Friday, August 12, 2016

Chapter 295 - Clean

Whamm!! Double post.

As I walked past the lobby of Sasana Kijang, I noticed a group of people at the sitting area. I straight away recognized they were there for job interview. Tucked shirt, necktie, neat hair and shiny shoes for men. And for ladies, they usually adorn corporate look; dark colored blouses and either skirt or pants. But hey, isn't that what BNMers wear? Well, they also have a visitor sticker on their shirt pocket and always seen holding a file which keeps their CV. I was one of them once upon a time.

I used to be enthusiastic and optimist on my chances of getting a job. Since 2007 until 2014, I aced my interview. What I mean is, for every interview I went, I landed the job. After graduated on 2007 until 2014, I went to 5 job interviews and I landed 4 jobs (I rejected one offer due to location which is in Klang). That gives me 100% success.

But that changed after I was discontinued with BAT in early 2015. Since then until now, I went to 7 job interviews but landed 2 offers. Heavy dip to 28.5%. It definitely affect my confidence, and my stand post-interview ever-since changed to "Berserah je la" or "Kalau ada rezeki ada la..". Which I don't put too much hope and therefore I don't get heartbroken whenever I didn't get the job. The most 2 infuriating moments for me were the BNM interview and PTD assessment. I was so positive I nailed my interview but to be rejected at the 11th hour. Since I had similar experience to this type of interview which is a group discussion, I knew what to do and how to do it. So, to be delivered the news that you didn't make the cut while your newly acquainted friends did make it even so they were not really great in the interview really ticks me. It is NOT jealousy, but when you did so good that you feel that you nailed it, then to be let down really eating me inside. It took some time for me to digest my failure. Right after I got home, I even emailed the lady whom coordinating us asking what went wrong, but I knew she won't entertain me. I do have a theory which I don't want to share the details as I will make a heavy accusation of certain interviewer abusing his power over family dispute.

Then there was this PTD assessment. My father-in-law was a government servant his whole life. Some of which in administration and most of them as an academician. From plain lecturer to full professor (with distinguished local and international journals/writings, books, dissertations and papers). He told me that he was so close in becoming a PTD during his early years, did he not accepted an offer from a local university and idly wait without pay at Wisma Putra. He did not regret his choice at all, but occasionally wonder 'what if'. So, knowing that I was called for a PTD assessment, he was so happy. I however was reluctant.

The assessment will starts off with physical assessment. Candidates passing this phase will get to stay on another day for further assessment. On the invitation letter, it clearly says that candidate must maintain within certain BMI range which I slightly fail (I think the margin should be excusable though). So, I don't want to waste my time and money driving 400Km to Kemaman, Terengganu just to run few laps and drive back another 400Km feeling like shit. I called the agency and the lady persuaded me to just go and try my luck. How silly I was. So I drove there, completed their physical test which some I did good and some not. I was confidence if they merit me on certain attributes, I would surely pass. And soon after lunch they announced the candidates who didn't make the cut. I was among them. Frustrated and heartbroken as I feel that I let down not only my wife, but her family as well. So, before I drive home, I chugged some sata, otak-otak, keropok lekor and sotong goreng tepung. Next thing I know, my gout flaring.

To them candidates, I wish all the best. Give your best and go with God's will.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chapter 294 - Hello August

It has been quite some time now. I've failed in giving regular update. Even my previous post was way before Ramadhan. Hence I didn't get to wish all Happy Fasting or Happy Eid Mubarak. And now it's August and a month after Raya already. People are preparing for EidulAdha. There are already pilgrimages sent to Saudi for their Hajj. And for them, I can wish and pray for their perfect Hajj. One friend from my new work place already got the call; and surprisingly he is younger than me. But that doesn't count. Age is not really a factor. If you registered under Tabung Haji (that's the only way for Malaysian!) with minimal savings (when I registered 2 years ago it was RM1300), you automatically placed in the pool. My turn would be somewhere in 2047. Or maybe it was 2067? I can't remember and I don't think I live that long. Once you have completed the needed amount (minus government subsidy) of RM12k in the savings, then you are likely eligible for the random pick. So people, start prioritizing. I realized this late at this age, but nothing is too late. He registered in 2007, and surely his turn in 2030s. But since he filled up his savings in TH, he got the call. I sent a text to him wishing him the best. He was dumbfounded at first, but now he is making ready of his pilgrimage. He just taken back as his parent was not called up since they registered together with him.

