. then we get ready to check-out. later, before lunch, we went to Taman Mini Asean, which was the first visit for me even i stayed at jasin for 2 years. OK, nothing much inside. most of the time waiting for those yg masuk each houses. Then we had our lunch there.. makan nasi ayam yg sgt sedap. still terliur kalau diingatkan.... so, after lunch ada yg balik sendri dan ada yg konvoi. Those yg konvoi adalah kami yg gerak dari shah alam. sampai SA around 5.30pm. Minum kat Hakim dulu... then baru berpisah.

Fuh...panjang jugak summary ni. anyway...that's that. we had soo much fun, and it's a shame that some of the classmates can't make it. plus we felt that it was so short holiday ~~~ next time we'll make it longer.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chapter 151 - A Day Before Saturday & Sunday

my classmates and I planned to go to holiday months ago. It was set to be on 24th November. Everyone were excited; throwing ideas to do this and that during the 2 days 1 night holiday in Tanjung Bidara, Malacca. It was very energizing. Everybody were looking forward to that date. The idea was to go with all my Masters classmate, but some can't make it. even with few key persons missing, the trip was soo much fun. But that's that. I knew that something gonna happen when I'm going for vacation. Things that ring my bell are, during the MRSM Jasin's semester break, i was soo sick that i wasn't able to leave my bed. Syukri's wedding vacation also the same. Along's wedding vacation; my uncle involved in a terrible accident which killed his 2nd wife. And for this vacation, i tried my best to hush away any flu, fever or stomachache. Thankfully, none of those inflicted me, but Friday morning, my oldest brother caught in an accident. It was horrible. My mom called when i was at my workplace, and she sobbed. and I was, "Here we go..I knew my hunch was right. something surely gonna happen". She told me the horrible news but I was mentally prepared.

The accident was at 9 am..somewhere in Kluang. He hit a moving lorry from behind. Why he did that? because he slept..that's why! I did experience the same thing, luckily i just drove through an empty bus stop. But it was a different case here, he was submitted to Hospital Kluang. and since he needed to do the CT Scan, he was transferred to Hospital something-Aminah at JB. Those incompetent doctors and nurses didn't do anything at all. It furiated my mom and dad. They arrived at 4 pm and those so called doctors and nurses didn't even clean my brother up. The dried blood, mulut koyak, small pieces of shattered glasses in his hair and eye! even I who do not have a medical background can say that, those things can cause potential infections if it were to leave like that. I can't imagine what he'd gone through that 7 hours. So my dad transferred him to KPJ. A private hospital i guess... there he was treated as soon as he arrived. 10 stitches at his mouth, some cleaning, taking out all the glass in his eyes, scheduling a facial surgery on sunday. Everything.

I posted at my class forums mentioning about the accident. Everyone gave their kind words, wishing he'll be OK... and I'm so thankful to them. So I called my mom the night before saturday. She knew how bad i was planning for that holiday. She gave me the green-light. And that night i sleep soundly, but before that, praying to Allah so that my brother will be blessed..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter 150 - Cheers

alhamdulillah... after 3 years of hardship, finally it ended in a beautiful convocation ceremony yesterday. the friends i made, along with sad, fun, happy, makan hati.. all those feelings and memories, i won't trade it for anything. i remembered 3 years ago, Zaza drove me in the iswara hapak (skrg tidak lagi), thanks to the leaky aircond. That time haram jadah aku tatau jalan kat dalam university, so dad asked Zaza to give me some tour guide since she studied there. So, i went all over the places due to the university's crappy birocracy policies. Ye la...nk daftar pon abis satu U aku round, macam masuk explorace plak, padahal nk letak nama aku dalam database je. Even saman pon 2-3 tempat kena pegi utk settlekan. Sigh*. Anyway, i begged for hostel and got it. Heheheh...using the excuse of 1st time being there and also i was a graduate of other U. The guy gave me a room which he claimed 'baekkk punya bilik'. Why? because it is located strategically overlooking the route where siswi use to go to cafe, restaurant and class. Nice huh... well lemme tell u, boys always be boys. especially boys in my dormitory. Those people are much gersang and jakun towards girls just because they are in the military boys. And i dunno how much trend it is for them, but most of them own vespa which is the ultimatum of noise and shitty morning sleep for me. Hate them and their vespa.

