Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chapter 273 - Bring Out The Games In Me


For the 1st week after buying the laptop, I felt the money was flushed in the drain. Didn't get the time to play around. Rarely opened. Used only for Internet browsing, which can be done from my slow Samsung Galaxy S. Then I decided not to waste the beautiful resource bestowed upon me, I went to nearby game store (u know what i mean) and get myself couple of games which my friend's PC could not play. Latest stuff. Got myself a Starcraft 2, The Reckoning, Sims 3 and Tropico 3. Well, rule out Tropico 3 since I wrongly bought. Latest version is Tropico 4, so Im guessing it is a 2010/2011 stuff.

OK, I just managed to install and tried 1st campaign on Starcraft 2. Installation was quite a hassle. Tested graphic at the benchmark of 3.5 star from 5. Tomorrow, will increase the settings for the graphic. As the rest of the games, I'm looking forward to The Reckoning, though from trailer, I feel like playing on PS3 should be my style for that type of game.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chapter 272 - Intel Inside

I was a big fan of AMD before. My desktop was built around AMD when I was a computer geek. However, that didn't last long. My choice of motherboard ruined the whole setup. First, my RAM slot died one by one, then came the blue screen which all Windows users despise. My desktop was left unused till now. Since then, i've bounce from company's laptop to my sister's laptop to my wife's laptop. I figured, that I need one on my own as my wife's laptop was around for about 7 years. Talking about obsolete cycles.

I was intrigued by the Harvey Norman sales last weekend. After learning it from my mother in law, I went and felt the urgency of having my own laptop. I returned home and did some homework. Came back the day after and yet to decide. My budget did all the talking and I was browsing for laptop with Intel i5 running on it. I was then persuaded by a friend to go for i7 instead. It'll hurt my pocket, but I'll thanked for it. For those who is not familiar with the latest series of Intel, i'll have it summed up.

Dual Core with Hyper-Threading (HT). HT means that single core is able to process 2 threads (whereby the original idea is 1 core 1 thread). Hence making i3 to have 4 virtual cores running.

Quad core without HT. CPU is running on 4 cores. Then why the need of i5 when i3 have the same processing capabilities? Well, it comes down to cache. i5 cashing more cache than i3. -Edited- i5 and beyond are covered with turbo boost which will give an extra >0.5 GHz.

Quad core with HT. Well, enough said, 8 virtual cores -edited- with turbo boost. All smile for i7 users.

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