Monday, August 22, 2005

Chapter 45 - My First Review

Announcing my first review of a play. First time in my history, I went to see a play last saturday. Well, I had to choose whether to go to the play or to my aunt's tahlil. Easy one. I chose to watch the play over tahlil bcos I can meet up with my OC frens (Not that 'Orange County' one, but my OverSea frens), plus, my fren (syazli) is one of the cast and it's much more fun. Woke up at 8 pm, called my mom to tell her that I'm not going to the tahlil with excuse of tired after playing bball for my faculty early that day. Yeah, It's true what!!!! So this is the damn review:

Title: Pelajar

Cast: Syazli and some fellas I don't want to know

Characters: (my rate system is based on "how much I want to punch him/her and where")
Student - the unbelievable 'not so clever' student (played by syazli)
- every 8-10 seconds this fella kept checking on his lecturer's ass and
boobs except for the last 2 minutes of the play bcos he's dead (just like I wish).
- he know what is capital of France, he know 1 digit addition arithmetic, but hell he
don't know 4 minus 3.
- Rating: At first I want to punch him hard on the face, but after seing him dead, I just
want to punch him less hard, still in the face.

Husbands - the unbelievable duff husband
- He's the first to come out on the play and I'm already hate him.
- He's the man of the house, the dog of it's own yard, but he didn't realize there's 40
coffins in his backyard. Idiot.
- Rating: I want to sucker punch him.

Wife/lecturer - the unbelievable psycho person
- She's wack. Not that 'whack' wack, just wack.
- one time, she's holding pen, the next second she's got parang on her hand.
- teaching arithmetic, filology and literature for dummies.
- hobby: kill her student after giving one or two speech of filology.
- Rating: I want give her clothline from hell right on the throat. That'll send her
straight to asylum.

Maid - the unbelievable annoying maid/amah
- for some reason, she hate filology.
- She cleaned corpse more than cleaning the house.
- Like to jaga tepi kain orang
- Rating: Punch her in her ribs

butler - the unbelievable annoying butler
- hobby: ripped off/smug dead people.
- Hate him
- Hate him
- Rating: Definitely a low blow in you know where.

clock - the superbly annoying retardly clock
- He's kinda live 'unliving' object which is witness to all things happened in the house.
- A clock that wore ring, round clock hanging from his neck and glitter on his face. Unreal.
- Once in the while, he will wake from his chair and talk. How annoying is that.
- Definitely Hate Him
- Thankfully, the clock die in the end. I don't know how possible is that, and I don't care as
long as he's dead.
- Rating: a poke in the eye, a slash on his throat then give him a 'stone cold steve austin'
stunner. Then give him a wall of jericho when he's on the ground.

new student - the superbly kawaii girl
- the thing that made me less hate this play is bcos of this girl. CuTe~~~
- Rating: Wanna kiss her right on the cheek

Sum of Story(chronologically): A student going to take his phd exam - meet this lecturer for extra tuiton - try to ngorat his lecturer so she might help him on the exam - first lesson; arithmetic which most of the time the lecturer try to teach her dead-stupid student of 4 minus 3 calculation (BORING!!) - the student kept emphasizing the word 'batang' and 'besar' (what a jackass)- Lecturer decided to move on to the next lesson; filology - amah come in to warn the lecturer not to teach filology but get scolded instead - suddenly the student having a toothaches - Lecturer bring out the parang - slice here and there - stabbed him - realize what she had done - cry - cry again - amah came in, consoled her and clean up the mess - stabbed the clock - the end

Overall: Entertainably boring.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Chapter 44 - Which cut is the deepest?

So damn tired. I hate this week. I hate it so much that make me wanna sucker punch somebody, than puke on him/her. I might enlist this week on "my list of shittiest week ever". Tight deadline, 2 assignments, 1 report, no time for playing games, no LCD screen yet (anybody can topped that? Hell no!); these had succesfully contribute to my hatred toward this week. Enough with the hate and frustation. At least I manage to get through this hell-hole, but no thanksgiving yet, coz here come new assignment. Dateline: Monday, 10.30 am. What the heck!!! Tomorrow is the interFac Sport Fest, which I doubtly involved in. I dunno whose the idiot running the faculty's BBall team. No training, no damn meeting and not organize at all. Surely these guys think they're the 'over-rated' Kobe Bryant. HUH! gonna see bout that tomorrow. Bet I'm the first to laugh at them when they're losing. Hahahaha (laugh in advance).

Beside my friendster's mail account being trashed by losers (remember the "forward-me-if-you-dont-want-your-account-deleted" bullshit), I'm having quite same problem with my main e-mail account. Somehow, there's a lot of notification bout "I've-just-updated-my-blog" thingy, which is also annoying to me. Thankfully, yahoo provide 2GB of storage, check button and delete button. What I did was, checked those email and press the delete button. Well, I can't say that 'I can't complaint bout it", because I just did. But that came with friends that's in my friends list which they happened to have their own blog. What happened? Why all of the sudden people start blogging, I mean in mass amount? Oh, forgot; If you ever to read this UstatDin, you're officially off my link list. Because I hate to click on your link with hope that you've update your blog, but the truth is you didn't. Thank you.