So, coming back to prioritizing, there are few options for us. Few insurance companies already provided a policy whereby client can choose to direct portion of the savings to TH account. Some projected the savings will be completed less than 20 years time. So that is good. Other option is to directly bank in your monthly savings to TH. Of course is it not as glamorous as saving them in ASB (due to margin in dividends), but if you are looking into the argument on whether ASB is Syariah compliant or not, you might choose the answer you already know.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Chapter 293 - Never Skip A Day

March is looming, and I am set for a doom. Most likely my contract is not up for extension. I as pretty lucky that my contract was extended last December. Not for my buddy, Chintan though. We were hired almost the same time. Going forward with hope that this company (A) would consider they absorbed us sooner or later. Unfortunately, came December 2015, he was cut loose and I survived another 3 months of paychecks. Now, what pisses him off was, he supposed to complete his tenure on 9th December, but somewhere at the end of November, A told the vendor company (B) that they are not extending his contract. B then told agent (C) the same. Now, C figured out they can save few hundreds by saying that his contract was based on previous employee which cutoff date on 4th of the month. Therefore, C told him that his last day is on 3rd December. He's very much disgruntled.

Then A realized that festive season is coming up. Manpower resource will be scarce. Moreover, A just been took over by an alpha company (AA) and moved over to new office 7 weeks ago. A lot of instability in term of IT that need to be look after. Project that pertinent to crucial system is heavily underway and requires people to manage it. Only then, they figured that they need this Chintan to cover bit here and there. So, A told B that they need him to stay for a bit while. B told C the same. And C told Chintan that they want him until 31 December 2015. Disgruntle turned hate.

So he didn't give a shit and said his goodbye on 3rd December 2015. I would do the same if I were him.

New boss came mid January. He is from a competing company (D) and he didn't come alone. I was told that he tried to bring his people from D to A. He also hired this Indian dude which was here for a bit while before me and Chintan. He is from a competing vendor E. Apparently, in IT scene in Malaysia, there are few vendors are competing over support contracts and projects, this includes B and E. There are also F and G, but they do not matter in this story. So, this dude looks promising and he is supposed to replace me when my tenure really end this March. He knows both network and server. Which is a valuable skillset if combined. Unfortunately for this dude, he's being duped by his landlord. And after 2 weeks in the office, he went rouge. 3 days later, he emailed the boss and told him he can no longer stay in Malaysia as he got cheated badly. For me, either his story is true or he got other delicious offer which he couldn't refuse.

That has left me without anyone to second. I am grateful though, I had this opportunity to play with things I've never touched before, only the downside is that whenever I'm on leave, people still looking for me! Now, I do not know what this new boss's plan is, and I hope he has a good one as I only have 2 weeks left. Or rather I would like to see him crumbled and make all sort of wrong decisions. This reminds me of when I left BAT last time. The boss told me a month earlier and I never forget a remark he made; He told me to be professional until the end! Meaning to say he hope I won't perform my job half-heartedly. That was much of an insult to me. I told him straightaway, that is not how I roll. You don't have to tell me to be professional even after you cut my tenure 3 months short. I will honor my tenure and that is what I'll be doing coming 2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chapter 292 - Believe

Kenapa lah Malaysia tak boleh nak buat filem macam ni? Honestly, aku tak tengok lagi filem ni (My Idiot Brother); filem garapan negara jiran kita, Indonesia. Past two decades, kita sangat fall behind dari segi kualiti penceritaan dan sinematografi. Aku pun tak sengaja bukak YouTube yang ada autoplay feature, tau-tau dia pasang lagu ni. Dari tajuk filem ni, first impression aku rasa filem ni sangat similar dengan filem Korea lakonan Cha Tae Hyun, "Miracle of Giving Fool" yang agak bittersweet ending. Lagu Afgan ni pulak similar dengan melodi filem-filem syahdu Korea. Cuba tonton di bawah (ihsan YouTube). 

Tak salah kita ceduk Korea, they have the quality. Ni asyik pusing cerita seram, cerita rempit, cerita gangster, lepas tu cerita rempit balik, kembali semula cerita seram, lepas tu improvise sikit jadi rempit seram. Lepas ni confirm ada filem gangster seram. Lama-lama naik suriram aku dibuatnya.

"Tapi filem kita tak boleh buat aksi cumbu dan romen-romen macam Hollywood ataupun Korea", kata seorang pervert.

Tak payah jauh sangat la brader, tengok je filem Indonesia. Mereka pun bukan ada cumbu/romen ni. Penataan bunyi, sinematografi, garapan; itu resepinya. Memang la mereka pun ada hit-and-miss, tapi kalau dari 10 filem yang keluar, 6-7 daripadanya kualiti dah kira cukup bagus dari kita yang 10 filem keluar tapi 2-3 je yang kualiti.

To be fair, kita pun produce filem-filem yang baik. Gila kau tak puji industri sini, mau kawan aku yg kerja FINAS tak mengaku kawan nanti. Latest aku tengok "Manisnya Cinta di Capadoccia". Itu ada kualiti yang aku bagi 4.5/5 bintang.

Chapter 291 - Apa Kau Buta?


Satu perasaan yang menyakitkan hati bila tengah flip channels, terbuka Mustika HD yang sedang tayang cerita Mat Tudung. Yes, ini cerita bukanlah cerita yang baharu, malah tak box office pun.

