Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chapter 178 - Pure Boring

Boring. That’s the word i can describe right now. My challenging works washed away by the simplicity of the infrastructure of this project site. It was expected earlier, but i didn’t expect the internet to be a pain in the ass here. Dunno why la gomen office mesti problem bab2 connectivity. Too many birocracy and unnecessary bullshit. Corporate company always goes for leased line or streamyx. But for gomen, it’s not that easy. Sigh....

Currently i’m spending my night at PD. None of the office concern as it is privately funded.. by me. Things need to be done, and it falls to my responsibility. So ok, if i wanna brag or bitch about my work, sampai esok lom tentu selesai. Forget about it. Sometimes i forgot my vision towards this blog. I admire Maddox whom u might know.. or not (his www is blocked by several countries by the way). His content never fails to make me laugh. Apart from that, he speaks with knowledge. Whereas, i speaks with nonsense. Q’s blog also entertaining as well as inspiring. Some gaijin –or- kwailo’s blogs are also fun to read. They just blurt out their experiences of living in some foreign land. Maybe i should change my style of writing. Read more materials, do some research, improve my grammar and tenses, improvise intellectual papers.......... nah! That is just too boring. Ah... i didn’t make any picture entry for quite some time now. Malas probably...

So... this coming month is my most favourite month. May is the best month of all. Birthday of my dad and also someone special. Hahaha. Stop speculate here. This someone actually a no-one. Anyway, talking about birthday, it seems like i cant forget few dates. Dunno why.. does 7th Mac ring any bell? Or 29th April? 6th February is a must-remember date, otherwise i’m a dead meat. Oh ya. 29th April is redzuan birthday. I always use his birthday when filling up some online forms.. sorry mate.

Last night, i took a quick quiz. Quite interesting. The questions goes like this:

You’re buying flower for your gf/bf, what color of rose would you buy?

A. White

B. Red

How many?

A. Sekuntum

B. A dozen

You’re on your way to your gf/bf house. There are 2 routes,

A. Short cut but the route is dark or pitch black

B. Bit lengthy but got lampu..kira cerah la.. siap ada kedai2 lagi (ß dunno la kalau dia menambah2)

Upon arriving, as you wait for your gf/bf getting ready..

A. put the rose inside a vase

B. put the rose on his/her bed.

After your date, u decide to go home (unless u getting lucky, if u know what i mean), at a similar junction, which route will u choose?

A. short cut but pitch black

B. Lengthy route but cerah gemerlapan bersinar2 disimbah neon kedai2 (exaggerating)


So, from the quiz, i am:

A rapist who like to take dozen of ecstasies before going to the strip joint and love to have salmon roe sushi after performing car theft at the police compound....

Just kidding, that was another quiz. The analysis of this quiz can be found at chapter 35, May 2005. go crazy!


thoyol said...

dude, u better stay solo until u fix ur sexually mentally retarted problem.. ulalalalala..

chah said...

7 march bedey raiza.. hehhe

bojan kacak said...

bday aku?
hadiah aku?
camnilah apai..

金太郎 said...

まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww
「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」

Anonymous said...


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