Friday, December 29, 2006

Chapter 109 - Summary

O-hisashiburi desu ne. Its been weeks now. Last time I updated, my brother still a 'virgin' (<-- keh keh keh), now he's someone's husband. My house become a shipwreck for few days. Families (uncles and aunts) check-in and already check-out. Went to my brother's pre-honeymoon trip to Famosa Resort in Malacca and catched the worst food poisoning ever in my life just before the wedding. Phew... so many aaaa.
Well, the wedding was fine except for some miscommunications as well as some timing problem. Well, that's natural right? Biasala tu kalau pengantin terlambat sket. Nak mekap la, nak pakai baju la, mak andam nak setting la. So much hussle. The wedding consists of 3 sessions, the akad nikah which is on Friday, bersanding at bride's house on Saturday and bersanding at the groom's house on Sunday. I was the pengapit on the Friday because the real pengapit couldn't make it that day. It's an easy job since I need to calm my brother's anxiety to marry (<-- x sabar2 nak kawin), hold his IC in case the Tok Kadi want to see it and also wipe some sweat. The next day, the couple was taken on convoy by the Yamaha C50 club. That's the first time I see a C50 and see it in a big number. I thought the most obselete bike in the world is C70, and I was wrong. After that ada silat2 sket, but it's not the silat pulut. I was hoping to see some young fellow performing silat pulut because, so far I only see elderly or warga emas performing that particular silat. Then the usuals, menepung tawar dan merenjis2. The next day pon sama kecuali silat. Xde sape nak silat kat sini. So, we skipped that part. Well, the food was nice, people were coming non-stop (<-- which is good) and things went greatly. Perhaps I underutilised my V3X, since the purpose I bought it was to snap some pictures and yet there are so few (close to none) wedding pictures. Except for the couple's room and the hantaran which I involved in making it (<-- logistic do count!).

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