My only question is this, apa kau buta?

Sila lihat paparan dibawah dan bagitau apa yang anda nampak?

Jauh sebatu kau boleh nampak ni jantan pakai tudung. Macam mana plotnya hampir 2 jam filem ni, heroinnya ""one-of-the" Melrose tak boleh nampak hakikat ni? 20-20 vision yes, tapi sel-sel otak tak bergabung gamaknya.

Neil Armstrong boleh nampak ni dari bulan.

OK, while we're at this topic, masalah aku dengan drama dan filem Malaysia ni hanya satu (selain plot yang over-the-cliff mengarut), suara pelakon-pelakon macam berbisik-bisik. Aku selalu bermasalah nak dengar apa yang diperkatakan mereka ni. Seolah-olah microphone yang berbulu-bulu tu letak di belakang punggung director dan kadang-kadang lebih parah letak 13 batu jauhnya.

Sila lihat contoh dibawah di mana microphone bulu-bulu tu patut berada bila penggambaran.

Ini baru betul. Dekat dengan pelakon.
Ini pula cara-cara menemuramah ikan. Dekat kan?
Ini pula dengan beruk. Nampak tak level of professionalism tu? 

Figure bawah ni adalah tipikal shooting drama/filem kita:

Monday, July 06, 2015

Chapter 290 - Roaches


I don't want to make this a yearly thing. I should be more active since I'm jobless now. Yes, you heard it right. Dah beberapa bulan aku tak ber'boss. Banyak suka duka tak bekerja ni. Sukanya sebab selalu dengan anak-anak. Satu nikmat yang tak terhingga dapat bersama anak-anak. Masak basuh mandi mereka, sendiri yang buat. Dukanya, korang boleh faham-faham la.

Mungkin juga aku ni demanding, sebab refuse ambil support role. Dah 4 tahun lebih aku buat support, rasa dah tepu sangat. My lowest moment bila dalam change call dgn counterparts, aku tertidur. Tengah malam bai, sejuk pulak tu, change call tu pun sekali sekala keluar suara.. memang jatuh hukum tidur la.

Tapi, desperate time calls for desperate action. Aku sekarang ni tak kisah kalau dioffer support role. As long as the pay can match my expectation. Jobstreet, Monster semua aku dah balun. Lepas ni kalau tak jalan jugak, aku letak muka Remy Ishak dalam resume aku. Baru employer terpikat paras rupa.

Cuma Linkedln je yang aku tak berapa familiar dan malas nak familiarkan. Mungkin juga lepas-lepas ni aku update akaun Linkedln aku.

Makanya, barang siapa yang baca post ni dan rasa-rasa ada opening IT kat company korang, dipersilakan PM aku. Ngee..

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Chapter 289 - Latest

It has been a while since my last update. Looking back at my previous post, I was dwelling on my career move. Now I'm already 6 months with the new company. Meaning that 6 months of my fans lusting for updates.

Getting old and blogging is much suited with younger lads. But that doesn't mean that I'm stopping, rather my post will be on an huge interval basis.

Much had happened in the past 6 months.

1) Started working with cig company.
2) MAS lost 2 planes. One was mysteriously lost and the other was shot down. MAS was taken out of KLSE board for restructure. Bad year for them and nation.
3) Struggling at work.
4) Brazil sucks at World Cup big time, and on top of that at their own soil.
5) Germany won 2014 World Cup.
6) Man United removed Moyes and appointed Louis Van Gaal. Coming to this in another post.
7) PKR own hero, Khalid Ibrahim was brought down from Menteri Besar post by their own people. Now Azmin Ali is on the helm. This comes after a month or so these guys shitting people with all kind of craps.
8) I had so-so holiday in Hong Kong. Weather was the culprit. Will also cover this on coming post.
9) The passing of last Bujang Lapok member, Aziz Sattar.

So okay.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chapter 288 - Another Goodbye

After 2 1/2 years serving worldwide clients for a multinational company, concerning their network issues, I am bidding my farewell.

I have a sum of 4 years working in support industry and decided to put a stop. For several reasons like health and social life, I made the decision to throw away few luxuries and venture into something I considered "make it, or break it".

Thing I would miss the most is the working days. Given that I am working 14-15 days per month. However, was not thrilled to alternately working on weekend and weekdays, but again I do get off days during the weekdays for bank-run, lone time at home and other errands.

My upcoming position is more towards management, but unfortunately I wouldn't get any benefit as I'll be a contract staff. Weighing that I need to get credentials working in management in order for me to move forward in my life goals, I decided to accept this position regardless the no-benefit policy. Hopefully it'll turn out good to me. Anyone can suggest a good insurance company?

Well, I wish my colleagues all the best and hope the company to be better to them. For unknown reason, the company stop hiring my position a year and half now. Couple of my buddies had left and leaving holes in the team here and there without being replaced. I just hope things will get better.

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