Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chapter 288 - Another Goodbye

After 2 1/2 years serving worldwide clients for a multinational company, concerning their network issues, I am bidding my farewell.

I have a sum of 4 years working in support industry and decided to put a stop. For several reasons like health and social life, I made the decision to throw away few luxuries and venture into something I considered "make it, or break it".

Thing I would miss the most is the working days. Given that I am working 14-15 days per month. However, was not thrilled to alternately working on weekend and weekdays, but again I do get off days during the weekdays for bank-run, lone time at home and other errands.

My upcoming position is more towards management, but unfortunately I wouldn't get any benefit as I'll be a contract staff. Weighing that I need to get credentials working in management in order for me to move forward in my life goals, I decided to accept this position regardless the no-benefit policy. Hopefully it'll turn out good to me. Anyone can suggest a good insurance company?

Well, I wish my colleagues all the best and hope the company to be better to them. For unknown reason, the company stop hiring my position a year and half now. Couple of my buddies had left and leaving holes in the team here and there without being replaced. I just hope things will get better.

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