Monday, December 26, 2011

Chapter 271 - Peace Ya'll

Selesai la sudah demam Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM). Selepas edisi Maharaja Lawak yg berjaya menarik peminat seantero Malaysia awal 2011 lepas, giliran MLM pulak yg menggegar Astro Warna setiap Jumaat 10 malam. Ramai yg dah tahu, pemenang MLM adalah Osbon. Just like I expected, Boboi (consists of Afdlin & Harun Salim Bachik) will turn out to be like Jozan. Appealing and charming, yet lost at the final. Anyway, Osbon deserves to win. Their comedy varies for young to old demographic viewers. Abon really brought the best for his team.

Bak kata pepatah, rumah siap pahat berbunyi. Begitulah yg ingin diperkatakan disini. Beberapa pelawak yg kurang lawak dan tersingkir agak kritikal kepada salah seorang juri tetap. The man is one and only, Chef Wan. Orang kata mulutnya begitu puaka bila memberi komen dan waktu bukan dia memberi komen, dia turut sama enterframe bagi komen. Perang FB antaranya dan beberapa pelawak mewarnai sekejap industri seni.

Well, to be frankly honest, I do understand what both ends' feel. Let me underline it for easy reading:

1- Ego; They are already a well-known comedians. For someone who is not a comedian (a chef) to tell them that they are not funny and at time sucks is just an ego-reaping.
On behalf of the jury: What chef said were exactly what most of us had in mind. If I say it is not funny, then it is not funny. If I say it is pathetic, then it is pathetic indeed. I yelled that in fromt of the TV. No need to sugarcoat.

2- Shame; same with my point the above. They are expecting the jury to be more lenient and friendly, and save their face in front of the national 'paid' TV.
On behalf of the jury: This is a competition. Winner is taking RM350k back home. Runner up netting RM250k and 3rd place getting RM150k. This is a competition! The jury are suppose to treat them as a contestant. This is not a charity event. I can expect leniency from the jury if that is the case.

Glad that all over and as I heard, Chef Wan already closed his FB fanpage due to massive abuse from the comedians. He stated his opinion. He's already achieved something which is none of Malaysian achieved. And he got my vote over this.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chapter 270 - Tweet Her

See the newly added button to your right. That's right, I got my own twitter account. I already past 1000th tweets recently, and honestly, I'm quite surprise with the milestone. Rambling mostly on football, I sometimes talked about politics and stuff I'm at. I tweet more than FB. So, please excuse my inadequate status update and response at FB. Follow at your will.

Ada apa dengan Times New Roman? Just changed the layout and font. TNR is lame. I fancy font named 'Ubuntu', but does not listed in blogspot. Anyway, enjoy the multiple posts. Semangat layout baru*

What else?

Thundercats 1985

Yes, after Avatar (cartoon, not the movie), I'm looking for decent cartoon to enjoy. Tried Transformers Animated, but just not working for me. I then found the remake of classic Thundercats. One of my favorites when I was little; Along with Voltron, Captain Tsubasa, Kesatria Baja hitam and Gaban. Thundercats was created on 1985 and on mid-2011, they re-make it. Storyline focused on the origin of the Thundercats which means the prequel to the 1985's Thundercats. I've learnt on how the members of the awesome Thundercats were assembled. Lionel Ritchie Lion-O is not that hairy yet in this series, Panthro looked more kick-ass, Cheetara looked less hag, Snarf as usual, WilyKats are the same cheekiness and Tygra looked less gay.

Thundercats 2011

I just hope below's version doesn't make it to the screen. They all looked wrong in all sort of aspects; Dimension, originality, purpose of living and sexual orientation. Just who the F the dude in white beard supposed to be?

Chapter 269 - Professionally Evolving Soccering 12

Ini kisah orang gelojoh.

Ada orang tu, beli PES 2012 via online. To be exact, via Setelah di'propa oleh kawan, dia pon test beli. Siap register bagai dalam website lelong, call member dia tanya macam mana nk order. Akhirnya, dapat jugak dia beli game ni dengan harga yg agak murah dari kedai2 dan store2 di Malaysia. He asked around, and he won't get this game at the price of RM170. Second hand maybe, but this guy, or as he checked on the delivery slip, 'Impulse Internet Cafe' is selling new PS3 games at very low low price. Go check and search for 'pbbcasio' from and visit his store. He is not getting a dime for this recommendation.

Dia beli tengahari 22 Dec. Payment via Maybank2u. Petang 22 Dec, package dihantar ke SkyNet. Kawan dia cakap, delivery biasanya dalam 24 hours since dalam peninsular yang sama. Malam tu dia bukak youtube nak study gameplay dan skill2 mengelecek handalan. Dengan harapan dapat lipat CPU level regular dengan mudah. Esok pagi2, dia bukak website SkyNet nak track delivery. Package dah pon sampai di Kuala Lumpur dan sudah pon dalam van penghantaran. Senyum lebar.

Tengahari 23 Dec, van SkyNet tak sampai2 lagi. Tunggu la kejap lagi. Senyum tawar sikit.

4 petang 23 Dec dah tak senyum lagi sebab package tak sampai lagi.

5 petang 23 Dec dia telefon SkyNet. Rupanya, SkyNet tak boleh nk deliver haritu sebab nak cope dengan delivery2 Krismas. Package akan dihantar Selasa 27 Dec. Sabtu SkyNet kerja setengah hari dan tak buat delivery. Muka kelat dah. Dia kata dalam hati, "No, No, No!". Dia tanya pasal self-pickup, SkyNet jawab sebelum pukul 6. Ada satu jam lagi. Dia start enjin kereta, pecut ke gudang SkyNet di Batu Caves. Approximately, the place is about 20 km from where he is. Regardles the usual obnoxious traffic jam on Friday's evening, he sped up in and out of highway to Batu Caves. He relied on his GPS since he'd never been to the SkyNet. 10 minutes to 6, he managed to be somewhere in Taman Industri Batu Caves. He asked around for SkyNet and off drove like crazy. 6 sharp, he was in the SkyNet office. Package safely retrieved. All smile again.

Gelojoh tak dia ni?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chapter 268 - EOY

Welcome December. So many wonderful experience from 2011, now we are to bid farewell. I can very much feel 2012 is not going to be good to me. Made new friends over new work place, and lost old friends from former work place. Haha. It is hard to play catch-up with myself, what's more with people around me. I stopped balling quite some time now. Hardly get myself on futsal pitch. I missed those days, easily had time to spend with friends, colleagues or peers. Friends follow me on twitter, then unfollow. Befriend via FB, then unfriend. That's is normal. Quote Chef Wan, "Ada I kesah?".

I was in blues for few weeks. It was weeks ago. That was when Man Utd lost to Man City by 6 goals. Horrendous! Next couple of games were not convincing as well. Won by small margin, failed to qualify for the best 16 in Europe and mounting injury crisis. But now, seems like are over the hill. Won by 4 goals over Wolves and 5 over Fulham; I am very optimist on United's hosting Wigan tomorrow. Winning on 26th and 31st will bring United back on top at the beginning of 2012. At least for few hours.

As I heard, FIFA is going to suspend FA Switzerland for reason they failed to take action on Sion. Sion fielded 5 ineligible players on their win against Celtic in Europa League; Causing Sion losing their place in Europe League despite winning the grouping stage. What will this means? If FA Swiss suspended, FC Basel will be expelled from Champions League, hence Man Utd as 3rd position in the grouping stage will overtake FC Basel 2nd place, hence will be on their way to the knock-out stage. Sorry Man City, it is only you relegated. Sorry SAF, you'll not going to get the only medal you don't have.

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