Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapter 146 - Added Value

Helooooo..... i guess this might be one of the busiest week. Although my last paper was on last Sunday, but yet, I still have to go through another 2 presentations on this weekend. I haven't got time to watch movies I copied from my friend's HD. A LOT OF MOVIE lining, waiting and begging for my attention. But with work and assignments as well as exams... they just an appeal to me.

Oh yea... i started working last monday, not yesterday, but last week's Monday. So, that makes me an employed person. I work with a company which conducted the professional certificate program I took last May, and just before Raya, they called for an interview at Cyberjaya, which remind me the time I travelled from Gombak to Cyberjaya daily for 2 months during my Industrial Training. A bad memory indeed....So, about the new work, the title may sound cool ~ Technical Executive, but in Malay, we just call it 'juruteknik' or technician. The work requires me to travel bit, as for now I'm in Shah Alam doing lab installation at several comp labs there. Just last week I was in Puncak Perdana doing the same thing there. And starting tomorrow, I'll be handling stuff at UM. Might give me the opportunity to hang out with my Cocoro boys lot more often. Seriously, my body is aching from not playing basketball this past few weeks. So, as a contract worker, my termination will be on mid-Jan, and I hope the company offers me a new one. I heard the company got their hand on a new MoH tender. Otherwise, I'll try for another place.

So, I added a new feature to this blog. look at the very bottom of this page, and you'll see the video box. Actually, i just embedded it from YouTube, nothing much special there. OK, just got home from a presentation, changed my flat tyre... now I'm damn tired and sleepy.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Chapter 145 - Looking back

========== Edisi Insaf ===========

Assalamualaikum.... Dikesempatan ini, ingin saya menyusun 10 jari memohon ampun dan maaf sempena Syawal yg mulia. Jangan nk kata 15 Syawal x dikira sebagai raya. Kita masih beraya, namun raya ke-15 la...

Same as last Syawal, my family and I celebrating Hari Raya in KL. As years goes by, Raya becomes more empty. Dulu orang beraya sakan seminggu, pastu raya sampai raya ke-3. Harini, raya cuma terasa pada 1 Syawal je. Budak2 kampung sebelah yg datang mintak duit raya pon dah berkurang. Tahun ni ada 2 orang je yg aku sambut... tu pon budak2 rambut kaler2. xde da yg dtg pakai baju melayu bersongkok kemas. Zaman dah berubah oiii.. Kita pon x boleh nak menongkah arus yg deras ini. Malaysia hari ini bukanlah Malaysia 10 tahun yg dulu.

Alhamdulillah, aku dan mungkin kawan2 yg membaca ni boleh bersyukur kerana terselamat daripada modenisasi yg terlampau. Kita masih ada nilai2 Melayu Islam. Kita tidak menghasilkan karya2 3GP dari celah2 lorong, dirumah tumpangan ataupon dibelakang tempat duduk kereta walaupon kamera phone kita ni 2.0 MP. Tidak pula rambut kita berwarna-warni umpama mat salleh yg sememangnya itu kaler rambut mereka. Tidak pula kita terkocoh2 membawa beg plastik berisi janin atau bayi dan tinggalkan didepan Musollah, rumah anak yatim ataupon di depan rumah imam masjid. Tidak pula kita terbiasa dengan gam, ice, syabu, ganja dan dadah. Tidak pula kita derhaka dan mengherdik ibu dan bapa kita walaupon suara kita ini lantang dan boleh tarik kaw2 punya macam Awie dalam lagu "Di halaman asmara". Ingatla... bersyukor pada Tuhan. berterima kasih la pada ibu dan bapa yg mendidik; Cikgu yang mengajar; kawan yang menegur. Sesungguhnya kita ini insan yg lemah dan bodoh. Moga2 kita ini dilindungi oleh Yg Maha Esa dalam menempuh perjalanan hidup yg berliku, berlobang dan bersimpang siur ini. Amin.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chapter 144 - Whassup


Fasting month nearly end. As usual, it feels like a day end in eye's blink. Frustrated of emptiness. No progression and tired of daily nuisance. It's hollow to stand in the middle of others' shadows; The constant moving shadows. Feels like regressed in the radiant of sunlight and moonshine. Reality sucks when you lazy..... but.......... enough with the poetic self-depression.

Days ago, I'm having this conversation with my mom during our bukak puasa.

"pai, dah ada girlfren ke?"

silent. Thinking, if I answer "no" that quick, it'll raise suspicion even if you're telling the truth. The timing must correct.

On the right timing, I answered,


"I think you need to open up, come straight and be more sensitive"


"Oookay, now you're asking me to be gay"

It just blurted out. Funny? Nah...

This is funnier...

Yesterday, I held my cat up. Hmm, since my english nouns and vocabs are quite limited, I'll put up picture to illustrates of how I held my cat up.

yeah..pretty much like that. except, Im not that black, and it's a cat..not a dog. Jenuh aku nak samak kang. So, I was giving the expression of hugging him and he suddenly clawed behind my ear. His left hook landed on behind my right ear. Figure out the illustration yourself. Yeah, still got the scratch... then, guess what I did?

A. Hurl/fling/pitch him to the floor
B. Throws slipper at him
C. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre, start up the engine, put gear in R, accelerate
D. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre of a truck, ask the driver to reverse a bit
E. Answer A and B
F. None the above and do nothing, which is impossible by the way and definitely a wrong answer.. don't choose F

Well, depend on how you look at me, if you think I'm that psycopath then, choose C or D. But I say..... E. Yeah, that'll be close to nice.

I stumbled upon this picture during looking for 'man holding up cat'. First, there's no man in the picture, and I swear that 'that' is not a cat. Second, if I find this creature or somebody putting up this costume walking on my path, I swear Im gonna go for D (<-- refer the cat abuse answer set).

Done. Chao

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