Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chapter 106 - Wedding Planner

It's good to be home. During this semester, I found myself less coming home, more playing games and sleep. I don't expect my exam result will be great, but I do hope I survive. I hate my father's lecture. He questioned almost everything.

"Why you got C for this paper?"
"The subject is hard"
"Why didn't you put more effort into it?"
"I did!" I didn't
"You should prioritize this subject if it's hard. Study extra time for it"
"Yeah... I should, but I have to study for others as well"
"How is your relationship with your lecturer?"
"You know, lecturers do actually like those who come to visit from time to time and ask study-related questions. Ada buat x?"
"Ada, tapi jarang." never

Well, got home to find myself all alone. My parent at Penang for card distribution session. This is the time to give wedding invitation card around. I was planning to do so, but later la... So, with nobody around and no money left in my pocket, I tend to be independant. I cooked for myself. Yeah, you heard me right. I cooked. I mean I can.... what, you didn't believe me? I even snapped a pic just for those non-believers.

There... telur dadar, sambal sotong, ayam goreng and daging masak kicap. Sluuuurpp.... terliur korang tgk aku masak. Hahahahaha....

So, lots of errands need to be done. Pegi DBKL utk site approval la... Amik kosaj la... Pegi hantar kad la... Ulang alik ke tailor. Sigh.... thinking of those makes me tired and sleepy. Nanti aku kawin pon harap ada orang bleh tolong. But wheeeeennnnnnn?!!!!!!!

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