Anyway, i met new friends, but still blur and all. I dunno which subject to be taken, and cost me a year of study. but despite that, i met more friends, a batch of guys 2 years younger than me. They are fun to be with and as people says, 'being with young makes you young'... that's what i did. there i was, for 3 years. And lemme tell you, final year project aint easy if you are a procrastinator like i am. i nearly repeat the final semester, and with 2 weeks of full force, i managed to dodge the repetition. Actually it's kinda suck that we're not graduating together... i got friend whom supervisor got mixed up and unable to finish that semester even though he passed his project. Sian ngko... also, friends yg repeat semester, they'll be graduating next year.... to those yg still need to repeat the final semester, i wish you all the best.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chapter 149 - Just Act Stupid...Like You Always Do

Good Sunday... this is my first holiday since i worked. If you guys wondering if I miscount the other saturdays and sundays before, dont bother. Those days I spent in class whether doing presentations, exam or studying. Now, I feel bored. After 2-3 hours of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, my fingers starting to ache, and my head getting numb, i dunno what else to do. Maybe i'll watch some movies I've downloaded weeks ago. Hahaha...pending!

Just yesterday I got back from Shah Alam after settling with jubah konvo. Yep.. just another 6 days to shake hand with someone i dont even know, and get to hold a fake scroll. Nice huh... the downside is, parent aren't getting into the hall. they just gonna watch from another hall with this big ass screen showing realtime video of their son/daughter to graduate. Sian kan.... Anyway, im gonna look like a fat Gandalf in that jubah. Labuh la... but heck with that... asal dapat konvo.

I was, and still amused by those who admit they are "Bersih". methaphore here, they are the one causing traffic jam in KL yesterday. Yeah, the riot thingy. Hey! Im not in any side here, but it kept me thinking. It's good to form a protest or any sort of demonstration...part of democracy, they say... meaning that there's something to fix and people are aware of it. Gandhi did once, except dia x kaco traffic. Hahahaha... Anyway, yesterday's gig was rarely to be seen in few years, i admit. The biggest purpose of protest is to be acknowledge and to get attention, but dude, you guys just menyusahkan orang ramai. Massive traffic jam around Klang Valley...... ingat travellers sronok ke terperangkap dalam traffic jam. I for sure don't! If derang nk sangat attention, why dont protest masa hari bekerja? Even the world gonna acknowledge them, ye la, protest hingga melumpuhkan ekonomi. Yeah...and why they didn't? because even the protesters pon nk cover periuk nasi derang. Yeah... the same periuk nasi yg musuh laknat mereka bekalkan. now, thats a methaphore. Knape x ikut Gandhi berlapar? nah..its too peace. where's the fun in that?

please to the readers yg tersinggung, dont hate-comment me. Let me phrase this, "This is not a political Blog!". People just amuse me, that's all.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chapter 148 - Welcome

Just to shout out that my brother just got new baby on Thursday. Its a boy. The name is Arif something bin Ahmad Syukri. Dont blame me, i just got to see the boy and called him so up till now. Whole family is excited. My brother is in estatic mood. As for me, im happy to get another bully subject.

Well, congratulation to the couple; and Arif, welcome to this world.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chapter 147 - The Moment

Yippa.... this is the moment i've been waiting for. End of the 1st sem Masters study... again, Yahoooo!!!! it's been a tough few weeks with the exams and presentation. even now i'm in the comp lab listening to others' presentation. Me? Well, our group presented first. My decision. It was a planned act becos I hate to present last. Why? because the expectations is much higher and i just want to finish this up as soon as possible. but i have this feeling that i'll be bored later on. because these few weeks, the days were busied with work, and nights were busied with study and assignments. afterwards, the night gonna be lonely. so, i guess that i'm going to miss the hectic day-in-day-out activities.

continue later.. just want to enjoy this short independent.

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