Friday, December 01, 2006

Chapter 107 - Hug Me

Just came back from my aunt's house. Tomorrow is my cousin's akad nikah ceremony, so it's been a buzy weeks for my family. Went to lend some hand, at the same time hussling for my bro's wedding. As usual la... hujung2 tahun is wedding season. Just hoping the weather is fine on both wedding ceremonies especially on my bro's because my cousin's wedding is at SUK hall, Shah Alam which is totally not affected by rain, storm or even snow. Unless there's this big-ass godzilla making chaos here in Malaysia, than maybe there are people not coming to their wedding. Maybe....

Right now, I'm in rush to finish the Final Fantasy XII. Yeah, the latest installment of FF series and the last one on PS2. Until this minute, I played almost 62 hours and that is approximately 2 1/2 days if I played non-stop. Of course I played it on-and-off. Otherwise I'm a game geek or game otaku. My bro also playing it, but not anymore. He's just too busy with his work and upcoming wedding. There's once he called me during my final Cisco lab exam and asked me how to go to Hennes Mines. So I was liked, "After getting on Chocobo, ride it until you reach this gorge and you'll notice there's a chocobo there. Get there and there's path to the mines". I hang up, and my friends just stared curiously at me. "Family business", I told them. Like they gonna believe that, but hey! I need an excuse. So, as the near its end, its getting tougher. Unlike my ex-housemate, Nikku (bkn nama sebenar), he's a bloody cheater. He never played and never will play a game with money below 999,999,999 gil, potch or whatever the game's currency is. There was one time when he played Metal Gear Solid 3, I asked him, "Why didn't you save the game? It's crazy to proceed man... what if the enemy's soldier caught you?". He bragged to me before of how he played that game 3 times with complete ending, so I didn't expect any humble excuse from him. He smirked and said, "Save? Huh?" (<-- elaboration: Save? I don't need that. I'm damn good, in fact I'm superb and damn great. Why I need to save when I memorized every single thing in this game...). Few seconds later the enemy's soldier caught him and the screen goes red, enemy's reinforcement coming like non-stop and it's GAME OVER dude! IN YOUR FACE!!!

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