Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 185 - Sweet Pain

The moment you got hit by a paintball pellet, it's hurt. but it'll only hurts like hell after your adrenalin rush not so rushing anymore. I've got 1 bruise on my left arm, and even after 3 days of my miniature war between my classmates, the lebam is still there. it is as big as my knuckle with a blue-ish and green-ish color. can you believe it....? neither do i, but it is real... Overall, it was fun, and i like to do it some other time. Killing people is everyone's fantasy... well at least mine. and you definitely cannot shoot somebody with a real gun in the real world. also applied to knife and throwing star. it's a big NO and it's a common sense, just like the common sense where Argentina is not going to participate in any EURO tournament...EVER!! please correct your senses, guys (yeah..there are more than 1 person). anyway, first time playing, i already went guerilla style. but lack of support leads to my death. teaming with girl gives you pros and cons. but it's going to be all cons when the girl has her husband in the opposite team. Go figure...

One of the memorable moment, besides losing 3 games in a row and only snatched 1 win, were shooting directly at someone's jock. Oh.. and also shooting at my friend's leg 3 times even after he admit being shot to the marshall. that's like illegal, but i did it anyway because the pellet didn't pop, and i kept shooting until it popped. good for him the pellet popped the third time. else, he might need to amputate his leg. hahahaha...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter 184 - Marvellous

Just came back from watching P Ramlee the Musical at Istana Budaya. My expectation was bit tarnished earlier as i read somewhere that the musical is lack of P Ramlee's songs. But, as i arrived there, i realized that the musical is not about his songs. The tagline of this musical is "The life, the loves and the inspiration". Unless they put "the songs" in between the tagline, then i would be pretty disappointed. Nonetheless, the musical was totally marvellous, outstanding and superb. not just the array of great casts, but also the setting, story arrangement, songs arrangement, story flow and everything.

I really adore P Ramlee since i was small. grew up in Penang in my early age gave some miscellaneous memories and it includes P Ramlee. i used to sing Getaran Jiwa on my neighbor's swing, and the old guy really loves listening to me. unfortunately, as i grow up, i'm not that fond in doing things that would embarrass myself eventhough that old guy requested me. anyway, the musical is (hoping it would re-stage again) a 4 hours show. i thought it would only be around 2 1/2 hours, but it worth it. seriously. those who missed, really gonna regret it. i didnt managed to get the rm53 ticket, instead, my friend and i bought the rm 153 ticket. deduct the student discount, i only paid rm 108. another friend told me that he can buy 10 movie tickets with that. yeah, true but in a sense that this musical is a rare opportunity (in term of casts and show time), i considered the 108 is nothing to compared with the experience i'll get; and again, i reiterate that, it's worth every damn cent i paid.

The musical is about the life of P Ramlee; from the rise, to his downfall. he starts off as a clapper in Ampas Road Studio, then as a sing-voice for actors who cant sing; and soon became an actor and a director. His loves includes Azizah from his hometown and that was before he came to S'pore, then Junaidah, Norizan and lastly, Saloma. I've watched how his marriages went down into the drain as his fame rosed. jealousy and lonely creeps in. but it was sweet to know that Saloma stayed with him till the end, even by that time he is no longer popular. the reasons for his downfall are the invention of TV, break up of Malaysia and Singapore (he was forced to move bak to KL and do film in Studio Merdeka. Budget for film are not as lavished as he got from Shaw Brothers in S'pore) and also younger demographic are more towards pop yeyeh stuff. Too much smoking leads to heart failure. he died at 44. In the musical, the last sentence was, "Will i be remembered Sally (Saloma)?". She replied, "Yes, people will remember you for a very long time". quite comforting words for the weary P Ramlee. And it is true. even after 35 years, we still strongly remember who is P Ramlee, what he had contributed to the industry, and what type of person he is. The lines from his movies still etched on our mind, and we still laugh to his jokes eventhough we watched it dozens of time. As he is, will always be remembered.. as a seniman, a legend and a person.

"My art is not for money, it is for people (Seni aku bukan untuk wang ringgit, tapi untuk masyarakat)" - quoted by P Ramlee to Aziz Sattar.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chapter 183 - Where It Belong

Tioman is gorgeous! beautiful place. i really encourage people to go there. especially when you're looking for bustling-city escapade. go there with the intention to get away from work, and you'll find your peace there. leave your messy things at home. laptop, paperwork, annoying children or your nagging wife. For me, the 3 days staying in Tioman is not enough. i need at least 4 days. Lot of things i didn't get to explore during my staying there. I missed the forest walk to Juara, the sandy beach on the right-side of Tioman. I read, along the way there, you'll encounter a waterfall and a place you wouldn't want to miss if you're going Tioman... and I missed it. it's OK, at least I tried 'mencandat sotong'. May is the best season to candat sotong. It's when the squids are getting hornier, I guess. Supposely, we cannot mencandat sotong in Tioman since they announced Tioman as Taman Maritim. Who Cares?! people are still doing it, and no sea-patrol doing their rounds. meaning that, they also don't care. We managed to caught 20 kgs of squids (plus the ice I think), and asked the chef at the hotel to make some dishes out of the squids. Nasi Goreng Sotong, Sotong goreng tepung and Sotong Onion. Sotong sotong sotong...

Also, if you're going, then don't forget to do at least this, snorkeling. The inn or resort where you staying might not give you with the best beaches, so, go snorkeling. I did, and it was a magnificent experience. I can say to that, beside me being a tow-boat during the snorkeling activity. forget about that... as i said, some beaches only can give you a tip of wonderful underwater scenery because most of them only have dead coral and not so many beautiful fishes. i went snorkeling for almost a day, while some of my friends were staying back because of their family, and they missed it... (see, i've told u about leaving kids and wife at home, or at least leave the kids with maid at the hotel room). So, i've only heard heap of praises towards petty corals and fishes from those who missed it during our small snorkeling trip to a spot a bit farther than our beach the day after. i laughed. i laughed until i peed in the ocean and gave the fishes some of my fresh juice. one thing that bugged me during my snorkeling activity was baby-jellyfishes. there are soo many of them, though they dont bite, u'll feel bit itchy when u swim through them. Oh yeah, if you're rabun jauh, u definitely need the goggle with power. I bought one for RM55. it worth it! So when u swim around the minah2 salleh, u'll see bouncy corals and round and juicy fishes..... just kidding, u still can see the bouncy corals and round and juicy fishes without the minah2 salleh around. they are everywhere... on the ocean's floor... of course..

Also, pack some food from home. things are bit expensive there. we're talking about cheezels, twisties and any other unhealthy snacks u can think off. I suddenly developed a sudden crave for Snickers there and bought almost everytime i went to a shop. bit expensive la...

below are some pictures taken so i can share with you guys, the beautifulness of Tioman.

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