Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Chapter 289 - Latest

It has been a while since my last update. Looking back at my previous post, I was dwelling on my career move. Now I'm already 6 months with the new company. Meaning that 6 months of my fans lusting for updates.

Getting old and blogging is much suited with younger lads. But that doesn't mean that I'm stopping, rather my post will be on an huge interval basis.

Much had happened in the past 6 months.

1) Started working with cig company.
2) MAS lost 2 planes. One was mysteriously lost and the other was shot down. MAS was taken out of KLSE board for restructure. Bad year for them and nation.
3) Struggling at work.
4) Brazil sucks at World Cup big time, and on top of that at their own soil.
5) Germany won 2014 World Cup.
6) Man United removed Moyes and appointed Louis Van Gaal. Coming to this in another post.
7) PKR own hero, Khalid Ibrahim was brought down from Menteri Besar post by their own people. Now Azmin Ali is on the helm. This comes after a month or so these guys shitting people with all kind of craps.
8) I had so-so holiday in Hong Kong. Weather was the culprit. Will also cover this on coming post.
9) The passing of last Bujang Lapok member, Aziz Sattar.

So okay.

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