Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chapter 108 - Probably It's Fake

Ouch! Another muscle pull. Yeah, that mean I went to the gym... again. It's actually bad to go to the gym half-heartedly. gym is all about consistency. You cannot come, work out bagai nak gila, go home and come again 3 weeks later (<-- which is clearly my case). My friend who is happened to work there volunteered to be my instructor. Other gym would have you paying for the instructor's fees, but not me. So, I saved few bucks there. But on the not-so-bright side, the workout is like some sort of punishment. I think he made me skip the beginner, the novice and also the expert workout sets, and jump straight into the "Mr Olympic Special Super Crazy Workout Plan". Based on my experience(s), I'll having this muscle pull for another 3 days. Gosh! The worst part is not that I'm having difficulty to eat. Since I'm not having trouble with chewing, so as long as I can chew, I can eat. But the worst part is, I cannot pick my nose. You guys don't have any idea of how this nose-picking disability can make you suffers. Kalau belakang badan gatal, boleh sental kat dinding, tapi kalau nak korek hidung, ko nak buat macam mana? Takkan nak tonyoh kat dinding? Mau koyak rabak hidung korang. Think.....

Last Saturday at my cousin's wedding, someone (to be more vague, a TNB girl) asked me, "kenapa korang sesama cousin cakap kau-aku? Saya dgn cousin saya semua cakap saya-awak". Well, my answer involved everyone in the family. Each family runs through generations, right? So, generasi aku ni ada 2 batch. Those yang dewasa dan yang remaja. Since kecik, kitorang tengok abang2 dan kakak2 kitorang sesama sendiri cakap aku-kau. So, kitorang yang kecik ni bila membesar terikut2 dengan apa yang abang2 dan kakak2 kitorang amalkan. That's a trivia of my family. Now you know...... Mention about my cousin's wedding, everything was fine. The food was nice, the mood was there, everyone's in a good mood, there was some dancing which is somehow becoming some sort of must-do for Along and Kak Ani. They're the most sporting fellows of all. There was also some karaokeing. Also, the familiar faces yang ber'karaoke, xde orang lain dah.... Where am I? Sitting at the table, watching while sipping a hot tea. Cool.

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