Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chapter 105 - Joyride

Yay!! Finally all the waiting and suffering is over. All I have left is to pray that lecturers are in good mood while marking my final paper answer booklet. Sometimes I wonder, am I too much becoming of an exam-oriented person. You know.....study just for the sake of exam. Yeah, I guess so. Most of we ARE. We may not realize it, but we did it since we can enphrase the alphabet. We are trained, or may I say brainwashed to get that scroll of degree. Because if you don't have that, you cannot work. You see...you see what these kind of environment put us in to. You have to study, take the bloody exam and get your honororic degree... then you can work. Oh, that if you passed the interview (<-- Part yang paling dibenci). So, what this has to do with being exam-oriented? Well, have you wonder that some of the curricular that you NEED to take are bullshit. Pardon the language, but they are. I have to study things that I don't like, and I agreed that these subjects are just not that important. Who want to study economy when you're taking Computer Science? Or Kenegaraan Malaysia? What... am I that communist? I love my country just for the record. And another one.... what it was called.... errr.... forgot la. I guess it's NOT IMPORTANT! Also there are few subjects that I'm trying to forget. I ask you, what usually happen when exam is over? You forget everything kan?..... Well, at least that happened to me. Hahahahaha.

This one I can remember because it related with what happened.
Conflict Management 101 describe how you manage conflict.
1. Accommodation
2. Avoidance
3. Forcing
4. Compromise
5. Collaboration

Well, I wouldn't mention this for nothing. This friend of mine, Ja'aru (bukan nama sebenar) sudah kecik hati dengan aku. Puncanya pasal futsal. Satu malam tu dia ajak aku main futsal. Aku ok je time tu. Tapi aku x sedar yang housemate aku Ammaru (bukan nama sebenar juga) x bawak scoot dia. Sebab nak menapak ke court main futsal tu je dah berpeluh ketiak, so aku last2 minute cancel. 5 minit kemudian, aku pikir 'alang2 nak berpeluh nanti, ada baiknya aku pegi je'. So, baru nak SMS dia, hujan pun turun. Aku pon buat paham2 je la. Hujan kan... Macam universal language, kalau hujan = cancel futsal.. Yang cerempetnya, dia sudah merajuk sebab aku malas nak menapak pegi court. Asal boleh kan...... Pastu kemdian, RajaGay (Bukan nama sebenar) ajak aku tgk Man U lwn Chelsea. Dipendekkan cerita, malam tu aku semeja la ngan ja'aru ni. Bleh dia xnak sembang ngan aku. Aku pon apa lagi, kalau dah konflik macam ini, aku 'avoidance' je la. Biar dia sejuk katakan.... Kepada Ja'aru, kalau2 ko membaca blog ini, aku nak pesan, "Sudah2 la merajuk... bertambah buruk muka hang bila merajuk". Kah kah kah....

Mention about Man U vs Chelsea match, I somehow felt relieved and at the same time furious with the result. Man U deserve to win. Chelsea played OK with few chances. Ballack ngan Drogba always the superior evil. Xde player yang sejahat mereka ini. Mereka berdua ini wajar dipotong kaki supaya x dapat main bola lagi. But that was not only the case. There's this dude, sat on the next table which is right next to me. He's the most annoying Chelsea fan. Among 30-40 dudes that night, only few are Chelsea fans, but that dude is the loudest of all. With his Chelsea jersey on, he cheered and jeered all the time. And I'm always the coolest one. So this dude macam mengalu2kan orang utk beduk dia je and honestly I would like that to happen. But hey, Man U fans bukannya hooligan x tentu pasal, plus Man U still the premiership leader. Compared to that, even aku gemok tapi aku bleh kurus... dia dah la muka buruk a.k.a muka pecah rumah, kalau buat pembedahan plastik sepuluh kali pon belum tentu cantik. Hahahahaha... Chelsea SUCKS!

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