Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Chapter 231 - Is It Suppose To Be Weary?

I've just uploaded few songs. Illegally? You bet. This time, all songs are Korean. Kudos for them for making good mellow songs. Really, if you in a mood to layan your heartbreak, your fall-in-love, your already-in-love.. nothing can beat Korean songs.. or is it just me? huh? dunno. but not all songs i've uploaded are mellow2 one.. there are also hip hop songs in this playlist. so, just enjoy. I really hooked on track #6 & #7. Track #7 is taken from my favorite Korean drama, Accidental Couple.

Its a nice fiction. If you like Full House, you'll definitely gonna like this. its about an accidental lovestruck between a regular joe and the most beautiful and popular actress in Korea. No spoiler intended, go watch it yourself.. a.k.a download sendiri la.. hehe

Actually, I'm not in the mood for amateurish journalism right now. really not in the mood, even after listening to these songs. I couldnt say that aunt irma's visiting, because it would be weird and wrong... but i'm in the time or period in which i dont feel like doing anything. even so, work must go on.. kalau boss aku baca statement ni tentu dia suka. hehe. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Basketball training every friday & laze around during the saturday and sunday. sometimes i went out with my friends for movies. take last saturday as an example, we watched 2 movies and had 3 meals. i figured that that saturday alone finish up my outing quota. almost broke and pathetically not well fed, i'm cautiously calculating my days ahead. next week dah la nk pergi Melaka for a friend's wedding. sigh~~

G.I Joe coming out this week.. sooo tempting. sapa mau tengok?


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