Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter 201 - Seriously Persuaded

the same super genius friend who sold his dad's Omnia to me successfully persuaded me on buying PS3 with him. not a joint thingy. i've seen it already. it never work. in fact, my friend was ripped off by his partner whom sold the console without his consent and kept all the share for himself. yep, his friend is an ass.

we both gonna buy ps3 and that my friend is not 'gay stuff', but a totally kicked-ass online gaming cooperation in the making. and not to mention, ps3 game can cost you around RM200+. so, the idea of having a friend to exchange games is welcomed. though, i was disturbed by some reviews in the net saying ps3 online gaming is a nightmare.. if it's true, then it going to be frustrating, but the sole reason i chose Sony over Microsoft is a developer named Square. they just happened to produced fine RPG games. who in the world doesn't heard of Final Fantasy? only faggots and homeless i assume.

plus, when i am too deep during playing FF13 or remake of FF7, and suddenly feel hungry and lazy enough to go to the kicthen, i can always pop up the console hood and grab the ayamas black pepper sausages i put in ealier.

for me, X-BOX achilles' heels are....
  • weird controller. i'm not diggin the un-even analog button dude...
  • no Square game? cmon...
  • again with controller. white? i'll buy i-mac or WD passport if i want white
for some reason, i felt that there'll be an x-box lovers out there reading this. doesnt meant to offend you guys, but if you're offended, then so be it. the damage is done.

Must buy game (for now):
  1. Metal gear solid 4
  2. PES2009

PES 2009

ok guys. wipe those drool. from time to time, i'll update my wish-game-list.



Ammar Abd Halim said...

damn it..stop calling ppl with that sentence..yet it turns to be another few days ahead..keep ur pocket full enough..start to learn eating grass..u'll appreciate it..!

damn im broke! aha..

bojan miskin =( said...

amma = genius..
without a shadow of doubt..
gila a..korang da kaya bole beli ps3 sorg satu..aku je miskin..
sob sob sob

Ammar Abd Halim said...

eceh miskin konon..ada org dapat promotion position baru....gaji da la naik..rumah dekat..tol + minyak mmg zero je la..gaji 100% dapat..aha

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