Oh, my streamyx finally installed (after countless harrasses to the TMnet customer service). I'm officially blogging from my bed, which also happened to be my red kashmirian carpet. Bet you thinking that I'm on porn 24/7. No no no no...don't phunk with my heart. I'm not gonna bringing 'bala' into my room. That's why I'm accessing it from my fren's room. HAHAHAHAHA. Interesting, my amateurish housemate caught red-handed surfing porn. I soon realized it as I saw an annoying wallpaper mentioning that his PC infected with spyware and non-stop pop-up of Norton antivirus msg. After being asked to clean up the mess, I found that it's quite a hussle to disinfect that pc. I soon come to conclusion; FORMAT THE PC. So, the morale of the story, don't surf porn guys. Save the sperm for now.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chapter 43 - New Breeze

What excite me more than season of EPL? NOTHING, I guess. Just can't wait to see my red devil kick ass. For now, let us join our prayer so that MU going for quadrable this season. For those who happened to be a fan to other club than "the great MU", please don't be offended by what I'm gonna say. U guys SUCKS...BIG TIME!!! Hahahahaha..... Once again, forgive me for my rudeness, but I can't hide the truth.....

Some might wonder, why recently my posts were written in english...Well my dear fren, It just happen that I'm in a mood to write in english, plus I would really like to accustomed myself to write in english so I won't write rubbish in my english paper this semester. I believe Mrs Anne Tan (my english lecturer) would agree more with this unnatural act of mine. Beside my sarcastism, my english is getting better rite? Hahahaa....I'm thinking of using graphic aid next time I'm blogging. Picture do worth a thousand words rite? But wait, what about moving picture..I mean mpeg, movie clip, etc... How much do that worth? Million?..Wait, Trillion words I think...Coz mpeg contain thousands of frames of static picture..which is one picture equivalent that's mean...bla....bla...bla...Ahhh, chow.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chapter 42 - 7~9~5

It's not an anniversary date or what-so-ever. Please don't speculate anything folks. It is a cursed number. 795 is the Ringgit M'sia I'd spent servicing my kancil. What the hell!! Why it is so xpensive. Student's privileges are getting fewer and fewer nowadays. As a student, I'm able to bowl cheap and 30% off for books which I never bowl and never read; and servicing my car is not one of it. U Student used to get free meal during the 60's. *sigh*...Don't expect me to use my PTPTN money for that coz I got LONG wish-list waiting to be realized (including new graphic card, new sport rim, new speaker and so on...). The figure really shocked me. Luckily i've got my mom and lucky for her to got my dad's credit card. Hehehehe....

Oh yeah. KL is now like some foggy ruin in FFX except there's no fog but haze. It's so hazy that 1 pm looked pretty much like 7 pm. It's feel like this going to be happen anually. They've got summer and summer holiday, so do us. I'm in 3 days school off but no yappediyeeha yet, coz I have to turn in proposal this friday and report on monday. I'm so pissed at my frens rite now for dropping Java which turn out that they seduced me into taking it. So, rite now I'm hooked with this anonymous cute lady (cute ke??) to pull this project together. Hmmmm.....


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chapter 41 - Injury List

Once again, I'm in my own injury list. Twisted my ankle yesterday due to my excessive movement in playing basketball. All thanks to my skills and not to mention, this particular junior at my college(who is "pembunuh pemain handalan" in the making) for making my days miserable. Just when my faculty's sport fest is around the corner......

Last week, my fren was approach by this chinese on his way to buy pepsi. This happened at a grocery in sect. 7. Well, it's like this:

Ah Boon(not his real name) : Hello adik. Bole tanya ka?
Cengkoi : Tanya apa?
Ah Boon : Apa itu pantun melayu yang ada ikan siakap, lama2 jadi pencuri?
Cengkoi : Oooo...itu ka. Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong lama2 jadi pencuri.
Ah Boon : Oooo..
Cengkoi : Kenapa tanya?
Ah Boon : Saya mau cakap ini pantun dekat sidang dewan sama itu Rafidah A. Tapi saya tuka siket ini pantun. Ini macam, 'siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong lama2 jadi menteri'. Hahahaha...
Cengkoi : HihihihHuhuhuhHehehehKehkehkeh(this ridiculous laugh never happened, I just add it).

*For those who still wonder what in the hell that conversation was about; which might due to:
> you're a newspaper hater. I ruled out the HARAKAH readers (although they hate and might not read national newspaper), but I'm damn sure they kicking this issue hard in their grong-gry newspaper (don't bother to look for this word's definition coz they aren't, I just made that up).
>you only read fashion segment
>you only read sport segment
>you only want to know what's you're horoscope reading
>you've got more interest in foreign conflicts than domestic's
No kidding here, I've got housemate that tought Rafidah A is an 'Ayah Pin' follower. He catched a glimpse of Rafidah and AP on news headline and conclude that sorry assumption.
**For those who still don't catch what my housemate was thinking, Ayah Pin abbreviation is AP too. Duh....

Funny but not entirely fair. For her, I think she's deserve it and gonna be doomed for it; but it's not fair for other ministers. At least wait till they messed up(harharhar). Hey c'mon, some of them really did their job and for that they don't deserve it.


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