Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Chapter 263 - Fly to Seoul Part V

Day 7

Morning was planned for kimchi making class. We booked a class on how to make kimchi via Internet. Lucky us the place is nearby and no need for us to grab the subway. Checking in at the Kimchi World, we were assigned with James. This dude used to study in Malaysia for couple of years. Couple of Malay words were exchanged, yet I found that he need to stay longer for better pronunciation. The class was great except that they maintained the secrecy of the kimchi sauce. We only learned on how to wrap and spreading the sauce over the cabbage. 2 cases of fresh kimchi are heading back to home. But kimchi best eaten marinaded or stored for months.

On the way back, we dropped by the Hotel to stored the kimchi as well as changing room. Yeah, we hated the room with Jacuzzi. Luckily, they got another room available, and furthermore, this room is without jacuzzi. More space for the bags. Rested a bit, then we head to Dongdaemun. A friend of mine recommended the place to get souvenir, and lie u not, the souvenirs there are cheaper. We did some serious shopping there, getting my wife a dress and evening hot choco. We then head to Yeouido. Forgive the spelling, too many vowels!

It's a scenic view. Located on the lower half of the Han river, it is overlooking the skycrapers of downtown. Purely scenic! unlucky us, the flowers yet to bloom. I bought a fish burger from McD at the subway station, and had a little picnic there. Windy and scenic.. so lovely.

Right before dusk, we head back to the hotel. Spent the night in Insadong for left-over souvenirs and the nightlife.

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